January 1, 2009

* Enlightenment: release from self-incurred tutelage
* US banks ranked by "credit troubles" [Texas Ratio]
* California budget deficit expected to exceed $40B
* Sympathetic view of "Why Israel Feels Threatened"
* Palestinian Authority President Abbas going to NY

* Southern sky timelapse. Lava flows night and day
* Virgin Galactic inks 20 year lease in New Mexico
* Hidden fragility costs of Amazon's Kindle reader
* Obama is popular, therefore he is Britney Spears
* Activists return Madoff's loot, signed Educators


December 31, 2008

* Group moves homeless people into foreclosed homes
* FCC drops content filter from free broadband plan
* Powell aid compares and contrasts Palin with Bush
* Gonzales considers himself a "casualty of the war"
* Zion rejected Hamas terms for extending ceasefire

* Gordon Brown: "era of unbridled free market dogma"
* Naill Ferguson's "Ascent of Money" on TV Jan 13th
* Iraqi forces taking control of Baghdad green zone
* Neanderthals had red hair, freckles, type-O blood
* I read of Giordano Bruno in "The Murder of Christ"


December 30, 2008

* Creation Care: soy ink green print recycled bible
* Israel could heed laws that support its existence
* 80+ earthquakes in Yellowstone park in three days
* Facial expressions of congenitally blind compared
* Latest study on pledges of pre-marital abstinence

* Evangelical's teen daughter has son out of wedlock
* Satirists want magic bigot to lead Grand Old Party
* Taleban conquering valley 100 miles from Islamabad
* Transcript of RIAA's "only trial" available online
* Animal intelligence developed in seperate lineages


December 29, 2008

* Fluctuations in the rotational speed of the earth
* Legal threshold for using communications metadata?
* Russian avante-garde book art prior to bolshivism
* Seattle & Minneapolis are most literate US cities
* Fibonacci ratio of .618 refered to as golden mean

December 28, 2008

* Pirates issue ransom-backed bonds to buy Citigroup
* Elon Musk's SpaceX to resupply int'l space station
* Photographers detained at Tennessee coal ash spill
* Sciam: coal ash more radioactive than nuclear waste
* Swarm of Yellowstone quakes began yesterday morning

* Laura Bush and Condi Rice: presidency not a failure
* Rice claims Palestinian "foundation", as bombs fall
* Global public opinion of United States 2000-8 [Pew]
* Confidence in Osama bin Laden is down among Muslims
* United States seen positively by just 41% of Chinese


December 27, 2008

* Mortars kill no Israelis; Airstrikes kill 225 Gazans
* US and Georgia to sign strategic partnership Jan 4th
* Japan's industrial output falls 8% in a single month
* NY parole board member guilty of child solicitation
* Religions seek to infantilise us with their beliefs

* Japanese whaling ship steers hard into Sea Shepherd

December 25, 2008

* Japanese credit rating firm: cancel US debt to Japan
* China will start using yuan in trades with neighbors
* Morgan Stanley board member poses as outside observer
* Jews left Gaza in 1929; Israeli occupation 1967-2005
* Curmudgeonly geek's timeline of information science

* Richard Dawkins celebrates Christmas; sings carols

December 23, 2008

* Laissez Faire fundamentalists cannot be responsible
* Republican Senate Committee blamed "over-regulation"
* Banks use welfare money for drugs, alcohol, gambling
* Fitzgerald met with Obama Dec 18th, Emanuel Dec 20th
* Foreign Service to outnumber War Dept marching bands

* Interpol chief presses India to release the evidence
* Jazz on the Grooveyard: Ellington's Nutcracker Suite
* Run on northwest stores for duraflame and hot cocoa
* Lady goes back to the land; joins survivalrealty.com
* Teenage Susie Bright visits 1974 Playboy Club [NSFW]


* Anti-minority ballot measures restore violent bigots
* Laws against interracial marriage overturned in 1967
* "Loyal opposition" once questioned loyalty of others
* No constitutional requirement for the use of a bible
* Cheney directed journalists to role of Valerie Plame

* FBI Director doesn't believe torture averts attacks
* Dwelling on negative consequences fails to persuade
* Resisting an arrest or search can be legal in Texas
* Last major supplier of VHS movies abandoning format
* More laptops than desktops shipped in third quarter

* Inexpensive tunable eyeglasses ready for production

December 22, 2008

* Sea Shepherd engaged Japanese Whaling fleet Dec 19th
* Australian former GTMO prisoner David Hicks now free
* Obama on Oahu for 12 days; returns almost every year
* Series of Wii remote modifications starts with hemp
* Several concept quilts depicting roads, landscapes


* Evidence Earth's location in universe is ordinary
* Toyota forecasts first operating loss in 71 years
* Japanese exports down 27%, exports to US down 34%
* Rioting cops beat up tax protestors in Vladivostok
* Russian govt will own most of country's industries

