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 Peace is a period of cheating between two
 periods of fighting.
  ~Devil's Dictionary

4/27/07 US: Putin concern purely ludicrous
* Tenet changes tune on Iraq for book tour
* David Lynch self-interview about art via
* 20% of New Zealanders used legal ecstacy
* Portable greenspace for the urban camper

* Kodak challenges ink cartridge extortion
* Net Neutrality's leading advocates speak
* RIAA seeks ISP subscriber info, ex parte
* Richard Gere arrest order by India court
* I plan to fly SF to Paris, May 1, w/Bill

4/26/07 Rice signals rejection of subpoena
* Iglesias filed complaint with OSC v Rove
* Gonzales serves one man. Wolfowitz, many
* Presidential hopeful Giuliani fearmonger
* US started talks with Iran via the Swiss

* Nanothin film of water acts like a solid
* Steven Hawking zero-gravity flight today
* USC students try to meet president 8 yrs
* Argentine court cancels pardon for abuse
* Iranian athletes invited to train in USA

4/25/07 Nearby earthlike planet may host H2O
* Contra Dawkins, place for faith in science
* Consciousness transient & autobiographical
* Nissan to sell $2500 sub-compact next year
* Mexico City legalizes abortion, first term

* Evangelism improper at private run US Post
* Panicked patriots map mosques and falafels
* Ohio elections ran via Republican servers?
* Rep Kucinich introduces Cheney impeachment
* Dems consider Gonzales no confidence vote

* Doctor barred from US for '01 paper on LSD
* White House Privacy Board: "it's all good"
* Artist sues website documenting plagiarism
* High waist ladies pants become fashionable
* Tarantino/Rodriguez double bill box office

* MP3: Hendrix, Hear My Train Comin acoustic

4/24/07 US Senate-House conference timetable
* UK cedes control of military base to Iraq
* Iran mulls invite to Iraq talks next week
* CIA Director Hayden's interview on C-SPAN
* Yeltsin buried tomorrow elite Novodevichy

* I support distributed Boing Boing project
* I motored 170 miles today for 99% biofuel
* Tesla electric roadster spotted in NYCity
* Dorothy Parker writing for The New Yorker
* Hot Fuzz [2007] reverent cop movie satire

* Iranian men protest dress code crackdown
* How Hindus are hazing low-caste students
* MP3: Bill Cosby, Revenge [1967] Stand up
* Alberto Gonzales worth to the Whitehouse
* US Senate Judiciary to interview McNulty

* Wolfowitz flirts with next US First Lady

4/23/07 Colleges review mental health issues
* Quantum results coincide with anti-Realism
* Mathematician suggests dimensions timelike
* Cosmic rays cause extinction every 62M yrs
* More cosmic rays found permeating universe

* US Defense Secretary cold Moscow reception
* RIP Yeltsin. Lead protest against '91 coup
* Cloud seeding saved Moscow after Chernobyl
* Homo hobbit floresiensis tests island rule
* Australia Aboriginal seat of the gods found

* DVD last night: American Astronaut 2001/B&W
* DVD today: Sleeper Woody Allen wakes 2273AD
* Cocteau's Chess Sonata stars Marcel Duchamp * Sheryl Crow recounts conversation with Rove
* Gov Spitzer prepares same-sex marriage bill

* Corporate sponsors are shocked at Imus hate
* No surprise Landis follow-up results leaked

4/22/07 Russian domestic news is now balanced
* Chavez closing "private" Caracas TV station
* Olmert plays down apocalypse vis a vis Iran
* Iraqis kill Kurd Yazidi "devil" worshippers
* Maliki pauses US intra-Baghdad wall project

* Carter's Mideast message plays well Midwest
* Dr Bronner defends soap toting air traveler
* New York mayor plans Manhattan vehicle toll
* Longtime Don Imus producer also out of work
* Syrian 2-day national elections low turnout

* French runoff for Chirac successor on May 6
* Search ends for Australian Ghost Yacht crew
* Evolution of times & names of British meals
* Euro and Sterling near highs against Dollar
* MP3 Hope Sandoval Butterfly Mornings [2001]

4/21/07 Brief manifesto on sustainable design
* US building 3 mile wall on Shia/Sunni fault
* Snowe 3rd Republican Senator for redeployment
* US Gulf War 4-star General says Iraq War lost
* Coast Guard Deepwater scandal [whistleblower]

* GOP Caucus Chairman wants Gonzales to resign
* White House used DoJ to manipulate balloting
* Waxman summons Andy Card after TV appearance
* Gene study confirms Chimpanzees three groups
* UK town generates local combined heat & power

* Sun's acoustic waves 300X hotter than surface
* Flat panel displays can be hacked using radio
* Quantas piloting in-flight email/text message
* Apple security patch fixes 25 vulnerabilities
* Dell resumes offering XP, alongside new Vista

* Pope revises disposition of unbaptised babies
* Heinz extra-fancy green catsup - discontinued
* Pink lawn flamingos no longer made in the USA
* "Optimistic Rugs" take off after Bush comment
* MP3: Brian Jonestown Massacre Tschusse [2005]

4/20/07 World Bank President cancels appearance
* Senators get Gonzales correction on Carol Lam
* Judiciary Committee Republicans respond to AG
* Abramoff scandal ensnares Rep. Doolittle R-CA
* FBI raids family business of Rep. Renzi R-AZ

* Vermont Senate passes impeachment resolution
* Iran reverses conviction for killing corrupt
* NATO chief notes fear of Euro based missiles
* Ghost yacht off Great Barrier Reef engine on
* Map reveals secret of awesome Mavericks wave

* Rain harvester & greywater systems prototype
* Natural HIV inhibitor found in blood [VIRIP]
* Geldof's BBC Dictionary of Man doomsday book
* New Leslie Feist album reviewed [New Yorker]
* Writer fired for questioning Bush leadership

4/19/07 Dems include timetables in war funding
* RNC claims it's email belongs to White House
* Conservatives hope Thompson seeks Presidency
* SCOTUS allows 2003 law targeting infanticide
* Colorado student arrested for chilly comment

* Poetry professor rallies mourners at V. Tech
* Montana bill forbids compliance with Real ID
* California law requires cloned meat labeling
* Markets Invisible Hand marginalizes the best
* Terra cotta creatures oversee Wall St mammon


* MP3 Simon & Garfunkel Sound of Silence [1966]
* Iran oil bourse to trade exclusively in Euros
* Disneyland Biodiesel Railroad. 150,000 gal/yr
* 60 indulgences worth shortening your life for
* Wolfowitz solicits advice of World Bank staff

4/17/07 New US Spy Chief wants to overhaul FISA
* Bush smear & fear tactics no longer effective
* Overview of US watch, no-fly, & no-loan lists
* Washington State bans PBDE's [Feds negligent]

* Anglican leader says anti-gays misread Romans
* Nagasaki mayor assassinated by spurned yakuza
* British Isles Caveman's 5 criteria for a cave
* The Shins busking Paris d'Amelie: Video [via]

4/16/07 Americans trust Congress more than Bush
* Rutgers girls strong/Sharpton reports threats
* Padilla in solitary 42 months without charges
* Gonzales hearing postponed after US shootings
* Domenici called on President to fire Iglesias

* World Bank staff sidesteps board of directors
* South Americans meet to discuss energy policy
* Sao Paulo billboard ban.. results a bit eerie
* Iraq govt likely to survive loss of Sadr bloc
* Bee Colony Collapse Disorder blamed on phones

4/15/07 Moscow police beat anti-Putin activists
* Forensic quest for deleted White House emails
* Unfired US Attorney Biskupic vote fraud cases
* Activist was monitoring Imus; published audio
* RIAA shill: Jenni Engebretsen's greatest hits

4/14/07 Starting war on false assumption costly
* Henry Rollins reflects on Iraq tours with USO
* America becoming a nation of frightened wimps
* Wolfowitz is another Bush buddy with no shame
* Duke case only the most obvious of rogue DA's

* AIFF audio: Robert Wyatt's Forest, and Beware
* UK imports Japan's discrete display of sorrow
* Indian civil service grants fertility private
* Russian opposition activist Kasparov detained
* Searchblog brilliantly original documentation

4/13/07 Free thinker Kurt Vonnegut wrote of war
* Email deletion broke Presidential Records law
* Does the RNC have US missile launch codes? :)
* Democrats hire RIAA shill for 2008 Convention
* CBS anchor Couric renews neocon talking point

* Berezovsky advertises plot to overthrow Putin
* Recovered T Rex protein is 68 million yrs old
* Engineered stem cells to self-fertilize donor
* Happiness proposed psychiatric disorder [Via]
* Virtuoso Joshua Bell poses as busker, NYC Via

* Astronomer names exotic celestial "Red Square"
* NASA predicts nongreen plants on other planets
* Stray Shopping Carts wins "oddest book title"
* Joyce estate owes fees in idle copyright suit
* Book of Curiosities & Diagram of the Universe


4/12/07 Iraq Parliament to meet despite bombing
* Dems want discussion during White House visit
* Lost White House emails recall Nixon tape gap
* House Judiciary reckons immunity for Goodling
* Wolfowitz anti-graft drive meets his nepotism
* Imus firing supports push against hate speech

4/11/07 Treasury Dept 250 pg list of bad names

4/10/07 Imus in the Morning suspended 2 weeks
* Democratic leaders turn down Bush invitation
* MP3 REM Find the River "Bergamot and Vetiver"
* Live Earth organizers try for carbon neutral
* Combined heat & power generator burns Canola

  Opinion: here in the US, the Speaker of the
  House of Representatives is 2nd in line to
  the President, after the Vice President. She
  recently visited the Middle East where over
  100,000 US troops were sent four years ago
  - in principle because according to the US
  Constitution only Congress can borrow/spend
  the money required for more fighting. Pelosi
  also engaged in something Bush and Secretary
  of State Rice seem incapable of - diplomacy.
  [Continued... 300 words after the jump]

4/9/07 International relations in earth orbit
* Of our system's 240 moons, 162 orbit planets
* High res images herald new earth science era
* Equatorial "bulge" puts Andes above Himalaya
* Paper substitute TerraSkin made from mineral

* Efficient synthetic chlorophyll solar panels
* Sound designer Murch on music of the spheres
* MP3 Bang On A Can Music For Airports 1/2 2/1
* MP3 Court Of The Crimson King Moonchild 1969
* UK Ministry of Defence grim vision of future

* US Army infantry entered Baghdad 4 years ago
* Marine believes speech got him on Watch List
* LA Times new owner snubs paper for interview
* NY joins up to 20 states for Feb 5th primary
* RNC emails for Whitehouse business not privy

4/8/07 Sharpton to have Imus on his radio show
* Tony Blair handling of Iran crisis exemplary
* Process signals from periphery before acting
* Study shows remarkable power of social norms
* Small dog gene rose soon after domestication

* Security Sweeps function to radicalize POW's
* Ten State Legislatures want Bush impeachment
* Former McNulty aide making news in Minnesota
* Chiasmus by Churchill, Shakespeare, Franklin
* English dominant for third generation Latino

* ISPs dodge request for data retention policy
* US Muni WiFi public/private partnership boom
* Human/Computer interaction in SciFi films/tv
* Google negotiates with Thailand over YouTube
* Japanese Edo period ukiyo-e design: animated

* Ethanol distribution hobbled; hurts pipeline
* US Pets getting more organic, homemade foods
* Swimmer navigates length of the Amazon River
* Anatomies captured by early printing presses
* Pope laments violence in the name of religion

4/7/07 UK declined US offer to buzz Iranian bases
* Ahmadinejad denies deal for Iranians held by US
* Reckless Bush endangers troops, bullies Congress
* Goodling 1st sitting DoJ official to plead fifth
* Disney Fairytale Wedding program now allows gays

* Baseball 1st pitch tradition broken by President
* NYTimes profiles Nebraska college switch-pitcher
* Pastoral ideal acknowledges dangers of Modernity
* MP3 Merle Haggard Okie From Muskogee 1969 Satire
* Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez interview

* Josh Wolf case shows need of Reporter Shield Law
* NH Legislature rejects Federal RealID Act, 268-8
* Exiled Pakistani leader Benazir Bhutto comeback?
* Lost hikers survive French Guiana jungle 7 weeks
* 4 million yr old whale skeleton found in Tuscany

* Google offers free voice-activated local search
* RIAA & MPAA want exemption to ban on pretexting
* IKEA BoKlok prefab homes offered in Sweden & UK
* WWIII on the way? How to build vaccines at home
* Pig DNA alters existing maps of human migration

4/6/07 US troop surge swelling, timetable growing
* DoJ/Whitehouse liaison, Monica Goodling to quit
* Hatch confuses Carol Lam's bio with predecessor
* WaPo internal recrimination over Pelosi Airline
* Washington DC airport attorney confirms Catch22

* Store owners blame RIAA for destroyed Industry
* Hoax Ad: Everything Free. Seattle home emptied
* British/Iranian crisis yields high level talks
* Dutch soldiers stress restraint in Afghanistan
* '72 Nixon campaign TV news features Rove @4min

* Race Cars will rise, take their rightful place
* Babies recognize the impossible a la MC Escher
* Genetic condition VHL causes hair-trigger rage
* Google Earth for Deep Space/The Night Sky [Via]
* MP3 The Beatles Long Long Long 1968 White Album

4/5/07 UK helps Muslims to marginalise extremists
* Gonzales hasn't kept promises to Chairman Leahy
* Google My Maps tool enables easy custom mashups
* Jodorowski, "last crazy artist", El Topo [1970]
* Kate Moss interview and video with Pete Doherty

4/4/07 Syria sees more Republicans than Democrats
* Defiant Pakistani Judge appears private hearing
* Josh Wolf released; agrees to post video online
* Warblogger Kevin Sites interview with Josh Wolf
* US Museum of the Confederacy is in dire straits

* Prince performs regularly at the Rio, Las Vegas
* Radial idea cloud aims at intuitive abstraction
* Sense hacks electromagnetic/ultrasound/infrared
* Biologist to rely on algae for all food and air
* Network TV cameraman zooms in on VP Dick Cheney

4/3/07 TV & music as ground to Internet figure
* Music copyright holders sell fan arrangements
* Chicago magnate beats locals bid for LA Times
* SCOTUS links global warming with man made CO2
* Waxman calls Rice to testify on Niger uranium

* Film: Incubus in Esperanto; Wm Shatner [1965]
* Tuberculosis no longer subject to antibiotics
* Iditarod dogs die yearly rate of one per 1000
* Jesse James: terrorized anti-slavery families
* 8 Part Flag Recovery video series: 5, 6, 7, 8
  [Flag in great shape, despite several videos]

4/2/07 MP3 Pearl Jam Even Flow [Live, Rio 2005]
* Iran arrested Brits, payback for January raid
* Wu Ping and Yang Wu yield house to developers
* Swedes finish investigation of Pirate Bay raid
* Telnet 35 yrs old, dropped from Windows latest

