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                   Language is fossil poetry ~Emerson

November 4, 2008

* Obama first Democrat to win Dixville Notch since 1968
* Centcom Cmdr Petraeus meets with Pakistan's top brass
* Federal Reserve hires Bear Stearns chief risk officer
* Greatest "upward" redistribution of wealth in history
* Mycodiesel Patagonian ulmo tree moss similar to fuels

* Registration fraud not a sensible vote rigging scheme
* Open sewage common in Iraq; Typhoid & Cholera endemic
* Court order regarding legal basis for NSA wiretapping
* Five year old kids taking prescription diabetes drugs
* Homeopathy damning study interpreted data selectively

* In 1619 abducted Africans came to Jamestown Virginia
* Guerilla gardener Richard Reynolds: mini-documentary
* California defines cruel confinement of farm animals
* Coroner case of Steve Fossett closed after DNA match
* Technique to protect spaceships from solar radiation

* Obama's grandmother Madelyn Payne Dunham: remembered

November 3, 2008

* Obama spoke before 100,000 in Manassas, late tonight
* Democrats preemptive lawsuit targets GOP vote caging
* White supremacists explain lack of support for McCain
* Attempt to spread question of Obama memoir authorship
* Reverend Wright ad aired during Sunday Night football


* Supreme Court indecency case first in quite some time
* China manufacturing activity slows sharply in October
* #2 US electronics retailer closing 20% of it's stores
* Sprint/Nextel depeering with Cogent due to litigation
* Palais de Tokyo cafe and restaurant open til midnight

* Dominionist Spiritual Warfare to assert God's control
* Increase in frequency of cock's crowing following sex
* Sacha Cohen filming at California Proposition 8 rally
* Mostly Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh voted on sovereignty
* Serena Willaims talks politics, religion, and surfing

November 2, 2008

* Cargo ship rental rates down over 95% in recent weeks
* Boeing Machinists ratify contract; 56 day strike ends
* Obama's interviews with Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow
* 60000 hear Obama in Ohio; 2000 hear McCain near Philly
* Bush endorsed McCain last March; Cheney late last week

* News stories about Gov. Palin threaten First Amendment
* Legal recourse for those harmed by FDA approved drugs?
* Exiled government occupies think-tanks, lobbying firms
* Ryanair to offer trans-Atlantic flights for 8 sterling
* Archeology of Robinson Crusoe, aka "Alexander Selkirk"

November 1, 2008

* CIA raid on Syria inspires populace to support buildup
* Undetectable Trojan stole 500,000 bank & credit logins
* Document recruitment of children by military interests
* 2004 Ohio voting data routed through Bush email server

* Christians, Republicans used idea of cultural hegemony
* Bjork reports on Icelandic woes; k. d. lang tour dates
* Magnetic portals connect sun and earth every 8 minutes
* Hubble observatory taking pics after one month offline

October 31, 2008

* Colorado and Michigan ordered to restore purged voters
* Federal court rejects idea of business-process patents
* Status of "closed-source" software patents now unclear
* Neuroprosthetic allows activation of paralyzed muscles
* Studs Terkel epitaph "Curiosity did not kill this cat"

* Naomi Klein: Bush gangs looting coffers on the way out
* "Vampire Investing" removes money without adding value
* Bank of Japan cuts main interest rate from 0.5 to 0.3%
* Appeal to authority when there's difference of opinion
* Sigmund Freud argued that Moses was an Egyptian priest

* "Transference is repetition that cannot be remembered"

October 30, 2008

* AIG burning through $123B loan; "solvent" last month
* "Red" states get more funding than they pay in taxes
* Obama in black for rain soaked rally in Pennsylvania
* Obama called corporate tax cutter, redistributionist
* Maryland will scrap e-vote system, use paper ballots


October 29, 2008

* Stored blood becomes risk to immune system, infection
* Scientific advisors to FDA claim BPA conclusion flawed
* Obama has read Michael Pollan's essay on US food policy
* E-vote advocate calibrates machine, still broken: video
* SEC temporarily suspends right of redemption of shares

October 28, 2008

* Judge: homeless Ohio voters may list park bench address
* Stevens convictions may help bring Senate super-majority
* Sarah Palin: "..collectively Alaskans own the resources"
* Joe plumber believes Obama would bring "death of Israel"
* Pennsylvania McCain campaign rally canceled due to rain