* EU's incoming president Vaclav Klaus was a KGB mole
* DNI designate Admiral Blair did tour as CIA liaison
* Bruce Schneier on 60 Minutes: TSA "security theatre"
* Lawrence Lessig studies improper dependence on money
* Air America president: Fairness Doctrine anachronism


* Playfully dystopian twentysomething-twentysomething
* Commercial real estate investor group wants bailout
* Mubarak asks Israeli Foreign Minister Livni to Cairo
* Iraq deporting several thousand opposition Iranians
* Pakistan scrambles fighter jets over several cities

* Guy Adami remarks shift from equities to commodities
* "Crisis of capitalism" after consuming entire planet
* 9/11, bad intelligence, financial meltdown, etcetera
* Lesbian Melissa Etheridge defends Pastor Rick Warren
* Dust jackets of 1940s educational books for children

* Wildman genealogy includes Santa Claus's family tree


December 21, 2008

* Power to launch nuclear war implies power to torture
* Regulation of voting & gambling machines, juxtaposed
* DVD War Made Easy reaches into Orwellian memory hole
* Activist throws Utah oil drilling auction into chaos
* Rainclouds prevent illumination of Newgrange chamber

* If Pastor Warren is right, should gays be imprisoned?
* Pope on 400th anniversary of observations by Galileo
* Apollo 8 flight around moon began 40 years ago today
* Thanks to the man who accepted my donation yesterday
* Israeli hasbara campaign explains next Gaza invasion


* Cheney: Biden would "diminish" his nonexistent power
* Pentagon wrested control of Justice Dept, State Dept
* Monsanto likes Obama's Agriculture Secretary Vilsack
* Survey of Wall Street corporate jet use post-bailout
* Rahm Emanuel on tape with Blagojevich chief of staff

December 20, 2008

* Blagojevich issued 22 pardons since Friday statement
* GOP IT guru Mike Connell dies weeks after testifying
* Bush procurement boss guilty of lying about Abramoff
* Federal Reserve sets up TALF bailout for Hedge Funds
* Barclays boss: amount of available credit "shrinking"

* Child slave market in Haiti offers "adoption papers"
* California attorney general files Prop 8 court brief
* Pharmaceutical business process patents invalidated
* NATO re-engages Russia despite continued occupation
* NY Times website blocked by Great Firewall of China

* UN approves resolution on the "right to food" 180-1
* Former Zionist Avraham Burg warns Israel of fascism


December 19, 2008

* DVD War, Inc [2008] Cusack, Tomei, Kingsley, Montel
* Milgram redux; 80% of subjects are ready to torture
* Turkish shoe maker may change the name of Model 271
* Undersea phone cables near Alexandria severed again
* Pope replaced Saturnalia festival to expose pagans

December 18, 2008

* Secretary Gates orders Gitmo closure plans drafted
* Las Vegas snow brings end to global warming debate
* Japanese cops comparing Greenpeace to doomsday cult
* Australian cops sorry for insinuating eco-terrorism
* Holiday cards feature pictures of devout Christians

* Immigrant union workers daughter to head Labor Dept
* Norm Coleman tried to stop Minnesota ballot recount
* Cheney suggests waterboarding elicited information
* Prayer leader called for Ahmadinejad assassination
  [Imagine the reverse scenario at Iranian ceremony]


December 17, 2008

* China's electricity production shrank 7% last month
* Plan to expand Mecca mosque capacity to 1.5 million
* Geothermal speculators first to see magma "habitat"
* Surveillance culture sneaking up on France, Germany
* Japanese billboard camera software to count viewers

* Method to detect intermediary communication devices
* Behind legal battle over NSA's Stellar Wind program
* Abandon free market principles to save free markets
* Lobbyists lead fight against easing union formation
* Albert Woodfox almost freed after 36 years solitary

* Thou shalt not steal signs from the Capitol rotunda
* Europe's continental divide; Atlantic/Mediterranean
* Flight of the Conchords, season two premiere online
* Aretha Franklin, Yo-Yo Ma, Rick Warren to inaugural
* Stylized portraits of Barack Obama, 18 years of age


December 16, 2008

* Gingrich open letter to Republican Nat'l Committee
* Krugman comment on Zero Interest Rate Policy [ZIRP]
* CNBC's "Fast Money" the best US financial news show
* SEC loses any international credibility it had left
* Coldest year since 2000, and 9th warmest since 1880

* US Congress passed Employee Free Choice Act in 2007
* Reference to David Foster Wallace philosophy thesis
* French Culture Minister blocks return of Maori head
* Early notebooks of Susan Sontag published recently
* NSA whistleblower Thomas Tamm's first TV interview