* 1st building-integrated turbines, 95 ft across


  Personal: my friend Mugs asked me which is more
  important, knowledge or expression? I answered
  a few hours later by asking the difference. On
  this blog, knowledge is expression. Documenting
  news reports as well as my choices in music and
  film. I've published my photographs, documented
  travels, and written opinion pieces - I support
  freedom of information. [Meaning of Life, cont]

4/1/07 Israeli PM expects invite from Saudi King
* Baghdad reporters criticized by visitor McCain
* Gitmo's Hicks tribunal gives him 9 more months
* Rove private Senate testimony needs transcript
* E-Voting measure uses hackers to test machines

* Slideshow of biofuel filling station in Eugene
* Public has right to share in Forest management
* Wireless Power: radio waves source electricity
* Orwell's London neighborhood on CCTV [cameras]
* London's artful wharehouse guardians save rent

* Minds, bodies once thought to be nature's fate
* Circumstances under which genetic traits arise
* Enzyme makes any blood Type-O, suitable for all
* Tsunami warning comes after South Pacific quake
* Maoist rebels join Nepal govt ahead of election

* Importance of umlauts in heavy metal band names
* God's chosen president.. prophesied in Nehemiah
* 2nd Temple era settlement dug up near Jerusalem
* Hollywood has much at stake in sale of LA Times
* Images of gestation from 16th century anatomies

* 8 Part US Flag Witness/Recovery: Videos 2, 3, 4

3/31/07 US Flag videos feature loud train: part 1
* US House delegation on Middle East spring break
* Watch for Republicans proclaiming Baghdad peace
* Carol Lam never confronted on immigration cases
* Snoop working Mumia documentary. Denied UK visa

* Catholics pressure NY City studio to remove art
* 20 commonly accepted historical facts - debunked
* Accessibility Browser created by blind IBM staff
* Planets commonly found round tight stellar pairs
* AP reporter's diary warms case of Amelia Earhart

3/30/07 Israeli calls Arab Peace Plan revolutionary
* EU backs Brits. Demands Tehran release 15 Marines
* Fmr Official: Justice Dept used to skew elections
* Democrats allow transcribed closed door testimony
* GSA Chief asked staff to help Republicans in 2008

* Earliest printed books in 20 languages 800-1500AD
* Computer evolves hardware with genetic algorithms
* Foxes bred 20 generations for gentleness ~doglike
* Neocon Malkin John Doe Club silenced by tolerance
* Dissemination of ideas that constitute incitement

* Bono accepts honorary Knighthood. Geldof ibid, 86
* The Beatles guest appearance on Doctor Who [1965]
* MP3 Talking Heads Totally Nude [Naked] Percussion
* Disney's Junglebook Bare Necessities [1967] Baloo
* DVD today Let's Do It Again [1975] Poitier, Cosby

* Private non-profit file sharing to be legal in EU
* Sports Utility Bicycle carries a week's groceries
* Edge PC promises mobile DSL [$299 plus $39/month]
* SF Chronicle plugs 24/7 Lifecasting via
* School News faculty adviser defends "sex edition"

* CNN: US Wars funded by Congress through July 2007
* Colorado Senate passes resolution vs. Troop Surge
* Japan deploys missile defense. Offer to shield US
* Wall Street still on edge. Inflation above target
* April Fools "Govt classifies film TRON sensitive"

3/29/07 Saudi Monarch calls US role in Iraq illegal
* Arab League would normalize relations with Israel
* Gates wants Gitmo closed; 100 to be held for life
* Sampson answers Senator Schumer, Feinstein, Leahy
* Viacom rewrites copyright law in baseless lawsuit

3/28/07 Jon Stewart takes Gonzales to the woodshed
* Executive privilege only for email
* Gourmet gives up Foie Gras. Burger King cage free
* I drove 500 miles today on B-99 processed biofuel
  [Picture of fabulous filling station near Eugene]

3/27/07 US poll backs Whitehouse subpoenas [72%-21%]
* Evidence Lam removed for investigating Republicans
* Nancy Pelosi forges consensus on US/Iraq timetable
* Harry Reid led Senate to pass Iraq timetable 50-48

* Arab League summit tomorrow. [Iran isn't a member]
* Blair warns Tehran of "new phase" over 15 captives
* Cassini probes Saturn's hexagonal polar cloud ~gif
* Tools of non-fiction insufficient to discern truth

3/26/07 Whitehouse business conducted via RNC emails
* Justice/Whitehouse liaison to invoke 5th Amendment
* Sampson to shrug shoulders, use Blackberry Defence
* NYPD nationwide surveillance before RNC convention
* Diebold sues Massachusetts for choosing competitor

* The feelings and judgments necessary for happiness
* Too clever by half... too smart for one's own good
* 29% of Americans won't log onto Internet this year
* legacy MP3s retired during move to PRQ
* N Ireland Sinn Fein & Protestant DUP parties agree

3/25/07 Coldwell Banker to sell Second Life property
* US Secretary of State is living in the Middle East
* US TIDE: Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment
* Wired requests data retention policies of top ISPs

* Washington DC Capitol's Live Earth concert blocked
* Warming opens shipping lanes and lures prospectors
* Sydney Australia symbolic Earth Hour blackout Mar31
* David Lynch anti-litter Public Service Announcement

3/24/07 US backs Saudi revived 2002 Beirut Declaration
* EU turns 50 as French/German border stands unguarded
* Russia's Supreme Court bans liberal opposition party
* Northern Ireland Protestants reject British deadline
* Britian abolished slave trading 200 yrs ago tomorrow

* 1st person narratives of Americans born into slavery
* Forensics team filing papers to exhume Houdini [NYC]
* Jane Goodall visits Chicago Zoo's Chimpanzee exhibit
* Taiwan blocks highway for annual Butterfly migration
* Porsche enters bid on VW, Europe's largest car maker

* Constitutional challenge to National Security Letter
* Montana Commissioners amend Initiative after passage
* Sopranos filming final scenes at New Jersey creamery
* Gentlemouse software renders most clicks unnecessary
* server missing some files tonight. ~Ross

3/23/07 Whitehouse denies obligation to answer Senate
* Resigned Justice Dept aid Kyle Sampson will testify
* New US Attorneys chosen for vote suppression skills
* Bush Energy Policy advisor Steven Griles, sentenced
* Ahmadinejad trip to address UN foiled by US customs

* How to make America more innovative and competitive
* Greenland's ophiolite structures 3.8 billion yrs old
* Alcohol/tobacco medically more harmful than LSD/MDMA
* Etymology of Geek: Shakespeare Geck; 1953 pencilneck
* John Waters new children's Christmas film, Fruitcake

3/22/07 Episcopal bishops regret Anglican communion rule
* California State College Faculty Union approves strike
* Veterans Affairs Dept schedule for rating disabilities
* Democrats question Justice Dept about Abramoff, others
* Apple ships wireless set-top TV streamer [US$299/Spam]

3/21/07 US initiates contact with Palestinian Unity govt
* Justice Dept email "document dump" features 18-day gap
* House Judiciary votes to subpoena Rove, Sampson, Miers
* Limbaugh calls Schwarzenegger Democrat. Arnold replies
* Merkel: NATO should debate US missile shield in Poland

* Midwestern US farm country land value through the roof
* Commercial camera reads data encoded in digital images
* Backbone Providers block websites [Net Neutrality Now]
* Woody Harrelson's Dad dies in sleep at Supermax prison
* MP3: Led Zeppelin, BBC Sessions, That's The Way [1971]

3/20/07 Bush will resist attempts to subpoena officials
* US Senate rescinds abused PATRIOT Act provision, 94-2
* House, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairmen statements
* Interview with Bush appointee US Attorney Bud Cummins
* FBI distributes 'emergency letter' template to agents

* Conversation at Adult table as imagined at Kids table
* Skyhook residential US WiFi mapping database revealed
* State Pharma-Physician payola sunshine law unenforced
* Antibiotics prescribed for infections caused by virus
* Word of the Day: whimsy, fanciful notion, [whim-wham]

  This is not about Fired Attorneys: the symbolic center
  of the US Attorney scandal is Rove protege Tim Griffin,
  sweating bullets today, because though he has replaced
  fired US Attorney Bud Cummins, his nomination for the
  post hasn't been announced. [250 words after the jump]

3/19/07 Lam fired after announcing Foggo search warrant
* Senate Judiciary Chairman wants Whitehouse under oath
* Gonzales replacement hunt. McNulty expected to resign
* Meet The Press hardup for Republican guests this week
* FBI and Telcos created network to skirt 4th Amendment

* Police interrogation tactics; related court decisions
* UK Education Secretary abides ban on full Muslim veil
* Google confirms mobile phone in development. [patent]
* NASA serves collaboration of 14 global Space Agencies
* AAAS first "statement of consensus" on climate change

* Antarctic glaciers losing ice, not because of melting
* Mathematicians hail map of 248-dimension E8 structure
* Websites that facilitate perceptions of relative size
* Artists and designers take photos of their work areas
* To engage in the audacity of reality is uncomfortable

3/18/07 MP3 Tori Amos Mother Revolution 2005 Melancholy
* David Bowie It's No Game (part 1) 1980 Scary Monsters
* BCI brain/computer interface is trained by individual
* CPR said not as effective as chest compressions alone
* The Archaic English Project resurrects favorite words

* NYT: SCOTUS to hear student free-speech case tomorrow
* Plame denies nepotism under oath, affirms covert work
* Whitehouse didn't conduct investigation of Plame leak
* Bush predictions not credible, incl. about withdrawal
* Kyle Sampson's lawyer represents AT&T in NSA lawsuits

  After Bill Clinton became President in 1993, Attorney
  General Reno fired 93 80 US Attorneys. Apologists
  for Bush's Attorney General Gonzales claim media bias
  prevents comparisons with recent replacement of eight
  US Attorneys that were appointed by Bush in 2001. But
  the facts defy comparison. [300 words after the jump]

3/17/07 Whitehouse tempts Legislators to send subpoenas
* Gonzales aid Kyle Sampson blind to his own corruption
* John McCain unsure if condoms help slow spread of HIV
* Weather grounds Bush helicopter enroute to Camp David
* US Iraq War supporters confusing force with strength

* Ancient Seisachtheia freed debtors from slavery [Via]
* European, Russian reaction to Palestinian unity gov't
* White shirted attorneys take on baton-wielding police
* Pakistan eases house arrest of Chief Justice Chaudhry
* Demolished Copenhagen Ungdomshuset activist interview

* Risk averse Germans are debating Autobahn speed limit
* Sasha Baron Cohen finally slips out of Borat character
* Conan O'Brien sidekick Andy Richter stars new TV drama
* 1970s Dutch TV Toppop host's Golden Years of pop music
* Pranksters hacked message into Superbowl halftime show

* The Show with Ze Frank ends year of weekdays, Saturday
* ISP's should reveal sale of customers clickstream data
* Penny Lane in Liverpool was named after a slave trader
* Not safe for work human history illustrated jpeg [Via]
* Scientists emulating photosynthesis to make use of CO2

3/16/07 US Attorney scandal timeline [TalkingPointsMemo]
* New Whitehouse counsel also served Nixon, Reagan [NYT]
* Valerie Plame testifies to Congress. [Opening Remarks]
* Pakistan lawyers support suspended Supreme Court Judge
* Ahmadinejad expected in NY to address Security Council

* Landis doping acquital may be in time to join '07 Tour
* New Mexico is 12th state to legalize medical marijuana
* Mars ice sufficient to cover entire surface with water
* Pendant vibration alerts wearer to local WiFi strength
* Passover Kosher Coca Cola sweetened with cane not corn

* MP3 Booker T & the MG's Green Onions [Live] Integrated
* Wiki enters Oxford Dictionary. Etymology from Hawaiian
* History is often altered. What matters is how, why via
* Chicago Board of Trade boisterous bidding in last days
* No major vendor will sell PC without Windows installed

3/15/07 Senate Judiciary Cte subpoenas Justice officials
* Poland purges communist collaborators from public life
* Google to purge personal identifying data at 18 months
* Viacom hypocrites falsely compare YouTube with Napster
* Redesigns for Wired Magazine website and Time Magazine

* McCain tempts fundamentalists to straight talk express
* Interspecies sex more common than believed [evolution]
* Pakistan's disappeared dissidents can't invoke habeus.
* Purdue researchers biomass-fuel process suppresses CO2
* Medication enables complex behavior while asleep [NYT]

3/14/07 Senators request to "interview" Whitehouse staff
* GOP Senator voices doubts after Bush supports Gonzales
* Fox News denounces Nevada Democrats as radical fringe.
* US General's moralizing violates Don't Ask Don't Tell.
* Palestinians plan to present unity govt to parliament.

* James Hansen world's most outspoken climate researcher
* Electrostatic spacecraft would surf on magnetic fields
* Photocopy machines have hard drives that record copies
* Obscurantist Cartographer Nikolas Schiller's alt-maps.
* London burrito entrepreneur trades cart for new truck.

3/13/07 MP3 Jethro Tull Thick As A Brick Side II for Tom
* Saudi/Israeli talks resurrect 2002 Beirut Declaration!
* Republicans bash Council on American-Islamic Relations
* US Feds to subsidize retirement of Analog TV receivers
* Viacom/MTV/Nickelodeon sueing Google/YouTube for US$1B

* Gonzales "fallguy" Chief of Staff Kyle Sampson resigns
* Rob Brezsny Real Astrology reader Artstar calls on us!
* Henry Cookson on "N2i" trek to Pole of Inaccessibility
* Movie of solar eclipse by twin STEREO-B spacecraft Via
* Isolated DST glitches for Adwords, Cingular, Facebook.

* Putin meets Pope under aspect of 1000 yr Orthodox riff
* Primitivist Architect Fujimori, the gesture of the hut
* Cocoa appears to reduce incidence of 4 lethal diseases
* US subprime loan market losses ripple early NIKKEI -3%
* I now own a 1975 Peugeot, running on processed Soy B99

3/12/07 GOP candidate Hagel broaches Bush impeachment.
* Former Sen. Thompson R-TN considers run for President.
* Musharraf suspends top Judge. Pakistan lawyers protest
* Federer remains top seed after 1st loss in 42 matches.

3/11/07 Republican Leader says Rove fired US Attorneys.
* Schumer calls for resignation of conciglieri Gonzales.
* Elite Native American Shadow Wolves to hunt bin Laden.
* Madrid Memorial unveiled on train bombing anniversary.
* Halliburton never was American company, moves to Dubai

* Chinese Blogger's poll ousts Forbidden City Starbucks.
* Brits volunteer data to Big Brother, or lose passport.
* Translation infancy: Finnegan's Wake in basic english.
* Design of Burningman's Black Rock City - requirements.
* Road markings, signs could one day be changed at will.

