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      "It is such a secret place, the land of tears."
             ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

12/31/06 Lunch today with my sister Cheryl at Mamas Royal Cafe.

12/30/06 Woodward: Ford pardoned Nixon out of personal loyalty.
* Parrot's oratory includes words he's invented for novelties..
* Whitehouse advisor spins "..success that hasn't occured yet".
* 67 yr old Spanish fertility patient births twins in Barcelona.
* World map of capital punishment laws, by country and US state.

* Comic: If necessary world peace to be forced by military power.
* Geostationary Banana over Texas is proposed art intervention.
* CD sales reflect ease of music discovery, distribution. [via]
* David Crosby "If Only I Could Remember My Name" Mt. Tam High.
* CAN krautrock pioneer proto-ambient "Future Days" title track.

12/29/06 Film tonight: Waking Life [2001]. Philosopher's dream.
* Mathematicians crochet hyperbolic geometry, chaotic manifold.
* Vaccine targets perennial protein common to many flu viruses.
* AT&T commits to Network Neutrality, hastens Bellsouth merger.

* Affable athlete Gerald Ford was first unelected US President.
* Park Staff forbidden to disclose Grand Canyon's geologic age.
* Nominally Sunni Hussein hanged for 1982 Iraq Shiite massacre.
* MP3: Boderline, by Camper Van Beethoven [1989]. Railroad zen.

12/28/06 RIP Gerald Ford. Pardoned Nixon. 2004 comment on Bush.
* Former Senator John Edwards announces second White House bid.
* James Brown carried to Harlem's Apollo Theatre in gold casket.
* Beatles album covers featured on new series of British stamps.
* Ancient ice shelf releases 45 sq. miles off Ellesmere Nanavut.
* MP3: Disney's Junglebook [1967], That's What Friends Are For..
* National Rifle Association wacky fear-mongering graphic novel.

  lobster owl pig steer, snarl stubble navel tattoo

12/26/06 Pentagon would promise citizenship to foreign recruits.
* Senate Foreign Relations chair will oppose Iraq troop "surge".
* Iran oil revenue in sharp decline. [Nat'l Academy of Sciences]
* RIP Frank Stanton. Backed Ed Murrow. Defied Congress subpoena.
* Fidel Castro doctor contradicts US Intel Dir. John Negroponte.
* US passport RFID chip can be secured with a hammer [link fixed].
* Ram Bamjon emerges from forest, eating herbs, carrying sword.

12/25/06 Soul & Funk innovator James Brown died this morning.
* Rhythm of the Seasons. Agrarian Japanese Festival Atlas [via]
* Econ Nobel laureate claims corporate drug patents cost lives.
* Brooks Law: Adding manpower to a late project makes it later.
* Palestinian political leaders agree to talks in Amman Jordan.

* French polar orbiter to scan for signs of Earthlike planets.
* Apollo 8 crew saw Earthrise behind our Moon - Xmas Eve 1968.
* La Jetee [1962] poignant series of still B/W images - 28 min.
* Film tonight Dr Strangelove [1964] Peter Sellers triple role.
* Hollywood loves Somerset Maugham; The Painted Veil [2006]..

12/24/06 TSA violates spirit & letter of Secure Flight charter.
* Sen. Dodd backs Iraq withdrawal in caucus state Xmas Eve OpEd.
* Poisoned Litvinenko contact arrested in Naples is KGB expert.
* Doctor claims SETI contact coverup involves NSA, NRO jamming.

12/23/06 Abbas & Olmert conducting formal talks in Jerusalem.
* 1st Radio Broadcast 100 yrs ago by Fessenden, Marconi rival.
* Science Teachers prefer Big Oil video to Inconvenient Truth.
* Muslim US Congressman turns other cheek to wingnut colleague.
* US won't extradite witness in Bali bombing case to Indonesia.

12/22/06 Public interest trumps trade secrets in AT&T/NSA case.

12/21/06 Republicans again couple minimum wage with tax cuts.
* Bowie/Bing Crosby TV duet arrangement became standard. [via]
* Man hibernates 21 days with no food or water. Body temp 71F.
* Fresh kill deer found this morning on Cheney USNO compound.
* I saw Selective Service forms today, Mt Shasta Post Office.

12/20/06 Film this morning Les Miserables 1998. Great story.
* Scientists see correlation between common cold & bad mood.
* Non-contact thermometer. Infrared sensor. Instant reading.
* Peruvian President touts nutritional value of Coca leaves.

* Cheney 1st sitting VP called to testify in a criminal case.
* NY Senate GOP Majority Leader Bruno subject of FBI inquiry.
* NPR airs critique of Digital Rights Management techniques.
*'s new mirror is, hosted in Sweden!

12/19/06 Whitehouse uses CIA secrets revue to censor critic.
* Mr. Bush, I know of one other way to sign up new soldiers.
* Gitmo new Camp 6 to thwart coordination between prisoners.
* Unflattering video of Iraqi Shiite badass Moqtada al-Sadr.
* Chinese banks lend US$ to buy artificially cheap products.

* Artists, scientists evolve ways to coax music from nature.
* NASA and Google seal deal. * Cisco/Linksys release iPhone.
* AT&T fiber upgrade shan't skirt local cable franchise law.
* Today I added 24 new and used DVDs to my small collection.
* DVD tonight, Niel Young Heart of Gold Grand Old Opry 2006.

12/18/06 Steve Martin interviews cartoonist Roz Chast.
* The Extra Head of French mime Jerome Murat. [Thx A.]
* Autistic Doctor legendary for simpatico with animals.
* Youth turns down $1.6B offer for 7th busiest website.
* FCC eliminates amateur radio morse code requirement.
* Direct brain control of humanoid robot demonstrated.

* Christmas is about what people want but haven't said.
* Geeks facilitate safe Internet with the freedom disk.
* Skype Venice Project pushes Internet/TV integration.
* Film this morning: Good Night, and Good Luck [2005].
* 800 yrs of hard won checks on arbitrary state power.
* Clinton impeacher, civil libertarian Barr quits GOP.

* War on Terror burdens military, unifies opposition.
* Tony Blair arrives Jerusalem to coax Peace Process.
* Gaza ceasefire ends with gunfight near Abbas house.
* Olmert says he wants to meet with Abbas "very soon".
* Iran former moderate president Rafsanjani comeback.
* Short MP3's from 2002 Punch Drunk Love soundtrack.

12/17/06 Mt Hood summit ice cave sign of lost climbers.
* Ancient Irish tomb is a big draw at Winter Solstice.
* Friend's moonrise at sunset over vineyard in winter.
* FAA publishes US requirements for human space flight.
* Left Behind religious apocalypse video game reviewed.
* California & Florida coincidentally halt executions.

* Hospitalized Democratic Senator Tim Johnson update..
* Top US Democrats comment on temporary troop increase.
* Colin Powell comments on planned "surge" in US troops.
* France withdraws from US operation Enduring Freedom.
* Garry Kasparov calls unseating Putin a "moral duty".
* Film tonight: Unbearable Lightness of Being [1988].