* Florida emergency declaration extends early voting hours
* New rule used to "suspend" World Series game tied at 2-2
* TSA defines "watch list" as part of extensive final rule
* MPAA policy advisor claims DMCA is "better than nothing"
* GM loses $1B/month; asks Bush for $10B to merge Chrysler

* Evangelical ban on premarital sex increases teen wedlock
* RjDj: "augmented reality" bio-feedback iPhone mp3 player
* Federal Reserve extends currency swap line to Kiwi bank
* Atlas, and draft convention on "transboundary aquifers"
* "Each person is a nation unto himself", Renaldo Kuhler


October 27, 2008

* Nikkei market at 26 year low; down nearly 40% in 30 days
* Schwarzenegger backs initiative on new districting panel
* Calibrated escalation of hostilities in Pakistan & Syria
* CIA raid into Syria killed "foreign fighters" trafficker
* Qaim mayor said the area was surrounded by Syrian troops

* Picture of Obama before more than 100,000 in Denver today
* US threatened to halt services to Iraq without troop deal
* US attacks Syria near pre-Gulf War Qaim yellowcake factory
* North Korea removed from US state department enemies list
* I'm home from the Bay Area. Crossed Oregon via Highway 97

* Mars adventurers should stay for life, says Buzz Aldrin
* Photos of signs between 14th and 42nd streets Manhattan
* Australian govt ignoring problems with Internet filters
* Schools reviewed Wikipedia DVD available via bittorrent
* Yen reaches 13 year high vs dollar; G7 express concern

* US Senate minority leader fights for political survival

October 25, 2008

* Banks have no intention of using bailout to make loans
* Regional govt planned referendum on Basque independence
* Re-organized US Air Force nuclear Global Strike Command
* Lieberman on Palin: she will have "on-the-job training"
* 100 mile US border-search powers Constitution-Free zone

October 24, 2008

* Colorado ballot Amendment 48 criminalizes contraceptives
* Internists & rheumatologists commonly prescribe placebos
* Palin makeup artist $1900/day. Highest paid McCain staff
* McCain brother cracks "joke" about communist N. Virginia
  [Pentagon and McCain campaign HQ located in N. Virginia]

* Israeli Kadima leader Livni unable to form majority govt

October 23, 2008

* US RFID passports manufactured offshore; shipped by FedEx
* SEC regulatory duties "essentially outsourced" to Wall St
* Former Fed Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan "found a flaw"
* Indiana election clerk calls "black Hitler" letter a joke
* I'm departing for a trip to Northern California impromptu


October 22, 2008

* California proposition to once again abolish gay marriage
* Brits note US militaristic approach to fighting terrorism
* Afflicted plants attract beneficial bacterium in the soil
* Mass extinction of plants & animals due to human activity
* Mysterious pink cloud drifts over London for about 1 hour

* My flickr photo set from Barstow California, September 13

October 21, 2008

* Voters quietly detached from the electorate by subterfuge
* If a corporation is too big to fail, it's too big to live
* Copyright "piracy" often highlights failed business model
* Republican Congressman says "liberals hate real Americans"
* Seattle TV stations loan airtime to incumbant congressman

* Obama-Clinton "vote early" rally in Florida draws 50,000
* Former Chicago police commander arrested in torture cases
* Kurdish Alliance support current draft of US troop accord
* eBay says it will the sale of ivory beginning January
* Microscopic magnetic fossils resemble spears and spindles

October 20, 2008

* Plumbers gain under Obama plan. Hedge fund managers don't
  [High income plumber with stock portfolio may break even]
* Obama would name cabinet level CTO; Vint Cerf? Ed Felten?
* Newly discovered Cuban oil field comparable to US reserve
* Cubans thought to use Mexico to enter US will be deported

* EU "forces" deployed along eastern shore of the Black Sea
* Less government oversight of bottled water than tap water
* Typically creative time & space is 10:04pm in the bathroom
* Christian charity "Serve" has policy against proselytising
* Erosion exposed dinosaur prints on the Arizona-Utah border

October 19, 2008

* Colin Powell endorses Obama ...critical of McCain campaign
* Obama rally in Kansas City draws crowd estimated at 75,000
* Average donation $86: Obama raised $150,000,000 last month
* McCain calls support for refundable IRS tax credit welfare
* California Republican voter registration contractor arrest

