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   To change something, build a
   new model
~Buckminster Fuller

12/18/07 Free Market morally blind
* Entirely synthetic life imminent
* MP3 Heaven or Las Vegas, Cocteau
* Euro Central Bank disburse $500B
* Globalization's war on democracy

* Saudi history in opening credits
* Turkish troops spend day in Iraq
* Iraq's Kurdish leader snubs Rice
* Imaginary Whitehouse visitor log
* Stanford statistician flips coin

* Rio Grande peyote reported rare
* Ron Paul out-fundraising rivals
* America has fabulous healthcare
* Colorado decerts e-vote machine
* Traditional and subprime models


* NSFW nude pics thanks to Met Art
* Circuit City repairman finds porn
* Good Samaritan won't discriminate
* ET bored by Earth's transmissions
* MP3 Fumbling Toward Ecstasy Sarah

* David Byrne interviews Thom Yorke
* Gamma Ray Burst Deathstar anomaly
* Monsanto sues to control the wind
* Former KGB in on the ground floor
* Open telephony software monopoly!


* Phone enables speech through ear

12/17/07 Greenspan sees stagflation
* US backs Turk raid near Qandil Mt
* Cheney impeachment media blackout
* Formation of Persecution Society
* CIA warned not to destroy tapes

* Senate prepares Telecom immunity
* Senator Dodd prepares filibuster
* MP3 The Sound Of Silence [Story]
* Nestle to lease Shasta watershed
* Los Angeles' prolonged dry spell

* MP3 Down The Drain, Nordine 1958
* The Queen of the Quagmire [NYRB]
* Icelandic tourist to US shackled
* Optical transmission sound buffer
* 2001 Space Odyssey
man vs machine

* VHS: Overdrawn at the Memory Bank

12/16/07 Chinese eloped to mountain
* 20% of IBM employees are in India
* Rashid Rauf skips Pakistan police
* Bags of cash airlifted to Wall St
* Ron Paul raising $12M+ in 4th qtr

* Letterman seeks deal with Writers
* Fault reporting process explained
* Farmadelphia urban transformation
* Vietnamese motorcycle helmet law
* 2006 batch of diesel motorcycles

* Ancient tools of food collection
* MP3 Give Me Back My Name, Heads
* MP3 Go To Sleep, Radiohead 2003
* Proposed record book annotation
* Fred Thompson, tongue in cheek

12/15/07 Barack Obama Iowan OpEd
* Sr Judiciary wants impeachment
* King James I, on waterboarding
* Waterboard executive privilege
* Telcos are just trying to help


* Entell The Tube expose release
* Bowman PhD Aeronautics on 9/11
* WTC in 2001 and 2007: pictures
* No scientific studies of WTC 7
* DVD tonight: David Ray Griffin

* 5th Amendment protects PGP key
* N Korea responds to Bush letter
* Huckabee has degree in Religion
* Clinton staff astroturfing bust
* Visit Depp love Vanessa Paradis

12/14/07 Increased human mutation
* Ohio election official's report
* Retroactive immunity filibuster
* Senators cite Army field manual
* Huckabee notes bunker mentality

* Googling: sensation of drowning
* Google Knol resembles wikipedia
* Open Yale undergraduate courses
* Parking garage book shelf [via]
* Oregon AG requests RIAA tactics

* Transistor created 60 years ago
* NY Times Recording Room closing
* Murdoch Corp controls Dow Jones

12/13/07 Clinton personal apology
* Obama stronger in New Hampshire
* Frozen usury markets worry Govt
* Does freedom depend on torture?
* Guantanamo propaganda team bust

* Safety of pluralistic ignorance
* Thoughtcrime bills HR1955 S1959
* American Conservatives & Israel
* Subpoenas for Al Sharpton aides
* MP3 Sea Legs, The Shins Wincing

* Frank Pringle recycling machine
* Australia ratify Kyoto protocol
* EU bid to boycott Bush protocol
* Human-electric hybrid prototype
* Sunshine makers dose sourpusses

* al-Sadr studies to be ayatollah
* Hollywood: straight to Internet
* Broadcast Assoc vs. White Space
* Copyright claim vs. comedy news
* Bush Chief of Staff in contempt

* Mt Shasta: The Oven Bakery pics
* MP3 Future Days, ambient [1973]
* DVD tonight: Rollins NYC [2006]

12/12/07 Minuteman backs Huckabee
* Military Commissions conviction
* Banks mutual distrust spur Govt
* Mitchell Report on MLB steroids
* Swiss coalition ejects rightist

* Shibboleth crack at Tate Modern
* First to land without parachute
* Kenyan pilot survives on leaves
* Lagos fastest growing mega-city * Interview with South Pole admin

* MP3 Up The Beach, Alt Hard Rock

12/11/07 Dollar rises on rate cut
* Whitehouse waterboarding policy
* US President pardons moonshiner
* Retroactive drug sentencing cut
* ISP inserts content to webpages

* MP3 Lingering Procession ballad
* Morgan Stanley recession alert
* Mortgage seller WAMU cuts back
* UPS saving money on left turns
* New Antarctic dinosaur species

12/10/07 Map of blondes in Europe
* High altitude noctilucent cloud
* Shipping container architecture
* Subprime bond sellers liability
* Wal-Mart sells out Jesus Christ

* MP3 Psalm, John Coltrane [1964]
* Tutu on detention without trial
* Hieronymous Bosch action figure
* Lessing Nobel acceptance speech
* Led Zeppelin perform in London

  12/9/07 Kerosene lantern & cooker
* NYT: Huckabee in South Carolina
* Rendition hangar North Carolina
* Wave power prototype off Oregon
* Live Journal sold to Muscovites

12/8/07 DVD tonight, Team America

12/7/07 RIP Evel Knievel [recent]
* US Congress page dorm gone wild
* CIA confirm interrogation video
* WSJ: shift in US foreign policy
* Saturnian moons resemble saucer

12/6/07 I returned home Mt Shasta

12/3/07 Clinton and Giuliani slip
* Blogger guards anonymous speech
* David Byrne interprets subprime
* US plan subprime teaser freezer
* NYT: financial insiders spooked

* US: Iran ended atomic arms work
* Slim loss for Chavez referendum
* Election strengthens Putin hand
* Paramilitary raids US Vets Hall
* AT&T 1.9 trillion call database

* Led Zeppelin Bonnaroo headliner
* US printer makers spying update

12/2/07 Big Brother has no right
* US claim right to kidnap Brits
* Rove works war history rewrite
* Huckabee, Paul, Obama emergent
* MP3 Grace, Jeff Buckley [1993]



11/30/07 Radiohead to tour Europe
* Firemen assigned to "discontent"
* I'm driving up toward Mookberry

11/29/07 WaPo recycles Obama meme
* Semantics of permanent US bases
* Biofuel crime against humanity?
* British home prices off sharply
* MP3 Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven


11/28/07 Homegrown Terrorism bill
* Information Operations Roadmap
* Did Telcos lobby for immunity?
* Congress caused Bush quagmire?
* Bush security deal with Maliki

* Annapolis Mid East peace talks
* Ashcroft would be waterboarded
* Giuliani security covers graft
* Gen. Smedley Darlington Butler
* Trevor Paglen Black World docs

* Google pushes renewable energy
* Profile of the Google Intranet
* Google remote storage service
* Linux kernel summit group pic
* Snowfall in the northern Alps

* EMI will cut funding for RIAA
* Albums re-issued reel-to-reel
* Joyce Ulysses audiobook ready
* MP3 Fitter Happier, Radiohead
* EFF targets ISPs interference


11/27/07 RIAA ignore technology
* Verizon open access plan 2008
* Amazon rejected Feds subpoena
* Time's editor backs Joe Klein
* Year end Wall St cash squeeze

11/26/07 Famous uncracked codes
* Encryption standard backdoor?
* Wiretapping traffic within US
* Rendition flight paths public
* Restoring constitutional govt

* Branson bid for Northern Rock
* 2nd largest bank absorbs SIVs
* 2nd Arab bailout of Citigroup
* Big lender emergency borrower
* Google stock price today $666

* Gore and Bush chat 30 minutes
* Cookie foils Blackwater probe
* Rice not allowed to use email
* Dennis Kucinich declared cool
* Aborigines get more apologies

* Environmentalists tail whaler
* Mark Morford OpEd, April 2002

11/25/07 Free Vermont campaign
* Antarctic sea rescue pictures
* NY City homicides 40 year low
* I inhaled, that was the point
* Persepolis [2007] trailer via

* Black Butte Railroad Culture
* Moscow mass arrests continue
* Alaska lawmakers took bribes
* 5000 US troops expected home
* Syrian envoy expected in US

  Cocktail Lounge, Ashland OR

11/24/07 Australians new PM
* Russian activists arrested
* New Polish PM's Iraq policy
* Danes convicted of bomb plot
* Veteran asked to return bonus

* Tasers kill 3 US youths/1 week
* Tyranny vs. Liberty in America
* Politics removed from stemcell
* What you don't know can't hurt
* Saudis push Sharif on Pakistan

11/23/07 Linguistic coincidences
* Warrants granted without cause
* Cookie tries to cancel hearing
* CNN's debate coverage must die
* Australian neo-con style stunt

* Ron Paul/Kucinich ticket rumor
* Observing universe hastens end
* Temples of Damanhur 8th Wonder
* MP3 Revolution #9, White Album
* Autobiography recaps etymogeny

11/22/07 Oxford word of the year
* First observed Buckyball birth
* Writers recruit silent protest
* Stealth bomber target practice
* Kierkegaard statue, Copenhagen

11/21/07 "Buy Nothing Day" 11/23
* Medical orthodoxy unscientific
* Floating network monitors seas
* Man-sized sea scorpion, fossil
* 2007 Wikipedia Stats [Top Ten]

* Video of tasered Utah motorist
* Peace conference isolates Iran
* Scott McClellan has confession
* Steps to American dictatorship
* Bible believers boo Science Guy

11/20/07 Conservapedia Statistics
* The Future of Reading, in brief
* Legendary Roman cave unearthed
* Google company offers DNA tests
* Pirate Bay facing retro tactics

11/19/07 Holmes telescopic photos
* Comet Holmes also exploded 1892
* Look between Perseus raised arms

11/18/07 Hubble views comet Holmes
* Value of love increases with age
* Latest New York Review of Books
* China TV advises sale of dollars
* Revel in prurience to condemn it

11/17/07 DC turf war split family?
* Basra rate of violence drops 90%
* US helping Pakistan secure nukes
* Virulent "Adenovirus 14" variant
* Medicare excludes long-term care

* Complex ruling per State Secrets
* Crypto number generator backdoor
* Hushmail giving PGP keys to Feds
* Tor's "last hop" exit node issue
* Organic oil spill recycle recipe

* MP3 Lucky, Radiohead OK Computer

11/16/07 Australian election 11/24
* Russia blocking election monitor
* '08 Green Car of the Year 21 MPG
* Neural impulse speech decyphered
* Local comet larger than the Sun

* Krongard brothers court perjury
* Sharpton visiting Washington DC
* Saudis punish gang rape victim
* Indictment delayed for pastime
* Whale swims deep inside Amazon

11/15/07 Bridge champions politics
* State Dept and Blackwater family
* Pakistan primary Taliban sponsor
* UK military comsat pair deployed
* Feds raid Liberty Dollar offices

* Telco immunity cut from spy bill
* No drivers licenses for illegals
* Secret Society enjoins Illuminati
* Henry Miller remarks Table Tennis
* Migrate a domain's email to gmail

11/14/07 Liberal Dems back war bill
* Mark Klein declaration unredacted
* Comcast sued for bittorrent filter
* NYSE boss is now Merrill Lynch CEO
* MP3 Everytime We Say Goodbye, Jazz

11/13/07 Bhutto ends negotiations
* Answering climate change denial
* Software needn't be proprietary
* Warhol show photo ban ridiculous
* Swarm Collective Animal Behavior

11/12/07 Kerosene fire melts steel?
* Federer shows frustration in loss
* Vietnam 1967-8 pictures on Flickr
* Autopsy: biologist carried plague
* Clinton plants questions a la Bush

11/11/07 Spook remarks end of privacy
* Kids honoring conscientious objector
* Cheney requires CIA evidence vs Iran
* Spanish King words with Hugo Chavez
* North pole seed vault work finished

11/10/07 Word of the Day: admonish
* Rep. Ron Paul introduced HR 3835
* Clinton and Giuliani are cowboys
* US Rep. questions Comcast filter
* US credit card charge-offs jump

* Writer Norman Mailer dead at 84
* Libertarian Lew Rockwell jailed
* Hollywood writers strike images
* Surveillance themed art exhibit
* Advertising becomes information

* Da Vinci and harmonic proportion
* Brain axon branch highly dynamic
* MIT students bike powered laptop
* High energy cosmic rays sourced
* Japanese video of lunar surface

  Pakistani riot police  [Naveed]

11/9/07 The Economist on the dollar
* Wachovia reports subprime exposure
* FBI datamined grocery transactions
* Coast Guard too long in warning SF
* DVD Adaptation, 2002, Chris Cooper

* Why lobbyists don't like Ron Paul
* DoJ forces e-voting machines on NY
* Giuliani promotes military buildup
* Dissent and satire alive in Russia
* The Onion's subtle intelligence #

* Benazir Bhutto house arrest brief
* Aung San Suu Kyi graces a meeting
* EU far-right party sees infighting
* How to mitigate effect of tasergun
* MP3 Deacon Blues, Steely Dan, 1977