12/16/06 Abbas calls elections; just 1 year in power.
* Key Sunnis/Shiites skip Iraq reconciliation meet.
* Active Duty troops petition Congress to end War.
* Bill of Rights ratified 215 years ago yesterday.
* Nepal's new constitution relieves head of state.
* Best editorial errors & corrections of the year.

12/15/06 NYT: 3 US Senators plan trips to Damascus.
* Bipartisan group of 10 US Congressmen visit Cuba.
* How to win in Anbar [PDF] by Capt Patriquin [RIP].
* Carter explains "apartheid" reference to Zionists.
* Mt Hood trio lost 8 days; left list at trailhead.
* Comet dust alters conventional views of origins.

12/14/06 McCain enters vacuum around US executive.
* Federal bench dismisses habeas corpus petition.
* Senator Nelson's visit to Syria an inspiration.
* Whitehouse may prefer Chalabi liaison to Syria.
* Arab League reports progress in Lebanese talks.
* US Homeland Security chief defends National ID.

* 10,000 US researchers decry political influence.
* Dust from outside solar system under microscope.
* Geffen offers $2 billion cash for the LA Times.
* DVD last night, Sarah Silverman Jesus is Magic.
* Candy Pop Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot War on War
* Electronica Wm Orbit Strange Cargo III Paranoia

12/13/06 Sen. Tim Johnson [D-SD] enters hospital.
* Sen. Bill Nelson [D-Fl] visits Syrian President.
* New Zealand fossil foils island of birds cliche.
* Publicly shaming prostitutes raises indignation.
* Netherlands first to eliminate analog TV signals.
* Ken Nordine MP3 "A stranger came into our town.."
* Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan Unplayed Piano instr.

12/12/06 Kircher Society inaugural NY City Jan 16
* West Bank Church of the Ark dated 390 AD. Pics!
* Rabbi scapegoated for public xmas tree removal.
* Lunar month of Ramadan migrates through seasons.
* Saudi Arabian Ambassador to US abruptly resigns.
* Three prostitutes killed near London since Oct30.

* David Mamet looks at money as a confidence game.
* David Lynch sits on Hollywood corner with a Cow.
* Tofu makes you gay - says miracle documentarian.
* 2nd gay-damning promiscuous Colorado pastor out.
* Decider seeks and gets advice; won't decide. [NYT]
* Botswana court due to rule on indiginous Bushmen.

12/11/06 Craigslist explains "no" to Wall St. [NYT]
* Cindy Sheehan convicted of trespassing in NY City.
* David Duke keynote at Tehran Holocaust conference.
* Pakistan peace deal augurs virtual ministate. [NYT]
* Arab League has Syrian support to broker in Beirut.
* Consumer Report annual review of cell phone service.

12/10/06 2007 Burningman theme: relationship with nature.
* Cusack film portrays family of killed US soldier. [NYT]
* US bugged Princess Diana's cellphone night of her death.
* New Fire Science leading to reversed arson convictions.
* Darwin's Dilemma appearance of animals in fossil record.
* UK Copyright Extension supporters include dead artists.

* Kremlin ends silence, now tries to discredit Litvinenko.
* Abbas calls early elections after nat'l unity talks fail.
* Hezbollah draws 100's of thousands to Lebanese capital.
* Louisiana's "cold cash" Jefferson re-elected in runoff.
* Berlin's Winter Bathing Ship discovered by expat Imomus.


12/9/06 Pollonium found in two Hamburg flats. [Litvinenko]
* Pitt/Jolie spend birthday at Wright's Fallingwater house.
* Earliest Judeo Christian texts on display, Washington DC.
* Whitehouse blames bad news on 2001 conservative darling.
* Pfizer bribed Federal NIH Alzheimers researcher $285,000.
* Nobel Laureate urges banks to make microloans to beggars.

* Bob Ross theme video game. * Warhol theme Campbell soup.
* guest on Oprah, Martha, noted by Limbaugh.
* Shuttle crew's rare night launch. Fleet retirement 2010.
* YouTube's new Quick Capture feature is faster and easier.
* Waterproof emergency shelter, 45 sq ft folds away to 10".
* moved to temporary digs. Some files missing.


12/8/06 Saudi groups funding Iraq's Sunni militias.
* Rare solitary predator inter-species cooperation.
* Automated Targeting System garners 5 Kafkas. [Via]
* HP pays California $14mil; Civil Charges disappear.
* AT&T's accurate 1993 predictions as study in failure.
* Sun CTO predicts Internet consolidation endgame near.

* US Democrats trying to block lame duck GOP payraises.
* Foley lead Congressional caucus on Children's issues.
* Actor with political ambitions suggests closing CIA.
* Hollywood depicts computer code in motion and in 3D.
* UK's phoney War on Christmas. * SF Giants sign Bonds.

12/7/06 Transreal nullity solves for division by zero.
* 1525 treatise on perspective read widely by artists.
* Rolamite only basic mechanism invented last century.
* Kite powered cargo ship can expect 15% fuel savings.
* USS Intrepid museum freed from Hudson River mud [NYT].
* Dixie Chicks, Gnarls Barkley among Grammy contenders.

* Mary Cheney and partner Heather Poe in a family way.
* Canadian parliament won't debate same-sex marriage.
* McCain's new campaign manager embarrassed Wal-Mart.
* Robert Gates is veteran of politicized intelligence.
* Nasrallah speaks to supporters in Lebanon's capital.

* Daily Show/Colbert online nightly at [via]
* Film Gadjo Dijo [1997] - on repeat in my house today.
* Pi Director's new film about search for immortality.
* Unabomber journal cipher found. Exhibits & evidence.
* Malaria post-recovery period exposure prime for HIV.


12/5/06 Richard Leaky legacy's local Kenyan politics.
* New US House and Senate investigators vary in zeal.
* New Senate environment chairwoman's recent remarks.
* Net Neutrality issue affects AT&T/Bellsouth merger.
* Decentralized OpenID authentication system growing.

* Bizarre sea floor creatures imaged off New Zealand.
* Shuttle mission to rewire American side of the ISS.
* R.E.M. Try Not To Breathe {Berry/Buck/Mills/Stipe}.
* Yorke sings about snubbing the head of state; does.
* Commentator Keith Olbermann rarely talks with boss.

* Auctioner of Hepburn dress gets $800k for charity.
Vintage ads, hairstyles: 20's, 60's, Others. [PCL]
* Interactive sculpture of light and sound; pictures.
* Afghans consider restoring blasted Bamiyan buddhas.
* Russian prosecutors spurn Scotland Yard extradition.

12/4/06 I left Artemis at Mookberry yesterday
  morning, with Mau Mau. After crossing into
  Oregon on the way to California I caught
  myself falling asleep, and felt my arms,
  wrists and hands siezed by gravity while
  I blinked off. At the next Rest Area I
  briefly sunk into siesta before a close
  friend called to say he's home from the
  hospital after heart surgery, wife by his
  side. Unable to then fall asleep, I prayed
  gratitude, rested conscious, walked around,
  and got back on the road south..