* MP3: Matisyahu Close My Eyes Live/2005 Hasidic Reggae.
* DVD: travel guru Rick Steves visits Spain and Portugal
* Played Wii 1st time tonight at Mt. Shasta. Bowled 124.
* DNS issues on "bobbled" DTS changeover
  [Now backing up my file server for the move to Sweden]

3/10/07 UK House of Lords road to the polls began 1911..
* Nerves don't relay electrical impulses, but use sound!
* Cat Poo parasite correlation with human schizophrenia.
* 2020 benchmark of -20% emissions, agree 27 EU leaders.
* Iran images, natural beauty, sports, tea house, night.

* US Republican Senate minority delays Minimum-Wage hike
* Senate Judiciary Cte to "interview" Justice Dept staff
* SCOTUS expected to take case decided on 2nd Amendment.
* Walter Reed "not an exception" in treatment of troops.
* Nanci Pelosi announces plan to get troops out of Iraq.

* US, Iran and Syria continue Baghdad peace talks today.
* Truth to Power: Feng speaks to Republican Congressman.
* Thumb-cuff export eased. * Defence Trade Advisory meet.
* US high risk home mortgage lenders face looming crisis.
* Internet celebrity Ze Frank posts last of daily videos.

  Free Speech is NOT:
  * Yelling FIRE in a crowded theatre.
  * Joking about a bomb at the Airport.
  * Dressing like a commando to school.
  * Joking about George Bush in public.

  Nevada Democrats cancel Fox News debate, after "joke".
  I've read that Liberals can't see the joke is on Bush.
  But our President's incompetence is not funny. Should
  I really believe Fox News CEO Roger Ailes was putting
  down President Bush? What is definitely not funny about
  Mr Ailes crack is that Neoconservatives often insinuate
  Democrats are al Qaeda sympathizers. Even a "joke" that
  suggests Senator Barack Obama is in the bin Laden posse
  isn't funny unless you think bungled military adventure
  is funny. No sir, the President is no longer funny, ever.

  ~ Ross MacDonald  [Contact]  [Permalink]

3/9/07 Whitehouse surrenders to Dems in attorney scandal.
* Democrats move beyond non-binding Iraq War resolutions.
* Bush refers to Social Justice 6 times in Brazil speech.
* Rove refers to high standards of nemesis Barack Obama.
* Gingrich extramarital affair during Lewinsky scandal..

* Anti-War Chuck Hagel R-NE to announce Presidential run
* Iraq War supporters appropriate my hometown's memorial
* Audit: FBI abused emergency Security Letter authority.
* ADVISE data-mining system originally sold to find WMD.
* Pentagon video of final Padilla interrogation missing.

* Difficult interrogation? Brain MRI's reveal intentions
* Guantanamo: closed hearings to find need for tribunals
* Big Brother State illustrated by animated Flash short.
* Sweden admits spying on citizen communications decades
* Radiohead Hail To The Thief, Go To Sleep 2003 Art Rock

* Australian Muslim leaders forbid 5 clerics from media.
* Aboriginal Arts totemic inhabitants of dreamtime [Via]
* Napkin Art at my favorite, Mama's Royal Cafe, via MeFi
* Ira Glass on Storytelling, incl. tips for vlogs. [Via]
* Twin baby Orangutans befriend twin Sumatra Tiger cubs.

* Memo tells US officials how to discuss climate change.
* UC Berkeley: extended DST may bump energy consumption.
* MP3 Dengue Fever, Sleepwalking Through The Mekong 2005
* Johnny Depp's daughter Lily-Rose recovers from illness
* Drew Barrymore models London designer's new collection

* collection of collectors US conventions.
* In waiting, 5th generation Baron Nathaniel Rothschild.
* New Yorker Magazine website redesign critical feedback
* Prime Numbers used in digital signatures cryptography.
* Consciousness changed by increase in pics from orbit..

3/7/07 Y2K-type anticipation of Bush DST change, Sunday.
* Hypermiler is obsessive about vehicle fuel efficiency.
* Dysgraphia: normal reading skills, difficulty writing.
* Ex-"Google Answers" researchers launch Q&A site. [Via]
* My Father's 2nd annual memorial ski trip at Northstar.

* Boeing testing tamper-proof remote control autopilot.
* Walter Reed scandal: Bush doesn't support our troops.
* Director of Executive Office of US Attorneys resigns.
* Reporters barred from tribunals. Transcripts edited..
* France criminalizes amateur news video of "violence".

3/6/07 Libby perjury trial verdict convicts on 4 counts.
* Juror sympathy for the fall guy - Iraq policy gone bad.
* Fitzgerald: Libby put cloud over the Whitehouse, not I.
* Fitzgerald: facts justified investigation, not verdict.
* Fox News reports Libby not guilty. Wikipedia rocks MSM.

* US Senate hearings today feature dismissed prosecutors.
* Domenici call to Iglesias came in the evening, at home.
* Senator Domenici R-NM wanted Prosecutor Iglesias fired.
* New Mexico Congresswoman acknowledges calling Iglesias.
* Candidate John Edwards supports prayer time at schools.

* Gay San Francisco radio host calls Ann Coulter "a man".
* Common surface tissue Langerhans proteins prevent HIV..
* Rev. Sharpton visits grave of Strom Thurmond ancestor..
* Kansas City judge invokes prior restraint of newspaper.
* UK Court injunction stops BBC report on House of Lords.

* Unwinding currency "carry trades" continues volatility.
* MP3 Van Morrison Beside You, Astral Weeks [1968]. Love.

3/5/07 US cellular service companies trying to kill WiFi.
* FCC forces rural phone companies to carry VoIP traffic.
* Telecommunications Museum has every 2-way wired device.
* Whitehouse panel rubberstamps NSA/Treasury data mining.
* US troops in Sadr City. No weapons found, & no arrests.

* Walter Reed Veterans hospital is US system crown jewel.
* Congressmen implicated in purge of Federal Prosecutors.
* US Senator Domenici R-NM, sorry for call to Prosecutor.
* San Diego Congressman Issa complained about Carol Lam..
* New Colorado immigration law requires new prison labor.

* Libby trial judge says he was "misled" by defense team.
* Assassination attempt inspires Cheney smile for camera.
* Chinese Parliament's 3000 delegates meet 3 days a year.
* Richard Branson, Rupert Murdoch fighting over UK PayTV.
* Worldwide stock slide enters 2nd week - except at NYSE.

3/4/07 Conservative PAC ambivalent about Abraham Lincoln.
* Copenhagen riots on Ungdomshuset Youth House evictions.
* Anomaly named for off-course probe launched 35 yrs ago.
* Various maps drawn from memory Flickr photo pool. [Via]
* Favorites of my friend, nature photographer Gary Crabbe.

3/3/07 John McCain meant "sacrifice" when he said "waste".
* Mars melting CO2 cap evidence Sun causes Global Warming.
* Salt Lake City Mayor "Rocky" calls for Bush impeachment.
* Gonzales too busy for questions about fired prosecutors.
* President Ahmadinejad guest of sustained Saudi diplomacy.

3/1/07 US Prosecutor calls his dismissal political payback.
  Like several other US Federal Prosecutors, New Mexico's
  David Iglesias was asked by the Bush Administration to
  resign this month, 2 years before completing his Senate
term...        [150 more words after the jump]

* MP3: Steve Miller, Evil. Don't worry about your revenge..
* Cosmologist Hawking to experience simulated weightlessness
* Depression correlated with hippocampi - or spatial memory.
* Melissa Etheridge won't run into homo-hater Michael Savage
* Former RNC Chair Mehlman wants to end culture of ferocity.

* US issues specs on internal passport required by May 2008.
* Cheney demands be cited as senior administration official.
* Candidate McCain says US soldier's lives "wasted" in Iraq.
* Candidate Chuck Hagel statement on Baghdad regional talks.
* Ohio Republican Ney quotes Garth Brooks on way to prison.

* Episcopal Church put on notice from Anglican bully pulpit.
* Greek archeologist finds statue of Hera under Mt. Olympus.
* Thirteen Towers, Chankillo Peru, sign of ancient Sun cult.
* Oldest known photograph, Joseph Niepce, France, 1826. Via
* ETA hunger striker De Juana Chaos released to house arrest

* Begging The Question means more than "raising the question"

* DVD: Candy [1968] James Coburn, Richard Burton, John Huston
  Marlin Brando, Walter Matthau, Ringo Starr Thx James Cannon

2/28/07 Arab League agreed Israel's right to exist in 2002.
* Iran, Syria invited to talks on Iraq with the US, Britian.
* Obama ridicules Cheney comment on British troop reduction.
* Feingold: Dems proposal reads like New War Authorization.
* Democrats seek testimony from ousted federal prosecutors.

* Digital Fair Use bill doesn't protect personal use copies.
* Cafe meets Cubicle.. social-hungry freelancers co-working.
* Atlas hand-made in 1563 by Jaume Olives, found in Olomouc.
* Advanced US jets lose computer control crossing date line.
* Mike Judge's film Idiocracy. NSFW design dystopia 2507 AD.

* Evidence Chimpanzees make & use weapons on mammalian prey.
* Lactose intolerance widespread til after dairy farming est.
* Clericus Cup fields 16 teams from Catholic schools in Rome.
* Islam a killjoy? What does the literature say about Music?
* Padilla going to trial. 4+ yr interrogation under AUMF law.

* Jury in Libby perjury trial still out. No sign of deadlock.
* NYSE computers overwhelmed yesterday, after Nikkei 9% loss.
* Bundesbank president predicts Eurozone interest rate hikes.
* AIFF audio: Live Jethro Tull piano & groove. [150MB total]
* MP3: McLaughlin & Santana cover Coltrane's A Love Supreme.

2/27/07 Bustin Out In The Big Apple.. Pics by Jordan Matter.


  "Moral responsibility is what is lacking in a man when
    he demands it of a woman."  ~Karl Kraus [1874-1936]

2/26/07 First Opera L'Orfeo performed Feb 24, 1607. [Mantua]
* Evidence of first human migration to the Americas revised.
* Recent Antarctic discoveries include "psychedelic octopus"
* Largest polar research program in 50 yrs starts March 1st.
* Down Syndrome mice improve on Ginkgo. [1/773 human births]

* US Bill of Rights not subject to discretionary curtailment.
* US Dept of Justice reports lauded ousted prosecutors. [NYT]
* Sharpton decendent of slaves owned by Strom Thurmond's kin.
* Farrakhan: "our hearts far removed from prophets we claim".
* Bilbao tense as Basque ETA hunger striker approaches death.

* Music video Tout Les Garcons Et Les Filles. [Lyrics] [Via]
* Artists masked disfigurement of World War I veterans. [Via]

2/25/07 Seymour Hersh on Pentagon's Iran scenarios. [fixed]
* Virginia lawmakers' unanimous profound regret for slavery.
* Maliki rewards police after Iraqi woman's rape allegation.
* Belgian SWIFT firm sides with US in civil liberties breach
* Birdseye of the US National Security Agency [NSA]. Spooky.

* Atmospheric data from 14 of 200+ known extrasolar planets.
* ESA Rosetta comet chaser swingby within 150 miles of Mars.
* Save the Internet video "lucid, BS-free, and entertaining"
* Paleoarts hominid heritage model & portrait gallery. [Via]
* Brain maps, atlases & infographics old and new. [Thx Mugs]


2/24/07 Canada spikes law allowing indefinite detentions..
* Obama "When Cheney says it's good you've got big problems"
* Brits lured into Forest Gate raid by spy over pay dispute?
* Terence McKenna's library destroyed by fire [Monterey CA].
* Famous people & fictional characters with autistic traits.

  Fishing Expedition: I named a guitar exercise "Blue"
  - back at a time when my naming scheme was for colors.
  The name comes from the ocean, and helps me remember a
  story from the mid 90's, when a fisherman kept officials
  from boarding his boat for two days, until they refered
  the case to desk jockeys onshore. Off the coast of Santa
  Cruz California, Jim Blaes had too many visits from the
  US Coast Guard, and one day denied boarding unless they
  left their weapons behind...   [continue reading]

2/23/07 Human Nature: Homeland Security firmly in CYA mode.
* Physicist Taleyarkhan's tabletop bubble fusion verified.
* Fox comedy "1/2 Hour News" less funny than other 23 1/2.
* Conservapedia, because everything's biased against them.
* Democrats drafting amendment revoking war authorization.

  Today, Vice President Cheney is trying to explain
  comments equating Speaker Pelosi's position on the
  War in Iraq with that of sworn US enemies. He refers
  to "being accountable for the results" of withdrawal,
  and to playing to the hand of al Qaeda..

  But is he accountable for his administration's failed
  planning and execution of the invasion? An invasion
  which played directly to al Qaeda's publicized world
  view? An invasion of Iraq that was planned for months
  if not years has become an occupation that continues
  to encourage people sympathetic with the US on 9/11
  to now side with those in opposition to US interests.

  Like other conservatives in positions of power, the
  louder they talk about a moral stance, the stronger
  is the chance that they practice the very opposite.
  As Pro-Life governor of Texas, Bush signed a bill
  allowing removal of life support when a patient's
  family can no longer afford it. From Ted Haggard's
  position as Leader of the National Association of
  Evangelicals he preached the evils of adultery and
  homosexuality while having gay sex outside marriage.
  Congressman Foley was a leading child advocate until
  he was found to be a child predator. Self righteous,
  and now resigned and indicted Speaker of the House
  Tom Delay lead one of the most corrupt sessions of
  Congress in history. Leading conservative talk radio
  host Rush Limbaugh's 25 million listeners heard about
  the evils of illegal drug use while he was addicted
  to powerful painkillers obtained illegally.

  But no example compares with a nation's most senior
  Leaders weakening the political, moral, and military
  position of the nation they have publicly sworn to serve.

  The louder they talk the less chance they walk the walk.
  The Vice President's suggestion that the Speaker of the
  House is sympathetic with US enemies begs the question
  of whether he is himself acting in the national interest.

  ~ Ross MacDonald  [Contact]  [Permalink]

2/22/07 US grocery chain pilots biodiesel B20 in Seattle.
* Vint Cerf developing inter-planetary Internet protocol.
* Portraits of Himalayan nomads of Tibet and Bhutan. Via
* Geological attics, Europe's high altitude architecture.
* Female tennis players get Wimbledon prize money parity.

* Speaker Pelosi: Cheney remark beneath dignity of debate
* Firing of US prosecutors cover for obstructing justice?
* Frank Gaffney is back; faked Abe Lincoln treason quote.
* Rare Rangoon Burma public protest over quality of life.
* Egyptian blogger Nabil gets 4 yrs prison for sacrilege.

* Journalism-as-usual: powerful person feeding reporters.
* Computer models of nature useless for engineering. Via
* If nonfiction needs to clarify - it resorts to fiction.
* FindSounds search engine incl. soundwave graphics. Via
* Islamic quasi-crystals predate Penrose tile by 500 yrs.