11/8/07 I left the Democratic Party
* Photography gets foreigner removed
* Big increase in encrypted torrents
* Whistleblower connected BigBrother
* Telcos ordered to retain NSA data

* Gitmo prosecutor refused testimony
* Florida law disenfranchises voters
* Don Shula comments Patriots spying
* US Govt controls top level domains
* Yellowstone volcano caldera rising

* Ze Frank strike day was November 5
* Oil spilled into San Francisco Bay

11/7/07 The Hollywood writers strike
* Language competent chimpanzee dies
* Rudolph Giuliani strange bedfellow
* Cisco usually beats growth forcast
* NSA copies entire Internet.. blink

* MP3 DavidCrosby Song With No Words

11/6/07 Chemist chefs strange effect
* Bojangles inspired by Babe Stovall
* One gallon water per day suggested
* Waterworks bill unites US Congress
* Active General backs waterboarding

* Hygiene compels genital mutilation
* Diplomat Hughes quits on Halloween
* Diplomats can go to Iraq.. or quit
* California GOP initiative is back
* Techie fired for taking medicine

11/5/07 Doctorow feature at Kottke
* Reporter joins chocolate harvest
* Home gardens hedge biodiversity
* Stewart covers striker salaries
* Paying people to argue with you

* Telcos eavesdropping for profit
* Waterboarding HOWTO site launch
* Average consumer custom gadgets
* Temporary dictatorship has nuke
* WWI trails amongst Italian Alps

* Supermodel won't take US dollar
* American rap star flashing euro
* US/UK bank values face collapse
* Fmr Treasury Sec now Citibank CEO
* Ron Paul raises $3.5M in 20 hours

* Colbert ends bid for White House
* Tracking Fox News headline edits
* New Google/Linux cell OS Android
* Documentarian's downloading trick
* MP3 JoseGonzalez Killing for Love

11/4/07 Guy Fawkes bonfires doused
* Feingold to vote against Mukasey
* Homeowner asleep on couch tasered
* New cryptographic hash algorithms
* Email privacy under Constitution

* My pic set from Glyptotek Museum

11/3/07 Colbert not to make ballot
* Qwest CEO refused NSA early 2001
* DOJ Official knows waterboarding
* Constitution/dictatorship hybrid
* Anarchist bookfair called threat

* Candy lobby pushes Halloween DST

11/2/07 US blogger health insurance
* Citibank market value suffers 20%
* Faked Iraq War Intel source named
* University of Oregon resists RIAA
* Off the grid human powered light

11/1/07 Master of the human comedy
 ..and chief clerk at dept. of war
* Friend's baby Vivian snuggled up
* I am back home beneath Mt Shasta

10/28/07 Elegant Glyptotek museum
* Congrats Feng on birth of Vivian

10/27/07 Burmese monk Ashin Kovida
* Profile in courage: Matthew Diaz
* Convicted Qwest CEO rebuffed NSA
* Mukasey pleads 5th waterboarding
* Reagan USAG sees politicized DOJ

* Coral spawns at spring full moon
* Subprime tops agenda at IMF meet
* EU's immigrant Blue Card program
* Snowy nominated Dog Walk of Fame
* Reformed Led Zeppelin gig Nov 26

* French mayor offers Maori remains
* Manu Chao shows Ungdomshuset love
* Pete Doherty tests clean 6 months
* Keillor on success of Republicans
* Posters in Rome depict gay infant

* I spent today walking Copenhagen

10/25/07 Howard Zinn is on my iPod

10/23/07 Plan 3 nights Copenhagen

10/21/07 Arrived Helsinki by boat

10/20/07 What's your formula? via
* Profile of Morse code aficionado

10/19/07 I like oldtown Gamla Stan
* Timelapse 2007 Burning Man video
* San Francisco turning lights out
* Earth-like planet 20 light years
* Oil futures trade briefly at $90

* RNC chairman out after 10 months
* Tragedy of Rove's electoral base
* Comcast discrimination confirmed
* US Senate Cmte surveillance bill
* Amy Winehouse arrested in Bergen

10/18/07 I arrived Stockholm today
* UK explorer to survey arctic ice
* US southeast drought is critical
* MRSA infection twice rate of HIV
* Dems outpace GOP fundraising 2:1

* Basque moderate wants referendum
* Turkish parliament OKs incursion
* Bush floats apocalyptic scenario
* USAG nominee completes testimony
* Economists can't explain tipping

* Paul McCartney quoting Churchill

10/17/07 Staying the night in Flåm

10/16/07 Saw Fantoft stave church

10/15/07 I saw Nærøyfjorden today
* Hayden taints Inspector General

10/14/07 I arrived Bergen, Norway
* Bergen's World Heritage Bryggen
* Albert Gore sharing Nobel Prize

10/12/07 I arrived Oslo yesterday
* Visited Vigeland Sculpture Park
* Doris Lessing, Literature Nobel
* Santana/Mahavishnu Love Supreme
* Cold War caused Windscale event

10/10/07 Salaries up for CS grads
* Israel uses US radar spoof tech
* Turkey would close Iraqi border
* New Radiohead track, All I Need
* How shyness became a "sickness"

* America paranoid security state
* Secessionists meet in Tennessee
* Black professor calls out coward
* US exports last bit of democracy
* US Telcos eavesdropping immunity

10/9/07 Law to extend wiretapping
* Banked blood can't carry oxygen
* gPhone to relax carrier control
* iPhone brick class-action filed
* Families and Nations irrelevant

* Giuliani splits Republican party
* US security trumps human dignity
* Dawkins comments US Jewish lobby
* Boy arrested; anarchist cookbook
* Rendition jet crashes in Yucatan

* 100 students protest Ahmadinejad
* Putin expected in Iran next week
* EU pushes capital punishment ban
* Jones returns '00 Olympic medals
* Rock legends back Radiohead plan

* Thanks Cafe @ Home at Leith Walk

10/8/07 Monet painting vandalized
* Che Guevara executed 40 yrs ago
* FCC quashes phone privacy probe
* Bush "compromise" always a ruse
* I arrived Edinburgh last night

10/7/07 If a Tree Falls In Burma
* Human powered circumnavigation
* Purpose of the appendix found?
* Algae outbreak yet unexplained
* Tin whiskers peril electronics

* Anna Politkovskaya remembered
* Drunk Blackwater shooter back
* Japan stealth fighter c. 2016
* Rare Swiss riot pre-election
* Copenhagen police arrest 400

* The FCC's war on dirty words
* The Verve begin reunion tour
* Speed-of-light anomaly [via]
* Errol Morris & Fenton photos
* Thanx to UCSB SSH web client

10/4/07 Ron Paul raises $5 mil
* Carter & Tutu confront Sudan
* Musharraf & Bhutto seal deal
* Pyongyang hosts Korea summit
* Ethiopian Rasta Emperor pics

