About Hushmail

The Hushmail Solution

"I wanted to ... express my delight at getting a complete and accurate answer to a technical question on the first business day after I sent it."

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Hushmail is a Web-based e-mail service that lets you send and receive email in security. Hushmail messages, and their attachments, are encrypted using Open PGP standard algorithms. These algorithms, combined with Hushmail's unique key management system, offer users unrivalled levels of security. Hushmail's security is end-to-end; messages are encrypted before leaving the sender's computer and remain encrypted until after they arrive on the recipient's machine, where the contents are automatically decrypted.

Hushmail's encryption works automatically, transparently and seamlessly, requiring no specialized computer skills or knowledge. Encrypting a message is as simple as clicking a mouse.

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The Problem with Unsafe Mail

A typical clear text e-mail message is no more secure than a holiday postcard sent through the public postal system.

By contrast, Hushmail keeps your online communications private and secure, because the email remains encrypted in storage. A Hushmail account lets you communicate in security with any other Hush member anywhere else in the world.

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Unique Privacy Solution

Most other email security systems offer a pale imitation of safe communication. Only Hushmail provides such a high level of security combined with total ease of use. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and a current Web browser. Just sign up for a free Hushmail address, create a passphrase, and login to your account to begin. You'll immediately be able to communicate securely with other Hush users, and you can access your Hushmail account from anywhere in the world.

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Carnivore is information-gathering software created by the FBI to combat criminals who utilize the Internet. Carnivore is housed in a computer that connects to your Internet Service Provider's (ISP's) servers and mines all incoming and outgoing mail for information. The FBI intends to use the software to locate and monitor specific email addresses for evidence of criminal activity. In the process of monitoring any account, Carnivore must sift through all available account information on a given server. The objection many privacy advocates, legislators, and the general public have with Carnivore is that the net it casts is too wide. The FBI would have the ability to look through the accounts and email of people not suspected or charged with any crime. Further, the public would have no protection or knowledge of unlawful or accidental seizures of account information. Basically, you have to trust the FBI not to invade your privacy.

Hushmail vs Carnivore
Hushmail's security cannot be broken or weakened by this government sponsored snooping software. Hush's security system is a lot like a circuit, when one Hush user communicates with another Hush user, the circuit is complete and the mail they send is completely safe. To anyone other than the sender or the recipient of a Hush message, email appears as a jumble of numbers and letters. It is completely illegible. The only way to decrypt or unscramble Hush messages is by using your passphrase when you open up your Hushmail account. Carnivore cannot decrypt your mail, and is therefore, powerless against messages sent between Hush users.