2/21/07 David Byrne takes a jog through Savanna, Georgia.
* Russians dismayed by new US missiles in Eastern Europe.
* Unstable Burning Ice gas-hydrate may be "clean energy".
* Digital Locks limit the freedom to alter things we buy.
* Poet WH Auden born 100 yrs ago. Bohemian, anti-fascist.

* US Govt is collecting all emails to and from Americans.
* US Govt pushing fear of Marijuana over medical science.
* Nobel Prize winner will run for President of Guatamala.
* Japan raises interest rate to 0.5%, highest since 1995.
* I saw The Shins, Seattle's Paramount Theatre last night.

2/20/07 USS Stennis carrier group arrives in Persian Gulf.
* US Green Building Council offers various certifications.
* Merck ends sneaky 3rd-party try to mandate it's vaccine.
* Viacom inks deal with Joost, after nastygram to YouTube.
* Highlights of inaugural Athanasius Kircher Society meet.

* Offshore US prisoners habeas corpus case goes to SCOTUS.
* Drug trafficking & marriage fraud filed as terror cases.
* No rush to judge big GOP donor accused of funding terror
* Barry Bonds signed with Giants; arrived Spring Training.
* MP3 Ken Nordine, Word Jazz v.1, Anytime, anytime. [NSFW]

2/19/07 MP3 Patti Smith Beneath The Southern Cross [1996].
* Whale activists boarded by customs on docking Melbourne.
* Rock climbers await rescue today from Mount Hood Oregon.
* Library Assoc's award winning book removed from shelves.
* Wikipedia breaks into top 10 in both the US & the World.

* Several genes & environment factor into Autism spectrum.
* Anglican conservatives talk merger with Catholic Church.
* XM/Sirius merger goes to FCC. Chrysler in talks with GM.
* Fox News Brit Hume desperate Ad hominem libel of Murtha.
* McCain: Rumsfeld among the worst of Defence Secretaries.

2/18/07 Explosions inside Iran linked to US backed groups.
* Clinton calls for troops to come home. McCain skips out.
* Senator Hagel open to Congressman Murtha Iraq proposal..
* Deadly serious headline carries pic of Death Metal fans.
* Carnival, from "solace of the flesh." Voluntary madness.

* Interstellar Ark plausible using today's math & physics.
* Physicists study small changes in fundamental constants.
* NASA deploys satellites to study Northern Lights phenom.
* Science writer looks into reports of Invisibility Cloak.
* Pleasures of Literary Greats - Mencken enjoyed Musicals.

* Israel, US, Europeans don't want Palestinian unity govt.
* Washington Post visits Walter Reed Army Medical Center..
* US prosecutor for West Washington's dismissal a mystery.
* Rove aid installed as US prosecutor for Arkansas skips..
* Pop Idol shaves her head and gets a tattoo. Best wishes.

2/17/07 House of Representatives passed Iraq War resolution.
* Senator from Alabama has another reason for the invasion..
* Senator Lieberman walks 3 miles to cast a vote on Shabbat.
* Senate four votes short of forcing vote on War resolution.
* Shared Holy Site calm despite agitation of Muslim leaders.

* New York's Khalil Gibran public school to teach in Arabic.
* Women may legally go topless in New York City. [Pics NSFW]
* Evolution, Big Bang, Heliocentrism part of vast plot. [US]
* Stable, non-mutating DNA found in HIV - may be a weakness.
* Prototype bionic retinal prosthesis restores some vision.

* Al Gore promotes international Live Earth concerts July 7.
* Italian judge orders CIA rendition mob tried in abstentia.
* King of Nepal stoned by crowd during Kathmandu Hindu fest.
* Encrypt Mac/PC/Linux web browsing sessions with SSH. [Via]
* Extreme Origami designs leading to technical applications.


2/16/07 Cheney phonecall in 2002 lead to Libby prosecution.
* al-Sadr men withdraw before Baghdad sweep. Borders close.
* US Defense Secretary Gates soft pedals Iranian IED claim.
* Sen. Reid may cancel recess to vote on House resolution.
* Republican ascribes Moonie Treason quote to Abe Lincoln.

* Earth's persistant 10 mHz rumble caused by ocean waves.
* Bittorrent tracker The Pirate Bay makes Vanity Fair [Via]
* Art Shanty skid row winters, on Medicine Lake, Minnesota.
* Kansas school board returns mainstream science curriculum.
* US salmonella outbreak traced to Wal-Mart peanut butter.

* Luxembourg makeover for 2007 Culture Capital designation.
* Putin backs Defense Minister Ivanov, ahead of elections.
* 1,000,000 orders for $100 PC's from One Laptop Per Child.
* RIAA trying to outsource shakedowns to ISP's of accused.
* Rachel's Systems/Layers title track [2003] Instrumental.

  Wow. Today I learned of photojournalist Martin ParrVia

2/15/07 Watergate legend Carl Bernstein on Bush's mendacity.
* Cry Wolf: US President insists "we know that" about Iran.
* Congressional Democrats block a vote on Iraq War funding.
* Top Bush CIA appointee Foggo indicted in Cunningham case.
* Fox News tries to clone Comedy Central's The Daily Show.

* Japanese Antarctic whaler afire day after activists left.
* Vanautu Cargo Cult marks 50th year. [John Frum Movement]
* P2P virtual currency exchange debuts in wake of eBay ban.
* Democracy Player is a free & open-source Internet TV app.
* 6 year study of 23,000 people found afternoon nap healthy.

2/13/07 Held 170 days: Josh Wolf not charged with a crime.
* Libby won't tell Jury "honest mistake" that lead to trial.
* Corporal punishment imagery in print advertising. [NSFW?]
* IBM typewriter history timeline in commercial images [Via]
* AACS DVD encryptian developed in years.. cracked in weeks.

* New Wikia magazines give editorial control to readers.
* US must add non-visual cues to otherwise uniform monies.
* California, New Jersey bureaucrats like Real ID program.
* Antitrust afoot among maturing Mobile Internet carriers.
* Archeologists say Chimps learned tool use independently.

* MP3 Rachel's Water From The Same Source [Systems/Layers]

2/12/07 Why is a US Government Official granted anonymity
  when pronouncing that Iran is arming US enemies in the
  battlefield? This kind of unnecessary anonymity helped
  lead to the war in Iraq. I might assume that this story
  yesterday represents a justification for a wider war.

  Dear Josh Partlow of the Washington Post Foreign Service,
  you and your fellow Journalists should collectively shun
  cynical requests by power brokers for anonymity, instead
  reserving that special right for likes of whistleblowers,
  the persecuted, and to safeguard lives of innocent people.

  Journalists should use their entrusted public position
  to safeguard our public debate with reliable information
  - especially when human lives are at stake. I think the
  public has a right to know precisely who is using his
  position as US public servant to announce that Iranian
  Leaders are arming US enemies in the battlefield.

  ~Ross MacDonald  Contact  Gmail Protea  Permalink

* Larger than Saddam Palace, Embassy building on schedule.
* Senate Intel Chair: "Pentagon Iraq Intel unit broke law"
* Barack Obama finds Australian PM's damnation flattering.
* McCain 2008 Campaign undecided about 527 finance limits.
* Pincus testifies Ari Fleischer 1st to push Plame story.

* World brainstorms "far-out" ways to slow Global Warming.
* Colony Collapse Disorder affecting half of US Honeybees.
* Swiss drug giant Open Sources genetic Diabetes research.
* Renoir landscapes exhibit, London. Painted joys of life.
* Personal: Enjoying Dr. Katz Season Two on the MacBook.

* NSFW 1968 Disney animator's anti-war "Escalation" [Via]

2/11/07 Barack Obama announces run for President [video].
* E-voting investigation stopped by intellectual property.
* Air Pelosi controversy pay-back for required 5 day week.
* $12 Billion shrinkwrapped on pallets gone missing [Iraq]
* Christian swimwear. Muslim jogging & 4 pc bathing suits.

* Introducing the Book: comedy Medieval tech-support video.
* Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations parody. [Thx]
* Telepathic experience explained in terms of time & space.
* Nasdaq fails London takeover. Brits buy iconic Greyhound.
* Steely Dan's Aja is some of the best pop music ever made.

2/10/07 Silence Is Death: Support our Troops, debate War.
* Universal Health Care would improve Wal-Mart bottom line.
* Russia is surprise focus of Munich security policy forum.
* Putin's likely 2008 successor is Defense Minister Ivanov.
* Princeton-educated Petraeus is 3rd US Commander in Iraq.

* US ballot measure requires proof of procreation to marry.
* Portugal the only EU state indicting women for abortions.
* Branson/Gore announce $25million Carbon Dioxide X Prize.
* Errol Morris documentary explores context of Abu Ghraib.
* Video displays parts, demonstrates Da Vinci automobile.

* The problem for Artists isn't piracy, it's obscurity [CD]
* Boston blogger Bradley day after Mooninite package scare.
* Microsoft developing next Operating System; Vista is DOA.
* Cheney ordered Whitehouse denials, as Rove copped to FBI.
* Modest Proposal toward study of Prayer in Public Schools.

2/9/07 Terms of Saudi brokered Palestinian government.
* Holocaust scholar cornered by denier in San Francisco.
* Protest at al-Aqsa mosque near Temple Mount, Jerusalem.
* Steve Martin in New Yorker Magazine: Seventy-Two Virgins.
* Debate on uses of brain scanner that can read intentions.

* Pentagon Inspector report on The Office of Special Plans.
* Webb asks third time for answer on Bush/Iran war powers..
* GOP Senators for War debate, then against it, now for it.
* Whitehouse defends Pelosi. RNC attacks. [Goodcop/Badcop].
* AP Poll: Congress' public approval up %14 since election.

* Van Gogh/Gauguin historical/conceptual relationships [RW]
* Hunter Thompson photography exhibit & $300 book [London].
* Data indicates virus imported to UK from known H5N1 zone.
* Landis awaiting US appeal - won't defend Tour de France.
* Warmest Winter in Beijing since records started in 1840.

2/8/07 Mistrial for US soldier who calls Iraq war illegal.
* US Defense Secretary: "debate on Iraq won't hurt morale"
* Russert testifies he never spoke with Libby about Plame.
* Brits arrest Muslim convert for "encouraging terrorism".
* Israeli bomb squad draws fire for crossing UN blue line.

* Pentagon: different travel rules for Pelosi than Hastert.
* Edwards accepts campaign bloggers' word, after sacrilege.
* Gov Spitzer loses comptroller battle with NY legislature.
* Republican bill requires ISP's log all customer traffic.
* Half of 2006 growth in US broadband deployment cellular.

* US Professor chastised for using Tor network anonymizer.
* Textbooks wrong. Giant mammals lived alongside dinosaurs.
* Parkinsons mice move normally with increased cannabinoid.
* Indonesia ransoming library of H5N1 samples to Big Pharma.
* Short video about competition between Ethanol & Tortillas.

2/7/07 Published preteen polymath "I dislike the term gifted"
* Florence Italy's Uffizi renovation moves fitfully forward.
* Miracle Fruit eliminates sourness of subsequent eats [Via]
* CNN profile of openly Atheist Family is called "hit piece"
* Rev Ted Haggard announces change in his sexual orientation

* Specter blames staff for US Attorney Patriot Act provision
* Foggo tipped-off Wilkes to CIA no-bid Iraq water contract.
* Secretary Rice "contingency planning equates to pessimism"
* Congress now focus of legislative opposition to escalation
* Competition with Iran has Saudi King meeting Palestinians.

* Sarah Silverman parody of Al Gore film Inconvenient Truth.
* Global Warming worry not. Bush secret plan to End Weather.
* IP Address blocks used by Terrorist Surveillance Program.
* Inspector General calls Cheney son-in-law stumbling-block.
* Two spaces after a period useful before proportional fonts

2/6/07 MP3 Broken Social Scene Cause=Time Acoustic Live NSFW
* Josh Wolf longest-running imprisoned journalist US history
* Fairness exemplar Fox News calls "Major News Media Unfair"
* Chronology of the most recent US-Iran diplomatic dust-ups.
* Artist's conception of Abu Dhabi performing arts ctr [NYT]


* Steve Jobs asks music label/industry to abandon closed DRM
* Bill Gates says Microsoft to support OpenID authentication
* DDoS on five DNS Root Servers last night - three recovered
* Quick review of several bookish social network sites [Via]
* Wal-Mart facing biggest class-action bias suit, US history

2/5/07 Middle East exodus largest since Israel founded, 1948
* Debate blocked on War resolution with the most supporters.
* Murdoch says he used News Corp. to shape Iraq War agenda.
* Families of Saudi terror suspects say they are activists.
* US Army calls on internal critics with Ivy League PhD's.

* Court rules cops don't need warrant to attach GPS device.
* Several states join Maine to oppose Nat'l Drivers License.
* US Attorney General considers legal frameworks "optional".
* 13% of GOP in Congress believe man causes Global Warming.
* John Edwards details his Universal Health Care proposal.

* History of corporate and ideological attacks on Science.
* QTVR panoramas from Apollo Moon missions, w/ audio. [Via]
* Chicago Tribune story on DIY tech project "MAKE" magazine.
* Gothamist was at inaugural Athanasius Kircher Society meet.
* The New Yorker on Google's quest for the universal library.

2/4/07 As the Superbowl began, Artemis and I walked among
  evergreens and moss at the back of Mookberry. Upon our
  return she settled on her haunches and gazed intently
  up at a bird flirting playfully in a bush. Inside the
  house I poured coffee and turned on the Sony Trinitron.

  Missed the pregame show by Cirque du Soleil, and the first
  ever opening kickoff runback for a touchdown. It's raining
  for tonight's game in Miami. Announcer notes that the home
  fields of the Chicago and Indianapolis teams are separated
  by just 182 mi/300 km.

  At halftime, Prince segued into All Along The Watchtower..
  with great wild guitar sounds. Walking out onto appendages
  of his Prince-symbol shaped stage, seen on livingroom TV
  screens through wet camera lenses. On to Purple Rain, more
  wild guitar, silhouette projected on huge fluttering sheet.
  Audience singing the refrain..

  Making it a point to watch the TV commercials. Appreciated
  the uplifting, socially conscious advertisements for Coke
  before halftime. I actually cheered a spot for Garmin GPS.
  One theme I've seen alot in the commercials this year is
  portrayal of collective/public nudity by average people
  - such as the PT Cruiser on a downtown street beneath
  office buildings.. stopped by people who are tearing off
  their clothes - and a spot where several people weigh
  themselves on upright scales, their shoulders bare. In
  another ad, from an angle slightly above, we are shown
  groups of men riding bikes, almost every one bald.