* Dellums backs neocon Clinton
* GOP Sen. Domenici retirement
* GOP fails to oust Sen. Craig
* Judge voids Alameda election
* FDA prescription alternative

* Feds seal mine investigation
* Feds delete the domain
* UC Berkeley lectures YouTubed
* Copyright used for censorship
* New book documents "The Deep"

10/3/07 I've arrived in Glasgow

10/2/07 Bloggers who risk it all
* Rules of engagement unenforced
* Public records made affordable
* New Radiohead album affordable
* Robotic camera, still panorama

10/1/07 iPhone class-action suit?
* Outed Republican to be cast out
* Congressman "comes out" atheist
* My Friend Wayne's Memorial pics
* MP3: I Want To Be Ready, Harper

9/30/07 Wayne's vineyard memorial

9/28/07 Blast confuses astronomers
* VASIMR, magnetoplasma rocketship
* Apple shuts down unlocked iPhone
* Golden age comics Hobo superhero
* I have a plane ticket to Glasgow

9/27/07 Sen. Stevens going nowhere
* Electoral college campaign broke
* Jane Goodall comments on biofuel
* Ridley Scott interview
* US/Global Internet power demands

* 1869 MIT freshman entrance exam

9/26/07 Burma monks beaten & shot
* Couric reports Iraq War verdict
* 20 US Generals oppose President
* Homeland Security, Real ID, DMV
* Request Homeland Security files

* MP3 Ladder, Joan Osborne [1995]
* President's script phoneticized
* Daniel Ellsberg remarks US coup
* US durable goods orders down 5%
* Record baseball to receive mark

9/25/07 Marcel Marceau windwalker
* Police access cellphone's trail
* Unlocking iPhone voids warranty
* Microscope can disrupt membrane
* Gary helped me choose a new SLR

* Mrs Beeton household management
* Mr Right's manners trump looks
* Limits of the Iraq Anbar Model
* Ahmadinejad speech at Columbia
* Voter fraud guru up for a vote

9/24/07 Syria invited to US talks
* German leader greets Dalai Lama
* French leader looks at a camera
* Right rewrote God Bless America
* Commercial solar panels $1/watt

9/23/07 Police aren't our masters
* Jena Six need police protection
* White House accessing DoJ cases
* Democrats courting Evangelicals
* US General Strike: November 6th

* Ahmadinejad expected in NY City
* Rice & Maliki's polite distance
* Israeli deputy: split Jerusalem
* Pakistani police arrest leaders
* Victorian illustrations gallery

* Mime Marcel Marceau, 1927-2007
* Thick peat protects permafrost
* Ed Felton credit report freeze
* USB ported Internet everywhere
* Thousands sign up for suborbit

* Senator Clinton laughs for Fox
* Frank Lloyd Wright house moved
* T-Mobile promotes iPhone unlock
* Google trans-Pacific comm-cable
* MP3 Solo 2, Neil Young Dead Man

9/22/07 Bush doesn't know Mandela
* Suu Kyi greets protesting monks
* More nooses at school near Jena
* MP3 Marvin Gaye What's Going On
* Congress kisses ass

* Sheriffs roadblock requires DNA
* FBI wiretaps Republican Senator
* Alex Jones character gets taser
* Colbert covers steps to fascism
* Spooks running Russian politics

* Gravitational wave undetectable
* Ink paintings of zen eccentrics
* Old Spanish comic and magazines
* Google to compete with Facebook
* Media Defender's effectiveness

* Second Annual OWD One Web Day

9/21/07 GOP big tent whites only
* Gay Florida Republican mystery
* Private armies global industry
* Victory in Circuit City arrest
* Pirate Bay sues Media Defender


Personal: three years sober today,
using rules of my own creation, and
always exercising choice. Temptation
is good for resolve
. Summer 2004, I
began drafting a list of 12 Reasons
not to drink. #1 is "moral courage",
followed by spiritual, emotional and
physical health. In the last three
years I have sipped beer, wine and
champaigne with friends and family.
But I will decline alcohol even in
ritual circumstances, or accept a
serving only to leave it untouched.
This can and has been done.  ~Ross

9/20/07 Ordinary bicycle a marvel
* Tonight: Yellow Submarine, 1968
* Bowie sends US$10,000 to Jena 6
* Study affirms homo floresiensis
* San Diego mayor change of heart

* Telcos seeking wiretap immunity
* God responds to protest lawsuit
* Kerouac's hand drawn book cover
* TSA notes titles of your books
* ISBN #'s intellectual property

* Senate fails to restore habeus
* Tasers in Florida and Missouri
* Freeze access to credit report
* Mortgage woes top expectations
* NY Gov. Spitzer's aids cleared

* Senators Webb & Hagel proposal
* Musharraf arranges re-election
* Canucks portray Bush as Saddam
* Landis stripped of tour title
* Twinkies ingredients revealed

* The writing room of Will Self

9/19/07 Burmese monks defy junta
* GOP mocked Kerry's Purple Heart
* Mike McConnell needs more power
* I'm leaving for Shasta tonight
  Fueled up at Quality Biodiesel

9/18/07 I was in Victoria BC today
to walk past the place in Esquimalt
where my Grandmother lived much of
her life after immigrating with her
parents from Glasgow at the age of 1.

While in town I opened a bank account
in the local currency, as the latter
approaches par with the US dollar on
news that the Federal Reserve cut the
benchmark discount rate banks charge
one another for overnight loans - for
the first time in four years - and by
twice the margin of innumerable 1/4
point rate hikes since the last cut.

9/17/07 Confinement without a trial
* French diplomat broaches Iran war
* Iraq shuts Blackwater over deaths
* ACLU brief supports Senator Craig
* Retired Senator Chafee leaves GOP

* Defining electronic surveillance
* Duke buddy protected from on high
* Personality traits of the Con Man
* SCO Ch 11 * MS lost * OJ arrested
* Wall St forsees oil at $85/barrel

* Lights Out San Francisco, Oct 20
* New Coen Brothers film [trailer]
* Neutron physics model overturned

9/16/07 Tor administrator arrested
* Hagel: Iraq policy a dirty trick

9/15/07 Global Dominance Group pdf
* NATO fighters intercept Russians
* Greenspan: Iraq War is about oil
* Run on Brit banker Northern Rock
* Justice Dept Party Planner quits

* Water behaviour in zero-g of ISS
* Arctic ice melt opens NW Passage
* Creationists use DMCA vs Dawkins
* Pic of Earth by Mars rover Spirit
* Capgras syndrome face incognition

* Copyleft material sold for profit

9/14/07 Myth of AQI (al Qaeda Iraq)
* President deceptive or delusional
* Govt payroll should remain public

