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Everything we're taught is false

8/9/07 Human ancestry is unknown
* Jupiter moons observed c. 1613
* Sounds of space, Jovian chorus
* Perseid meteor shower new moon
* Pink Floyd Zabriskie Point MP3


* Central banks floating markets
* Russian bombers seen from Guam
* Inorganic dust aspect lifelike
* DUI defendent gets source code
* Airport non-invasive brainscan

8/8/07 Iraqi PM Maliki in Tehran
* Afghan/Pakistan tribal meeting
* Chinese threaten US treasuries
* AT&T censors Pearl Jam webcast
* DNI Mike McConnell bamboozler?

* Kevin Drum on FISA court role
* Swiftboating Hillary via Bill
* Philip Atkinson irresponsible
* Fears over kids online safety
* Dreamy art video The Lake via

* Canadian PM takes Arctic tour
* Brooklyn tornado 135mph winds
* Exoplanet dense as balsa wood
* Trimode hybrid 3 wheel scooter
* Brit births identical triplets

* The world as ultimate reality

8/7/07 Wired report on FISA bill
* Feingold's censure resolutions
* Cunningham case closed hearing
* Pakistani minister recalls WMD
* US Nat'l emergency for Lebanon


* American Civil War stationery
* Black US Republican President
* Vietnam counterinsurgent wonk
* Chavez energy security treaty
* Swiss nuclear fallout shelter


* Alex Jones Waking Life summons
* Painting heist on cote d'Azure
* Sarkozy visiting New Hampshire
* A "Rough" History of Disbelief
* Your Black Muslim Bakery thugs


* Patti Smith, Lollapalooza rain
* Nexus of industrial revolution
* Datamining wasteful, fruitless
* HMO between doctor and patient
* Fed Reserve ignore Cramer plea


* Antarctic microbes re-animated
* Medeco unpickable locks bumped
* Medical residents poor with TB
* Lawsuit to intimidate reporter
* Web and DNS at PRQ

8/6/07 Pelosi followup to S 1927
* US surveillance whistleblowers
* Minnesota governor bridge veto
* California Hiltachk initiative
* SF vote on free municipal WiFi

* Doublespeak is killing $10 DSL
* Google changes index algorithm
* Wikipedia won't bow to Chinese
* MP3: Wooden Ships, 1969 anthem
* Time for you to leave Wm Blake

* Fermi Paradox, science problem
* Australian Aboriginal memorial
* Antisegregationist dead at 100
* Abbas Olmert Palestinian state
* Iraq unity gov't has no Sunnis


* Ron Paul interview on Fox TV
* Douglas Adams on idea of God
* Wm Gibson on the recent past
* DVD: Pootie Tang, Chris Rock
* Selig skips Bonds' homestand

8/5/07 This bill will grant the
  Attorney General the ability
  to wiretap anybody, any place,
  any time without court review,
  without any checks & balances
  ~Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-San Jose
  [In ref. to S 1927; Rollcall]

* Ron Paul blows by Mitt Romney
* Tom Tancredo would bomb Mecca
* Armageddon and foreign policy
* Your Black Muslim Bakery raid
* California decertifies E-vote


* Columbus era Aztec tomb found
* China regulates reincarnation
* Perpetual motion and futility
* German bank subprime exposure
* Capri's Faraglioni promontory


* Chantilly Kitsch Garden gnomes
* Walmart biblical action figure
* PerryBibleFellowship preserves
* Forensics at Scaled Composites
* Inverted US flag dire distress


* DVD: Sam Peckinpah & Bob Dylan
* Slim Pickens' brother was Easy
* 2nd DVD The Italian Job [1969]
* 300 sq ft Seattle condos $150k
* 4 ft LED flourescent tube $150

8/4/07 Documentary Koyaanisqatsi
* Bush denies Dems/DNI FISA deal
* NSFW Rollins calls out cowards
* Diebold's hard coded passwords
* Voting papertrail insufficient

* Yearly Kos hosts US candidates
* Liberal Convention free speech
* Wall St index seesaw this week
* 80,000+ still in FEMA trailers
* ArsTechnica on reborn Suprnova

* DEFCON undercover NBC reporter
* US municipal broadband banned
* NYC Mayor backs off photo ban
* Alice the snorgtees girl pics
* Second Life creator predicts


* My friend Wayne Coleman died
* Alan Watts tribute animation
* CCTV of bridge collapse via
* Latest in climate modeling
* DVD: Venus in Furs [1969]

8/3/07 Archeology updates cradle
* David Byrne at Venice Biennial
* Acid Test adaptation 2009 [rw]
* Laserprinter carbon black dust
* Stressed plants in safety mode

* Arab League proposal to Israel
* Interim FISA bill retroactive?
* Legal prescription drug import
* Congressional minority walkout
* Amtrak Cascade line moratorium

* Google cell prototypes rumored
* Suprnova donated to Pirate Bay
* DVD Under Milk Wood adaptation
* I took a sauna today, downtown
* Deep sea life origins evidence

8/2/07 Obama opposes Qaeda haven
* Vice President unique creature
* Rove's immunity from oversight
* Staff cannot answer for bosses
* Public hanging downtown Tehran

* Midwest commuters bridge down
* Teen arrested for brief video
* Toys recalled for toxic paint
* Periodic mass extinction data
* Non-Firefox browsers reviewed

* Schneier interviews TSA chief
* Orangutan use charades to talk
* Canadian mocks North Pole flag
* Faith and drugs both effective
* Art of Banksy alongside Warhol

8/1/07 Crude Oil futures top $78
* Cheney underestimates the cost
* Old FISA order spurs emergency
* FBI uses wrongful imprisonment
* E-voting machine makers retort

* Gene correlates with left hand
* Biologists reshelving Religion
* Demand caused Bisons slaughter
[Invisible Hand slaughters Bison]
* Profit motive will insure kids
* Eugenics science. Science evil

* Jolie's uncle wrote Wild Thing
* Travel the world packing 10 lb
* Fuel economy still non-starter
* Why do Saudis get military aid
* Rove won't swear on Holy Bible

7/31/07 Debate on domestic spying
* Republicans fear YouTube format
* Spector gives Gonzales til noon
* CNN just kidding.. bogus alerts
* Home Depot dumps Bill O'Reilly

* Yahoo betrays Chinese dissident
* US govt auctioning our airwaves
* Alberta oil sands consolidation
* Think City plug-in electric car
* Abolishing corporate personhood

* The Yes Men Bill Moyers Journal
* Russians prospecting North Pole
* Life beneath Antarctic ice pics
* San Francisco Murals pics [via]
* Golden Gate Bridge suicide data

* Teens publish foul-mouth priest
* Bedouin clash with Egypt police
* Kurd journalists death sentence
* Ingmar Bergman didn't entertain
* The Simpsons Movie: high praise

7/30/07 The Salish Sea, or Whulge
* Americans surprised by tapwater
* Cannabis unrelated to emphysema
* How to finish up a conversation
* Harvesting crowd motion energy