December 15, 2008

* Journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi, Middle East folk hero
* NPR reports Fed will reduce "interest rate" to 0.5%
* Fitzgerald asks Obama team to postpone Blago report
* Limbaugh calls Powell incoherent, self aggrandizing
* Judge blocks South Carolina Christian license plate

* Sunday poll shows Greek majority support "uprising"
* Turkish intellectuals apology for Armenian massacre
* Former Prime Minister Blair converts to Catholicism
* Supreme Court allows lawsuit over "light" cigarettes
* Send old shoes to George W Bush Presidential Library


December 14, 2008

* SEC didn't inspect scheme of former advisor Madoff
* Bush sponsored loophole ensures Wall Street bonuses
* WSJ: Emanuel didn't talk to Blago about Senate seat
* Comment on Republican Committee's interest in Blago
* Rove ignores subpoena; fights Attorney General pick

* Daily bankruptcies up 50% since US recession began
* Karkare uncovered right wing Hindu domestic terror
* Atheists must join fellowship to perform weddings
* Athens protestors day of rest; polls show support
* Iraqi journalist throws shoes at Bush for bombing

* Canadian govt demands Sea Shepherd captain resign


December 13, 2008

* Fed refuses to disclose recipients of $2 trillion
* Bush confides Bible "probably not" literally true
* Unredacted Abu Ghraib statement from Sam Provance
* Roman Dobrokhotov heckles Medvedev in the Kremlin
* Euro worth more than British pound on High Street

* Oliver Postgate essay "What is political reality?"
* Union certified at Wal*Mart store in Saskatchewan
* It's snowing at sea level in Bremerton Washington
* Polaroid to stop manufacturing instant film Dec 31
* Pianist and hiker Dell Heter lives in a ghost town


December 12, 2008

* Wall Street elder arrested after exposing con game
* Colin Powell: "GOP must stop shouting at the world"
* Protestors across Europe in solidarity with Greeks
* Federal Reserve proposes truth in consumer lending
* Financial apartheid rewards sociopathic behaviour

* US silent as Afghan ally removes war crimes grave
* Computer malware now "weapon of mass destruction"
* Protein diet delays onset of Lou Gehrig's disease
* I plan to offer my Dad's sawzall to Friday Harbor
* Republicans stop Bush from using "green" car fund

* UAW refuses demands of Southern Senate Republicans
* Southern Senators prefer locally made Foreign Cars
* Southern Auto Industry built on government welfare
* Republicans use the credit crisis to attack unions
* Dishonest ways union busters represent hourly wage

* Today's full moon during closest perigee since '93
* Most large moons are "tidally locked" with planets
* Loop quantum cosmology postulates alt "Big Bounce"
* US Army secures north supply routes to Afghanistan
* An alternative route follows part of old Silk Road


* We allow ourselves to be affected by points of view
* Evil website Swoopo profitable until deemed illegal
* Secret of the atomic bomb is how easy it is to make
* Dollar "value meals" deliver fat, salt, cholesterol
* Update on Antikythera mechanism includes backstory

December 11, 2008

* "Blago" returns to work despite having no support
* Republican Committee tries to link Blago to Obama
* Charles Colson awarded Presidential Citizen medal
* Four of last eight Illinois governors went to jail
* NPR: Windows & Doors sit-in takes lawful severence

* NPR: Defense Secretary Gates headed to Afghanistan
* Obama selects Nobel Prize nerd as Energy Secretary
* Initial jobless benefit applications: 26 year high
* NBC pulls Leno back in to save money on 10:00 slot
* Wireless power transmission of 800W over 5 meters

* Sheriff ensures adequate shelter before evictions
* Zimbabwean hyper-inflation pics; $250,000,000 note
* Brazilian supreme court rules territory indiginous
* Jennifer Aniston wears only a knecktie on GQ cover
* Call for leap second independent of Earth rotation

* Armed Services Cmte blames Pentagon for casualties
* President opposes FCC plan for free WiFi nationwide
* Wingnuts ignore Blago NSFW response vis a vis Obama
* Bank recommends insurance for bonds in 11 US states
* DVD: Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping


December 10, 2008

* Chicago Tribune employees sued new owner this fall
* JPMorgan stake in Republic Windows & Doors in 2007
* Emanuel may have alerted Fitzgerald to Blagojevich
* Bush memo says he upheld honor & dignity of office
* Gitmo 9/11 confessions may prevent death sentences

* 3-month Treasury Bills snapped up at negative rate
* US Census: plains states economic slump began 2006
* Remote British dependency's airport plan suspended
* School sued after girl suspended for cyberbullying
* Anil Dash's night sleep in Guggenheim installation