* Sarah Silverman Program sitcom debuts Comedy Central. [RW]
* Several Religions End-of-World prophecies surveyed briefly
* Defense Department 60's Cold War counterspy training video
* Straight outa Mooresville Indiana, Big Dancing, Small Town

* Gitmo's new Camp 6 solitary confinement leads to madness..
* US Attorney General won't answer Senator on Canadian Arar.
* Pakistani Shiite/Sunni conflict caused 300+ deaths in 2006
* Far-right members of Euro Parliament denied chairmanships.

2/3/07 Grand Ayatollah "We realize desperate need for unity"
* Palestinian gunmen ignore truce and Arab mediation effort.
* Brit submits UK Muslims call out preachers of intolerance.
* US Prosecutors try capital punishment in areas without it.
* Libby cited journalists as source of Whitehouse' CIA leak.

* Newspaper headlines succumb to search engine optimization.
* Europe's biggest turkey producer culls 159,000 in Britian.
* Substantial wind resource found off US mid-Atlantic coast.
* Russian ice flow breaks free, 100's of fishermen stranded.
* Iconic.. Polar Bears look stranded [Canadian Ice Service].

2/2/07 City of Light dimmed to note manmade global warming.
* Big Oil offers $10,000 for scientists who dispute report.
* How to: report scientific research to a general audience.
* Anticipation of acceptance speech should Gore take Oscar.
* Ways to observe character include treatment of waitstaff.

* Marketplace of Ideas - USC shames silent student protest.
* NJ Public School Teacher: Non-Christians go to Hell [NYT]
* Pentagon Detainee Affairs Secretary resigns after remark.
* Enemy combatant case precedent for "disappearing" people.
* Surveillance technology is always put to unintended uses.

* 1917 Espionage Act criminalized disloyalty to US Military.
* Top 10 privacy infringing companies include Google. [Via]
* Viacom demand letter prelude to revenue deal with YouTube.
* Apple tells iTunes users not to upgrade to Windows Vista.
* Apple and Cisco leave court to negotiate iPhone trademark.

* Six WiFi phones reviewed. Skype, Vonage, T-Mobile. [Via]
* Smelly orange snow falls over 1500sq km near Omsk Russia.
* SF Giants owner addresses Bonds' failed amphetamine test.
* Fitzgerald to play Libby's Grand Jury testimony in court.
* Pics poignant enough to galvanize
entire societies. [Via]

2/1/07 Ritual ecstacy absent from spectator-filled society.
* Colbert citizen blog launching soon.
* Prince Charles new ecological estate believed for son Wm.
* Canadian leader has called Kyoto Accord Socialist Scheme.
* Information overload.. realtime map of world emergencies.

* US Senators near debate on Warner/Levin surge resolution.
* EFF warns KSFO radio owner ABCDisney to back off blogger.
* Libby trial makes both spin doctors & reporters look bad.
* How many legislators does it take to change a lightbulb?
* Swedish Government first to open embassy in Second Life.

* Designer fuel uses microbes to change sugar into diesel.
* The human body has 10 X more bacterial than human cells.
* New anti-biotics target communications between bacteria.
* Jon Stewart comments uncharacteristic tact of Joe Biden.
* Agent: Bonds won't sign revised contract with SF Giants.

* Demand for justice falls prey to concern for efficiency.
* Totalitarian consequence of Enlightenment era confidence.
* US Fourth Amendment: Search & Siezure in the Digital Age.
* FBI's Internet surveillance uses vacuum cleaner approach.
* Gonzales presents "innovative" new FISA wiretap orders..

* Mexico City protest blames price of tortillas on biofuel.
* Bleak, depressed, rundown Leipzig is new art world mecca.
* Survey of German OpEd page responses to Munich warrants.
* MP3 Camper Van Beethoven, No Krugerrands For David instr.
* Donald Fagen, The Nightfly, New Frontier [1982] Jazz-Rock

1/31/07 Republicans back three different surge resolutions.
* Hagel replaces McCain as DC's straight talkin Republican.
* Cooper testifies Rove first to tell him Plame was at CIA.
* Munich arrest warrants issued in alleged CIA kidnappings.
* Quebec town council directs new rules at Muslim migrants.

* Interspecies DNA exchange via bacteria hastens evolution.
* Carbon Neutral offsets called indulgence by guilt ridden.
* Alabama Weatherman fights Weather Channel "Inquisition".
* Flickr feels backlash after announcing Yahoo ID deadline.
* eBay bans virtual/game items. Second Life is not a game.

* Superbowl pregame show Cirque de Soleil. Halftime Prince.
* The Police expected to reunite at Feb 11th Grammy Awards.
* MP3 Ash Ra Tempel, eponymous, Amboss [1971] Experimental.
* Philip Glass, The Grid, Prophecies [Koyaanisqatsi/1982].
* M4A Radiohead, OK Computer, Exit Music, Let Down [1997].

1/30/07 Film I Heart Huckabees, Existentialism, Marky Mark.
* Hobbit is homo florensis - not microcephalic homo sapien.
* Archeologists find neolithic timber shrine by Stonehenge.
* Yosemite lawsuit could affect access to parks nationwide.
* Giants can terminate Barry Bonds contract, on indictment.

* Air America rescued. Franken departing to run for Senate.
* Net Neutrality Act is back. Google already pays for pipe.
* Bush edict requires "market failure" for new regulations.
* Jack Cafferty: Bush replaces US attorneys with loyalists.
* Whitehouse suppresses, manipulates Gov't climate science.

* As usual, devil in the details of Bush environmentalism..
* Arab leaders think US caused Iranian regional ascension.
* Senators warn Whitehouse against drift to war with Iran.
* Webb expecting letter from Rice on Bush/Iran war powers.
* If US cannot stop Iraq civil war.. must contain effects.

1/29/07 Israel broke clusterbomb user agreement in Lebanon.
* We must force the President to safely redeploy US troops.
* Iraq legislators: "antiwar Democrats won't abandon Iraq".
* Iraqi forces surprised by ferocity of Soldiers of Heaven.
* Review of Canadian comedy "Little Mosque on the Prairie".

* Composition of teardrops largely unknown, until recently.
* Scientists gather in Paris to finish IPCC Climate Report.
* Sustainability, Energy Independence, Agricultural Policy.
* New Orleans Ray Nagin appeared before Senate panel today.
* Video sites like YouTube to share revenue with creators..

1/28/07 MP3: Van Morrison, TB Sheets, It's Alright [1974].
* Packaging health claims indicate the product isn't food.
* Digital Rights Management is about technical monopolies.
* Jon Stewart parses Cheney's interview with Wolf Blitzer.
* Republicans won't filibuster resolution against surge.

* Joe Biden: President's failed policy emboldens enemies.
* Hillary: We expect Bush to extricate the US from Iraq.
* US student athletes charged w/ assault on Palestinians.
* Hamas, Fatah accept King's invitation to Mecca summit.
* Queensland drought raises prospect of water recycling.

1/27/07 State of Union "strong". Bush approval worst yet.
* Rules of engagement for US troops vs. Iranians in Iraq.
* Meme tracking "Iran will greet US troops as liberators".
* Gaza neighborhood shootout over whether to fight Israel.
* Muslims must condemn killing in the name of their faith.

* Kurds refer to Iraq's constitition in opposing Oil Law.
* Libby lawyers subpoena Karl Rove for scapegoat defence.
* Joe Wilson never claimed Dick Cheney sent him to Niger.
* Ari Fleisher sought immunity, feared the death-penalty.
* Libby trial reveals Tim Russert is Dick Cheney's bitch.

* Darwin regretted effects of losing appreciation for arts.
* Design Disease causes judgement based on mere appearance.
* Mapping/Visualizing New Testament social networks. [Via]
* Decline of FM Country Music format blamed on immigration.
* Unseeded Serena Williams overwhelms #1 Sharapova 6-1 6-2.

* Intel/IBM announce additional generations of Moore's Law.
* HD video digital rights subject to Fair Use enforcement.
* New Leopard OSX rumored to transmit video to Apple HDTV.
* Int'l tax enforcement cartel's Xenon stealth webcrawler.
* Scotland Yard concludes Russian agents killed Litvinenko.

1/26/07 MP3: heavy rotation, Beethoven's mass for soloists.
* Maine legislatures overwhelmingly reject federal Real ID.
* Science publishers campaigning against free information.
* Wired Magazine on 42 of the biggest questions in science.
* Beirut University cafeteria fight leads to riot & curfew.

* Undiplomatic prediction of Shia crescent over Middle East.
* Queensland coroner pins Aborigine's death on Sr. Sergeant.
* Kids are never fully weened from Magic Thinking to Prayer.
* McDonald's logo flashes briefly during Iron Chef America.
* available in Text Only, updated semi-weekly.

1/25/07 Nine Senate Republicans back anti-surge resolution.
* House GOP Leader Boehner sets deadline for surge success.
* Former Iraq Defence Minister interprets Bush troop surge.
* Iraq Parliament seldom reaches quorum; relevance recedes.
* Recent Hezbollah incivility condemned by some supporters.

* Obama going after Fox News reporters who parroted smear.
* New Ice Age Theory hypothesizes dimmer switch inside sun.
* Alfred Wallace co-discovered evolution/natural selection.
* Brokers openly pay researchers for software security bugs.
* Robert Anton Wilson memorial, Santa Cruz Cocoanut Grove.

* Multispectral imaging of Leonardo's Adoration [Video/Via]
* Unseeded Serena Williams, #1 Sharapova, Aussie Open final.
* MP3: The Wailers, with Bob Marley, There She Goes [1964].
* YouTube: Neil Young busking Glasgow 1976, and more. [Via]
* Mark Wahlberg's 1st Oscar nomination, role in "Departed".

* How do innovative spy warrants work? An expert speculates.

1/24/07 UK Prosecutor: "terrorism a crime, not act of war.
* Lebanon govt near collapse after Hezbollah war & strike.
* Conservative Swiss financiers seek Peak Oil primer. [via]
* 1000+ climatologists scrutinized IPCC report due Feb 2nd.
* Bat flight study suggests novel lift-generating mechanism.

* NY Governor Eliot Spitzer gets lawmakers to give up swag.
* Microsoft offered to pay blogger to edit Wikipedia page.
* First US minumum wage hike in 10 years - blocked by GOP.
* David Gergen calls Bush foreign policy misguided as hell.
* Cheney embarrassed for asking CIA to check on Niger claim.

* Bush uses SOTU to ask American people for another chance.
* Purloined GOP talking points and cheerleader cliff notes.
* Bush scorns new Congress, congrats for Democrat Majority.
* The heart of freshman Sen. Jim Webb's Democratic response.
* Bush apologists lathered about Speaker Pelosi's sour face.

* Two Oscar nominations for Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth.
* Bush announces doubling of US oil reserves. Prices surge.
* Read em and weep: seven years of State of the Union lies.
* Howard Hunt died. Orchestrated Bay of Pigs and Watergate.
* MP3: Neil Young, backed by CSN, Helpless [1970/Lyrics].

  This line from the President's speech focuses my anger.

  "This isn't the fight we entered in Iraq, but it is the
  fight we're in."

  We are not only now engaged in the same war started
  4 years ago, and the same struggle continued over the
  centuries by other invading powers, our soldiers are
  also now in the midst of religious conflicts fought
  between locals here for centuries, if not millennia.

  If our young people are sent to war, we must know that
  our leaders are familiar with histories and cultures,
  particularly those relevant to war itself. If leaders
  are bold in launching war, they had better show success.
  Especially for a war the President trumpeted would be at
  "a place and time of our choosing". Current leaders have
  not only been reckless with human life, but failed to
  gain anything
by it's loss.

  Now the "surge" has begun with fighting around Baghdad.
  And I sense the fatalism of a taxi driver passing on a
  blind curve. The President is taking a more active role
  in commanding armed forces, with what seems a desperate,
  perhaps despotic faith. The world must watch as he tries
  to rescue some element of success for the US mission there.

  Stockholm Syndrome possesses kidnap victims to misplace
  faith in their captors. And while I've grown accustomed
  to the anger of betrayal in my heart, I must also hope
  my brothers and sisters in Iraq are delivered safely home.

   ~Ross MacDonald   [Permalink]

1/23/07 Moonie rightwing hitjob depicted as Clinton vs Obama.
* Negligent FBI didn't find Foley page solicitations illegal.
* Feathered bi-wing dinosaur aerodynamics touches off debate.
* Geothermal supplies as much energy as solar, wind combined.
* Canada starts serial murder trial of 57 yr old pig farmer.
* 1st trek to Pole of Inaccessibility is 2nd recorded visit.

1/22/07 Both '07 US Superbowl teams have black head coaches.
* Constitution Article 1 compells Congress to vote on surge.
* Congressional silence on war policy would undercut troops.
* Corporations not heeding Pentagon lawyer call for boycott.
* Syrian leader hosts Int'l summit on Palestinian statehood.

1/21/07 Michael Brown reveals more Katrina response politics.
* Bait and Switch: Bush New Way Forward now Full Speed Ahead.
* AT&T shareholder campaign for disclosure of privacy policy.
* Farming watchdog accuses Wal-Mart of mis-labeling organics.
* NSFW: subliminal, graphic image in 80's era Coke ad poster.

* NSFW: Frail Castro - longtime nemesis of American hegemony.
* Indian capsule deploys load & splashes down, Bay of Bengal.
* Police patrol Bangalore tech capital on Hindu/Muslim riots.
* Standards, development consortia form The Linux Foundation.
* Second Life parody site receives proceed and permit letter.


1/20/07 Senators differ on wording of troop surge resolution.
* Days of wine and roses for our Republican friends are over.
* PATRIOT Act purge of US prosecutors: to fatten GOP resumes?
* Only 6 Senate Dems voted against making bloggers lobbyists.
* Mondale recounts Carter legacy on inauguration anniversary.

* Inventor Jeff Han demos computer with touch-driven display.
* Clooney produced mini-series based on Neal Stephenson tome.
* 51% of American women are single and living with their cat.
* Chinese blogs poll opposition to Forbidden City Starbucks.
* Militant Philipine Muslim leader Abu Sayyaf reported dead.

* Poverty stricken country has second highest GDP per capita.
* St Petersburg police slash 12 homeless tents to the ground.
* Death by water intoxication, before audience in Sacramento.
* MP3's: William Orbit, Gringatcho Demento [1993/Electronica]
* DJ Cheb i Sabbah, Shri Durga.. Ganga Dev [1999/Electronica]

* Correction - Grand Canyon employees not "silenced" on age.

1/19/07 Leahy-Gonzales exchange on Canadian rendered to Syria.
* Gonzales won't deny seeking FISA court blanket OK of spying.
* PATRIOT Act made US prosecutors Senate confirmation optional.
* Difficult finding Libby jury in heavily Democratic district.
* US forces help arrest aide to Al-Sadr under Stars & Stripes.

* Confederate flag worn onstage at Texas Governor's inaugural.
* Corporations urge "swift federal action" on Global Warming.
* Solar Power eliminates utility bills for U.S. home (& car).
* Bribery convict Republican Rep. Ney sentenced to 30 months.
* US Congress protects pages after child advocate's come-ons.