* Tomorrow Show's Tom Snyder dead
* FBI search Senator Stevens home
* Mayberry Machiavelli arithmetic
* Bhutto offers Musharraf support
* NAACP defends defenseless Vick

7/29/07 Satellite mapping gravity
* Govt hurting insurance industry
* Republicans website vs. Franken
* US arming
Arabs/Israel vs. Iran
* US Attorney General untouchable

* CA reviews e-voting source code
* Contracts change without notice
* Stockup before society collapse
* Teachings of Diogenes 412-323BC
* NZ outlaws satire of parliament

* Visible light pulse kills virus
* Petrodiesel exhaust clogs viens
* Did Yahoo lie about journalist?
* US Treasury Secretary in China
* Investor optimism causes fraud

* Beowulf film adaptation [2007]

7/28/07 US secessionist movements
* US acknowledges Pakistan issues
* Kremlin/Putin youth front Nashi
* NSA/Telcos retroactive immunity
* Ashcroft queried on data-mining

* Liberals lobby Fox News patrons
* Home Depot loves Bill O'Reilly!
* Obliging protestors prosecuted
* Fired USA's skipped small cases
* Breyer frets lost stare decisis

* Danish take down Tour de France
* NASA sabotage blamed on alcohol
* Transhumanists hype Singularity
* New paradigm Big Bang repeating
* Superheroes with Jewish origins

* San Francisco streets free WiFi
* Google/Sprint WiMax partnership
* Verizon ok's 700MHz open access
* Second Life new rules for vices
* Online free association cloud *

* JK Rowling speaks of final word
* Baby systematically sorts sound
* Hearing on medical bankruptcies
* US candidates flock to Thatcher
* Markets decline began stateside

* CIA rendition turboprop is here
* History of Visual Communication
* Libertarians grownup anarchists
* Colbert breaks wrist on NY set
* Photography by Jurgen Nefzger

7/27/07 NY StockExchange selloff
* Fire at suborbital acquisition
* Eliot Spitzer on the defensive
* Tour de Scandal: NBA, NFL, MLB
* MI5 agent was Wikipedia editor
* 1866 today transatlantic cable

 This week I traveled from Santa
 Barbara to Martinez California,
 on our subsidized passenger rail
 carrier Amtrak. Two or three US
 freight carriers own most of the
 track used for passenger traffic.

 The way this works out in our
 free market is that passenger
 traffic must often experience
 unpredictable delays, waiting
 on freight, which doesn't seem
 to operate on a schedule at all.

 People avoid rail travel due to
 random delays that keep Amtrak
 from ever seeing profits and
 getting off corporate welfare.

 In Europe, passenger railcars
 have right of way over freight.

 The "free market" creates such
 circumstances in the US while
 people don't know, or perhaps
 don't really care that freight
 is more important than we are.

  ~Ross MacDonald  [Permalink]

7/26/07 Gonzales perjurs himself
* Senate Judiciary subpoena Rove
* Loose Change producer arrested
* Dow/Nasdaq/DAX/Nikkei off 2-3%
* Humans outbluff poker software
* I've arrived home in Mt Shasta

Biofuel Oasis in Berkeley powered
the ride home with "methyl ester"
from oil used to cook potatochips.

According to Greg Pahl's 2005 book
Biodiesel [pg35], research in 1987
found that "used frying oil is even
better than rapeseed oil biodiesel"

7/23/07 Feingold move to censure
* Librarians witness Patriot Act
* Impeachment no fringe movement
* Gonzales before Congress again
* Whitehouse staff face contempt

* Baghdad hosts US/Iranian talks
* Injured Iraq vets class action
* Sheehan running against Pelosi
* Candidates queried via YouTube
* Edwards has faith based policy

* Travelers must disclose belief
* I'm in Santa Barbara 'til 7/25
* Guerilla gardening via Toronto
* Solar heat kept in crystalline
* OLPC production due in October

7/21/07 Injectable electronic ID
* Google pursues 700MHz spectrum
* Lower taxes for green products
* Keen/Weinberger debate Web 2.0
* Favreau directs Downey Jr 2008

* Computer coders solve Checkers
* Image in Galileo era telescope
* Northrop buys suborbital maker
* Pentagon nastygram for Clinton
* Pres. candidates on the issues

* Executive orders & martial law
* Court order Gitmo info sharing
* Pakistan returns Chief Justice
* HIV vaccine to clinical trials
* SF journalist Pete Wilson died

7/20/07 DVD: Empire Strikes Back
* Olbermann on Bush scapegoating
* Bush bans sexual interrogation
* President invokes Constitution
* FBI Patriot Act criminal probe

7/18/07 US allowing Qaeda haven
* US Senate quorum call at 5 AM
* Nixon: precipitous withdrawal
* Nixon midwifed 1st Kaiser HMO
* Global Elders launch alliance

* Manhattan steam pipe explodes
* Police spyware is whitelisted
* Foraging and animal cognition
* Introduction to Individualism
  [Sacred power of imagination]

7/17/07 Russia/West contentious
* Brits expel Russian diplomats
* US wants another meet w/ Iran
* Dems shelve Cunningham report
* Illegals follow Scooter Libre

* US Drug Czar marijuana terror
* Medicare as corporate welfare
* DoJ's Tanner testimony denied
* MIT "question" Secret Service
* Brits warm to Duchess Camilla

* Netradio royalties extort DRM
* Sharpton comments Imus return
* Neocon vacationers off record
* NFL QB indicted on dog fights
* Mitochondria near-death agent

* Musharraf lost tribal "peace"
* Snow: little peace conference
* Greenzone flak vest dresscode
* Midwest veggie power movement
* My friend Mugs bought a Dobro

7/16/07 1994 Internet promo via
* Japan quake radioactive water
* Environmentalist eschatology
* 1st cellulosic ethanol plant
* Redistributing wealth upward

* GPS & Galileo to collaborate
* AT&T spy for NSA, RIAA, MPAA
* DVD Barton Fink, my favorite
* Warner wants reauthorization
* Bush wants Middle East peace

* Voinovich "WH f***ed up War"

7/15/07 GOP Senators want plan
* Obama on US troop deployment
* Foreign fighters: 45% Saudis
* Comic portrays Iran oil grab
* EU waste exporters new rules

* Mathematicians unravel Mobius
* Coelacanth fish predates Dino
* Spy program subpoena deadline
* Prince CD free with newspaper
* Facebook sued for code theft

* Intel backs OLPC $100 laptop
* Learning how to feed oneself
* MP3 All Her Favorite Fruit *
* Organic Industry Structure *
* Thx David at Phoenix Biofuel

7/14/07 Cristina Cha Cha Rowan
* Permission to say filibuster
* Exec Privilege denied Clinton
* Michael Moore CNN open letter
* Health Insurance lobby is fat

* Moyers profiles Murdoch video
* Free iPhone of AT&T's network
* BP exempted environmental law
* Forbidden City Starbucks shut
* Courtney Love NYC performance

* DVD Fishing w/ John Critereon

7/13/07 Net radio death stayed!
* Disclose e-voting source code
* SecretService owns my printer
* Declan loves freedom and AT&T
* Study casts American mind set