* Republican Congresswoman reports anti-American colleagues
* Aide says support for McCain is strong in "real" Virginia
* YouTube tells McCain camp to file suit like everyone else
* FDIC increase deposit insurance to $250,000 for 15 months
* Federal Reserve "target" federal funds rate cut to 1.50%

* South Korea insures $100B in foreign loans to their banks
* UK appeal court rejects encryption key disclosure defense
* US teen admits to "Anonymous" DDoS attack on Scientology
* American hallucinogenic drug paraphernalia dated 100 BCE
* Nobel Prize winning author J.M.G. Le Clezio is a "nomad"

* 31,700 years ago Aurignacian people had domesticated dogs
* 30% of medical intervention effectiveness studies refuted
* NY Times on Charlie Kaufman directorial debut Synecdoche
* McCain rents helicopter to tell Letterman "I screwed up"
* UK release original material on 1991 Lydd Kent UFO flyby


October 18, 2008

  ACORN investigation leak timed to demoralize electorate
  [Electoral sabotage in the guise of improved democracy]

  Obama draws 100,000 for appearance at the St Louis Arch
  [Palin likes visiting pro-American parts of the country]

  Hedge fund mgr Andrew Lahde's refreshingly candid goodbye
  ["May meritocracy be part of a new form of government.."]

  $250B govt stock buy breaks laws blamed for credit freeze
  [Questions about the independence of regulatory agencies]

  Academician decides "print monograph is dead"; goes online
  [Mouse click in MS Word, and your .doc file becomes .html]

  Sony gaming platform soundtrack features Quran passages
  [Religious proto-copyright claim delays release 6 days]


October 17, 2008

* Candidates touring traditionally republican "red" states
* Former US Attorney Iglesias comments ACORN investigation
* Supreme Court: Republican charge of voter fraud is bogus
* Would Lieberman, Romney have helped McCain ticket? NSFW
* 98% of businesses have taxable income less than $250,000

* Treasury debt management advisory committee: closed meet
* US solicits private sector Telco network vulnerabilities
* EFF sues to overturn unconstitutional Telco immunity law
* Australian blacklist mandates removal of illegal content
* British database of all web traffic, emails & cell calls


* EPA completes review of lead standard, under court order
* Broad market gyration as assets are liquified into stock
* Crude oil $70 per barrel after reaching $145 this summer
* Analysis of 1953 Miller-Urey results show 22 amino-acids
* The New Yorker challenges webcomic xkcd to a Cartoon-Off

October 16, 2008

* Thermometers and lightbulbs could have IPv6 addressing
* Suit against God tossed for lack of access to Defendant
* First episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (1999)
* Tim Burton talks about Johnny Depp, Alice in Wonderland
* Shy author Haruki Murakami in wide ranging conversation

* Sacramento Republican Party suggest waterboarding Obama
* McCain talks about his hurt feelings while stoking hate
* The govt subsidies behind Cindy McCain's family fortune
* Milkman Instant Low Fat Dry Milk no longer manufactured
* Recent Department of Defense directive on interrogation


October 15, 2008

* Gazprom executives in Anchorage to woo state officials
* British PM suggests new "Bretton Woods" monetary regime
* Canadian conservatives gain seats; minority government
* Rachel Maddow's sarcasm compared to shouting "traitor"
* ..hosted by the most vile, radical liberals in America


October 14, 2008

* Parthenogenic asexual shark reproduction: confirmed cases
* 70% of overseas military ballots weren't recorded in 2006
* Journalist Paul Krugman wins the Nobel Prize in Economics
* Treasury to guarantee interbank loans, buy prefered stock
* NY parole board member cuffed in child solicitation sting

* Sarah Silverman leads Great Schlep to lobby grandparents
* Political parties should see voting machines source code
* New Apple Macbook glass trackpad doubles as mouse button
* HHS and USDA lists of human and animal agents and toxins
* Broad public loss of confidence in nation's institutions

* "Bank buyout needed to preserve free market" doublespeak
* Deteriorating shrine managed by competing denominations
* Peruvian PM touches stautue of Christ as he swears oath
* 3rd coldest summer on record; glacial retreat "stalled"
* Movie posters that list all of the product placements