* Long-planned general strike in Greece on Wednesday
* Kentucky jailers sentenced for arranging teen rape
* N Dakota banks didn't offer "goofy" subprime loans
* Big 3 failed despite coddling not due to regulation
* No WMD or connection to 9/11, therefore unnecessary


December 9, 2008

* Federally assisted Bank of America responds to Union
* Illinois governor and chief of staff arrested by FBI
* President-elect's poll numbers eclipse Bush, Clinton
* Candidate to lead RNC invokes Dean 50-state strategy
* Court rules Idaho Senator can't withdraw guilty plea

* DHS claiming exemption from disclosure of techniques
* 60 years since Universal Declaration of Human Rights
* Athens "bohemian/anarchist" neighborhood of Exarchia
* John Milton did more than hymn the praises of revolt
* UK firewall minders IWF back down on Wiki censorship

* Computer mouse first demonstrated 40 years ago today

December 8, 2008

* Illinois suspends all business with Bank of America
* Bank won't let company fulfill obligation to workers
* Common endocrine disruptor chemicals feminize humans
* Anonymous coward questions General Shinseki's record
* Elvis Costello debuts music appreciation cable show

* Activist gains public access to all recorded ballots
* Feingold measure would protect US citizens at border
* Kopbusters reality show baits cops into illegal raid
* Witch's Well of Tuhala erupts; first time in 3 years
* Trial success portends world's first Malaria vaccine

* US mistakenly gave lawyers documents implicating NSA
* VP will no longer join internal Senate deliberations
* Deepak Chopra open letter to Sean Hannity [Fox News]
* Correlation of "significant other" & prostate cancer
* Contraceptive methods shape women's sexual pleasure


December 7, 2008

* Obama backs workers occupying closed Chicago factory
* US Attorney General carte blanche to immunize anyone
* US Treasury Secretary in China to service $600B debt
* Rumsfeld nemesis to be Secretary of Veterans Affairs
* Sharp demographic shift in New Orleans since Katrina

* British ISP's begin censorship of Wikipedia en masse
* Australian ISP's pilot program to block 10,000 URL's
* Men in drag take $100M in jewels from Champs-Elysees
* Berlin hacker conference RFID to simulate panopticon
* Montana judge rules for man's right to control death

* East Texas dogfight subculture; 187 dogs confiscated
* Bush's new Dallas suburb barred non-whites 'til 2000
* Pardon puts Executive Branch employees above the law
* Choicepoint serving personal info to FBI before 9/11
* Big Brother, Big Business documentary thanks to CNBC

  Broken Window Theory

  Bush's greatest regret is the "bad intelligence"
  that made him invade Iraq. He would also like to
  be known as liberator of 50 million Iraqi people.
  What is the Bush approval rating among Iraqis?
  Will there be a liberation statue in Baghdad?
  What Republican President of the United States
  would reveal that he was "unprepared" for war,
  a war he was responsible for starting.. But he
  wasn't aware that preparing for war is part of
  running a super-power. No, he isn't responsible.
  Bush decides with his gut, but doesn't know his
  own instincts. He is a weasel, and a sociopath.

  I think religious faith enables him to abdicate
  personal responsibility. This has set the tone.

  Wall Street executives deny any responsibility
  except to themselves. Failure to hide massive
  fraud is rewarded. The symbol of Capitalism ran
  out of money
, and the workers were "conned" out
  of a trillion dollars. Should we not question a
  business model that is not permitted to fail?
  Few in power question the parasitic system on
  which they depend.

  Bush and group have tried to drag government
  into submission.. bring it to a stop! These
  folks are anarchists, but unfortunately they
  are also nihilists, believing that there is
  no redeeming feature in this world. There is
  redemption in destroying whatever scares them,
  and doing whatever they want without question.

  ~Ross   [Permalink]

December 6, 2008

* Reporter sees uniformed Iraqi soldiers express grief
* First Russian warship through Panama Canal since war
* Mosque in Moscow, in exchange for a church in Mecca?
* 1962 Vatican document on how to coverup sexual abuse
* We persist in believing that evolution is "progress"

* Amazon.com takedown Amazon/PirateBay browser toolbar
* Enforcing Moore's Law essentially "software problem"
* I recommend not doing financial stuff online anymore
* Widower might remember Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman
* Etymologist interprets world placenames literally


* Chastise careless sneezers! Scary sneeze-virus stats
* David Lynch producing Repo Chick; filming in January
* Film about bottle collectors who race shopping carts
* The earth for a pillow, the sky for a blanket.. ~via
* Committee to Protect Journalists world prison census

  Roulette: I want to comment on two news events.
  Browsers can no longer be trusted. Professional
  hackers have overcome the system underlying web
  browsing. One machine will compromise all others
  on a local area network, or LAN.

  No operating system is immune from the newer DNS
  hack, with some caveats. Wireless is vulnerable.
  I'm using Ethernet over regular Cat5 at home..