* Iraq parliament out for August
* DVD Northern Exposure Season 3
* Pygmy performers housed at zoo
* More Miers executive privilege
* Senate indirectly anti-Real ID

* NAACP 98th annual cheers Obama
* Libby sentenced per guidelines
* Comments on Libby commutation
* Manhattan henge at 8:20PM EDT
* 9/11 recovery ended with gold

* Evolutionary change, observed
* Have sluggish cognitive tempo
* Stones explain face blindness
* Singles predominate by gender
* Senator Boxer for impeachment

* Clinton/Edwards in collusion
* Whole Foods CEO, anonymously
* Colorado drought in 5th year
* Small, mighty water molecule
* Rev. Flip Benham on idolatry

* MP3 Heavenly Waters BSP/2003

7/12/07 Water at 63 light years
* Gore III Prius clocks 100 mph
* Senator Fred Thompson not gay
* Senate: fundamentalist Church
* Red Mosque used as a fortress

* MP3 Ken Nordine Azure, Mauve
* Artfully firing US Attorneys
* DoJ prefigured Miers no show
* Congress war tally begs veto
* War planner Wolfowitz return

* Oral history of The Simpsons
* Burning Man meets capitalism
* Spain seizes mystery salvage
* Woman swam mile in 32F ocean
* 26 ft squid beaches Tasmania

7/11/07 FBI data-mining report
* Iraq Study Group recommended
* Cheney funding contingencies
* Pope emphasizing exclusivity
* Hotmail unfiltered SMTP $14k

* Fossil rivers evoke da Vinci
* Full-time blogger has a baby
* Girls in UK risk cirumcision
* Humans are as fast as horses
* Tron: 25. Microwave oven: 40

* MP3 Osborne devotional Ladder

7/10/07 Troops and troop levels
* Delegation held to Green Zone
* Public photography, unsecured
* Sovereignty in the NW Passage
* Jihadist scribe on knighthood

* Return to us, Merriam-Webster
* Nextel tosses needy customers
* Privacy vs. "nothing to hide"
* MLB commissioner party to 756
* GOP: do as I say, not as I do

* MP3 Mahavishnu A Love Supreme

7/9/07 Robots socialize autists
* Nebraskans cheer Hagel July 4
* Jim Webb dwell time amendment
* Whitehouse denies Iraq debate
* Shun insular, divisive Rovism

* Michael Moore takes down CNN!
* BlueCross talking points memo
* Obama Iowa office burglarized
* Congress can close Camp Delta
* Moderate Arabs call on Israel

* ACLU: Wiretap suit isn't over
* Biorefineries can replace oil
* Generators draw ambient vibes
* Paris supplies rentable bikes
* Mexico City pols bike to work

* SciFi pioneer addresses genre
* Swiss approved cancer vaccine
* Morrison death case re-opened
* ASCAP shakes down small cafes
* Anglican draft communion rule

* Enough food for every person?
* 94th Tour de France 2nd stage
* Republican on Madam phonelist
* Congress commutation hearings
* DVD John Carpenter's They Live

* Building of World Trade Center

7/8/07 54% want Cheney impeached
* Spy plaintiff need prove damage
* Specter suggests meet with Bush
* Committees claim WH legal basis
* Commutation buys Libby silence?

* Arab League plan Israel mission
* Santorum: war support cost seat
* US contractors outnumber troops
* Blair enters Palestinian pickle
* UK bomb plot involves N Ireland

* UK ISP's decline role of police
* P2P traffic migrating to movies
* Online auction of security bugs
* Treehugger reviews Small Living
* Live Earth broadcast successful

* Oldest DNA ever found Greenland
* Prions stop Alzheimers progress
* I saw the movie Sicko yesterday
* DVD today: Bjork Volumen [1999]
* Miles Davis commented on Prince

* I rec'd At Home with Rick Geary
* Taxonomy of Meta-Desserts [via]

7/7/07 We camped 5 Lakes with Remz

7/5/07 Judge questions commutation

7/4/07 Memory as treatable illness
* Artemis born about 1 year ago vid

7/3/07 Japan Defense Minister resigns
* Today: stop Monterey, sleep in Carmel
* Bush accessory obstruction of justice

7/2/07 I'm in SF with Feng and Missy

7/1/07 NY Times recounts SCOTUS votes
* Kiwis down 4-2 in America's Cup final
* Anonymous senior US official says boo
* Military-Industrial Complex extortion
* Wall St. subprime bond fund unwinding
* I regret iPhone exclusivity with AT&T

6/30/07 1977 US advertisement for email
* Bizarre fashion poses of the 60's [via]
* Recent study on origins of domestic cat
* OpenSource post-Darwin communal biology
* Geek opens/dissects Apple iPhone [pics]

* Conyers, Leahy reply Whitehouse counsel
* Whitehouse deletes Mission Accomplished
* UN closes Iraq Unmovic WMD inspectorate
* Turkey warns it may need to invade Iraq
* Japan Defense Minister comment Nagasaki

* Military runs parallel Earth simulator
* Islamic group welcomes planned US envoy
* UK Home Office threat level at critical
* DVD today Like Water For Chocolate 1992
* Bonds 750th homer before All Star break

6/29/07 Whitehouse risks contempt charge
* SCOTUS rules desegregation color blind
* Edwards: because decent people objected
* Gangster tried under NY anti-terror law
* Labour polls well as Brown takes office

* Aboriginal nations in Canada make known
* Andean agriculture at least 10k yrs old
* Tooth west Europe's oldest human fossil
* Mars Rover Opportunity crests Victoria
* Walled Garden: Facebook is the new AOL

* Google Maps finally does custom routes

6/28/07 Microwaves turn plastic into oil
* USDA waters down organic food standard
* DNA transplant changes microbe species
* Evolutionary biology in paradigm shift
* 1st self-sustaining underwater habitat

* 23 year old flies solo round the world
* DHS sets documents required for travel
* Conflating Qaeda with other insurgents
* E-voting vendor succumbs to California
* Hardball asks John Edwards about books

* MP3 Cheb i Sabbah Mere Kabu Shri Durga
* Radiohead Go To Sleep Johnny Greenwood
* Wilco Reservations YankeeHotelFoxtrot
* Camper Van Beethoven Devil Song 1988
* Sarah McLachlan Possession Fumbling


6/27/07 4th branch wouldn't include Veep
* Cheney invoked "executive branch" 2001
* Senate subpoenas Whitehouse/VP offices
* Senior GOP Senator hails Richard Lugar
* Evidence Griffin targeted black voters

* Competently interviewed biofuel expert
* Most published research findings false
* Theory as to how humans lost their fur
* Completed Neanderthal genome predicted
* New US-VISIT biometric data collection

* UN/EU/Russia/US Quartet dispatch Blair
* Autism reversed in MIT laboratory mice
* 45 Net radio stations silent yesterday
* FTC study finds defacto Net Neutrality
* Elizabeth Edwards calls on provocateur

* DVD American Splendor 2003 Harvey Pekar

6/26/07 WH fudges Cheney executive status
* Lugar provides GOP leadership vs. surge
* Unrepentant Abramoff official sentenced
* Harpers reporter undercover DC lobbyist
* Election officials do Diebold marketing