October 12, 2008

* Asian stocks and US futures up; Financial stocks jump
* Cognitive errors of lenders, borrowers, and regulators
* Connecticut Supreme Court overturns ban on gay marriage
* Taleban stopped outside provincial capital Lashkar Gah
* Satellite phone eavesdropping didn't target terrorism

* Part of what I think "suffer the little children" means
* Study of the role of race in Obama-Clinton polling data
* Debt clock passes $9,999,999,999,999. "$1" replaces "$"
* Zab (Zap) River boundary of Kurdish Autonomous Region
* McCain to appear on Letterman; Wahlberg comments SNL

* Barack Obama campaign bought 30 minutes TV October 29th

October 11, 2008

* New "Links" link above Blogroll, 2nd column
* US Treasury tells executives not to worry about pay caps
* UK would insure 250,000,000,000 pounds in interbank loans
* Lessig: fair use of copyrighted material on the Internet
* Artworks featuring Kate Moss; self portrait in lipstick

* Fired Alaska public safety commissioner feels vindicated
* Governor Sarah Palin's own ties to contemporary radicals
* Disdain for educated liberal became disdain for educated
* Grad Studies Program - Center for Study of Intelligence
* Al Franken tells story about the late Senator Wellstone

* Apple's update to the Macbook expected on October 14th
* Silent run: bank savings moved at the click of a mouse
* US private sector banks started crisis, not Fannie Mae
* Senator John McCain wants "everyone to be respectful"
* How to build an underground house at very little cost


October 10, 2008

* United States & Europe precipitate worldwide rate cuts
* Nikkei-225 index down 10%. US indexes at five year lows
* The LIBOR-OIS spread gauges cash "hoarding" among banks
* Big emergency, drastic laws, massive transfer of wealth
* The Sarah Silverman Program 3rd season [Comedy Central]

* McClatchy Washington Bureau covers Todd Palin statement
* Alaska secessionist's UN speaking slot sponsored by Iran
* Geographical fact accounts for foreign policy experience
* US Geological Survey Photographic Library [1868-present]
* Jay Walker's personal library and museum of geek history


October 9, 2008

* Stay of order to free 17 GTMO detainees back to the US
* Maryland police put non-violent activists on terror list
* Former NSA intercept operators report listening to calls
* Presidential Directive 51 establishes coninuity policies
* Central Command revises August 22nd civilian death toll

* General Patraeus sees value in negotiating with Taleban
* Deployed troops contribute cash to Obama 4:1 over McCain
* Pokeman parable: financial crisis explained to a 14 y.o.
* Sheriff refusing to remove tenants of deadbeat landlords
* Thai protest leaders will not face insurrection charges

October 7, 2008

* Yann Arthus-Bertrand's Earth From Above exhibit NY, SF
* New Messenger mission images of Mercury; Machaut crater
* Socialists witness largest nationalizations in history
* Media reports shout of "kill him" following Palin rant
* McCain refers to Obama as "that one" during 2nd debate

* Swing state registration boom may overcome vote caging
* Bill and Hillary to campaign with Biden in Pennsylvania
* CEO Dick Fuld punched at the Lehman Brothers gym Sunday
* Linux distribution turns 17; Linus Torvalds blog debuts
* New English word every 98 minutes; 1,000,000th imminent

* Flanders Dutch speakers resist suburban Brussels French
* Crash at Nepal's Tenzing-Hillary airport; Yeti Airlines
* Syrian port Tartous dredged for Russian Naval presence
* Cans of mackerel replace cigarettes as prison currency
* Macaques wait tables at North Tokyo tavern Kayabukiya

October 6, 2008

  McCain not only favors deregulation, he profits from it,
  as shown by his membership in the Keating Five group of
  corrupt US Senators who profited in the deregulation of
  "Savings and Loans". Caught red handed, he refashioned
  himself as a born-again "maverick".

  Barack Obama sat on a charity board with Bill Ayers. They
  live in the same part of Chicago. This is a far cry from
  the intimate involvement Mr McCain had in profiting from
  corruption in his publicly elected office of US Senator.

  The Keating Five are relevant because the scandal mirrors
  current events. Financial institutions were deregulated...
  and a crisis ensued. And in the case of the Keating Five,
  McCain was found profiting from the deregulation he backed.