  Next I want to note that it was the Goldman suit
  which drove OJ to hide portable physical assets
  with family and friends.. which in turn lead to
  his "property" ending up in a Vegas hotel room.


December 5, 2008

* 533,000 jobs lost last month; underutilization 12.5%
* SCOTUS agrees to hear enemy combatant case: al-Marri
* Court lets stand ruling state drug laws preempt feds
* US alcohol "Prohibition" repealed 75 years ago today
* Film: Reefer Madness "public enemy number 1" in 1936


* O'Reilly draws attention to Washington State capitol
* Atheists say religion hardens hearts, enslaves minds
* B'Tselem provided 100 video cameras for Palestinians
* US auto makers likely to get bridge loan until Obama
* Treasury reaches out to Obama; aides to attend talks

December 4, 2008

* Harper suspends parliament before no-confidence vote
* Prop 8 The Musical stars Jack Black & John C. Reilly
* Hand-washing can reduce severity of moral judgements
* US retailers worst overall November sales since 1969
* US Steel Corp. suspends operations at Midwest plants

* CDO windfall when group of leveraged companies fail
* Bank of England rate cut lowest since 1694 founding
* Big Picture: Venice Italy flood highest in 22 years
* Barack Obama scheduled for David Letterman tomorrow
* Largest multi-vendor patch in Internet history via


December 3, 2008

* Odetta dead at 77; inspired Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan
* Daryl Hannah joins Sea Shepherd to confront whalers
* Thousands of species recorded on Vanuatu big island
* Tonight I'm thankful for Jazz and for Rachel Maddow
* Krugman: no trade off between good short & longterm

* Bush has no public events today; Rove @ White House
* Wall Street supplicants will fly in on private jets

December 2, 2008

* Thai constitutional court dissolves governing party
* Obama transition team 1st ever to contact Governors
* Two elections without losing any incumbant senators
* Condoleeza Rice performs piano at Buckingham Palace
* Torture doesn't yield good info; gets troops killed


* Bush administration fighting for Corporate immunity
* Creation myth of US conservatism after World War II
* Counties in 24 states charge for emergency response
* 1936 article on universal access to human knowledge
* 3-way alliance pursues rare Canadian coalition govt


* 5 Card Nancy draws connections between comic frames
* Film Quote To a cop the explanation's always simple
* Cryptome eyeball of Bureau of Engraving & Printing
* Inside story of recent Sprint vs. Cogent depeering
* Pre-Incan citadel found, attributed to Chachapoyas

* Govt is "established to protect individual rights"

December 1, 2008

* President Bush: "I think I was unprepared for war"
* Long profile of Naomi Klein in New Yorker magazine
* Schwarzenegger calls legislative emergency session
* Priest explains how voters risked "state of grace"
* India, Pakistan back rival factions in Afghanistan

November 30, 2008

* Surviving Mumbai perpetrator testimony; timeline
* Evidence Lashkar-i-Taiba group trained attackers
* Thai army and business leaders call for election
* Latin Americans note reduction in US remittance
* DVD Blood Diamond [2006] DiCaprio, postcolonial

* No acorns this year between Kansas & Nova Scotia
* Clinton critic assigned to State Dept transition
* Self-described presentist Cory Doctorow profiled
* Seattle homeless camp moving to UCC parking lot
* The freedom of Patti Smith; a million membranes


November 29, 2008

* Cheney scribe pitches study of Obama donor base
* Monsanto expose suppressed in US [youtube, buy]
* Commonly known unethical psychology experiments
* Free Market encourages Pharma to block generics
* Genocide: collectively punishing Gaza civilians

* Explorers study subglacial Gamburtsev Mountains
* Betancourt first visit to Columbia since rescue
* Scuffle between body guards for Chavez, Medvedev
* Palin spokesman says she'll meet Obama next week
* Instantly optimize GUI based on user's abilities

* Endeavor's orbiting toolbag seen in 10x50 binocs
* Recent meteorite fragments found in Saskatchewan
* Sugar molecule detected in "star forming region"
* Review of Pepsi White [available in Japan; eBay]
* 2006 article on Experimental Philosophy movement

November 28, 2008

* India summons Pak intel boss after Mumbai attack
* Pak President Zardari points to non-state actors
* US, UK, Israeli agents meet in Mumbai, New Delhi
* Obama remarkably comfortable with responsibility
* Let us witness Secretary Paulson's body language


* US plan to install ally in Middle East defeated?
* Dispatch "Walking Papers" to Guantanamo detainee
* Cryptome coverage of Human Terrain System murder
* 2700 year old marijuana found in NW Chinese tomb
* Ingested fat hormone signals humans to eat slower