* Former missionary's exeptional language
* Cognitively unique Piraha's Amazon home
* Human oddities: The Wellcome Collection
* MRSA rate is ten times current estimate
* UK rules Intelligent Design not science

* Pharmacy-owned clinics anti-trust [AMA]
* Iranian private motorist fuel rationing
* Orbitron software tracks 550 satellites
* New search for Arctic ocean bottom life
* Signs of person-sized penguin uncovered

* San Francisco built upon scuttled ships
* Kiwis 2-1 America's Cup lead vs Alinghi
* Faraway places: the triumph of Dionysus
* DVD Lair of the White Worm, Ken Russell
* DVD Ultraman Series One Volume One 1966

6/25/07 Unitary US executive theory [NYT]
* Cheney not part of executive branch via
* FBI to restrict college student freedom
* Fmr student loses Bonghits 4 Jesus case
* Clergy lead New York's Gay Pride Parade

* DVD today Harry & Tonto 1974 Art Carney
* Echinacea reduces incidents of cold 65%
* Tamiflu reduces risk of influenza death
* Hitchens atheist polemic a surprise hit
* NPR show on creativity, esp. musical via

6/24/07 Internet Radio broadcaster boycott
* Device enables brain to control machines
* Cheney spies on WH staff; checks dissent
* Obama: Religious leaders sowing division
* The Seto live between Estonia and Russia

* London lights out for Climate Change pix
* Eno 77 Million Paintings screensaver art
* DVD: Adaptation, Directed by Spike Jonze
* MP3: Subterranean Homesick Alien Uptight
* Pharma PR offensive vs. Moore film Sicko

* Pig to human MRSA ST398 strain in Europe
* Removing animals from lab research [via]
* Ancient graves suggest ritual sacrifice
* Common HIV infection theory challenged
* Pentagon's email taken down by hackers


6/23/07 Americas Cup fans affect start
* Dad's memorial keepsake: front, back


6/22/07 ACLU aids ghetto cop oversight
* Cheney would abolish oversight dept.
* DoJ's #2 man McNulty wasn't involved
* Habeas corpus reform before Congress
* 1970's CIA domestic spying narrative

6/20/07 AT&T to filter pirated content
* Auto/Oil cartel blocks fuel standard
* Islamists exploit Rushdie knighthood

6/18/07 Privacy right extended to email
* Michael Moore Sicko widescreen online

6/16/07 Are keyboards dishwasher safe?
* 5th purge scandal resignation at DoJ
* Old Cunningham scandal plea unsealed
* Baghdad surge troop buildup complete
* Rice diplomatic strategy implausible

* Indian-born Salman Rushdie knighted
* Goldmans get rights to OJ confession
* Lake Superior +5F degrees since 1979
* Global Warming visavis Pascals Wager
* Presidential candidate Mike Gravel

6/15/07 Satellite TV to bundle WiMax
* Satellite/Cable indecency standard
* Few oppose new US biofuels mandate
* Schneier ridicules US terror plots
* Iran TV star facing death for porn

* Whale carrying 19th century weapon
* Al Franken interview at TPM [Pt 1]
* Episcopalians deny Anglican demand
* Self effacing.. secretly confident
* Judge denies Libby jail term delay

* MP3: Jack Kerouac Friday Afternoon
* Vangelis, Harps of Ancient Temples

6/14/07 Hamas taking control of Gaza
* Anti-Syrian Lebanese leader killed
* Iraq's Samarra Shia shrine toppled
* Judiciary Cte summon Harriet Miers
* Yahoo investors embrace censorship

* British National Gallery does Soho
* ISS crew faces possible evacuation
* Kevin Spacey not taking film roles
* Levitated lightbulb wireless power
* Plants altruistic toward relatives

   global warming advantage reptile

6/13/07 Women need cuddles, men kudos
* Organic produce shelf life extension
* US history's largest oilspill in NYC
* Signals hint Titan subsurface liquid
* Anti-spam websites under DDoS attack

* Hindus develop "green" funeral pyres
* Agrichar CO2 sink pyrolysis byproduct
* Public sector strike awaits S. Africa
* Mark Freuenfelder's book Rule The Web
* Friend Dewar quits job. Visits Shasta

6/12/07 Indy publisher McSweeney's debt
* Mars "puddles" aren't; sloped terrain
* Monterey Int'l Pop Festival 40th year
* Al Gore solar roof follows new zoning
* More States react to national Real ID

* USA Schlozman revises purge testimony
* Spakovsky Senate confirmation hearing
* Intel chief revising Reagan era order
* Vienna hosts review of Russian treaty
* Urbanmover zero emission vehicles via

* Cindy Sheehan appears Alex Jones show
* DVD: critic, comedian Bill Hicks Live
* 500 conservative blogs hail comedian!
* Reid: Democrats to revive "timetable"
* US embassy denies lost Wristwatch One

6/11/07 Thimerosal lawsuit day in court
* Dershowitz academic foe denied tenure
* Pragmatist Philosopher Rorty has died
* Jailed Chinese reporter targets Yahoo
* Japanese political posters prior 1945

* Venice Biennale: world art exhibition
* Convert heat to electricity via sound
* UK carbon-neutral zero-emission house
* Liquid lens zoom uses no moving parts
* James Burke Day The Universe Changed

6/10/07 Mars rover finds blue puddles
* How to start a fire without matches
* Jules Verne: Voyages map collection
* Libraries drop Dewey decimal system
* Crypto-Jewish shrine could be razed

6/9/07 DVD tonight An Inconvenient Truth
* Indy 500 runs entirely on 100% ethanol
* Laws threaten web security researchers
* Resonant object wireless power transfer
* My Parents 1954 wedding in Victoria, BC

6/8/07 Senate Cte votes to restore Habeas
* Kevorkian has no regrets for euthanasia
* Online gambling ban has influential foe
* Senate procedural vote on Gonzales 6/11
* MP3 Joshua Bell Red Violin Reprise 1998

* Personal 1980's nuclear family pictures
* Biofuel emissions, compared with diesel
* High temperature analog of absolute zero
* Shuttle Atlantis mission STS-117 liftoff
* Contrails affect climate; aka chemtrails

6/7/07 North Baghdad's Madarat art gallery
* Google/MSN/Yahoo encourage state censors
* Pakistan opposition form behind Chaudhry
* Amnesty publishes names of CIA prisoners
* Turkish military buildup on Iraqi border

* US backpedals nonbinding Iraq benchmarks
* NATO believes Iran is arming the Taliban
* Cheney blocked promotion of DoJ official
* Mechanical clock internal workings video
* Medical Astrology calendar of 1487 [via]

* Writer travels world's endangered wilds
* Mars Orbiter geological oddity pictures
* Atomtronics builds with ultracold atoms
* Familiar products mistaken for superior
* MP3: Yo-Yo Ma, Kojo No Tsuki [Japanese]

* DVD today Pink Floyd live Pompei [1972]
* NSA Internet data analysis IP addresses
* US to ease North American passport rule
* US limits enforcement of Clean Water Act
* Olympics website logo linked to seizures

6/6/07 Oxycyte artificial blood for trauma
* Toyota goes all hybrid. Honda pulls plug
* Vatican solar panel retrofit begins 2008
* Computer taught to respond to "thoughts"
* Oldest known decorations 82,000 years..