12/3/06 US War Widow dedicates first Wiccan plaque.

12/2/06 Nintendo Wii game console debuts in Japan.
* FBI reportedly able to activate cell microphones.
* Employers must now save all staff generated data.
* Rep. Jane Harman [D] calls NSA wiretaps illegal.
* Fmr Border Patrol supe to lead House intel panel.

* Travelers judged in secret by computer algorithm.
* Fox's bogus copyright notices chill Web writers.
* May 22 1856, the US Senate became a combat zone.
* Mexican congressmen brawl for Calderon inaugural.
* Hi-tech Urgent Care clinic won't charge patients.

* Not one hurricane made landfall in US this season.
* Kenneth Starr argues Bonghits 4 Jesus SCOTUS case.
* Suggested SF 49ers name: Santa Clara Gold Diggers!
* CAPS LOCK KEY oversized, accident prone, obsolete!
* taking suggestions for new HTML colors.

* NY Times reports on final Rumsfeld Whitehouse memo.
* Recent interview with CIA Director Michael Hayden.
* Litvinenko guest falls ill. Pollonium via Russia.
* Helicopter Diary: pictures from over Africa. [Via]
* Why DeVito gets bye; he's not a jerk or hypocrite.

12/1/06 US Main Street Republicans emerge from exile.
* Florida's 18,000 lost votes show paper trail needed.
* Rundown of probes, lawsuits, audits of NSA program.
* SCOTUS will decide whether car exhaust is pollution.
* US President to meet top Iraqi Shia in Washington.

* US Evangelicals debate pastor's Barack Obama invite.
* Jimmy Carter notes weird Revelations interpretation.
* Library of America to publish hardback Philip K Dick.
* FCC deadlocked on AT&T/Bellsouth merger; 1 recusal.
* 1st solo show for 16th c. Italian artist Annibale.

11/30/06 Story of Charlie Brown Christmas Jazz [via]
* Iraq Study urges change from combat to support role.
* Abbas finishes "dead end" negotiations with Hamas.
* Hezbollah will try peaceful Lebanese coup tomorrow.
* Benedict becomes second Pope ever to visit a Mosque.

* Archeologists sift discard of contested Holy Site.
* Atheist decries effects of religious conflict. [ref]
* Girl in Arabia follows Ibn Battuta's footsteps. [Via]
* New analysis of 2000 year old Antikythera Mechanism.
* Alcatel/Bell Labs/Lucent merger is under NSA edict.

* Possible security flaw in ATM's could reveal PIN's.
* US Feds quietly disclose ATS traveler rating system.
* Obit: Computer Law expert Peter Junger. [Sued Feds]
* Dialogue on recent Webb/Bush exchange: Right, Left.
* Hawking: human species needs to find new home sun.

11/29/06 Pope meets East Orthodox Patriarch [Istanbul].
* NATO leaders discuss Afghan War rules of engagement.
* Litvinenko investigation leads to UK passenger jets.
* Pound nears $2. England Bank expected to raise rates.
* NYT: Neighborhood Peace Wreath opponents defrocked!!

* Science publications add rules for deliberate deceit.
* gets limited exemption to draconian DMCA.
* Bittorrent cuts deals with several Hollywood studios.
* RIAA: offering files on the Web infringes copyright.
* Conservative San Diego bans Wal-Mart, big box stores.

11/28/06 Senator-elect refrains from slugging Bush.
* Hillside War Memorial controversial in my hometown.
* US govt wins right to see newspaper's phone records.
* Newt Gingrich advocates limits on US Bill of Rights.
* Zombie impersonators sue Minneapolis for WMD arrest.

* Whitehouse leaks memo critical of Iraqi PM Maliki.
* Jordan to host meeting of US President & Iraqi PM.
* Christian activists resist call to fight poverty.
* US durable goods orders drop 8.3%; most in 6 yrs.

* Report: 11 European nations knew about CIA prisons.
* Exiled oligarch Berezovsky tied to Litvinenko death.
* Italian PM rejects redeployment of Afghanistan troops.
* Mexican Congressmen obstruct Presidential inauguration.

11/27/06 US DOJ to investigate NSA wiretapping. [NYT]
* Fox News offered hush money to victims' families.
* Barney Frank questions Fox News anchor's balance.
* Bill O'Reilly discovers DNC plot to smear Fox News.
* Tough talking Olberman helps MSNBC, hurts O'Reilly.

* Colorado neighbors ban offensive Peace Sign wreath.
* NYPD fires 50 bullets into car of unarmed blacks.
* Scant data on educational results of Unschooling.
* MPAA expose: "This Film Is Not Yet Rated" [2006]

* Last Italian soldier will leave Iraq by Dec. 2nd.
* UK Defense Secretary predicts '07 troop reduction.
* Olmert suggests West Bank/Gaza Palestinian state.
* Chavez friend Correa leads Ecuadorean exit-poll.

* Litvinenko lunch guest was nuclear waste expert.
* Belle Epoch heyday of Parisian print art. [Via]
* Penguin books published w/out coverart. [gallery]
* Favre starts 232nd straight in rare Seattle snow.

11/26/06 Snow at Mookberry. Artemis frolics.
* McDonald's tries to patent sandwich-making.
* Cable/Phone Internet Duopoly turf wars. [NYT]
* Hezbollah protests US-backed anti-Syrian govt.
* US War in Iraq longer than WWII engagement.

11/25/06 Palestinian/Israeli cease fire in force.
* GOP Senator: Iraq's neighbors will fill vacuum.
* US Vice President consults Saudi King in Riyadh.
* Dollar declines on belief Fed must slash rates.
* MicroCHP home heater powers grid, turns profit.
* Unschooling abandons tests/curricula/textbooks.
* 300 proxy sites bypass office & govt firewalls.

11/24/06 NYT: Ray Kurzweil on stock-picking computers.
* Archaeogeodesy relates diverse ancient sites. [Via]
* Oil-dependent suburban sprawl as manifest destiny.
* US Feds trying to make Rainbow Gatherings illegal.
* Human genome revised for CNV; 12% of DNA can vary.

* Record industry association declares DRM dead.
* Birdwatcher author sees Arctic gull in SoCal.
* Poisoned Russian spy Litvinenko blames Putin.
* Defiantly veiled UK teaching assistant fired.
* Palestinian militants' peace offer rejected.

* Incoming US Senate Intel Chair vows oversight.
* Outgoing Congress punts duties to thwart Dems.
* Succinct description of flaws in US politics.
* Fundamentalists want Christmas bought & sold.
* Opinion: Xmas trees are the veal of Forestry.

  Florence poster; Ponte Vecchio from Uffizi window

11/22/06 Google stock breaks $500. World's 7th highest.
* Microsoft CEO claims Linux infringes on it's patents.
* US Copyright Office approves six exemptions to DMCA.
* 1988's bestseller In Search Of Excellence is fiction.
* Buffalo Bills fans petition to remove name of killer.
* NYT: Cheney loses prime office space in party defeat.