9/13/07 Brian Williams, journalist?
* DNI Mike McConnell will lie again
* DMCA notice counterclaim succeeds
* Paleolithic/modern diets compared
* I'm in Poulsbo with the biodiesel

9/11/07 RF field salt water "fuel"
* Keep AT&T on the hook for spying
* NAO National Applications Office
* National Counterterrorism Center
* Osama last known in Pakistan '02

* Stable Iraq government March '03
* Prolonged surge report March '08
* Feingold puts the War in context
* Lieberman suggests entering Iran
* Israel strikes Iranians in Syria

* Potter star's lead role in Equus
* Potfarmer Ed Rosenthal interview
* California pot task force lethal
* Corruption suspect taps lobbyist
* Clinton campaign returns $850000

* DVD: Loose Change, 2nd Ed [2006]
* Supercapitalism, by Robert Reich
* Corporate doppelganger liability
* Law is intended for corporations
* 7 wonders of the info tech world

* Bibliodyssey Armenian manuscript
* How Scotland lost 17th c. empire
* Continent using Medieval measure
* Who's A Rat? Informants database
* US "white space" spectrum debate

* Mexico pipeline blast; none hurt
* Doctor says NFL player will walk
* Chest Tattoo: Do Not Resuscitate
* Primates egalitarian or despotic
* Longest unmanned flight 54 hours

9/10/07 Unencrypted authentication
* Electrochemical battery outmoded
* General Petreaus before Congress
* GQ monthly consults Colin Powell
* Senator acts for phobic brethren

9/9/07 Seven Wonders QTVR panorama
* Shakespeare authorship coalition
* Telcos & FCC block free Internet
* DHS ADVISE datamining news event
* Political affiliation of Justice

* Babel Library information policy
* San Francisco Singularity Summit
* Rare grizzly meets US sportsman
* Mortgage foreclosure statistics
* 99%-cocoa chocolate tastes good

9/8/07 Kenilworth aquatic gardens
* Urine powered battery available
* Nuclear fusion power "on earth"
* Harley Davidson cuts production
* Henin outplays Williams sisters

* honors Chuck Hagel
* Google staff interview Ron Paul
* Schwarzenegger state GOP speech
* Jessica Lynch rescue was staged
* GOP christian view of hypocrisy


* Al Franken's Supply Side Jesus
* 2000 humans have RFID implants
* Fossett search area 17,000 sqm
* Pavarotti's funeral Standing O
* DVD The Magic Christian [1969]

9/7/07 Efficient diesel catamaran
* US disfavors network neutrality
* Toy importers seek US standards
* Dethroning corporate personhood
* War's ubiquitous contractor KBR

* Suicide rate spikes: 1990, 2004
* Virus linked to colony collapse
* Ketamine dissociates perception
* Perry Bible Fellowship secrets
* Chaser boys mock APEC security


9/6/07 Privatization of rainwater
* National Security Letter ruling
* Al Gore rumors of campaign 2000
* Corporate lobby denies Fair Use
* Traceroute to today

9/5/07 Green cars illegal to sell
* Press role as "surge protector"
* Cheney struggle with FISA court
* Goldsmith The Terror Presidency
* Manipulation of Behavior [NSFW]


* Blanket DNA database ruled fair
* Fossett missing since Labor Day
* Nuke mistakenly flown across US
* New Zealand
shuns nuclear power
* Dessau's human memorial pyramid


* Obit: reporter David Halberstam
* Asteroid mass extinction upheld
* Utah mine owner to skip hearing
* Chinese President Hu meets Bush
* Comcast forging torrent packets


9/4/07 Leaving stores conditional
* Petraeus public relations surge
* Prime Minister shut down Sydney
* Germany uses policeware/malware
* MI5 confused by Orwell politics

* Tell Brak among the 1st suburbs
* Greenland's ice sheet vestigial
* Video of hard drive functioning
* Henry Miller loved Krishnamurti
* Blade Runner final cut [Venice]


8/31/07 Algorithm rates wiki page
* Martian cylindrical crater wall
* What Google will and won't find
* Aussie ISP's reject police role
* New Internet topology generator

* Does Apple mind iPhone unlock?
* Twitter activity visualization
* SWIFT US State Secrets defense
* Briefing on NSA listening post
* Israel/US lobby critic shut out

* ABC interviews cryptome founder
* How to handle an RIAA nastygram
* De Palma stuns Venice film fest
* ee cummings' 2nd novel EIMI via
* Bhutto is in powersharing talks

* Iowa same-sex marriage licenses
* Cunningham partner Intel asset?
* Another closet gay Conservative
* Larry Craig serves on NRA board
* Larry Craig the singing Senator


8/30/07 Site may be offline a bit
* Bookmark the mirror
* Burning Man arson under eclipse
* AIFF: Neil Young, On The Beach
* Neil Young Roll Another Number

8/28/07 Antique adding machines
* Tax funded research is public
* Turkish military warns rulers
* Yahoo asks case be dismissed

8/27/07 Silk Road city turns 2750
* Asian seafarers first Americans
* Medieval traits are unexplained
* Ice Age and Earth/Sun proximity
* Lunar total eclipse, Western US

* Wikipedia entry: cognitive bias
* Fed Reserve bends rule for BofA
* France wants ouster of Iraqi PM
* Katrina hospital homicides case
* Rove adoptive dad body piercing

* VoIP phones buggable via vendor
* Why did Roberto Gonzales resign
* Republican Senator lewd conduct
* ACLU sues DEA; unlawful siezure
* Democratic candidate "break in"

* Cologne cathedral window pixels
* Sneaker style jikatabi footwear
* Tenenbaum MP3 Needle in the Hay
* Actor Owen Wilson hospitalized
* Aboriginal artist profiles via

* Bixblog Amen for Ariano Irpino

8/26/07 Religious parody censored
* New paleo-anthropology timeline
* NBA player calls dogfight sport
* Equipment fails upon A/V prayer
* Barcelona chapel supercomputer:


* Comcast secret bandwidth limit
* Big Biz needn't follow the law
* South Africa SBC financed AT&T
* Wikiscanner for Germany, Japan
* Rolf Escher portrays books via


* Pete Doherty notebooks alt via
* Chronic noise exposure & death
* MP3: Give Me Back My Name 1985
* Exception for halal and hotdog
* Josh Cochran illustrations via


* Air passengers restrain fellow
* Tim Robbins vs Cheney advocate
* War violence' seasonal pattern
* Iraq leaders supposed "accord"
* Warner "respectfully suggests"


8/25/07 NSA and the dream police
* Outgoing US brass changes tune
* Hoekstra dooms Iraqi democracy
* US Presidential Advance Manual
* Brzezinski endorses Obama [tr]

* Cooking safe with aluminum via
* Wearable PC; augmented reality
* Microsoft servers down enmasse
* Hendrix live in Stockholm 1967
* Should Do This suggestion site