6/5/07 Senator asks DoJ to define improper
* Sgt. Adam Kokesh re-discharged from USMC
* My home of Mt Shasta getting a soft rain
* Libby sentence on appeal, then to pardon
* Rutka Laskier diary, "Polish Anne Frank"

6/4/07 Vlad Putin George Bush Cold War 2.0
* In praise of Fred Rogers [Video Archive]
* Libertines lyricist Pete Doherty profile
* New York State legalizes ticket scalping
* Eyeballing the new US embassy in Baghdad

* Judge sends Gitmo prosecutors to the law
* Vermont secession referendum March 2008?
* Stanford MRI measures competing memories
* Broadcast coalition stops FCC indecency
* Fmr Bush/Cheney aides flock to Thompson

* Brits vote 1984 difinitive 20th c. book
* DVD today: Who Killed The Electric Car?
* Oprah calls Michael Moore film must see
* Passionate introversion blog Spectatrix
* Zodiacs origin traced to cuneiform tabs

* Travel writer missing near Gongga Tibet
* Shanghai stock index down 15% in 1 week
* AmeriTrade tied to pump/dump stock spam
* US Senate vacancy will go to Republican
* Dave Navarro 40th birthday party June 2

6/3/07 Serena Williams in Paris qtr final
* Self-esteem largely American phenomenon
* Hundreds of police injured at G8 summit
* Bixblog inspires me to return to Europe
* Big Bang wasn't the "beginning of time"

* Hominid bipedalism originated in trees?
* Expel CO2 into space via magnetic field
* Intel Committees ask Ashcroft testimony
* Fans believe NFL star enjoys dog fights
* Speed Racer 2008 film adaptation Mach 5

6/2/07 Brezsny counsels growth this week
* Information portal paradigm shift [Via]
* Amish early adopters photovoltaic cells
* Correlation of skills and finger length
* No excuse to bring TB on a public plane

* Murdoch offers $5 billion for Dow Jones
* New British Civil Liberties film shocks
* Climate Change & origins of agriculture
* UN should start talks on Climate Change
* Al Gore interview @ 92nd St Y video via

* US House Democrats historically unified
* DVD All Quiet On The Western Front 1930
* Lebanese Army pause before Tripoli camp
* Iraq Sunnis join US vs foreign fighters
* Chickenhawks yet to call Kokesh traitor

VFW backs Honorably Discharged Marine Sgt

6/1/07 US Attorney Tim Griffin to resign
* Iraq Vet in uniform without permission
* GM field trials deny cross pollination
* Sun's corona has new sonic explanation
* Japanese float new whaling commission

* Americas Cup semi-final start expected
* White House swiftboats Kansas Governor
* Senators want CIA methods legal review
* Wesley Clark advising fellow Democrats
* Cold War fear is War on Terror reality

* Gunter Grass appends his autobiography
* Freed Kevorkian pledges to stop at 130
* Chinese bankruptcy law betrays workers
* Dell, Motorola, Circuit City job cuts
* Banned Venezuelan RCTV now on YouTube

* Bayeux Cathedral video, 20 sec digicam
* Sheehan's Camp Casey to appear on eBay
* Mike Rogers outs antigay policy makers
* Graduates deprived diplomas for cheers
* Terry Eagleton on the meaning of life

5/31/07 Bonobo chimps understand English
* Recalling ecologies shifting baselines
* Garrison Keillor releases 2 new albums
* NASA on tonight's version of blue moon
* NASA chief minces words global warming

* Sudan holds Coke ingredient for ransom
* New French president Sarkozy informale
* US Military seeks ceasefire agreements
* Pakistani publishes Military economics
* Litvinenko suspect courts Moscow press

* MP3 Vangelis Blade Runner Blues [1982]
* Google image search facial recognition
* Electronics lobby backs place-shifting
* Six Apart LiveJournal deletes websites
* Alabama profoundly regret slavery role

5/30/07 SF whales parting escapes notice
* Google Maps 360 cam; cat in the window
* My Dad's obituary runs June 3, CCTimes
* Arranging Gmail access upon your death
* Land's End sunken 17th century salvage

* ACLU vs. Boeing reveals state secrets
* Libby used state secrets to fight CIA
* Office Workers still use bomb symbols
* Alabama cited single issue extremists
* Lens fluid link to blindness unsolved

* DVD: Izo [2004] bizarre, cosmological

5/29/07 Van Gogh and Renoir. [Hermitage]


* Altruism is hard-wired and pleasurable
* Friend Feng's fiancee Melissa pregnant!
* Cindy Sheehan announces her retirement
* Lawmaker wants Wolfowitz sent to Iraq
* Sublime details of domain name system

5/28/07 Woman inspired white men's club
* 10% think Joan of Arc was Noah's wife
* Intelligent Design theories of our age
* MP3 CamperVanBeethoven History of Utah
* Externalized responsibility helps mood

* Visualizing Wikipedia's power struggle
* Eye infection outbreak; product recall
* US permits unconsented medical testing
* Putin burns British Petroleum, & Queen
* Imomus visits friend in Kamakura Japan

* Thermal encryption outperforms quantum
* Big Blue demos prefab Green datacenter
* DVD today Brazil, Final Director's Cut
* Changing US 82nd Airborne troop morale
  [We're helping guys trying to kill us]

5/27/07 Iraq represented at Iran/US meet
* Dalit leave caste en masse for Buddhism
* Moscow gays jumped by nazis, then police
* Venezuelan soldiers seize TV broadcaster
* Neanderthal extinction not anthropogenic

* Soft Drink additive benzoate affects DNA
* Facebook opens source code to developers
* Vow to defend developers sued for patent
* DVD today: Radiohead, London 1994 [2005]
* 38% of Republicans like their candidates

5/26/07 Court backs closure of Caracas TV
* Few applicants for US Attorney vacancies
* Court declines West Point protest permit
* Serena Williams to take Paris clay court
* Apocryphal T-Rex added to Kentucky Bible


* Christian Domestic Discipline & Clothing
* Pope reviving Latin Mass by relaxing ban
* Michael Moore docucomedy trailer [Sicko]
* UK may ban airborn organic food delivery
* Inventor inspired by oxygen deprivation

5/25/07 Smithsonian abuses image copyright
* Copyright Czar parses Fair Use precedent
* Dell offers systems running Ubuntu Linux
* Actors/Directors homage Paris, Je T'Aime
* Van Morrison exerpts Kerouac On The Road

* Borat to author guide for visitors to US
* Xenophobic Minutemen have money troubles
* Greenpeace saboteur now US arms merchant
* US reject EU proposals on climate change
* Forecast for alien worlds: windy and hot