* Russia's state run gas company buys Pravda newspaper.
* Getty Museum returning 26 looted artifacts to Italy.
* Pope heads to Turkey next week under heavy security.
* Secret Service missteps coincide with JFK anniversary.
* New Aronofsky film The Fountain sad, and truly weird.
* Flickr publishes 2006 stats for most popular cameras.

11/21/06 Director Robert Altman has died. Indy godfather.
* Sir Richard Branson says British gov afraid of Murdoch.
* 1962 Fallout Shelter lifestyle handbook [digital scan].
* Pentagon official shuns database on anti-War protests.
* Lebanese Christian politician assassinated in public.
* Iraqi PM Maliki plans to meet Bush in Jordan next week.
* MP3 Acoustic Masterpieces While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

  Rape of Sabine [1583] Loggia dei Lanzi, Florence Italy

11/20/06 Iraqi TV comedian Walid Hassan taken out.
* Iran invites Iraqi and Syrian presidents to summit.
* Jockying among Iraq's neighbors now on full display.
* Russian defector apparently poisoned at London pub.
* Archiving digital data is still an unsolved problem.
* Jack Kerouac 1959 Steve Allen Show interview [YouTube].
* Scientists forecast breakthroughs of the next 50 yrs.

11/19/06 Richard Branson squaring up contra Murdoch.
* Prague's 30 year-old morning-radio DJ Leos Mares.
* Magritte show at Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
* Gallery of landscape pics. Let page load... [Via]
* Lone tree, East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire. [Via]

* Syrian officials met with Iraq Study Group. [NYT]
* Syrian diplomat in Iraq; wants Golan from Israel.
* Human shield deters Israeli airstrike on Gaza home.
* Pentagon planning Guantanamo Bay "legal" compound.
* Cheney, Gonzales want lameduck Congress wiretap bill.

* Houston mounties vs human chain of striking janitors.
* New vulnerability found in RSA public-key encryption.
* Fox affiliates refuse to broadcast killer's confession.
* Gay penguins documentary causes stir in US heartland.
* Artemis stays at Long Beach WA Super 8 Motel for $5.

11/18/06 had some problems earlier this month.
Due to my error, the top of the main page failed to appear
in some Internet browsers. [albion at stryder dot calm]

I'm traveling north today. Passed yesterday through the Oregon
towns of Riddle, and Lookingglass. Woke up today near Coquille;
Coffee and Wifi at Brewed Awakenings near the beach in Bandon,
Now up the coast past Florence. [Google Map].

11/16/06 Sufficient evidence Apple iPhone will debut in 2007.
* 150,000+ brittle manuscripts recovered from Timbuktu sands.
* Neanderthals stopped mixing with humans 370,000 years ago.
* Physicist seeks evidence information travels back in time.
* Fictional things archive. List of fictional diseases. [Via]
* French Socialists may select female Presidential candidate.
* Japanese PM backs law requiring teachers instil patriotism.

11/15/06 Landis Tour de France drug test lab scrutinized.
* al-Jazeera 24 hour TV network debut features Tony Blair.
* Fox News reportedly paid $2 mil to Gaza Strip kidnappers.
* Muslim Freshman Congressman snubs Whitehouse for AFL-CIO.
* Who would Jesus deport? Mexican finds refuge in US church.
* Japanese Whaling ships set sail - against public sentiment.

* Timeline of timelines includes Vico's cyclical theory [1724].
* Second Life virtual world struggles with open-source CopyBot.
* Wireless chargers use evanescent coupling, resonant frequency.
* Kuril Islands quake leads to tsunami warning, and small waves.
* Upcoming Leonid meteor shower is comprised of comet fragments.

* Oil exploration consultancy would dismiss peak oil argument.
* Campus military recruiters denied free speech by protesters?
* US House majority lead chosen tomorrow. Senate whip today.
* MP3: Monty Python, King Arthur and the Old Woman [Holy Grail].
* Natalie Merchant's solo debut, I May Know The Word [Tigerlily]

11/14/06 Wiccan US soldiers' widows denied proper grave symbols.
* Feingold: Bush wants lame duck session to legalize wiretapping.
* Apparent mass abduction at a Baghdad research institute today.
* NY Times: "Syria and Iran are not natural or inevitable allies".
* Fox News scouts Iraqi insurgents "thrilled" after US elections.


* Sen. Feinstein: Forty-Niners must play in SF to use city name.
* Rove assigns Latino Senator to chair Republican Nat'l Committee.
* Texas ordinance makes Leasing Agents enforce immigration laws.
* Kansas City jail first to try pink walls reverts to grey. [Via]
* Deflation: US core inflation rate was negative 1.3% in October.

11/13/06 Speaker-in-waiting backs Murtha as House Majority lead.
* Whitehouse ready to "talk" about role of Iran & Syria in Iraq.
* Iraq Study Group suggests initiative in Arab-Israeli conflict.
* US Justice Dept files DC court papers to deny Habeus Corpus.
* Former University President may head unity Palestinian govt.

* Breakaway Ossetia region drawn into Georgian row with Moscow.
* World's most dangerous road said built by Paraguayan POW's.
* My favorite Senator: Feingold won't run for President in 08.
* Montana Senator got into politics over utility deregulation.
* SoCal billionaires vie to buy LA Times from Chicago Tribune.

* Robin Williams graces cover of retirees lifestyle magazine.
* MP3: Sesame Street's Ernie takes group on guided meditation.
* Oldest unmodified WWW page. [Tue, 13 Nov 1990 15:17:00 GMT]
* Use of penultimate silent panels rampant among comic strips.
* Documenting the dismantling of underground rock venue CBGB's.

11/12/06 Adversarial Agency: CIA vet will run Pentagon. [nyt]
* New US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi addresses Vice President.
* Afghan/Iraq War memorial unveiled in Oregon -with 74 names.
* Putin/Bush meet will cap symbolic Russian bid to enter WTO.
* New Nicaraguan President Ortega vows close ties with the US.
* New book on the social history of gun-toting American women.

* Man who voted for himself - received zero electronic votes.
* MP3: Herbie Hancock's Maiden Voyage became a Jazz standard..
* These two piano MP3s from the film Amelie were hard to find.
* Sting Nothing Like The Sun Be Still My Beating Heart [1987]
* Sarah McLachlan's Fumbling Towards Ecstacy includes a pause.

11/11/06 Armistice Day.

* US Military Chief says objectives in Iraq are under review.
* Call me Democrat Lieberman to chair Homeland Security cmte.
* Meet The Press snubs Democrats in first post-election show.
* Sen. elect Webb says character attacks brought web traffic.
* Feinstein, Pelosi pursuade SF Niners owner to rethink move.

* British Labour party recruits Howard Dean for 2007 election.
* Queen's Nov 15 speech predicting long struggle with terror.
* Swede returns Elgin Marble; new pressure on British Museum.
* Lebanese Parliament denies Hezbollah request for veto power.
* TEMPEST spy technology stops information-bearing radiation.