* US to certify labs to test e-voting machines after scandal.
* Jan 27th US requires passport for flights to & from Canada.
* Israel sends $100mil frozen tax receipts directly to Abbas.
* China 3rd nation to successfuly test anti-satellite weapon.
* Turkish-Armenian editor jailed/killed for raising genocide.

* Sir Edmund Hillary in Antarctica to commemorate Scott Base.
* Int'l Herald Tribune catches up with polymath David Byrne.
* Robert Redford opens Sundance; calls for Iraq War apology.
* Prada phone debuts in Europe.. comparable to Apple iPhone.
* Ecosexual green singles.. Metrosexuals passed use-by-date.

1/18/07 Hawking: "Time to recognize dangers of climate change"
* Woody Harrelson: "It's time to ween from the dinosaur tit"
* MP3: Thievery Corporation, Khalghi Stomp [2006/Electronica].
* Twenty Year snow storm closes Highway 5 outside Los Angeles.
* Cheney's credibility defining issue in Libby jury selection.

1/17/07 US Senate will vote on resolution against troop surge.
* Bush using PATRIOT Act to impede corruption investigations.
* Specter responsible for PATRIOT Act power over US attorneys.
* Pentagon Lawyer Stimson needs Constitutional Law refresher.
* Congressman wants FCC Fairness Doctrine reinstated [..1987]

* Rewards can give kids sense their behavior isn't enjoyable.
* Audio program on modern Hoboes includes stop in Britt Iowa.
* Skype founders Venice Project Web TV service renamed Joost.
* MP3: Duke Ellington, piano. Satchmo, vocals. I Got It Bad..
* Jane Siberry's jazz psychology epic, Oh My My [20 minutes].

1/16/07 Middle East oppressors emboldened by US misadventure.
* Warrant for soldier who fired on Baghdad's Palestine Hotel.
* Sen. Jim Webb to give Dems' response to State of the Union.
* Rumor: Bush to concede Global Warming coincidence in SOTU.
* US Attorney resigns from case of 3rd ranking CIA official.

* Zoological Society of London lists 100 weird & endangered.
* American Steel and Coal Industry ad posters of 1966. [via]
* Moore's Law losing predictive power to nanowire switching.
* EFF defends online freedom against embarrassed drug maker.
* Humor: Faulty Towers skit [3 min] "Don't Mention The War".

* Opinion: What factors might contribute to Global Warming?

  Nothing forces us to add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere
  - now 1000 times more plentiful than 300 hundred years ago.
  Another factor we might be able to control is the amount
  of sunlight and heat that is reflected back into space and
  not captured by our atmosphere. Melting bogs and tundras
  are part of a feedback loop that accelerates warming with
  release of methane. Other factors that might contribute to
  the warming of our sea and sky are increases in the sun's
  heat, or increases in heat eminating from inside the earth.

  While we might all now agree Global Warming is occurring,
  the question is whether anything can or should be done to
  slow it's development. The "free market" can provide many
  alternatives to technology that produces carbon dioxide.
  Cheaper, more efficient, etc. But that will not create a
  change in habits, which the economics of free markets alone
  will not alter. Human nature is not so simple, nor politics.

  Not only is our nation dependent on imported fossil fuels,
  but the military is dependent on oil for national security.
  Historically, oil dependent countries have redrawn Middle
  East boundaries & backed dictators who gave legal immunity
  to foreign militaries. Transnational corporations leased
  oil fields from oligarchies that shared in the prosperity,
  often while the population enjoyed none of the rights we
  are accustomed to in democratic republics. Regardless of
  whether Westerners send soldiers into oil rich countries,
  our use of oil seems to require our government's complicity
  in the sacrifice of dignity abroad at the hands of Western
  backed secular tyrants controlling societies by denying any
  redress of grievances, crushing political opposition, in
  cahoots with morally blind corporations duty bound to return
  profits (and oil) despite the human and environmental cost.

  Moreover, there is a trend toward nationalization of natural
  resources, as seen in Russia and South America. Dependence
  on oil-rich nations puts the United States at a disadvantage.
  Oil is a veritable weapon of politics and war, and dependence
  on oil puts the United States in the middle of a global war
  over natural resources that exist for the most part outside
  it's territory. Is this in our best interest? We are in a
  tragic and viscious cycle in which our military and very
  national security depend on oil imported from the most war
  torn places on earth, and from countries with whom the U.S.
  is at odds, or countries such as Saudi Arabia which advocates
  anti-Christian attitudes in public school. U.S. missteps
  in Iraq have lessened our political authority in promoting
  our values around the world, and given comfort to undemocratic
  forces in their fortresses of concentrated wealth and power.

  There is no moral imperative to burn fossil fuels, quite
  the contrary. Viable options exist, and the price nations
  pay for fossil fuels far exceeds that of mere currency.
  In addition to the positive effects our behaviour may
  have on climate change, we can stop accepting energy that
  comes at the price of human degredation abroad. Instead
  of consciously contributing to carbon dioxide emissions,
  we are clearly free to use existing viable alternatives,
  and devote ourselves to developing new ones.

  Now is the time for moral leadership on this issue from
  religious, political, and corporate leaders. [Thx Mugs!]

   [Permalink]   [Contact]

1/15/07 Brief video of me, 6 month old Artemis at Mookberry.
* MLK had Baptist preaching style, Unitarian thinking style.
* Presidential hopefuls address Carolina's confederate flag.
* Iraqi Gov't botches hanging of former intelligence chief.
* 50 US active duty officers deliver petition to Congress.

* Blogger Spocko informs radio advertisers about trash talk.
* KSFO owner ABC/Disney sends cease & desist to Spocko's ISP.
* ABC/Disney shuts down website critical of violent rhetoric.
* Advertisers revolt! KSFO devotes airtime to damage control.
* Spocko exhorts politeness toward advertisers. No boycotts.

1/14/07 40th anniversary of the San Francisco "Human Be-In".
* Pentagon unlawfully retains data on war protestors. [NYT]
* Senate bill restricts non-commercial use of online radio.
* Canada may remove Fair Use provision from copyright laws.
* $130 cassette player for PC that converts tapes to MP3's.

* A pro-bono Gitmo law firm is also defending Scooter Libby.
* 250,000 march in Madrid & Bilbao against Basque violence.
* Excavations suggest Stonehenge was part of larger complex.
* California citrus growers rush harvest ahead of cold snap.
* Wikipedia fundraising drive approaching 1,000,000 dollars.

* Liberators? Bush ignores history, cultures of Middle East.
* Once troops get in harm's way, Congress will support them.
* Sen. Boxer insinuates that Condoleezza Rice is a spinster.
* Blogger shames radio hosts into apologizing to advertisers.
* Tucker Carlson confronts video store clerk over blog posts.

1/13/07 US Senate didn't authorize President to attack Iran.
* Negroponte: al-Qa'ida leaders secure hide-out is Pakistan.
* India's new foreign minister meets Musharraf in Islamabad.
* Pix of 19th century UK campaign against Pashtun tribesmen.
* Labour Party appoints 1st Arab Muslim to Israeli cabinet.

* Palestinian PM Haniya [of Hamas] urges "national" unity.
* Jimmy Carter's new book title "deliberately provocative".
* Pentagon Lawyer wants boycott of pro-bono Gitmo lawyers.
* US Senate bill denies gov't pensions to bribery convicts.
* Duke Cunningham/Kyle Foggo prosecutor forced out by Bush.

* Secular Fundamentalists question foundations of religion.
* Harper's: How the Christian Right re-imagines US history.
* Atomic Scientists' Doomsday Clock moves forward 1 minute.
* Multilingualism delays onset of dimentia for a few years.
* US pizzarias that accept Mexican pesos get death threats.

* Swedish Minister of Integration knows what freedom isn't.
* Nepalese Maoists select parliamentary group to join gov't.
* Report on Pakistani Kalash valley's Pagan Winter festival.
* Transnationals offered minority stakes in Venezuelan oil.
* The Pirate Bay bittorrent tracker wants offshore Sealand.

* Photo essay on five Northern US states' border crossings.
* Tools found in Minnesota, among continent's oldest known.
* Design magazine Wallpaper subscribes to "Less But Better"
* Iconoclast Ron Paul will run for President as Republican.
* FCC would require US Librarians to spy on local children.

* Depp producing adaptation of forthcoming Litvinenko tome.
*'s restaurant bloggers upset New York publicists.
* Indie Publisher's marginal authors get NY Times reviews.
* US Air Force's Pan-STARRS would detect near-earth objects.
* Imomus Mix Music By Friends For The Radio In France [mp3]

1/12/07 Barry Bonds violated new MLB ban on amphetamines.
* Early human migration into Europe passed modern Moscow.

1/11/07 Ginsberg reads Kerouac's The Dharma Bums.
  Parts One Two Three Four * Five Six Seven Eight.
* Robert Anton Wilson is dead. Albert Hoffman 101.
* Mountain State Democrats hosting '08 Convention.
* US predawn raid on building flying Iranian flag.

1/10/07 Text of President's surge speech with comments by Kos.
* The equipment needs of 21,500 additional US troops in Iraq.
* Bush troop surge supports US/UK corporate oil exploration.
* How Bush explained troop "surge" to Joint Chiefs to Staff.
* Sen. Kennedy plan avoids Bush admin's Iraq spending trap.

* Iraq may delay executions after Saddam hanging weaponized.
* European Commission addresses political costs of oil, gas.
* Minimum Wage hike approved by new Democratic US Congress.
* Sports columnists vote down Mark McGwire for Hall of Fame.
* Apple anticipated cost of infringing copyright on "iPhone"

* Liberal or Conservative tendencies mirror character traits.
* New York City sees no December snow first time since 1877.
* 2006 tops US warming trend in records compiled since 1895.
* 2006 warmest on record in England. Mildest fall in 300 yrs.
* Warm rainy weather across The Alps stops World Cup skiers.

* NY Times: Happiness among Danes due to lower expectations.
* Both US & Venezuelan delegations at Ortega's inauguration.
* Fisherman finds piece of missing Indonesian passenger jet.
* Queensland aboriginal activist warns of possible violence.
* Tarantino remaking WWII pic. Stallone to direct Poe biopic.

* List of about 1000 books Art Garfunkel has read since 1968.
* David Byrne on how recording technology has changed music.
* David Bowie turns 60. 60 facts about this creative force..
* MP3's: Bowie's Wild Is The Wind. Bob Marley's All In One.
* Flickr groups document London's discarded Christmas Trees.

1/9/07 NY City MacWorld coverage. iPhone announced, runs OSX.
* Array to seek Earthlike radio signals from 1000 local stars.
* Experiments portray free will as more perception than force.
* Given only time for a snap decision, people have eagle eyes.
* Mesozoic fossil two-headed aquatic reptile hatchling found.

* WSJ: CIA blocking investigation of Executive Dir Kyle Foggo.
* Murtha plan to stop Bush extending tours of War Zone troops.
* Bush short on specifics for surge in meet with GOP Senators.
* Whitehouse lifts ban on oil drilling in Bristol Bay, Alaska.
* Al Sharpton candidacy for President would sharpen US debate.

* MP3: Overture, The Red Violin [1998] featuring Joshua Bell.
* Merkel slams Putin's closure of oil pipeline across Belarus.
* Schwarzenegger calls for universal health care in California.
* Bookies favor London Exchange to resist Nasdaq's hostile bid.
* Serena Williams back after 4 month recovery. * Nadal injured.

* Car Dealers leave rows of US flags full staff on Ford death.
* Women & Their Automobiles: Glamour Ads of the 1950's-1970's.
* Wonkette notes unfortunate derivation of a colleague's name.
* Scuttled pic of Bush & Jack Abramoff alone finally surfaces.
* MP3: Cream, Dance The Night Away, from "Disraeli Gears" 1967.

1/8/07 SCOTUS denies suit to have Travelers ID Law published.
* E-Voting activist groups report on 2006 US midterm election.
* Polish clergy resign over ties to Soviet-era secret service.
* Visualization methods periodic table doesn't include itself.
* Celebrity patent gallery includes drawings/schematics. [thx]

1/7/07 Abbas declares police illegal.. Dahlan rallies Fatah.
* CBS: Litvinenko was to blackmail expat oligarch Berezovsky.
* NYT: Benefits of partying naked include better conversation.
* LA Times: US obstructs financing of Iranian oil exploration.
* Iraq offers 30 year leases to US & British oil corporations.

* US Senators 57-43 regret vote authorizing invasion of Iraq.
* Opinion: Freedom is free. Not a privilege traded for blood.
* Le Guin morality tale has no plot, characters, or dialogue.
* Secondlife media mogul challenges fair use & press freedom.
* Voting delays decertification of e-voting system certifier.

* Medieval Sibiu, Transylvania named 2007 EU culture capital.
* Transnational far-right caucus forms at European parliament.
* Non-EU ministates/zones unilaterally adopting Euro currency.
* Symptoms & prospects of Eurozone growth vis a vis US Dollar.
* Defused bomb claimed by Basque ETA ends Spanish peace talks.

* Dark Restaurant opens in Beijing. 1st opened in Zurich, 1999.
* Retired Gurkhas certify disarmament of Nepal's Maoist rebels.
* 102 onboard - Indonesian 737 jetliner missing almost a week.
* wants to be the Wikipedia of leaked documents.
* John Gilmore v. John Young, on ethics of website usage logs.

1/5/07 New Democratic US Congress curtails infamous earmarks.
* MP3: k.d. lang, Pulling Back The Reins. [1989, Alt Country]

1/4/07 Keith Ellison swearing in on Thomas Jefferson's Koran.
* Ellison greets Goode on House floor, invites him for coffee.
* Pelosi rejects C-SPAN request to move cameras during debate.
* General Abizaid's replacement will now oversee two land wars.
* Bush Doctrine: Do it on the cheap. Wear rose colored glasses.

* When science hurts profits, ExxonMobile follows Big Tobacco.
* Oslo Museum exhibits rampant homosexuality in animal kingdom.
* Genesis team continues to extract solar atoms from Utah soil.
* founder's suborbital travel company is recruiting.
* Prolific fulltime blogger Jason Kottke's best links of '06.

1/3/07 Saddam snuff film part of blood fued the US can't stop.
* Iraq Study glaringly omitted pitfalls of Saddam disposition.
* Iraqi PM Maliki wishes he could quit now Saddam is lynched.
* First US Intel Chief Negroponte has his eye on another job.
* WaPo says Dems already breaking a promise they didn't make.
* Evangelicals crashed gay Outfest to exercise "free speech".