* New explanation of Saturn moon's geysers
* Domain name registrar lost accreditation
* Frist on short list to replace Wolfowitz
* Congress War de-authorization veto-proof
* War on Terror designed only for politics

* EU marks Missing Children's Day [McCann]
* MP3: When I See An Elephant Fly [Disney]
* MP3: Sting, Fragile Nothing Like The Sun
* Word of the Week: rapacious rapere seize
* I had a sip of wine on return from Paris

5/24/07 Hacketyhack newbie coder guide via
* UK traffic wardens don head mounted CCTV
* Iran interest rate cut sparks panic sell
* Lebanese Army fight Islamists in Tripoli
* Dust victim added to 9/11 WTC death toll

* Gonzales reviewed testimony for Goodling
* Senate plans Gonzales no-confidence vote
* Congress funds Wars through September 31
* Congress approves Minimum Wage increase
* OpenCola is freely licensed open source

5/23/07 Candidates miss Falwell farewell
* Wealth/height correlation in US/Europe
* FBI suspect publishing his entire life
* Presidential Directives NSPD51, HSPD20
* Goodling unintentionally broke the law

Testifying under judge granted immunity
today, the Dept of Justice liaison to the
White House, Monica Goodling said she can't
rule out contributions to political parties
were a factor in deciding who would fill
those vacancies.

I'm concerned some Americans are unwilling
to see how this would be wrong. If only to
note the irony of granting immunity to an
official tasked with working for justice.

  ~Ross MacDonald

5/22/07 Monet's changing vision rendered
* MP3: Toad The Wet Sprocket, All I Want
* 2nd "Surge" could double combat troops
* Senator Feingold speaks to War funding
* Presidentially directed US Army growth

* Graphic rates human obesity by country
* Locals save rainforest from sugar cane
* Hammerhead sharks asexual reproduction
* Jungle planted in Madrid train station
* Recent picture of Al Gore in his office

* GOP used fraud charges to suppress vote
* UK seeks Litvinenko suspect extradition
* Coelho's The Alchemist is being adapted
* Humorist & Teacher Frank Ze interviewed
* Gmail adds Powerpoint attachment viewer

* Analog TV whitespace broadband prototype
* Goodling House Judiciary testimony tomorrow

5/19/07 MP3 Robert Wyatt Old Europe Jazz/2003
* Arabs tell Persians "stay out" of Palestine
* Carter calls Blair Iraq War support "blind"
* White House rejects optional Iraq timetable
* 917 contractors 22 foreign journalists dead

5/18/07 US & Iranian diplomats to meet May 28
* White House opposes soldiers 3.5% pay raise
* Gonzales may face Senate no-confidence vote
* Computational Biology emulates development
* US Chess Championship covered at NYT blog

5/17/07 Michael Moore places FOIA request
* Corporate oxycontin plea deal toothless
* Pakistanis strike after protestors shot
* US war czar position unfilled for 4 yrs
* WH certified wiretaps w/out DoJ signoff

* Library print/digital culture continuum
* Sergey Tyukanov's retro fantasy whimsey
* Landis US arbitration hearing under way
* Film's most famous long takes; embedded
* Hong Kong group cites Bible's indecency

5/16/07 We've cut short our trip to Europe
* 29 US Senators support vote on timetable
* Sen. Chuck Hagel calls on Gonzales to go
* Jovial, divisive, zionist - Falwell dies
* Consumer Czar got $150k from trade group

* Happiness study wins Royal Society prize
* Norah Jones debut film at Cannes opening
* Threat to free, legal guitar tabs online
* Judge validates interstate gay marriages
* Posthuman bodymod synaesthesia engineers

5/14/07 US/Iran agree to hold talks on Iraq
* Defense Secretary praises Iraq War debate
* Taleban operations chief Dadullah is dead
* US retail same store sales record decline
* GOP rivals criticize frontrunner Giuliani

* ISPs deadline to comply with wiretap rule
* Texas town landlords policing immigration
* Gordon Brown plans "carbon neutral" towns
* 1.5 million Turks march for secular state
* MP3 Jimi Hendrix Once I Had A Woman Blues

* Preschoolers asked for thoughts on aging
* Jamestown 400 year anniversary: mythicide
* CBS fires 2 shock jocks; free speech hate
* Democrats introduce PATRIOT Act revisions
* Cryptome booted by Verio; now with NetSol

5/13/07 Wolfowitz facing no-confidence vote
* Alberto Gonzales testimony, full coverage
* Judge approves DoJ aide Goodling immunity
* House panel passes e-vote disclosure rule

* Edwards calls for Memorial Day discussion
* WTC cleanup team finds healthcare in Cuba
* Banksy profile in The New Yorker magazine
* Turkey amends constitution to direct vote

5/12/07 We're taking a train to Baden-Baden
 [I'm staying w/ Bill at American Hospital]

5/11/07 US Congress could fund War, monthly
* AT&T whistleblower Mark Klein interviewed
* Canada's lower gravity detected in 1960's
* NASA unveils Hubble successor due in 2013
* Canine asymmetrical tail wagging response

5/10/07 Bill & I checked in to Hotel Amelie
* Employed NY shock jocks: words don't hurt
* Rev. Al Sharpton debates atheist Hitchens
* NYPD ordered to publish domestic spy docs
* Extended tour troops losing child custody

* US War authorization targeted Saddam govt
* Condi Rice & Congressman Waxman continued
* Senate panel probing DoJ vote suppression
* US Attorney thinks DoJ obstructed justice
* Democrats make up 79% of Fed prosecutions

* Putin quits NATO conventional arms treaty
* Intra-species cooperation, and neo-cortex
* Butter flavored popcorn, and lung disease
* Darkest skies over Death Valley playa via
* Archive of first commercial website, 1993

* 3A FB E1 98 57 6A C1 DA BD 4B 08 EC 64 6E 59 93

5/9/07 Schumer sees Sarkozy win positively
* US House expands 'hate crime' definition
* Natural Selection, and late life disease
* Obesity is rare in Europe; isn't genetic
* Theists are happier, saner & live longer

* Burning Man participatory culture sowing
* Indian expats patenting Yogic techniques
* 3D printer prices dropping fast - $5,000
* Nastygrams ensure spread of DVD copy key
* 33% of stock trades driven by algorithms

5/8/07 I strolled Versailles gardens today
* Brazil bypasses Merck's AIDS drug patent
* Pope meets with former Iranian president
* Buddhist murals discovered in Nepal cave

* 80% of Democrats pleased with candidates
* Obama first to get Secret Service detail
* Scottish nat'l party gains slim majority
* Int'l Whaling Commission meet, Anchorage

5/5/07 I'm in Paris after touring Normandy
* US Democrats undetered by War funds veto
* Turks struggle to maintain secular state
* Pakistan chief justice supporters jailed
* Yurt mainstream after use at Burning Man

5/1/07 My flight to France scheduled today

4/29/07 CIA warned Rice of imminent attack
* Murtha: four ways to influence President
* Bill Moyers interview with Josh Marshall
* Bill Maher interview with David Iglesias
* DC Madam witness list includes prominent