* Four commercial iPhone unlocks

8/24/07 iPhone SIM card unlocked
* Open source licenses 1000-plus
* Out of body self consciousness
* Astronomy's huge WMAP coldspot
* Dean 3rd most intense landfall

* Iraq POW's "inspired by money"
* Iran shuts Western barbershops
* Warner sees no need to clarify
* Intonation between mother/baby
* Twentieth Sunday Ordinary Time


* Victim's brother's beneficence
* Massachusetts divorce rate low
* Brits interview The Pirate Bay
* 8 crazy homebuilding materials
* I'm home from Drakes and Pajaro

* DVD: The Beales of Grey Gardens

8/21/07 9th Circuit State Secrets
* Wells Fargo Bank offline 24 hrs
* Wall St Nobel nerds quant funds
* School uniform tracking devices
* Beginner guide to picking locks

* US ecologists criticize ethanol
* Non-rechargable-battery charger
* 9V battery yields six AAA cells
* Victorian robot Boilerplate via
* Entombed miners sacred mountain

* Hydrogen peroxide, as indicator
* Star-shape astroglia brain cell
* NSA affiliated IP addresses via
* EU boycotts Hamas for aid graft
* Jon Stewart Daily Show in Iraq

* Joybubbles Whistler is my hero
* MP3: La Valse d'Amelie [piano]

8/20/07 Leahy on Telcos liability
* DoJ scandal has 6th resignation
* Largest US lender hand to mouth
* Voyager craft in space 30 years
* Skype reports reason for outage

* The Social Graph problem [via]

8/19/07 Endeavour repair to wait
* DHS gets spy satellite imagery
* Russians continue long patrols
* Physicists tally consciousness
* FCC commish comments Pearl Jam

* US immigrant activist deported
* Female hyenas prefer outsiders
* Daniil Kharms absurdist writer
* Rightist affection for Clinton
* Shrinks drop interrogation ban


* Tunick-Greenpeace glacier pics
* Minnesota is too polite to ask
* Scotland's Loch Lomond pic via
* Bill Moyers on Rove legacy [*]
* Mysterious streaks over Turkey

8/18/07 World Cup slur strategic
* ACLU seeks Jan 10th FISA order
* Fed Reserve overnight rate cut
* World markets index change map
* Diebold has changed their name

* NeoCons fear Islamic theocracy
* Congressman fears Hindu prayer
* Iran Guard to get terror label
* Psychologist interrogation ban
* US 9th Circuit hears NSA cases

* Canadian Space Agency in orbit
* Hurricane Dean, Jamaica Sunday
* Nader cites Limbaugh/GM payola
* Wikiscanner compiles addresses
* Comcast throttling bittorrent?

* Hackers take down Skype service

8/14/07 I expect to return Friday
* MP3 Guitar Solo #3 Dead Man OST

8/13/07 Asian markets open steady
* Rove quits while under subpoena
* FISA ruling used to bypass FISA
* NASA surveys gouged heat shield
* NSFW Bonobos: New Frans de Waal


* AT&T promoted english only 1920
* German computer crime law stern
* Suprnova easy for BT illiterate
* MP3 Miles Davis Zimbabwe [1975]
* Pentagon host Christian Embassy

8/12/07 Suspicion grips creditors
* Scorned DoJ attorneys political
* RNC Voter audit letter improper
* Intel Cte member's Iraq PR tour
* Musharraf to attend peace jirga

* Ranking atheist within US govt
* Environmental science criminal
* Cryptome publisher interviewed
* Stasi document license to kill
* China police 200,000 CCTV cams

* US Bill of Rights conveniences
* Michelle Obama decries nonsense
* US Army running low on Red Bull
* Cheney argues airstrike on Iran
* Net Neutrality debate in the UK

8/11/07 Coca Cola claim hydration
* Undocumented farmworker roundup
* Federal Reserve supports dollar
* Big Ben silenced during repairs
* Captain Beefheart in Paris 1980


* Sarkozy joins Bush for burgers
* Ex-Bush speechwriter published
* Men are from Google. Women are
* The science of insulting women
* 1 in 200 men carry Genghis DNA

* US Senator pushes biometric ID
* Airlines relieved of watchlist
* Travelers cannot refuse search
* MP3 Sun Kil Moon, Space Travel
* Icebreaker to map Arctic floor


* Pics of Earth from spacecraft
* Empty space acts like crystal
* King Tut glass scarab origins
* 10 puzzling ancient artifacts
* Coelacanth's symmetrical fins

* DVD Novecento aka 1900 [1976]

8/10/07 Jack Black film trailer
* Class action suit vs. YouTube
* Feds hassle Kanye West friend
* AT&T defended privacy in 1928
* Leahy calls White House bluff

* Canada plans new Arctic bases
* CSIS complicit in Arar torture
* Stu Bykofsky irresponsible via
* Open Source Community stop SCO
* DNC none-of-the-above campaign


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Spoken Word [Live]
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High Jazz-Rock - McLaughlin
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Love Devotion Surrender [1972]
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Hands and Feet [3'42]

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Best of Word Jazz Vol. 1
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Yellow Moon [1989]
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Keys To The World [2006]
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Starless & Bible Black [1974]
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Exiles [7'40]

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Nitty Gritty Dirt Band [1970]
Mr Bojangles [3'36]

Hope Sandoval
and the Warm Inventions
Bavarian Bread Fruit [2001]
Butterfly Mornings [3'37]
Around My Smile [4'10]

Boston [1976]
More Than A Feeling [4'45]

Leslie Feist
Let It Die [2004]
Mushaboom [3'44]
Secret Heart [3'49]

Seu Jorge
Life Aquatic (Studio) [2005]
Changes [3'40/Bowie]
Queen Bitch [3'42/Bowie]

The Talking Heads
Naked [1988]
Totally Nude [4'11]
Mr. Jones [4'20]

Vespertine [2001]
it's not up to you [5'09]
undo [5'38]

John Lennon
Shaved Fish [1967]
Happy Christmas
(War Is Over) [4'14]

Yann Tiersen
Amelie [OST/2001]
Comptine d'un Autre Ete: l'apres Midi
Amelie La Valse d'Amelie (piano)

"Those who know what is best for us must rise up and save us from ourselves." - Rush, "Witch Hunt"
Moving Pictures [1981]

Witch Hunt [4'45]
Red Barchetta [6'10]

Frank Zappa
Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar [1981]
Pink Napkins [4'40]
Stucco Homes [8'56]
Deathless Horsie [6'19]

Future Days [1973]
Future Days [9'32]

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I Feel Just Like A Child [4'46]
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2112 [1976]
2112 [20'34]

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In The Mood [1940]
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Revolution #9 [8'21]
Blackbird [2'18]
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Gently Weeps [4'44]

The Red Violin [OST/1998]
Featuring Joshua Bell
Overture [2'50]
Reprise [1'34]
Reprise Voice [1'55]

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Evil [4'36]

Sun Kil Moon
Tiny Cities
[Advance 2005]
Dramamine [2'48]
Space Travel Is Boring [3'43]

McLaughlin, Di Meola, De Lucia
Friday Night in San Francisco [1980]
Mediterranean Sundance, Rio Ancho [11'34]
Fantasia Suite [8'53]

October 5th, 2005 was the 50th anniversary of Ginsberg's first public reading of Howl.