* Black Friday Walmart temp worker trampled to death
* G1 phone app reads barcode, checks the competition
* Pentagon affirmative action ruled unconstitutional
* Moon gravity anomaly; unexpected regional densities
* Exemption for liquidation of some money market funds

* UK buys unwanted Royal Bank of Scotland shares [99%]
* Prince of Wales "consumerism no cure for depression"
* Cultivated bees are reprobate and illegal in NY City
* LIFE photos of 70's rock musicians visiting parents
* Atlantic Records digital sales exceed those of CD's


* Canopy over "Plymouth Rock", Plymouth Massachusetts

November 27, 2008

* State Supreme Court Judge precipitated Mukasey faint
* White House Hanukkah invitations show Christmas tree
* Southern Poverty Law Center's map of US "hate groups"
* 30 million: 10% of US population receive Food Stamps
* Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom TV scenes faked [via]

November 26, 2008

* Zimbabwe, first country to deny Jimmy Carter entry
* Obama calls on wealthy executives to forgo bonuses
* Psychotropic drug maker bought child hospital wing
* Bankruptcy great way to shed pensions, bust unions
* 20th century govt programs, adjusted for inflation

* Secretary Gates broke Bush administration decorum
* Candidate for US intelligence post withdraws name
* America authorizes people to do whatever it takes
* FDA warns that infants cannot go without formula
* The Fleet Foxes filmed for "The Take Away Shows"

November 25, 2008

* 78 RPM record labels archive; accessible by decade
* Opposition candidate Ledezma elected Caracas mayor
* McDonald's applies for patent on making a sandwich
* Regulation of medical devices based not on science
* Sea slugs eat plants, endosymbiotic photosynthesis


November 24, 2008

* Bloomberg: Citigroup profitable if govt takes loss
* Treasury Secretary designate snowboards, says fuck
* Public Works Bill could be ready to sign Jan 20th
* Dropped space shuttle toolbag filmed from Ontario
* Church guard shoots sword wielding former devotee

* Film Chocolat [2000] Dench, Binoche, Depp, Molina
* Ted Haggard ends restoration, and sells insurance
* Rachel Maddow profile; my generation has no idols
* Mass, sun's brightness factor in habitable planet
* 1972 Club of Rome publication "Limits to Growth"


November 23, 2008

* Health industry could set terms of universal care
* Countrywide pressured by regulator, so it switched
* Citigroup too big to rescue without nationalization
* Light waves may replace cochlear implant electrodes
* Sea Shepherd prepares to confront Japanese whalers

* Church is sorry for Prop 8; "Christianity for all"
* Vatican celebrates 40th anniversary of White Album
* Pelvis allowed larger brains to develop prenatally
* Monty Python puts "high quality" videos on YouTube
* Pictures of Einstein's office at Princeton in 1955

November 22, 2008

* McClatchy Baghdad Bureau Chief on "status of forces"
* Anna Politkovskaya's murder trial postponed ten days
* CNN "Planet in Peril" show sponsored by Dow Chemical
* Radio host psychiatrist lied about Big Pharma payola
* RICO class action lawsuit against RIAA in Missouri


* 67.8% of electoral vote, including Colorado & Nevada
* Obama reportedly making several cabinet appointments
* US Attorney General Michael Mukasey faints at podium
* Factors underlying emergent diseases ancient, modern
* NSFW: GYWO Accts Payable doesn't like Angelina Jolie

* EFF: Congress had no right to legalize surveillance
* 22 US financial institutions have failed this year
* Film today, Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters [1985]
* Language represents it's own inability to represent
* Philip K Dick biopic; "how the land became plastic"

* Church group provokes Omaha Nebraska high schoolers
* Child-protection law author, convicted sex offender
* Blackwater et al told they will lose legal immunity
* Rothschilds investment bank pays out record bonuses
* NeoCons don't think govt doesn't work, it mustn't..

* Lady has poor semantic, but perfect episodal memory
* Good video of meteor over Alberta and Saskatchewan
* Guelph rated one of the "best places to live" [via]
* Backyard chickens are hip; Omelet.us chicken houses
* Vanishing universe of visibly pixelated letterforms

November 21, 2008

* Special meeting in Dharamsala to set Tibet strategy
* CIA avoided liability in murders of US missionaries
* Army "Human Terrain" contractor charged with murder
* Map of 2008 sea piracy and armed robbery incidents
* Woodward & Bernstein visit fabled source Mark Felt

* Mars Orbiter data indicates massive buried glaciers
* Hadron Collider may confirm that reality is virtual
* Model Karolina Kurkova's "very smooth" belly button
* Jennifer Aniston finally talks about Angelina Jolie
* G20 pols shake hands onstage with everyone but Bush