* Cassini flyby pics confirm presence of Titan methane lakes.
* Amazon soil fertility relies on dust from a Saharan valley.
* Researchers bypass Hepatitus drug patent, bid to help poor.
* New Scientist profiles several strangely behaving materials.
* Wired Magazine/PBS collaboration Wired Science debuts. [Via]
* The Internet Magazine best of 1994 and predictions for 1995.

  CNN & Yahoo channel America's unconscious return of the repressed.

1/2/07 Republican Senators react to proposed Iraq troop surge.
* Team Bush explains that Satan chaos overran 2006 Iraq plan.
* Virgil Goode explains how remarks on immigration make sense.
* New UN Secretary General, S Korean Ban Ki-Moon takes office.
* Queensland's Githabul Aborigines regain ancestral mountains.

* Scientist calls colleague consent to polygraph hypocritical.
* Inventor's "low head" hydro generator solves ancient puzzle.
* Two profiles of elderly alt energy innovator Stan Ovshinsky.
* Kate Moss, ex-Libertines singer Pete Doherty grace tabloids.
* Internet predictions for 2007 by John Battelle and IA Japan.


1/1/07 NY Times profile of 3000th official US casualty in Iraq.
* Saudi hosts avert any disruptions, fatalities at annual Hajj.
* Thundering annual Pasadena Rose Parade stealth bomber group.
* Doonesbury comic parodies Washington DC lobbyists black ops..
* Congress traditional lobby-financed January junket cancelled.

* New Orleans refugees locked out by our free market money god.
* New regional US fusion centers pool and analyze citizen data.
* Airline employees reported UFO above Chicago runway Nov. 7th.
* MP3s CSNY [1969] Wooden Ships, Jefferson Airplane Volunteers.
* Cowboy Junkies Decoration Day, Crossroads [Whites Off Earth].

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files temporary.

Beethoven's Adagios
Mass for Soloists 4'48
Moonlight Sonata 5'28

Bob Marley
Corner Stone 2:18
All In One 3:27
There She Goes 2:37

Jack Kerouac
Spoken Word [Live]
[Steve Allen, piano]
About Charlie Parker [3'42]

High Jazz-Rock - McLaughlin
& Santana cover Coltrane..
Carlos Santana and
Mahavishnu Orchestra

Love Devotion Surrender [1972]
A Love Supreme [7'50]
Meditation [2'40]

The Verve EP [1992]
A Man Called Sun 5:44
She's A Superstar (Edit) 5:05

Disraeli Gears [1967]
Dance The Night Away 3:34

Bang On A Can [1998]
2/2 12:00

Artist: Matisyahu
Live At Stubb's
[Austin TX, 2005]
Close My Eyes 4:24
Lord Raise Me Up 3:52

Van Morrison
Astral Weeks [1968]
Cypress Avenue [7:00]
Beside You [5'16]

Natalie Merchant
Tigerlily [1995]
I May Know The Word [8'08]

David Bowie
Wild is the Wind [6'01]

Talking Heads
Little Creatures [1985]
Give Me Back My Name [3'22]

Joan Osborne
Relish [1995]
Ladder [4'10]
Spider Web [5'29]

M. Ward
Transistor Radio [2005]
Hi-Fi [4'14]

Stevie Wonder
Innervisions [1973]
Don't You Worry
'Bout A Thing 4'44
Higher Ground 3'42
Visions 5'23

Cowboy Junkies
Whites Off Earth Now [1986]
Shining Moon [4'05]
Decoration Day [3'58]
Crossroads [6'15]
I'll Never Get Out Of
These Blues Alive
Forgive Me [5'28]

Iron and Wine
Garden State OST [2004]
Such Great Heights  [4:10]

Toad the Wet Sprocket
Acoustic Set [1994]
All I Want [2'57]
Walk On The Ocean [2'59]

Jefferson Airplane
Surrealistic Pillow [1967]
Today [3'02]

k.d. lang
Absolute Torch & Twang [1989]
Pullin Back The Reins [4'23]

The Magic Numbers
The Magic Numbers [2005]
Oh Sister [4'28]
[Post-rock/Bonus track]
The Mule [5'10/Rock]
Long Legs [3'19/Pop]

Camper Van Beethoven
Our Beloved Revolutionary
Eye Of Fatima, Part 1 2'37
One Of These Days 3'27
Change Your Mind 3'03
She Divines Water 3'52
Devil Song 1'58

Arlo Guthrie
Alice's Restaurant [1966]
Alice's Restaurant 18'35

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot [2002]
Pot Kettle Black 4'00
War on War 3'49
Reservations 7'24

Tori Amos
The Beekeeper [2005]
Sleeps with Butterflies 3'36
Cars and Guitars 3'45
Mother Revolution 3'58
The Beekeeper 6'50

Thom Yorke Acoustic
Le Reservoir 3/7/03
No Surprises 4:05 [link fixed]
There There 4:58

"If you smile, i will understand"
CSNY So Far [1974]
Wooden Ships 5:29
Helpless 3:39

Sarah McLachlan
Fumbling Toward Ecstasy [1994]
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy [9'43]
Possession [4'39]

J.J. Cale
Five [1979]
Sensitive Kind [5'10]

Neil Young
Freedom [1989]
Eldorado [6'04]
Don't Cry [5'01]

Marvin Gaye
What's Going On ? [1971]
What's Going On? [3'54]

Led Zeppelin I [1969]
Communication Beakdown 2:42
Dazed And Confused 6:26

The Velvet Underground
All Tomorrow's Parties 5:57

The Verve
Urban Hymns [1997]
Weeping Willow [4'49]
Come On [15'15] {nsfw}

The Verve
A Storm In Heaven [1993]
Blue [3'25]

Recent Release
Band Of Horses
Everything All The Time [2006]
The Funeral 5:22
The First Song 3:43
Wicked Gil 2:57

Led Zeppelin cover..
Jeff Buckley
Unreleased Demos
When The Levee Breaks 7:56
Opened Once (Inst.) 2:30

Hobo, anarchist, labor
organizer, story teller..
U. Utah Phillips
with Ani DiFranco
Fellow Workers [1999]
The Long Memory 5:33
The Silence That Is Me :41
The Internationale 2:48
Bread And Roses 1:45
Joe Hill (Inst.) 2:36
Joe Hill 1:37

Pi [OST/1998]
Pi R Squared 1:29

Sleepy Jackson
Lovers [2003]
Miniskirt 4:08
Acid In My Heart 3:31
Wind Falls For Rain 4:03
Mourning Rain 2:08
This Day 3:48

The Poet Robert Creeley
died March 30th, 2005. [Via]
Intervals :38
Heroes :48
Thinking :54

John McLaughlin
Live at the RFH [1989]
Florianapolis 15:12

Hemispheres [1978]
La Villa Strangiato 9:35

Herbie Hancock
Maiden Voyage [1965]
Maiden Voyage 7:57

Newly released Live
1972 recording..
Frank Zappa
Imaginary Diseases [2006]
Imaginary Diseases 9:45

3121  [Advance 2006]
Te Amo Corazon 5:43
The Dance 8:38
Satisfied 4:05

Vic Chesnutt
West of Rome [1992]
Withering 4:30

Burt Bacharach
Casino Royale [OST/1967]
Venerable Sir James 2'33
Dream On James 1'20

Louis Armstrong
& Duke Ellington

The Great Summit [1961]
I Got It Bad, And
That Ain't Good
In A Mellow Tone 3'48
The Mooche 3'39
Solitude 4'55

Dengue Fever
Escape from the
Dragon House
Sui Bong [4'26]
Sleep Walking Through
the Mekong
Saran Wrap [2'47]

Mogwai Mr Beast [2006]
Friend of the Night [9'22]
Folk Death 95 [5'55]

Ken Nordine
Colors [Word Jazz]
Azure [1'35]
Magenta [1'35]
Mauve [1'35]

Ash Ra Tempel [1974]
Quasarsphere [6'37]

Monty Python and the
Holy Grail
King Arthur and the
Old Woman
Knights Who Say "Ni" [2'34]

Soul Asylum [1993]
Runaway Train [4'27]

O Brother Where Art Thou OST
Big Rock Candy Mountain [2'17]

Henry Mancini [1963/OST]
Pink Panther Theme [2'36]

Tori Amos
Over It [2'11]
God [3'59]

RZA Ghost Dog OST [1999]
Flying Birds [1'13]

Arctic Monkeys [2006]

When The Sun Goes Down [3'20]
Fake Tales of San Francisco [2'57]
The View from the Afternoon [3'38]

William Orbit
Strange Cargo III [1993]

Best Friend, Paranoia [4'36]
Water From A Vine Leaf [7'06]
Gringatcho Demento [6'39]
Harry Flowers [4'32]
Water Babies [3'43]

Radiohead [Thom Yorke]
Hail to the Thief [2003]
Go To Sleep [3'30]
Sail To The Moon [4'28]

Ernie is the star here...
Sesame Street [1991]
Imagination [2'23]
I Wonder 'Bout The World
Above Up There
I Don't Want To Live
On The Moon

Punch Drunk Love [OST/2002]
Punch Drunk Melody [1'43]
Punchy Tack Piano [1'25]
Hands and Feet [3'42]

Ken Nordine
Best of Word Jazz Vol. 1
Fliberty Jib [4'47]
Down The Drain [3'14]
You're Getting Better [2'07]
Anytime, Anytime [2'47]

Neville Brothers
Yellow Moon [1989]
My Blood [4'12]
Yellow Moon [4'04]
Healing Chant [4'37]

Richard Ashcroft
Keys To The World [2006]
75 Degrees [4'48/Bonus Track]
Music Is Power [3'58]
Break The Night With Colour [3'56]

Sting [1987]
Nothing Like The Sun...
Be Still My Beating
Lazarus Heart [4'35]
Rock Steady [4'28]
Fragile [3'56]

Tom Waits
Nighthawks at the Diner [1975]
Emotional Weather Report

Jane Siberry
Maria [1995]
Maria [4'27]
Caravan [7'34]
Begat Begat [6'36]
Oh My My [20'15]

Angelo Badalamenti
City of Lost Children [OST]
Les Infants Sauvent One [3'13]
Miette [4'16]

Neil Young
Dead Man [OST]
Time for you to leave,
William Blake
Guitar Solo 2 [2'03]
Guitar Solo 3 [4'31]
Guitar Solo 4 [4'22]
Organ Solo [1'33]

The Verve
No Come Down [1994]
No Come Down [3'17]
Where The Geese Go [3'15]
One Way To Go [7'16]

Disney Jungle Book [1967]
That's What Friends
Are For

DJ Cheb i Sabbah
Shri Durga [1999]

Shri Durga [11'13]
Ganga Dev [6'44]
Mere Kabu [12'35]
Durga Puja [6'56]

Velvet Underground
Rock & Roll [4'45]

David Bowie
Scary Monsters [1980]
It's No Game (Pt 1) [4'20]
Up The Hill Backwards [3'15]
Ashes to Ashes [4'25]

TV Theme Oldies [coverart]
Batman [1'12]
Peter Gunn [1'05]
Bonanza [39 seconds]

Blind Faith [1969]
Had To Cry Today [8'48]
Do What You Like [15'22]

The Minutemen
Double Nickel on the Dime [1984]
#1 Hit Song [1'48]
The Glory of Man [2'57]
Shit from an Old Notebook [1'35]
One Reporter's Opinion [1'50]
History Lesson Part II [2'12]
Take 5 D [1'39]

Uncle Tupelo
Anodyne [1993]
Wherever [3'38]

King Crimson
Starless & Bible Black [1974]
Trio [5'39]

King Crimson
Larks' Tongue in Aspic [1973]
Exiles [7'40]

Pallet cleanser...
Glenn Gould
Goldberg Variations [1955]
Variation One [45 seconds]

Favorite song ever...
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band [1970]
Mr Bojangles [3'36]

Mazzy Star singer's solo
work is gentle Americana.
Hope Sandoval
and the Warm Inventions
Bavarian Bread Fruit [2001]
Butterfly Mornings [3'37]
Around My Smile [4'10]

The Doors
Strange Days [1967]
My Eyes Have Seen You [2'29]
I Can't See Your Face
In My Mind

Boston [1976]
More Than A Feeling [4'45]
Hitch A Ride [4'11]

Leslie Feist
Let It Die [2004]
Gatekeeper [2'16]
Mushaboom [3'44]
Secret Heart [3'49]

Seu Jorge
Life Aquatic (Studio) [2005]
Changes [3'40/Bowie]
Life on Mars? [3'29/Bowie]
Queen Bitch [3'42/Bowie]

The Talking Heads
Naked [1988]
Totally Nude [4'11]
Mr. Jones [4'20]

Vespertine [2001]
it's not up to you [5'09]
undo [5'38]

John Lennon
Shaved Fish [1967]
Happy Christmas
(War Is Over) [4'14]

Yann Tiersen
Amelie [OST/2001]
Comptine d'un Autre Ete: l'apres Midi
Amelie La Valse d'Amelie (piano)

"Those who know what is best for us must rise up and save us from ourselves." - Rush, "Witch Hunt"
Moving Pictures [1981]

Witch Hunt [4'45]
Red Barchetta [6'10]

Frank Zappa
Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar [1981]
Pink Napkins [4'40]
Stucco Homes [8'56]
Deathless Horsie [6'19]

Future Days [1973]
Future Days [9'32]

Jimi Hendrix
Blues [1994]
Once I Had A Woman [7'49]

Devendra Banhart
Cripple Crow [2005]
Now That I Know [4'53]
I Feel Just Like A Child [4'46]
Queen Bee [2'44]

2112 [1976]
2112 [20'34]

Glenn Miller
In The Mood [1940]
Stardust [3'22]
A String of Pearls [3'13]

The Beatles
The White Album [1968]
Glass Onion [2'17]
Dear Prudence [3'56]
Revolution #9 [8'21]
I Will [1'45]
Blackbird [2'18]
Long, Long, Long [3'04]
While My Guitar
Gently Weeps [4'44]

Herbie Hancock
Inventions & Dimensions [1963]
Triangle [11'01]

The Red Violin [OST/1998]
Featuring Joshua Bell
Overture [2'50]
Reprise [1'34]
Reprise Voice [1'55]

Steve Miller Band [1968-73]
Evil [4'36]

Sun Kil Moon
Tiny Cities
[Advance 2005]
Dramamine [2'48]
Space Travel Is Boring [3'43]

McLaughlin, Di Meola, De Lucia
Friday Night in San Francisco [1980]
Mediterranean Sundance, Rio Ancho [11'34]
Fantasia Suite [8'53]

October 5th, 2005 was the 50th anniversary of Ginsberg's first public reading of Howl.

Allan Ginsberg [1955]
Howl [32 min.]

Creedance Clearwater Revival
Cosmos Factory [1970]
Ramble Tamble [7'12]

~ Poets in their own words..