* Actor Jack Palance has died. Shane 1953. Baghdad Cafe 1987.
* Michael Madsen says Tarantino approached him about prequel.
* Wal-Mart's durable goods price cut tantamount to deflation.
* Calming, pink colored, nursery themed jails are catching on.
* How I was duped by Ali G... A first person acount. [Via]

  US Sen. Harry Reid: "first order of business". [NYT]

11/10/06 Democrats +5% over 2004 in every US demographic.
* 2008 Democratic National Convention should be in Denver.
* Rhode Island Senator may leave GOP after election loss.
* US Govt still trying to dismiss NSA spy program lawsuits.

* Nepal Maoists sign peace deal. * War looms over Sri Lanka.
* Mexico debates gay civil unions. Opposed by new President.
* Israeli PM Olmert expected in Washington November 12th.
* Yacht near Tonga plows pumice raft and blogs new island.

* Journalist, Jazz lover Ed Bradley has died. Donned Earring.
* Autism is at root genetic. Research implies both parents.
* Pics: Canadian Nunavut; Strange Soviet buildings. [Via]
* MP3: Had to Cry Today [9'00]. 60's Clapton [Blind Faith].


11/9/06 Rep. Jack Murtha for US House Majority Leader.
* New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer now Governor.
* Former California Governor Brown now Attorney General.
* DeLay's Texas seat now Democratic. Santorum unseated.

* The first photo from Earth orbit was taken October 1946.
* Day in the life of Gaza ambulance driver in Beit Hanoun.
* Egyptian President Mubarak warns against hanging Hussein.
* Japanese harmonica player arrested for playing Beatles.

* Russia's Federal Culture Agency counsels against Borat.
* Wine recommending robot identifes human flesh as bacon.
* Pronto Condoms. Exactly what the name says. Video. [Via]
* England raises interest rate to 5% on inflation concern.

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files temporary.

Beethoven's Adagios
Mass for Soloists 4'48
Moonlight Sonata 5'28

Bob Marley
Corner Stone 2:18
All In One 3:27
There She Goes 2:37

Jack Kerouac
Spoken Word [Live]
[Steve Allen, piano]
About Charlie Parker [3'42]

High Jazz-Rock - McLaughlin
& Santana cover Coltrane..
Carlos Santana and
Mahavishnu Orchestra

Love Devotion Surrender [1972]
A Love Supreme [7'50]
Meditation [2'40]

The Verve EP [1992]
A Man Called Sun 5:44
She's A Superstar (Edit) 5:05

Disraeli Gears [1967]
Dance The Night Away 3:34

Bang On A Can [1998]
2/2 12:00

Artist: Matisyahu
Live At Stubb's
[Austin TX, 2005]
Close My Eyes 4:24
Lord Raise Me Up 3:52

Van Morrison
Astral Weeks [1968]
Cypress Avenue [7:00]
Beside You [5'16]

Natalie Merchant
Tigerlily [1995]
I May Know The Word [8'08]

David Bowie
Wild is the Wind [6'01]

Talking Heads
Little Creatures [1985]
Give Me Back My Name [3'22]

Joan Osborne
Relish [1995]
Ladder [4'10]
Spider Web [5'29]

M. Ward
Transistor Radio [2005]
Hi-Fi [4'14]

Stevie Wonder
Innervisions [1973]
Don't You Worry
'Bout A Thing 4'44
Higher Ground 3'42
Visions 5'23

Cowboy Junkies
Whites Off Earth Now [1986]
Shining Moon [4'05]
Decoration Day [3'58]
Crossroads [6'15]
I'll Never Get Out Of
These Blues Alive
Forgive Me [5'28]

Iron and Wine
Garden State OST [2004]
Such Great Heights  [4:10]

Toad the Wet Sprocket
Acoustic Set [1994]
All I Want [2'57]
Walk On The Ocean [2'59]

Jefferson Airplane
Surrealistic Pillow [1967]
Today [3'02]

k.d. lang
Absolute Torch & Twang [1989]
Pullin Back The Reins [4'23]

The Magic Numbers
The Magic Numbers [2005]
Oh Sister [4'28]
[Post-rock/Bonus track]
The Mule [5'10/Rock]
Long Legs [3'19/Pop]

Camper Van Beethoven
Our Beloved Revolutionary
Eye Of Fatima, Part 1 2'37
One Of These Days 3'27
Change Your Mind 3'03
She Divines Water 3'52
Devil Song 1'58

Arlo Guthrie
Alice's Restaurant [1966]
Alice's Restaurant 18'35

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot [2002]
Pot Kettle Black 4'00
War on War 3'49
Reservations 7'24

Tori Amos
The Beekeeper [2005]
Sleeps with Butterflies 3'36
Cars and Guitars 3'45
Mother Revolution 3'58
The Beekeeper 6'50

Thom Yorke Acoustic
Le Reservoir 3/7/03
No Surprises 4:05 [link fixed]
There There 4:58

"If you smile, i will understand"
CSNY So Far [1974]
Wooden Ships 5:29
Helpless 3:39

Sarah McLachlan
Fumbling Toward Ecstasy [1994]
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy [9'43]
Possession [4'39]

J.J. Cale
Five [1979]
Sensitive Kind [5'10]

Neil Young
Freedom [1989]
Eldorado [6'04]
Don't Cry [5'01]

Marvin Gaye
What's Going On ? [1971]
What's Going On? [3'54]

Led Zeppelin I [1969]
Communication Beakdown 2:42
Dazed And Confused 6:26

The Velvet Underground
All Tomorrow's Parties 5:57

The Verve
Urban Hymns [1997]
Weeping Willow [4'49]
Come On [15'15] {nsfw}

The Verve
A Storm In Heaven [1993]
Blue [3'25]

Recent Release
Band Of Horses
Everything All The Time [2006]
The Funeral 5:22
The First Song 3:43
Wicked Gil 2:57

Led Zeppelin cover..
Jeff Buckley
Unreleased Demos
When The Levee Breaks 7:56
Opened Once (Inst.) 2:30

Hobo, anarchist, labor
organizer, story teller..
U. Utah Phillips
with Ani DiFranco
Fellow Workers [1999]
The Long Memory 5:33
The Silence That Is Me :41
The Internationale 2:48
Bread And Roses 1:45
Joe Hill (Inst.) 2:36
Joe Hill 1:37

Pi [OST/1998]
Pi R Squared 1:29

Sleepy Jackson
Lovers [2003]
Miniskirt 4:08
Acid In My Heart 3:31
Wind Falls For Rain 4:03
Mourning Rain 2:08
This Day 3:48

The Poet Robert Creeley
died March 30th, 2005. [Via]
Intervals :38
Heroes :48
Thinking :54