* Correlation of 1860 cotton production, 2008 election
* Michigan gun shop apology for it's election reaction
* Michelle Bachmann calls TV appearance "urban legend"
* Founder of eHarmony.com is an evangelical Christian
* It's better to have no rule than one no-one follows

* FDIC insures interbank loans til 2012 [up to $1.4T]
* Letterman calls Couric to debrief McCain dis: video
* India's Moon Impact Probe, Shackleton Crater Nov 14
* Bill Clinton agrees to restriction on paid speeches
* Unauthorized access to customer records at Verizon

November 20, 2008

* Courting religious vote led GOP dangerously astray
* House Republican leaders renew drive for small govt
* Tesla electric car worthy of $25B "venture capital"
* Last week Israel banned foreign journalists in Gaza
* Pilotless drones drop bombs deeper inside Pakistan

* Lunar oxygen and water production techniques tested
* Astronette loses bag when grease-gun explodes: video
* Taxes will pay for Alberto Gonzales private attorney
* Armenian murdered for insulting Turkey; widow talks
* South Somalia Islamic port authority fights pirates

* Tim Robbins open letter to NY City Board of Elections
* Minnesota recount highlights "Lizard People" write-in
* Stuff white people like: the unique taste of millions
* Proposed circumcision ban may reach Danish Parliament
* Inscription helps answer why Quran has no diacritics

* Big 3 Auto CEO's refuse $1 salary as symbolic gesture
* Environmentalist Waxman becomes House Energy chairman
* US Senate to investigate Moody's, Standard and Poor's
* Northern California median home prices -41% from 2007
* Marijuana may stimulate formation of new brain cells


November 19, 2008

* East Idaho school kids chanted "assassinate Obama"
* al-Zawahri calls Obama, Rice & Powell house negroes
* al Qaeda #2 threatened by Obama worldwide popularity
* Michelle Malkin asks why al Qaeda doesn't love Obama
* NSFW: failure to greet Obama with sweets & handjobs

* Iraqi lawmakers interrupt reading of SOFA agreement
* Backlash from US-backed invasion of Somalia in 2006
* Fed could operate monetary policy with rate at 0.0%
* GM has 7000 US dealerships; Toyota fewer than 1500
* 1,266 arrested in TSA "behavoir detection" program

* Childrens "vaccine" no more effective than placebo
* Jack Imel plays "Pagan Love Song" on Lawrence Welk
* California Guitar Trio play Bach's Toccata & Fugue
* Buying sex from a pimp may be classified as "rape"
* "Military success and civil liberties can coexist"

November 18, 2008

* Millions of Life Magazine images; most unpublished
* Seven freighters hijacked in 12 days; ransoms paid
* Cheney, Gonzales indicted in Willacy County, Texas
* Ted Stevens would pay for recount at current margin
* Hagel: Rush Limbaugh has "an answer for everything"

* Latest James Bond saves Peasants Party from the CIA
* Iraq CPA executive was appointed to Wall St bailout
* Director of National Intelligence remarks at MILCOM
* Passive notification of Patriot Act secret warrants
* Regatta duo's unlicensed "temporary export" to Cuba

* Private planes recently exempt of vessel entry laws
* US govt is "closing" airport boarding pass loophole
* Hospitals resist disclosure of MRSA death statistic
* IFC tonight: Radiohead In Rainbows 2008 video album
* I saw a Thomas Kinkade image at the Christian store

* NASA tests disruption tolerant [DTN] space network


November 16, 2008

* Yes Men distribute 1.2 million alternative NY Times
* DoJ can track cell phones without help of providers
* SCOTUS didn't rule on merits of the Navy Sonar case
* Proposition 8 may require legislative supermajority
* Portland's Public House beer pubs welcome children

November 14, 2008

* GM bailout would be the first to affect blue collar
* US protected auto makers from the world for decades
* 10 year US Treasury bond "bid to cover" ratio drops
* Corn based Xanthan Gum used in oil drilling [video]
* Bill O'Reilly tells Jon Stewart: "I'm an anarchist"

November 12, 2008

* Interacting with nature improves cognitive function
* Mormons baptize the dead of other faiths "by proxy"
* 360 degree picture of NY Hustler Club dressing room
* Wall Street expose Liars Poker became how-to manual
* Treasury "liaison to businesses" Jeb Mason besieged

* Bay Area exurb Mountain House high foreclosure rate
* Northern California class action lawsuit vs NebuAd
* My desktop picture [from Golden Gate Bridge tower]
* Dioxin no longer pumped into world's deepest lake
* MP3 Utah Philips The Long Memory [Fellow Workers]

November 11, 2008

* Tim Robbins vs New York Board of Elections, round 2
* Wall Street bailout Czar Neel Kashkari on defensive
* Wall Street bailout pays "reduced" executive bonuses
* Orson Scott Card would act to destroy the government
* "Law" fails to force heart transplant on 13 year old