America [0'37]
Walt Whitman

next to of course god america
[0'59] e. e. cummings

The Hollow Men [3'53]
T. S. Eliot

Do Not Go Gentle Into
That Good Night
Dylan Thomas

The Red Wheelbarrow [0'15]
William Carlos Williams

Epilogue [1'25]
Robert Lowell

The Secret of My Endurance
[NSFW/2'16] Charles Bukowski

Amazing Grace [2'50]
Allan Ginsberg

The Sea and the Bells [1996]
All Is Calm [3'20]
With More Air Than Words [2'15]
Tea Merchants [4'56]

Camper Van Beethoven [1986]
Peace and Love [2'40]
History of Utah [2'52]
Interstellar Overdrive
[7'45/Pink Floyd Cover]

Miles Davis
Pangaea [1975]
Gondwana [45 min]
Zimbabwe [40 min]

9/7: the edges of the radio spectrum, subatomic particles with no weight and no charge, truths that hang in the air unspoken, and all the places you aren't supposed to go...
National Public Radio
This American Life
Invisible Worlds [60 min.]

Frank Zappa
Orchestral Favorites [1979]
Bogus Pomp [13'28]

Brian Jonestown Massacre
Tschusse [4'37]
Some Things Go Without

Patti Smith - Land [1975-2002]
Wing [5'05/live]
Beneath The Southern Cross [4'36]
Summer Cannibals [4'09]

Circulus [2005]
Orpheus [3'07]
The Scarecrow [3'56]

Maria Taylor
11:11 [2005]
Nature Song [4'08]
Light House [3'36]
Leap Year [4'28]
Speak Easy [3'36]

Hymns of the 49th Parallel
After The Gold Rush
[Neil Young/4'04]

Richard Ashcroft
Alone With Everybody [2000]
Crazy World [4'57]
Brave New World [5'59]
On A Beach [5'09]

Simon & Garfunkel
The Sound Of Silence [3'09]
I Am A Rock [2'59]

Faith No More
The Real Thing [1989]
War Pigs [7'46]
The Real Thing [8'13]

Selenography [1999]
Forgiveness [6'38]
French Galleasse [6'13]
An Evening of Long
Artemesia [3'13]
Kentucky Nocturne [5'46]

Toad The Wet Sprocket
Acoustic Set [1994]
All I Want [3'00]

Camper Van Beethoven [1988]
Never Go Back [3'25]
Tania [3'47]

James Laid [1993]
Low Low Low [2'52]
Knuckle Too Far [4'40]

Soft Machine
Volume 1 [1968]
Joy Of A Toy [2'49]
Why Am I So Short! [1'37]]
So Boot If At All [7'24]

The Mars Volta
Francis The mute [2005]
Track 01 [13'09]

It's All Around You [2000]
It's All Around You [4'09]

Caribou  EP  [2000]
Skunks [.mov/3'47]
Seaweed [6'20]`
Ole [4'33]

Jauquo III-X
Track 01 [9'31]
Track 02 [4'38]
Track 03 [2'50]

Jane Siberry & k.d. lang
Until The End Of
The World [OST/1991]
Calling All Angels [5'11]

Jack Kerouac [1959]
[Steve Allen, piano]
The Moon Her
October In The
Railroad Earth
One Mother [0'49]

Scott Joplin
Solace [4'43]
[Slow Ragtime]

Jon Stewart
On NPR's Fresh Air
July 22nd, 2005 [30 min.]

Charlie Hunter
8 String Guitar, Solo
Track 5 [4'18]
Track 10 [1'32]

Lewis Carroll
Alice's Adventures
in Wonderland

All In The Golden

Pink Floyd
Meddle [1971]
Echoes [Epic cycle/23'29]
Seamus [Blues; humour/2'15]

Classic Disney
Jungle Book [1967]
Bare Necessities [4'50]
That's What Friends
Are For
My Own Home [3'32]

Fantasia [1940]
Dance of the Reed

101 Dalmations [1961]
Cruella De Vil [1'18]

Dumbo [1941]
When I See An
Elephant Fly

Orson Welles
Dramatization of HG Wells'
War Of The Worlds [1938]
Original Broadcast [1 hour]
Post Broadcast Anger [2'01]
Commentary [3'26]

Blade Runner
[Esper Edition]
Bicycle Riders [2'11]
Deckard's Dream [1'11]
Thinking of Rachel [1'17]
Rachel Sleeps [2'01]
Blade Runner Blues [10'07]

Steve Miller
Fly Like An Eagle [1976]
Wild Mtn Honey [4'49]
Serenade [3'11/ballad]
The Window [4'17/ballad]

II & III [1986]
Cattle (Reversed)
[2'51 instrumental]
Four Year Plan [1'49]
ZZTop goes to Egypt [3'07]
Circles [2'53]
Sometimes [2'38]

OK Computer [1997]
The Tourist
Subterranean Homesick Alien
Paranoid Android

Bang On A Can [1998]

1/1 [16'32]
1/2 [9'00]
2/1 [11'45]
2/2 [12'00]

Cheech & Chong
Big Bambu [1972]
Empire Hancock [1'08]

Grateful Dawg
Intro [1'04]
Grateful Dawg [3'46]
Dawg's Waltz [4'49]
Old and In The Way [1'35]
Off To Sea Once More [5'32]

Bruce Springsteen
Nebraska [1982]
My Fathers House [5'07]

Dylan Thomas
Do Not Go Gentle Into
That Good Night

Merle Haggard [1969]
Okie From Muskogee [2'44]

David Gray [2000]

Pearl Jam [Live in Rio 12/4/05]
Even Flow [7'52]

Southern-rock power-trio jam-band.
Gov't Mule Deepest End
Goin' Down [5'58]

The Libertines Whitechapel Demos
Dilly Boys [1'46]
Pipey Magraw [3'14]

British Sea Power
Heavenly Waters [6'35]

The Talking Heads
Naked [1988]
Democratic Circus [5'04]

Damien Rice and
Lisa Hannigan

Unplayed Piano [2005]
Chris Lorde Alge [3'48]
Instrumental [3'49]

Yo-Yo Ma
Japanese Melodies [1990]
Kojo No Tsuki [4'37]

Brian Eno
Curiosities Vol. 2
Church [8'07]
Asteroid Dawn [4'31]

Boards of Canada
Aquarius [5'57]

Jefferson Airplane
Volunteers [1969]
Volunteers [2'08]

Jimi Hendrix
Blues [1994]
Born Under A Bad Sign
[instrumental] [7'37]

Tosca Tango Orchestra
Waking Life [OST/2001]
Nocturne E Flat Opus 9 #2 [4:00]
Ballade 4 part 2 [2:07]

The Beatles
Acoustic Masterpieces
{The Esher Demos}
Yer Blues [3'32]
Cry Baby Cry [2'32]
Not Guilty [3'01]
Piggies [2'01]

U2 [Live/1983]
Under A Blood Red Sky
I Will Follow 3:42
New Year's Day 4:36

J. Rufus Fears
Lectures in Literature
All Quiet On The Western
, Remarque, 31:00

Donald Fagen
The Nightfly [1982]
New Frontier [6'21]
Int'l Geophysical Year [6'04]
The Goodbye Look [4'50]

Automatic for the People [1992]
Try Not To Breathe [3'50]

Steely Dan
Aja [1977]
Aja [7'57]
Deacon Blues [7'37]


Martin Luther King, Jr.
I have a Dream [4'55]
I have been to the Mountaintop [27'48]

Jack Kerouac [1922-1969]
Friday Afternoon
In The Universe

Jack Kerouac
Spoken Word [Live]
[Steve Allen, piano]
From On The Road [3'30]

Philip Glass
Koyaanisqatsi [OST 1983]
Koyaanisqatsi [3'30]

George Carlin
Complaints and Grevances
[2001] [NSFW]
Why We Don't Need
Ten Commandments

Robin Williams
Live 2002 [NSFW]
Something Aweful Is
Going To Happen

David Crosby
If I Could Only
Remember My Name...
Mt. Tamalpais High [3'32]
Song With No Words [6'00]
Laughing [5'25]
Orleans [2'00]

Bill Cosby [Live/1969]
Old Weird Harold [5'13]
Fat Albert {Buck Buck} [9'13]
Revenge [6'04]

Roxy Music
Avalon [1982]
India [1'45]
Tara [1'31]

Bright Eyes [2005]
When the President

talks to God

Camper Van Beethoven
Key Lime Pie [1989]
When I Win The Lottery 3'38
All Her Favorite Fruit 5'16
The Light From A Cake 2'42
Come On Darkness 3'15
Borderline 3'52
Jack Ruby 5'25
Flowers 3'00

Broken Social Scene
[Acoustic Live]

Philip Glass
Solo Piano [1989]
Metamorphosis Two [7'21]

Steve Martin
Let's Get Small [1977]
Excuse Me [3'02] [nsfw]

Bobby McFerrin
w/ Robin Williams

Spontaeneous Inventions [1986]
Beverly Hills Blues [3'52]

Garrison Keillor
Religion and Sex [3'21]
Getting Older [15'21]
Secret Lutherans [17'35]
The Do-Rites [17'46]
The Ethics of Jokes [19'45]
The Cat Came Back [3'40]

Alt Fashion, London [2006]


Baaba Maal [Senegal]

Frida Kahlo [Self Portrait]

SF's rebuilt De Young

AntiWar Sermon Brought
Warning Letter from IRS


Surreal noir.. Catchy songs
[Homepage] [critics quotes]

Extra Fancy: Discontinued

Currently playing in my head

Shins busk Paris Video [via]

Newly imaged "Red Square"

Throw the bums out!

Kurt Vonnegut is dead

Language of Landscape
by Anne Whiston Spirn

Princeton Law Professor
Retired Marine Colonel
name is on Watch List

Declined US offer to buzz Iran

Bjork by Laura Levine [Big]

Cassini imaging Saturn's
Polar Hexagonal Cloud

National Security Letter
Challenger Gagged

Augmented Cognition [Film]

Strasbourg Equinox

Engineered Blue Rose [via]

Mathematicians hail map of
248-dimension E8 structure
[discovered in 1887]

Hualapai  Skywalk  [Pics]

Bud Cummins [pictured]
replaced by Rove protege

US Attorney Carol Lam
fired day after announcing
Kyle Foggo search warrant

Holiday Motel, Cave Junction

Meat label scares blogger!  webcomics

Spacecraft's Eclipse Movie
[NASA Stereo-B 3D-Cam]

Concept Bracelet Phone

Peace by Force if Necessary

The Starry Bamboo Mandala

Whitehouse subpoenaed by
Judiciary Committee Chair

Ousted Prosecutor Iglesias

Common surface tissue cell
prevents HIV (pictured)

You're feeling sleepy..

Consult Authorities

Chuck Hagel statement
on preliminary regional
Peace Talks in Baghdad.

Turkish Cypriot Designer
Chalayan in Paris
Ready To Wear

Hominid Heritage Gallery

Gizmodo's RIAA Boycott

Trying to find where I got this..

"Every battle is won
 before it is fought"
~Sun Tzu

Origins & History of
the Passions of War

Anti-War Posters  [Via]

Josh Wolf is represented
by Martin Garbis.  [Art]

2007 Newbery Award winner
causes stir with a single word.

Burningman Leave No Trace

Arctic Seed Vault
Design Unveiled

President Has Secret Plan
To End The Weather

Another Masthead Quote

PageRank Checking Icon

Texas Geostationary Banana

Maenad w/ Thyrsus, Louvre

History Of Collective Joy

By Chema Madoz more/via

Americans don't know war.

Iconic: Bears look stranded

Westline Public Space, 2006

Memo from Sen. Obama
addresses FoxNews parrots
Steve Doocy & John Gibson.

Allston Way, Berkeley, 2006

RollingStone: Run Al Run..

Porto, Portugal [2006]

Blogger Spocko Interview

Banksy gives up House

Whoever controls the spice..

UK Government Poster
London Metro [Via]

July 3, 2006

Olbermann - On Sacrifice

Religion in the marketplace.

"We can't be scared out of who
we are" LC Charles Swift 2006

Bush: Saddam hanging shows
"how far the Iraqis have come"

"Firm Believer" LP featured
1982's finest Christian Music

San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA

Top 10 unusual/endangered

Design: Less But Better

Ace Jet 170  via  Feuilleton

2007 Rose Parade Theme.

Green Man face in the leaves

Earthrise, Christmas 1968

Mystery Stone discovered
in New Hampshire, 1872.

Eccentric US Signage  [via]

aka Artemis/De Young 2006

More Bacchus/Louvre 2006

Peace Prevails

West Bank Church of the Ark

Pope & Patriarch in Istanbul.

Reconnaissance with Artemis

Da Vinci exhibit, Uffizi.

The Louvre, September 2006

Sky above Westline Sea Wall.

Former Sea Wall at Westline.

Westline goldfish, May 18

Westline porch, May 17

Ferns over Westline porch

Accompanied train ride home.

Sierra Nevada CA, 2005

Glass Art Violin Seattle, 2005 blogger on break
Desolation Wilderness 2006
[Photo Credit]

Saint Helena, CA [2005]

[Via Fimoculous]

Howard Zinn's hero is
Emma Goldman [d. 1940]

Jim Davis' Halloween 1989
series on Existential issues.

How I Won The War [1967]

Nietzsche benefited from Eze,
east of Nice, Cote d'Obscure.

Giambattista della Porta b. 1538
Polymath and Student of Nature.
Founded Otiosi (Men of Leisure)

1955 Canadair Poster [Via]

1926 Paris Air Show [Via]

Pop & Propaganda

Culture Jamming [Via]

19th century Siberia [Pics]

Allston, Berkeley, June 7

Romance with Yellow, cont..

Berkeley, CA [May 4, 2006]

Calla Lilies, Westline porch.

Late sun, radiant clover.
Westline, January 2006.

"No Sweat" Mojo Sneakers

California, 1861, Marble
[Hiram Powers, De Young]
Westline, Alameda, CA [2006]

Illuminated Calla, Westline.

Backyard at Westline
February 2006

The Embarcadero, SF, June 7

Creative Commons License

Solar Powered
Sidewalk Bricks.


Thom Yorke, NY City, June 13

Antikythera Mechanism may
be world's oldest computer.

Computer Ubiquity circa 2025

Jean Sara Rohe vs McCain

Punjabi Brit Parminder Nagra

Wiphala or emblem of
the Qhishwa-Aymara

The Art of Culture Jamming

Jasper Johns at the De Young

What's the next best medicine?

Neil Young, US Immigrant.

Habeas Corpus, Human Right.

Tracking Lost Liberty, Daily.

Fruitvale Barrio, Oakland, CA

Mars: first color image from
Reconnaissance Orbiter. [via]


dullest blog
lynch daily


individual rights


Banned Books Online

*All In The Mind*

Lost Amnesiac Man
finds self online

A Network Called Internet
[circa 1993]


My Favorite
Garrison Keillor
San Francisco
Fresh Basil
Barton Fink
Life Against Death
Santa Maria
del Fiore Duomo