John McLaughlin
Live at the RFH [1989]
Florianapolis 15:12

Hemispheres [1978]
La Villa Strangiato 9:35

Herbie Hancock
Maiden Voyage [1965]
Maiden Voyage 7:57

Newly released Live
1972 recording..
Frank Zappa
Imaginary Diseases [2006]
Imaginary Diseases 9:45

3121  [Advance 2006]
Te Amo Corazon 5:43
The Dance 8:38
Satisfied 4:05

Vic Chesnutt
West of Rome [1992]
Withering 4:30

Burt Bacharach
Casino Royale [OST/1967]
Venerable Sir James 2'33
Dream On James 1'20

Louis Armstrong
& Duke Ellington

The Great Summit [1961]
I Got It Bad, And
That Ain't Good
In A Mellow Tone 3'48
The Mooche 3'39
Solitude 4'55

Dengue Fever
Escape from the
Dragon House
Sui Bong [4'26]
Sleep Walking Through
the Mekong
Saran Wrap [2'47]

Mogwai Mr Beast [2006]
Friend of the Night [9'22]
Folk Death 95 [5'55]

Ken Nordine
Colors [Word Jazz]
Azure [1'35]
Magenta [1'35]
Mauve [1'35]

Ash Ra Tempel [1974]
Quasarsphere [6'37]

Monty Python and the
Holy Grail
King Arthur and the
Old Woman
Knights Who Say "Ni" [2'34]

Soul Asylum [1993]
Runaway Train [4'27]

O Brother Where Art Thou OST
Big Rock Candy Mountain [2'17]

Henry Mancini [1963/OST]
Pink Panther Theme [2'36]

Tori Amos
Over It [2'11]
God [3'59]

RZA Ghost Dog OST [1999]
Flying Birds [1'13]

Arctic Monkeys [2006]

When The Sun Goes Down [3'20]
Fake Tales of San Francisco [2'57]
The View from the Afternoon [3'38]

William Orbit
Strange Cargo III [1993]

Best Friend, Paranoia [4'36]
Water From A Vine Leaf [7'06]
Gringatcho Demento [6'39]
Harry Flowers [4'32]
Water Babies [3'43]

Radiohead [Thom Yorke]
Hail to the Thief [2003]
Go To Sleep [3'30]
Sail To The Moon [4'28]

Ernie is the star here...
Sesame Street [1991]
Imagination [2'23]
I Wonder 'Bout The World
Above Up There
I Don't Want To Live
On The Moon

Punch Drunk Love [OST/2002]
Punch Drunk Melody [1'43]
Punchy Tack Piano [1'25]
Hands and Feet [3'42]

Ken Nordine
Best of Word Jazz Vol. 1
Fliberty Jib [4'47]
Down The Drain [3'14]
You're Getting Better [2'07]
Anytime, Anytime [2'47]

Neville Brothers
Yellow Moon [1989]
My Blood [4'12]
Yellow Moon [4'04]
Healing Chant [4'37]

Richard Ashcroft
Keys To The World [2006]
75 Degrees [4'48/Bonus Track]
Music Is Power [3'58]
Break The Night With Colour [3'56]

Sting [1987]
Nothing Like The Sun...
Be Still My Beating
Lazarus Heart [4'35]
Rock Steady [4'28]
Fragile [3'56]

Tom Waits
Nighthawks at the Diner [1975]
Emotional Weather Report

Jane Siberry
Maria [1995]
Maria [4'27]
Caravan [7'34]
Begat Begat [6'36]
Oh My My [20'15]

Angelo Badalamenti
City of Lost Children [OST]
Les Infants Sauvent One [3'13]
Miette [4'16]

Neil Young
Dead Man [OST]
Time for you to leave,
William Blake
Guitar Solo 2 [2'03]
Guitar Solo 3 [4'31]
Guitar Solo 4 [4'22]
Organ Solo [1'33]

The Verve
No Come Down [1994]
No Come Down [3'17]
Where The Geese Go [3'15]
One Way To Go [7'16]

Disney Jungle Book [1967]
That's What Friends
Are For

DJ Cheb i Sabbah
Shri Durga [1999]

Shri Durga [11'13]
Ganga Dev [6'44]
Mere Kabu [12'35]
Durga Puja [6'56]

Velvet Underground
Rock & Roll [4'45]

David Bowie
Scary Monsters [1980]
It's No Game (Pt 1) [4'20]
Up The Hill Backwards [3'15]
Ashes to Ashes [4'25]

TV Theme Oldies [coverart]
Batman [1'12]
Peter Gunn [1'05]
Bonanza [39 seconds]

Blind Faith [1969]
Had To Cry Today [8'48]
Do What You Like [15'22]

The Minutemen
Double Nickel on the Dime [1984]
#1 Hit Song [1'48]
The Glory of Man [2'57]
Shit from an Old Notebook [1'35]
One Reporter's Opinion [1'50]
History Lesson Part II [2'12]
Take 5 D [1'39]

Uncle Tupelo
Anodyne [1993]
Wherever [3'38]

King Crimson
Starless & Bible Black [1974]
Trio [5'39]

King Crimson
Larks' Tongue in Aspic [1973]
Exiles [7'40]

Pallet cleanser...
Glenn Gould
Goldberg Variations [1955]
Variation One [45 seconds]

Favorite song ever...
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band [1970]
Mr Bojangles [3'36]

Mazzy Star singer's solo
work is gentle Americana.
Hope Sandoval
and the Warm Inventions
Bavarian Bread Fruit [2001]
Butterfly Mornings [3'37]
Around My Smile [4'10]

The Doors
Strange Days [1967]
My Eyes Have Seen You [2'29]
I Can't See Your Face
In My Mind

Boston [1976]
More Than A Feeling [4'45]
Hitch A Ride [4'11]

Leslie Feist
Let It Die [2004]
Gatekeeper [2'16]
Mushaboom [3'44]
Secret Heart [3'49]

Seu Jorge
Life Aquatic (Studio) [2005]
Changes [3'40/Bowie]
Life on Mars? [3'29/Bowie]
Queen Bitch [3'42/Bowie]

The Talking Heads
Naked [1988]
Totally Nude [4'11]
Mr. Jones [4'20]

Vespertine [2001]
it's not up to you [5'09]
undo [5'38]

John Lennon
Shaved Fish [1967]
Happy Christmas
(War Is Over) [4'14]

Yann Tiersen
Amelie [OST/2001]
Comptine d'un Autre Ete: l'apres Midi
Amelie La Valse d'Amelie (piano)

"Those who know what is best for us must rise up and save us from ourselves." - Rush, "Witch Hunt"
Moving Pictures [1981]

Witch Hunt [4'45]
Red Barchetta [6'10]

Frank Zappa
Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar [1981]
Pink Napkins [4'40]
Stucco Homes [8'56]
Deathless Horsie [6'19]

Future Days [1973]
Future Days [9'32]

Jimi Hendrix
Blues [1994]
Once I Had A Woman [7'49]

Devendra Banhart
Cripple Crow [2005]
Now That I Know [4'53]
I Feel Just Like A Child [4'46]
Queen Bee [2'44]