* No one suffers more than their President
* Available emblems for US Govt headstones
* Comic Strip recalls pundits as War began
* New Saudi King Abdullah averts US policy
* Turkish Army pledge to defend Secularism

* US court permits copying movies from DVD

4/28/07 Everest base camp protest & arrest
* US Senator sworn to keep War Lies secret
* Waxman invites Tenet at liberty to speak
* Impeach Now! returns to SF's Ocean Beach
* US abstinence czar resigns after massage

* Oliver Sacks: therapeutic power of music
* Ancient Arizona camel size of small pony
* Tumbleweed Tiny House Co founder profile
* Bayesian reasoning intuitive explanation
* XXXChurch pastor: Jesus loves porn stars

* Colony Collapse Disorder culprit fungus?
* Verio/NTT terminates Cryptome webhosting
* US legislation to reduce webcasting fees
* DVD today Bagdad Cafe, 1987 Jack Palance
* Early 20th century swimsuit sirens [Via]

* Cowboy Junkies: Decoration Day, Crossroads

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Love Devotion Surrender [1972]
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it's not up to you [5'09]
undo [5'38]

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Comptine d'un Autre Ete: l'apres Midi
Amelie La Valse d'Amelie (piano)

"Those who know what is best for us must rise up and save us from ourselves." - Rush, "Witch Hunt"
Moving Pictures [1981]

Witch Hunt [4'45]
Red Barchetta [6'10]

Frank Zappa
Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar [1981]
Pink Napkins [4'40]
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[Advance 2005]
Dramamine [2'48]
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McLaughlin, Di Meola, De Lucia
Friday Night in San Francisco [1980]
Mediterranean Sundance, Rio Ancho [11'34]
Fantasia Suite [8'53]

October 5th, 2005 was the 50th anniversary of Ginsberg's first public reading of Howl.

Allan Ginsberg [1955]
Howl [32 min.]

Creedance Clearwater Revival
Cosmos Factory [1970]
Ramble Tamble [7'12]

~ Poets in their own words..

America [0'37]
Walt Whitman

next to of course god america
[0'59] e. e. cummings

The Hollow Men [3'53]
T. S. Eliot

Do Not Go Gentle Into
That Good Night
Dylan Thomas

The Red Wheelbarrow [0'15]
William Carlos Williams

Epilogue [1'25]
Robert Lowell

The Secret of My Endurance
[NSFW/2'16] Charles Bukowski

Amazing Grace [2'50]
Allan Ginsberg

The Sea and the Bells [1996]
All Is Calm [3'20]
With More Air Than Words [2'15]
Tea Merchants [4'56]

Camper Van Beethoven [1986]
Peace and Love [2'40]
History of Utah [2'52]
Interstellar Overdrive
[7'45/Pink Floyd Cover]

Miles Davis
Pangaea [1975]
Gondwana [45 min]
Zimbabwe [40 min]

9/7: the edges of the radio spectrum, subatomic particles with no weight and no charge, truths that hang in the air unspoken, and all the places you aren't supposed to go...
National Public Radio
This American Life
Invisible Worlds [60 min.]

Frank Zappa
Orchestral Favorites [1979]
Bogus Pomp [13'28]

Brian Jonestown Massacre
Tschusse [4'37]
Some Things Go Without

Patti Smith - Land [1975-2002]
Wing [5'05/live]
Beneath The Southern Cross [4'36]
Summer Cannibals [4'09]

Maria Taylor
11:11 [2005]
Nature Song [4'08]
Hymns of the 49th Parallel
After The Gold Rush
[Neil Young/4'04]

Richard Ashcroft
Alone With Everybody [2000]
Crazy World [4'57]
Brave New World [5'59]

Simon & Garfunkel
The Sound Of Silence [3'09]
I Am A Rock [2'59]

Faith No More
The Real Thing [1989]
War Pigs [7'46]
The Real Thing [8'13]

Selenography [1999]
Forgiveness [6'38]
French Galleasse [6'13]
An Evening of Long
Artemesia [3'13]
Kentucky Nocturne [5'46]

Toad The Wet Sprocket
Acoustic Set [1994]
All I Want [3'00]

Camper Van Beethoven [1988]
Tania [3'47]

James Laid [1993]
Low Low Low [2'52]
Knuckle Too Far [4'40]

Soft Machine
Volume 1 [1968]
Joy Of A Toy [2'49]
Why Am I So Short! [1'37]]
So Boot If At All [7'24]

The Mars Volta
Francis The mute [2005]
Track 01 [13'09]

It's All Around You [2000]
It's All Around You [4'09]

Caribou  EP  [2000]
Skunks [.mov/3'47]

Jauquo III-X
Track 01 [9'31]
Track 02 [4'38]
Track 03 [2'50]

Jane Siberry & k.d. lang
Until The End Of
The World [OST/1991]
Calling All Angels [5'11]

Jack Kerouac [1959]
[Steve Allen, piano]
The Moon Her
October In The
Railroad Earth
One Mother [0'49]

Scott Joplin
Solace [4'43]
[Slow Ragtime]

Jon Stewart
On NPR's Fresh Air
July 22nd, 2005 [30 min.]

Charlie Hunter
8 String Guitar, Solo
Track 5 [4'18]
Track 10 [1'32]

Lewis Carroll
Alice's Adventures
in Wonderland

All In The Golden

Pink Floyd
Meddle [1971]
Echoes [Epic cycle/23'29]
Seamus [Blues; humour/2'15]

Classic Disney
Jungle Book [1967]
My Own Home [3'32]

Fantasia [1940]
Dance of the Reed

101 Dalmations [1961]
Cruella De Vil [1'18]

Dumbo [1941]
When I See An
Elephant Fly

Orson Welles
Dramatization of HG Wells'
War Of The Worlds [1938]
Original Broadcast [1 hour]
Post Broadcast Anger [2'01]
Commentary [3'26]

Blade Runner
[Esper Edition]
Bicycle Riders [2'11]
Deckard's Dream [1'11]
Thinking of Rachel [1'17]
Rachel Sleeps [2'01]
Blade Runner Blues [10'07]

Steve Miller
Fly Like An Eagle [1976]
Serenade [3'11/ballad]

II & III [1986]
Cattle (Reversed)
[2'51 instrumental]
ZZTop goes to Egypt [3'07]
Sometimes [2'38]

Cheech & Chong
Big Bambu [1972]
Empire Hancock [1'08]

Grateful Dawg
Intro [1'04]
Grateful Dawg [3'46]
Dawg's Waltz [4'49]
Old and In The Way [1'35]
Off To Sea Once More [5'32]

Bruce Springsteen
Nebraska [1982]
My Fathers House [5'07]

Dylan Thomas
Do Not Go Gentle Into
That Good Night

Merle Haggard [1969]
Okie From Muskogee [2'44]

David Gray [2000]

Pearl Jam [Live in Rio 12/4/05]
Even Flow [7'52]

Gov't Mule Deepest End
Goin' Down [5'58]

The Libertines Whitechapel Demos
Dilly Boys [1'46]

British Sea Power
Heavenly Waters [6'35]

The Talking Heads
Naked [1988]
Democratic Circus [5'04]