* How Elizabeth Dole's "godless" campaign was created
* Poll: secular Jew Nir Barkat will be Jerusalem mayor
* The Fast Food industry rests on a foundation of corn
* McDonald's Japan test No-Brand Quarter Pounder shops
* Obama marks Veterans Day at Soldier Field in Chicago


* New Yorker Obama election cover Reflection animated
* Evidence Iran's push for nuclear weapons fabricated
* Where machines of "big science" go when projects end
* Episodes of Sesame Street available on iTunes, $1.99
* Courtroom sketches from 1970 Black Panthers mistrial

* Google tracks influenza-related activity by US state
* House keys copied with cellphone camera and software
* Laura shops publishers; W regrets wild-west rhetoric
* Vanishing Night: city skies virtually empty of stars
* NSFW: Defective Yeti predicted Obama's win last year

November 10, 2008

* Missionary/Linguist embraces Piraha, debates Chomsky
* New film Tales of the Unexpected; Roald Dahl stories
* Lou Gehrig's disease epidemic in Italian footballers
* Recount, likely runoff for seat held by Virgil Goode
* Small audience at Lincoln Memorial on election night


* NASA loses contact with Phoenix lander; ends mission
* FOIA files on Albert Einstein, individual opposition
* Longterm memories aren't "fuzzy", but harder to find
* GM stock reported worthless; lowest price since 1946
* Amateur photographer follows Nenet reindeer herders

November 9, 2008

* Secret Service blames Palin for increase in threats
* Palin blames Republican administration for her loss
* Mormon & Catholic churches react to Prop 8 backlash
* High flying UAVs overpowered Baghdad Shiite militia
* TDS Telecom appeal Minnesota town's fiber optic win

* Nancy Pelosi 71.9%, Independent Cindy Sheehan 16.4%
* Report of Chinese economic stimulus boosts oil price
* Eight meetings between Chinese & Tibetans since 2002
* Heavy military presence; lost war for hearts & minds
* The most commonly misspelled English word is "than"

November 7, 2008

* Front pages of 700 November 5th newspapers worldwide
* Bush enjoyed majorities in Congress & Senate 2003-06
* Georgia's US Senate race goes to December 2nd runoff
* N Carolina adds to electoral count; Missouri remains
* Self-absorbed grifters aren't perfect, just forgiven

* Russia plans short range missiles near Polish border
* Bank of England rate cut 1.5 percentage points to 3%
* Cosmology of extra-universal structure and dark flow
* DVD tonight Do The Right Thing 1989; fight the power
* I support my local KPLU "NPR news and all that jazz"

* Brain's oxygen use constant whether we work or rest
* Lieberman doesn't know whether he's coming or going
* CEO invokes "responsible capitalism" beyond Wall St
* Plastic additives in common lab gear affect results
* Wired.com photo contest: Yellow [my favorite color]

* Ze Frank collecting post-election messages of unity
* Operation Leper lists McCain staff who expose Palin
* Plan to expunge non-believers from Republican party
* vis a vis socialism: my old friend is a reactionary
* NSFW Get Your War On video parody of white paranoia

* Polaroid-style digital camera; without pricing info
* Obama aides place election night pictures on flickr
* Labor Dept: 524,000 US jobs lost in last two months
* Recruiters advertise "Obama will get us out of Iraq"
* Ron Paul: HR 3835 would repeal MCA and restore FISA


* Feds and Telcos defend wiretap amnesty before court
* 27B/6 compilation: election day problems nationwide
* Election Commission advisor on the state of e-voting
* Obama calls former First Lady; apologizes for remark
* BBC briefly profiles people on Obama transition team

November 6, 2008

* New Senator from Oregon Jeff Merkley is progressive
* Al Franken may not know election result til December
* Palin: "God will do the right thing" on November 4th
* Palin could be Senator if both she & Stevens resign
* Marijuana laws reformed in Michigan & Massachusetts

* NY Times: election unleashes wave of hope worldwide
* Obamas adopt lost pup; put breeders out of business
* Bhutan coronates King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck
* Karzai's pointed response to raid on Afghan nuptuals
* General who probed Abu Ghraib accuses Bush officials

* People with Asperger's understand intent differently

November 5, 2008

* McCain speech beautiful. Obama landslide not mandate
* We'll see if President Obama tries to take your guns
* Kay Hagan defeats Sen. Elizabeth Dole of N. Carolina
* Longterm inbreeding imperils corporate farm chickens
* Krugman quotes WSJ: America not worthy of President

* National Geographic best wild animal photos of 2008
* FCC approves rules for spectrum whitespace Internet
* "Pro-life" initiatives fail in Colorado and Dakota
* TV pics of Obama victory celebration at Grant Park
* Park formerly known as site of '68 convention riot


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