2112 [1976]
2112 [20'34]

Glenn Miller
In The Mood [1940]
Stardust [3'22]
A String of Pearls [3'13]

The Beatles
The White Album [1968]
Glass Onion [2'17]
Dear Prudence [3'56]
Revolution #9 [8'21]
I Will [1'45]
Blackbird [2'18]
Long, Long, Long [3'04]
While My Guitar
Gently Weeps [4'44]

Herbie Hancock
Inventions & Dimensions [1963]
Triangle [11'01]

The Red Violin [OST/1998]
Featuring Joshua Bell
Overture [2'50]
Reprise [1'34]
Reprise Voice [1'55]

Steve Miller Band [1968-73]
Evil [4'36]

Sun Kil Moon
Tiny Cities
[Advance 2005]
Dramamine [2'48]
Space Travel Is Boring [3'43]

McLaughlin, Di Meola, De Lucia
Friday Night in San Francisco [1980]
Mediterranean Sundance, Rio Ancho [11'34]
Fantasia Suite [8'53]

October 5th, 2005 was the 50th anniversary of Ginsberg's first public reading of Howl.

Allan Ginsberg [1955]
Howl [32 min.]

Creedance Clearwater Revival
Cosmos Factory [1970]
Ramble Tamble [7'12]

~ Poets in their own words..

America [0'37]
Walt Whitman

next to of course god america
[0'59] e. e. cummings

The Hollow Men [3'53]
T. S. Eliot

Do Not Go Gentle Into
That Good Night
Dylan Thomas

The Red Wheelbarrow [0'15]
William Carlos Williams

Epilogue [1'25]
Robert Lowell

The Secret of My Endurance
[NSFW/2'16] Charles Bukowski

Amazing Grace [2'50]
Allan Ginsberg

The Sea and the Bells [1996]
All Is Calm [3'20]
With More Air Than Words [2'15]
Tea Merchants [4'56]

Camper Van Beethoven [1986]
Peace and Love [2'40]
History of Utah [2'52]
Interstellar Overdrive
[7'45/Pink Floyd Cover]

Miles Davis
Pangaea [1975]
Gondwana [45 min]
Zimbabwe [40 min]

9/7: the edges of the radio spectrum, subatomic particles with no weight and no charge, truths that hang in the air unspoken, and all the places you aren't supposed to go...
National Public Radio
This American Life
Invisible Worlds [60 min.]

Frank Zappa
Orchestral Favorites [1979]
Bogus Pomp [13'28]

Brian Jonestown Massacre
Tschusse [4'37]
Some Things Go Without

Patti Smith - Land [1975-2002]
Wing [5'05/live]
Beneath The Southern Cross [4'36]
Summer Cannibals [4'09]

Circulus [2005]
Orpheus [3'07]
The Scarecrow [3'56]

Maria Taylor
11:11 [2005]
Nature Song [4'08]
Light House [3'36]
Leap Year [4'28]
Speak Easy [3'36]

Hymns of the 49th Parallel
After The Gold Rush
[Neil Young/4'04]

Richard Ashcroft
Alone With Everybody [2000]
Crazy World [4'57]
Brave New World [5'59]
On A Beach [5'09]

Simon & Garfunkel
The Sound Of Silence [3'09]
I Am A Rock [2'59]

Faith No More
The Real Thing [1989]
War Pigs [7'46]
The Real Thing [8'13]

Selenography [1999]
Forgiveness [6'38]
French Galleasse [6'13]
An Evening of Long
Artemesia [3'13]
Kentucky Nocturne [5'46]

Toad The Wet Sprocket
Acoustic Set [1994]
All I Want [3'00]

Camper Van Beethoven [1988]
Never Go Back [3'25]
Tania [3'47]

James Laid [1993]
Low Low Low [2'52]
Knuckle Too Far [4'40]

Soft Machine
Volume 1 [1968]
Joy Of A Toy [2'49]
Why Am I So Short! [1'37]]
So Boot If At All [7'24]

The Mars Volta
Francis The mute [2005]
Track 01 [13'09]

It's All Around You [2000]
It's All Around You [4'09]

Caribou  EP  [2000]
Skunks [.mov/3'47]
Seaweed [6'20]`
Ole [4'33]

Jauquo III-X
Track 01 [9'31]
Track 02 [4'38]
Track 03 [2'50]

Jane Siberry & k.d. lang
Until The End Of
The World [OST/1991]
Calling All Angels [5'11]

Jack Kerouac [1959]
[Steve Allen, piano]
The Moon Her
October In The
Railroad Earth
One Mother [0'49]

Scott Joplin
Solace [4'43]
[Slow Ragtime]

Jon Stewart
On NPR's Fresh Air
July 22nd, 2005 [30 min.]

Charlie Hunter
8 String Guitar, Solo
Track 5 [4'18]
Track 10 [1'32]

Lewis Carroll
Alice's Adventures
in Wonderland

All In The Golden

Pink Floyd
Meddle [1971]
Echoes [Epic cycle/23'29]
Seamus [Blues; humour/2'15]

Classic Disney
Jungle Book [1967]
Bare Necessities [4'50]
That's What Friends
Are For
My Own Home [3'32]

Fantasia [1940]
Dance of the Reed

101 Dalmations [1961]
Cruella De Vil [1'18]

Dumbo [1941]
When I See An
Elephant Fly

Orson Welles
Dramatization of HG Wells'
War Of The Worlds [1938]
Original Broadcast [1 hour]
Post Broadcast Anger [2'01]
Commentary [3'26]

Blade Runner
[Esper Edition]
Bicycle Riders [2'11]
Deckard's Dream [1'11]
Thinking of Rachel [1'17]
Rachel Sleeps [2'01]
Blade Runner Blues [10'07]

Steve Miller
Fly Like An Eagle [1976]
Wild Mtn Honey [4'49]
Serenade [3'11/ballad]
The Window [4'17/ballad]

II & III [1986]
Cattle (Reversed)
[2'51 instrumental]
Four Year Plan [1'49]
ZZTop goes to Egypt [3'07]
Circles [2'53]
Sometimes [2'38]

OK Computer [1997]
The Tourist
Subterranean Homesick Alien
Paranoid Android

Bang On A Can [1998]

1/1 [16'32]
1/2 [9'00]
2/1 [11'45]
2/2 [12'00]

Cheech & Chong
Big Bambu [1972]
Empire Hancock [1'08]

Grateful Dawg
Intro [1'04]
Grateful Dawg [3'46]
Dawg's Waltz [4'49]
Old and In The Way [1'35]
Off To Sea Once More [5'32]

Bruce Springsteen
Nebraska [1982]
My Fathers House [5'07]

Dylan Thomas
Do Not Go Gentle Into
That Good Night

Merle Haggard [1969]
Okie From Muskogee [2'44]

David Gray [2000]

Pearl Jam [Live in Rio 12/4/05]
Even Flow [7'52]

Southern-rock power-trio jam-band.
Gov't Mule Deepest End
Goin' Down [5'58]