Allan Ginsberg [1955]
Howl [32 min.]

Creedance Clearwater Revival
Cosmos Factory [1970]
Ramble Tamble [7'12]

~ Poets in their own words..

America [0'37]
Walt Whitman

next to of course god america
[0'59] e. e. cummings

The Hollow Men [3'53]
T. S. Eliot

Do Not Go Gentle Into
That Good Night
Dylan Thomas

The Red Wheelbarrow [0'15]
William Carlos Williams

Epilogue [1'25]
Robert Lowell

The Secret of My Endurance
[NSFW/2'16] Charles Bukowski

Amazing Grace [2'50]
Allan Ginsberg

The Sea and the Bells [1996]
All Is Calm [3'20]
With More Air Than Words [2'15]
Tea Merchants [4'56]

Camper Van Beethoven [1986]
Peace and Love [2'40]
History of Utah [2'52]
Interstellar Overdrive
[7'45/Pink Floyd Cover]

Miles Davis
Pangaea [1975]
Gondwana [45 min]
Zimbabwe [40 min]

9/7: the edges of the radio spectrum, subatomic particles with no weight and no charge, truths that hang in the air unspoken, and all the places you aren't supposed to go...
National Public Radio
This American Life
Invisible Worlds [60 min.]

Frank Zappa
Orchestral Favorites [1979]
Bogus Pomp [13'28]

Brian Jonestown Massacre
Tschusse [4'37]
Some Things Go Without

Patti Smith - Land [1975-2002]
Wing [5'05/live]
Beneath The Southern Cross [4'36]
Summer Cannibals [4'09]

Maria Taylor
11:11 [2005]
Nature Song [4'08]
Hymns of the 49th Parallel
After The Gold Rush
[Neil Young/4'04]

Richard Ashcroft
Alone With Everybody [2000]
Crazy World [4'57]
Brave New World [5'59]

Simon & Garfunkel
The Sound Of Silence [3'09]
I Am A Rock [2'59]

Faith No More
The Real Thing [1989]
War Pigs [7'46]
The Real Thing [8'13]

Selenography [1999]
Forgiveness [6'38]
French Galleasse [6'13]
An Evening of Long
Artemesia [3'13]
Kentucky Nocturne [5'46]

Toad The Wet Sprocket
Acoustic Set [1994]
All I Want [3'00]

Camper Van Beethoven [1988]
Tania [3'47]

James Laid [1993]
Low Low Low [2'52]
Knuckle Too Far [4'40]

Soft Machine
Volume 1 [1968]
Joy Of A Toy [2'49]
Why Am I So Short! [1'37]]
So Boot If At All [7'24]

The Mars Volta
Francis The mute [2005]
Track 01 [13'09]

It's All Around You [2000]
It's All Around You [4'09]

Caribou  EP  [2000]
Skunks [.mov/3'47]

Jauquo III-X
Track 01 [9'31]
Track 02 [4'38]
Track 03 [2'50]

Jane Siberry & k.d. lang
Until The End Of
The World [OST/1991]
Calling All Angels [5'11]

Jack Kerouac [1959]
[Steve Allen, piano]
The Moon Her
October In The
Railroad Earth
One Mother [0'49]

Scott Joplin
Solace [4'43]
[Slow Ragtime]

Jon Stewart
On NPR's Fresh Air
July 22nd, 2005 [30 min.]

Charlie Hunter
8 String Guitar, Solo
Track 5 [4'18]
Track 10 [1'32]

Lewis Carroll
Alice's Adventures
in Wonderland

All In The Golden

Pink Floyd
Meddle [1971]
Echoes [Epic cycle/23'29]
Seamus [Blues; humour/2'15]

Classic Disney
Jungle Book [1967]
My Own Home [3'32]

Fantasia [1940]
Dance of the Reed

101 Dalmations [1961]
Cruella De Vil [1'18]

Dumbo [1941]
When I See An
Elephant Fly

Orson Welles
Dramatization of HG Wells'
War Of The Worlds [1938]
Original Broadcast [1 hour]
Post Broadcast Anger [2'01]
Commentary [3'26]

Blade Runner
[Esper Edition]
Bicycle Riders [2'11]
Deckard's Dream [1'11]
Thinking of Rachel [1'17]
Rachel Sleeps [2'01]
Blade Runner Blues [10'07]

Steve Miller
Fly Like An Eagle [1976]
Serenade [3'11/ballad]

II & III [1986]
Cattle (Reversed)
[2'51 instrumental]
ZZTop goes to Egypt [3'07]
Sometimes [2'38]

Cheech & Chong
Big Bambu [1972]
Empire Hancock [1'08]

Grateful Dawg
Intro [1'04]
Grateful Dawg [3'46]
Dawg's Waltz [4'49]
Old and In The Way [1'35]
Off To Sea Once More [5'32]

Bruce Springsteen
Nebraska [1982]
My Fathers House [5'07]

Dylan Thomas
Do Not Go Gentle Into
That Good Night

Merle Haggard [1969]
Okie From Muskogee [2'44]

David Gray [2000]

Pearl Jam [Live in Rio 12/4/05]
Even Flow [7'52]

Gov't Mule Deepest End
Goin' Down [5'58]

The Libertines Whitechapel Demos
Dilly Boys [1'46]

British Sea Power
Heavenly Waters [6'35]

The Talking Heads
Naked [1988]
Democratic Circus [5'04]

Damien Rice and
Lisa Hannigan

Unplayed Piano [2005]
Chris Lorde Alge [3'48]
Instrumental [3'49]

Yo-Yo Ma
Japanese Melodies [1990]
Kojo No Tsuki [4'37]

Jefferson Airplane
Volunteers [1969]
Volunteers [2'08]

Jimi Hendrix
Blues [1994]
Born Under A Bad Sign
[instrumental] [7'37]

Tosca Tango Orchestra
Waking Life [OST/2001]
Nocturne E Flat Opus 9 #2 [4:00]
Ballade 4 part 2 [2:07]

The Beatles
Acoustic Masterpieces
{The Esher Demos}
Yer Blues [3'32]
Cry Baby Cry [2'32]
Not Guilty [3'01]
Piggies [2'01]

Donald Fagen
The Nightfly [1982]
New Frontier [6'21]
The Goodbye Look [4'50]

Automatic for the People [1992]
Try Not To Breathe [3'50]