Damien Rice and
Lisa Hannigan

Unplayed Piano [2005]
Chris Lorde Alge [3'48]
Instrumental [3'49]

Yo-Yo Ma
Japanese Melodies [1990]
Kojo No Tsuki [4'37]

Jefferson Airplane
Volunteers [1969]
Volunteers [2'08]

Jimi Hendrix
Blues [1994]
Born Under A Bad Sign
[instrumental] [7'37]

Tosca Tango Orchestra
Waking Life [OST/2001]
Nocturne E Flat Opus 9 #2 [4:00]
Ballade 4 part 2 [2:07]

The Beatles
Acoustic Masterpieces
{The Esher Demos}
Yer Blues [3'32]
Cry Baby Cry [2'32]
Not Guilty [3'01]
Piggies [2'01]

Donald Fagen
The Nightfly [1982]
New Frontier [6'21]
The Goodbye Look [4'50]

Automatic for the People [1992]
Try Not To Breathe [3'50]

Steely Dan
Aja [1977]
Aja [7'57]
Deacon Blues [7'37]


Martin Luther King, Jr.
I have a Dream [4'55]
I have been to the Mountaintop [27'48]

Jack Kerouac [1922-1969]
Friday Afternoon
In The Universe

Jack Kerouac
Spoken Word [Live]
[Steve Allen, piano]
From On The Road [3'30]

Philip Glass
Koyaanisqatsi [OST 1983]
Koyaanisqatsi [3'30]

George Carlin
Complaints and Grevances
[2001] [NSFW]
Why We Don't Need
Ten Commandments

Robin Williams
Live 2002 [NSFW]
Something Aweful Is
Going To Happen

David Crosby
If I Could Only
Remember My Name...
Mt. Tamalpais High [3'32]
Song With No Words [6'00]
Laughing [5'25]
Orleans [2'00]

Bill Cosby [Live/1969]
Old Weird Harold [5'13]
Fat Albert {Buck Buck} [9'13]
Revenge [6'04]

Roxy Music
Avalon [1982]
India [1'45]
Tara [1'31]

Bright Eyes [2005]
When the President
talks to God

Camper Van Beethoven
Key Lime Pie [1989]
All Her Favorite Fruit 5'16
Come On Darkness 3'15
Jack Ruby 5'25

Broken Social Scene
[Acoustic Live]

Philip Glass
Solo Piano [1989]
Metamorphosis Two [7'21]

Steve Martin
Let's Get Small [1977]
Excuse Me [3'02] [nsfw]

Bobby McFerrin
w/ Robin Williams

Spontaeneous Inventions [1986]
Beverly Hills Blues [3'52]

Garrison Keillor
Religion and Sex [3'21]
Getting Older [15'21]
Secret Lutherans [17'35]
The Do-Rites [17'46]
The Ethics of Jokes [19'45]
The Cat Came Back [3'40]

Alt Fashion, London [2006]


Frida Kahlo [Self Portrait]

AntiWar Sermon Brought
Warning Letter from IRS


Antikythera Mechanism may
be world's oldest computer.

Computer Ubiquity circa 2025

Wiphala or emblem of
the Qhishwa-Aymara

The Art of Culture Jamming

Jasper Johns at the De Young

What's the next best medicine?

Neil Young, US Immigrant.

Habeas Corpus, Human Right.

Tracking Lost Liberty, Daily.

individual rights


Banned Books Online

*All In The Mind*

Lost Amnesiac Man
finds self online

A Network Called Internet
[circa 1993]

ZIP Codes Database


My Favorite
Garrison Keillor
San Francisco
Fresh Basil
Barton Fink
Life Against Death
Santa Maria
del Fiore Duomo


Joybubbles 1949-2007

Santa Barbara in July
Picture Set or Slides

Five Lakes/Sand Ridge
Picture Set or Slides

Communication Breakdown

San Francisco Rowhouses

photo credit: feng

Artemis one year old
[Low res kitten pics]

Signed 2006

1994 Internet promo via recommends

Turkish troops mass takes note

"Law enforcement can't
be partisan" ~Leahy

"Because decent people
objected.." ~Edwards

More gained with honey

Rahm Emanuel D-IL
proposes defunding
VP home and office

Cheney consiglieri
Addington responds
to Senator Kerry

Richardson: Congressional
de-authorization "veto proof"

Senator Russ Feingold
addresses Democrats

"We can't be scared out of
who we are" LC Swift 2006

American Cemetery 2007


My Father's memorial
keepsake card / back

My comfy old turtleneck

Film adaptation 2003

Series One, Vol. One 1966

Steampunk Problem Light

Schwarzenegger in London

Jesus cradles baby Dino

Rushdie Knighthood

Peace by Force if Necessary

Chambord France
Pictures or Slides

Mont St Michel,
France ~ Pictures

Bayeux Cathedral
Pictures or Video

Normandy France Pictures

Normandy American Cemetery
Pictures or Slideshow

The Louvre Paris 2006

Recon avec Artemis 2006

Allston Way Berkeley

Westline Public Space

Sky above Westline

Former Westline Sea Wall

Westline Goldfish 2006

Westline Porch 2006

Westline Porch Ferns

Sierra Nevada 2005

Glass Art Violin
Seattle 2005

Desolation Wilderness 2006
[Photo Credit]

Saint Helena CA 2005

Allston Way Berkeley

I Love Yellow 2006

Berkeley CA 2006

Westline Porch Calla Lilies

Late Sunlight
January 2006

"No Sweat" Mojo Sneakers

San Pablo Ave Oakland

Westline Alameda 2006

Illuminated Calla, Westline

Westline Backyard
February 2006

SF Embarcadero
June 2007

Creative Commons License

Newly imaged "Red Square"

Bjork by Laura Levine [Big]

National Security Letter
Challenger Gagged

Bud Cummins [pictured]
replaced by Rove protege

US Attorney Carol Lam
fired day after announcing
Kyle Foggo search warrant

Holiday Motel, Cave Junction

Whitehouse subpoenaed by
Judiciary Committee Chair

Ousted Prosecutor Iglesias

You're feeling sleepy..

Hominid Heritage Gallery

Origins & History of
the Passions of War

History Of Collective Joy

Maenad w/ Thyrsus, Louvre

Memo from Sen. Obama
addresses FoxNews parrots
Steve Doocy & John Gibson.

Porto, Portugal [2006]

Whoever controls the spice..

UK Government Poster
London Metro [Via]

July 3, 2006

Religion and the
marketplace of ideas

aka ArtemisDe Young 2006

More Bacchus/Louvre 2006

[Via Fimoculous]

Howard Zinn's hero

Jim Davis' Halloween 1989
series on Existential issues.

How I Won The War [1967]

Giambattista della Porta b. 1538
Polymath and Student of Nature.
Founded Otiosi (Men of Leisure)

1955 Canadair Poster [Via]

Pop & Propaganda

Culture Jamming [Via]

Solar Powered
Sidewalk Bricks.

Earthrise, Christmas 1968

Mystery Stone discovered
in New Hampshire, 1872