The Libertines Whitechapel Demos
Dilly Boys [1'46]
Pipey Magraw [3'14]

British Sea Power
Heavenly Waters [6'35]

The Talking Heads
Naked [1988]
Democratic Circus [5'04]

Damien Rice and
Lisa Hannigan

Unplayed Piano [2005]
Chris Lorde Alge [3'48]
Instrumental [3'49]

Yo-Yo Ma
Japanese Melodies [1990]
Kojo No Tsuki [4'37]

Brian Eno
Curiosities Vol. 2
Church [8'07]
Asteroid Dawn [4'31]

Boards of Canada
Aquarius [5'57]

Jefferson Airplane
Volunteers [1969]
Volunteers [2'08]

Jimi Hendrix
Blues [1994]
Born Under A Bad Sign
[instrumental] [7'37]

Tosca Tango Orchestra
Waking Life [OST/2001]
Nocturne E Flat Opus 9 #2 [4:00]
Ballade 4 part 2 [2:07]

The Beatles
Acoustic Masterpieces
{The Esher Demos}
Yer Blues [3'32]
Cry Baby Cry [2'32]
Not Guilty [3'01]
Piggies [2'01]

U2 [Live/1983]
Under A Blood Red Sky
I Will Follow 3:42
New Year's Day 4:36

J. Rufus Fears
Lectures in Literature
All Quiet On The Western
, Remarque, 31:00

Donald Fagen
The Nightfly [1982]
New Frontier [6'21]
Int'l Geophysical Year [6'04]
The Goodbye Look [4'50]

Automatic for the People [1992]
Try Not To Breathe [3'50]

2001 A Space Odyssey [1968/OST]
Lux Aeterna [6'00]
Blue Danube Excerpt [5'43]
Gayane Ballet Suite [5'17]
Hal 9000 Montage [9'41]

War [1975]
Low Rider [3'13]

Steely Dan
Aja [1977]
Aja [7'57]
Deacon Blues [7'37]

Camper Van Beethoven
Key Lime Pie [1989]
When I Win The Lottery 3'38
All Her Favorite Fruit 5'16
The Light From A Cake 2'42
Come On Darkness 3'15
Borderline 3'52
Jack Ruby 5'25
Flowers 3'00

Broken Social Scene
[Acoustic Live]

Philip Glass
Solo Piano [1989]
Metamorphosis Two [7'21]

Steve Martin
Let's Get Small [1977]
Excuse Me [3'02] [nsfw]

Bobby McFerrin
w/ Robin Williams

Spontaeneous Inventions [1986]
Beverly Hills Blues [3'52]

Garrison Keillor
Religion and Sex [3'21]
Getting Older [15'21]
Secret Lutherans [17'35]
The Do-Rites [17'46]
The Ethics of Jokes [19'45]
The Cat Came Back [3'40]

Westline Public Space, 2006

Allston Way, Berkeley, 2006

Porto, Portugal [2006]

July 3, 2006

Religion in the marketplace.

"We can't be scared out of who
we are" LC Charles Swift 2006

"Firm Believer" LP featured
1982's finest Christian Music

San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA

Ace Jet 170  via  Feuilleton

Green Man face in the leaves

Earthrise, Christmas 1968

Mystery Stone discovered
in New Hampshire, 1872.

Eccentric US Signage  [via]

aka Artemis/De Young 2006

More Bacchus/Louvre 2006

Peace Prevails

West Bank Church of the Ark

Pope & Patriarch in Istanbul.

Reconnaissance with Artemis

Da Vinci exhibit, Uffizi.

The Louvre, September 2006

Sky above Westline Sea Wall.

Former Sea Wall at Westline.

Westline goldfish, May 18

Westline porch, May 17

Ferns over Westline porch

Accompanied train ride home.

Sierra Nevada CA, 2005

Glass Art Violin Seattle, 2005 blogger on break
Desolation Wilderness 2006
[Photo Credit]

Saint Helena, CA [2005]

[Via Fimoculous]

Howard Zinn's hero is
Emma Goldman [d. 1940]

Jim Davis' Halloween 1989
series on Existential issues.

How I Won The War [1967]

Nietzsche benefited from Eze,
east of Nice, Cote d'Obscure.

Giambattista della Porta b. 1538
Polymath and Student of Nature.
Founded Otiosi (Men of Leisure)

1955 Canadair Poster [Via]

1926 Paris Air Show [Via]

Pop & Propaganda

Culture Jamming [Via]


Allston, Berkeley, June 7

Romance with Yellow, cont..

Berkeley, CA [May 4, 2006]

Calla Lilies, Westline porch.

Late sun, radiant clover.
Westline, January 2006.

"No Sweat" Mojo Sneakers

California, 1861, Marble
[Hiram Powers, De Young]
Westline, Alameda, CA [2006]

Creative Commons License

Solar Powered
Sidewalk Bricks.


Thom Yorke, NY City, June 13

Antikythera Mechanism may
be world's oldest computer.

Computer Ubiquity circa 2025

Jean Sara Rohe vs McCain

Punjabi Brit Parminder Nagra

Wiphala or emblem of
the Qhishwa-Aymara

The Art of Culture Jamming

Jasper Johns at the De Young

What's the next best medicine?

Neil Young, US Immigrant.

Habeas Corpus, Human Right.

Tracking Lost Liberty, Daily.

Fruitvale Barrio, Oakland, CA

Mars: first color image from
Reconnaissance Orbiter. [via]

Alt Fashion, London [2006]


Baaba Maal [Senegal]

Frida Kahlo [Self Portrait]

SF's rebuilt De Young

AntiWar Sermon Brought
Warning Letter from IRS


dullest blog
lynch daily


individual rights


Banned Books Online

*All In The Mind*

Lost Amnesiac Man
finds self online

A Network Called Internet
[circa 1993]


My Favorite
Garrison Keillor
San Francisco
Fresh Basil
Barton Fink
Life Against Death
Santa Maria
del Fiore Duomo


Martin Luther King, Jr.
I have a Dream [4'55]
I have been to the Mountaintop [27'48]

Jack Kerouac [1922-1969]
Friday Afternoon
In The Universe

Jack Kerouac
Spoken Word [Live]
[Steve Allen, piano]
From On The Road [3'30]

Philip Glass
Koyaanisqatsi [OST 1983]
Koyaanisqatsi [3'30]

George Carlin
Complaints and Grevances
[2001] [NSFW]
Why We Don't Need
Ten Commandments

Robin Williams
Live 2002 [NSFW]
Something Aweful Is
Going To Happen

David Crosby
If I Could Only
Remember My Name...
Mt. Tamalpais High [3'32]
Song With No Words [6'00]
Laughing [5'25]
Orleans [2'00]

Bill Cosby [Live/1969]
Old Weird Harold [5'13]
Fat Albert {Buck Buck} [9'13]
Revenge [6'04]

Roxy Music
Avalon [1982]
India [1'45]
Tara [1'31]

Bright Eyes [2005]
When the President
talks to God