Steely Dan
Aja [1977]
Aja [7'57]
Deacon Blues [7'37]


Martin Luther King, Jr.
I have a Dream [4'55]
I have been to the Mountaintop [27'48]

Jack Kerouac [1922-1969]
Friday Afternoon
In The Universe

Jack Kerouac
Spoken Word [Live]
[Steve Allen, piano]
From On The Road [3'30]

Philip Glass
Koyaanisqatsi [OST 1983]
Koyaanisqatsi [3'30]

George Carlin
Complaints and Grevances
[2001] [NSFW]
Why We Don't Need
Ten Commandments

Robin Williams
Live 2002 [NSFW]
Something Aweful Is
Going To Happen

David Crosby
If I Could Only
Remember My Name...
Mt. Tamalpais High [3'32]
Song With No Words [6'00]
Laughing [5'25]
Orleans [2'00]

Bill Cosby [Live/1969]
Old Weird Harold [5'13]
Fat Albert {Buck Buck} [9'13]
Revenge [6'04]

Roxy Music
Avalon [1982]
India [1'45]
Tara [1'31]

Bright Eyes [2005]
When the President
talks to God

Camper Van Beethoven
Key Lime Pie [1989]
All Her Favorite Fruit 5'16
Come On Darkness 3'15
Jack Ruby 5'25

Broken Social Scene
[Acoustic Live]

Philip Glass
Solo Piano [1989]
Metamorphosis Two [7'21]

Steve Martin
Let's Get Small [1977]
Excuse Me [3'02] [nsfw]

Bobby McFerrin
w/ Robin Williams

Spontaeneous Inventions [1986]
Beverly Hills Blues [3'52]

Garrison Keillor
Religion and Sex [3'21]
Getting Older [15'21]
Secret Lutherans [17'35]
The Do-Rites [17'46]
The Ethics of Jokes [19'45]
The Cat Came Back [3'40]

Alt Fashion, London [2006]


Frida Kahlo [Self Portrait]

AntiWar Sermon Brought
Warning Letter from IRS


Antikythera Mechanism may
be world's oldest computer.

Computer Ubiquity circa 2025

Wiphala or emblem of
the Qhishwa-Aymara

The Art of Culture Jamming

Jasper Johns at the De Young

What's the next best medicine?

Neil Young, US Immigrant.

Habeas Corpus, Human Right.

Tracking Lost Liberty, Daily.

individual rights


Banned Books Online

*All In The Mind*

Lost Amnesiac Man
finds self online

A Network Called Internet
[circa 1993]

ZIP Codes Database


My Favorite
Garrison Keillor
San Francisco
Fresh Basil
Barton Fink
Life Against Death
Santa Maria
del Fiore Duomo


December Mookberry Pics

Reading at Home

Reading at Mookberry

Tending Antarctic Whales

Alex Jones  [Waking Life]

Why Bush isn't impeached

October Copenhagen Set

Jet Lag, Halloween

Glyptotek Picture Set

Copenhagen Location

Artemis, Garden of
Versailles 2007 set

Blaise Cendrars
aka Son of Homer

Guillaume Apollinaire

Joybubbles 1949-2007

Friend Wayne, and Max
[Sept 30 Memorial Pics]

Europe Supported  [Via]

Canadian magazine's
September coverstory

"Reagan borrowed from
Clinton"   ~Greenspan

Radio waves allow atoms
in salt water to burn off

Santa Barbara in July
Picture Set or Slides

Five Lakes/Sand Ridge
Picture Set or Slides

Jack Goldsmith opposed
DoJ/OLC "torture memos"

Communication Breakdown

San Francisco Rowhouses

photo credit: feng

Artemis one year old
[Low res kitten pics]

Signed 2006

1994 Internet promo via recommends

Turkish troops mass takes note

"Law enforcement can't
be partisan" ~Leahy

"Because decent people
objected.." ~Edwards

More gained with honey

Rahm Emanuel D-IL
proposes defunding
VP home and office

Cheney consiglieri
Addington responds
to Senator Kerry

Richardson: Congressional
de-authorization "veto proof"

Senator Russ Feingold
addresses Democrats

"We can't be scared out of
who we are" LC Swift 2006

American Cemetery 2007


My Father's memorial
keepsake card / back

My comfy old turtleneck

Film adaptation 2003

Series One, Vol. One 1966

Steampunk Problem Light

Schwarzenegger in London

Jesus cradles baby Dino

Rushdie Knighthood

Peace by Force if Necessary

Chambord France
Pictures or Slides

Mont St Michel,
France ~ Pictures

Bayeux Cathedral
Pictures or Video

Normandy France Pictures

Normandy American Cemetery
Pictures or Slideshow

The Louvre Paris 2006

Recon avec Artemis 2006

Allston Way Berkeley

Westline Public Space

Sky above Westline

Former Westline Sea Wall

Westline Goldfish 2006

Westline Porch 2006

Westline Porch Ferns

Sierra Nevada 2005

Glass Art Violin
Seattle 2005

Desolation Wilderness 2006
[Photo Credit]

Saint Helena CA 2005

Allston Way Berkeley

I Love Yellow 2006

Berkeley CA 2006

Westline Porch Calla Lilies

Late Sunlight
January 2006

"No Sweat" Mojo Sneakers

San Pablo Ave Oakland

Westline Alameda 2006

Illuminated Calla, Westline

Westline Backyard
February 2006

SF Embarcadero
June 2007

Creative Commons License

Newly imaged "Red Square"

Bjork by Laura Levine [Big]

National Security Letter
Challenger Gagged

Bud Cummins [pictured]
replaced by Rove protege

US Attorney Carol Lam
fired day after announcing
Kyle Foggo search warrant

Holiday Motel, Cave Junction

Whitehouse subpoenaed by
Judiciary Committee Chair

Ousted Prosecutor Iglesias

You're feeling sleepy..

Hominid Heritage Gallery

Origins & History of
the Passions of War

History Of Collective Joy

Maenad w/ Thyrsus, Louvre

Memo from Sen. Obama
addresses FoxNews parrots
Steve Doocy & John Gibson.

Porto, Portugal [2006]

Whoever controls the spice..

UK Government Poster
London Metro [Via]

July 3, 2006

Religion and the
marketplace of ideas

aka ArtemisDe Young 2006

More Bacchus/Louvre 2006

[Via Fimoculous]

Howard Zinn's hero

Jim Davis' Halloween 1989
series on Existential issues.

How I Won The War [1967]

Giambattista della Porta b. 1538
Polymath and Student of Nature.
Founded Otiosi (Men of Leisure)

1955 Canadair Poster [Via]

Pop & Propaganda

Culture Jamming [Via]

Solar Powered
Sidewalk Bricks.

Earthrise, Christmas 1968

Mystery Stone discovered
in New Hampshire, 1872