  Barack Obama was 8 years old when Bill Ayers was blowing
  up government offices in the middle of the night. If there
  is any, Obama's guilt is by association. McCain's guilt is
  well documented, and goes to the heart of the question of
  his trustworthiness as an elected public servant.

                                       ~Ross    [Permalink]

  Church graveyard, Sodermalm Stockholm, October 2007

* Small asteroid 2008 TC3 expected over Sudan [19:46 PDT]

October 5, 2008

* UK commander suggests reconciliation with the Taleban
* Euro currency briefly falls to 13 month low of $1.361
* Germany may offer 100% guarantee for private savings
* Banksta says "give us your money or we'll crash you"
* McCain looking to "turn the page on financial crisis"

* "Keating Economics" documentary on McCain involvement
* Negative campaign ads work best in information vacuum
* Cannabis report released at House of Lords conference
* Francis Crick right about vision filter in the brain
* NPR Community Home site built on success of podcasts

* "Overlooked New York" urban gardeners, house boaters

October 4, 2008

* I drove through Tahuya and Dewatto Washington today
* The need for control causes people to imagine things
* Palin publicly questions McCain strategy in Michigan
* Speculation in real estate, oil, gold, extortion, war
* Libertarian Declan McCullagh reads bailout fine print

* Blog liability insurance covers defamation, copyright
* Ex-CIA executive "Dusty" Foggo pleads guilty to fraud
* Seething McCain casts deferential Obama as "grown-up"
* Obama tops average of 50% in national tracking polls
* Prodigal Sons of the free market await house credit


* Babylon a fall! Imomus discusses Rastafarian concept
* Icelandic krona weakest since 1992; raging inflation
* Georgia's port of Poti locus of Russia/West standoff
* "Hump: True Tales of Sex After Kids" topical parties
* Microsoft pits standards group against Open Document

October 3, 2008

* Drug companies should publish payments to US doctors
* Judge suppresses report on Sequoia AVC voting system
* Lawsuit establishes precedent of Open Source licenses
* US counts 760,000 jobs lost this year. 159,000 in Sept
* Complex societies evolved "Machiavellian intelligence"

* Insufficient ground troops raises civilian casualties
* Outbreak of democracy over confidence peddler bailout
* Wells Fargo wins Wachovia over FDIC favored Citigroup
* GOP official sues website over vote suppression story
* Chinese officials censor messages sent through Skype

* Obama 08 campaign release official iPhone application
* State of California is unable to secure $7B financing
* SEC's 2004 rule let investment banks pile up new debt
* Will Rogers keynote at 1924 annual bankers convention
* Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg rescue failing banks

* Insurers to cover mental health the same as physical
* World map simulates air traffic over 24 hours: video
* List of all Level 3/NSA AS [autonomous system] peers
* FBI domestic operations: Attorney General guidelines
* Us And Them: PCL's untimely homage to Richard Wright

October 2, 2008

* Proposed Canadian carbon tax pays for income tax cut
* Joe Biden home every night; and at mass every Sunday
* Biden, McCain agreed on some Iraq policies until 2004
* Farmers can't borrow for seed. Fertilizer stocks tank
* Bailout pays Chinese labor sold to fund US banks, War


* The Pirate Bay admins explain the idea; visit Bedouin
* Film Beautiful Girls [1996] Sorvino, Thurman, Portman
* Miles Davis Sketches of Spain now playing in my head
* Replaced lost Pashmina scarf at a store called Fuego
* Richard Stallman says "cloud computing" is stupidity

October 1, 2008

* Individuals more likely to agree on who they are not
* France seeks European bailout fund for worthless debt
* Irish state unilaterally guarantees all bank savings
* British Columbia premier sets by-elections for Oct 29
* States ignore ban on voter roll purges near election

* Hiker found Steve Fosset pilot licence; debris found
* SCOTUS affirms opposition to death penalty for rape
* Texas landowners can execute trespasser before trial
* Money Meltdown: excellent primer on the current mess
* The Secret: English professor reveals 1980 acid trip

September 30, 2008

* Canada's english language leadership debate Thursday
* Stephen Harper plagiarized speech warning of Iraq WMD
* Canucks select first NHL goalie captain since 1950's
* If Palin reminds you of yourself, don't vote for her
* How distractions facilitate creative problem solving

September 29, 2008

* Wall St computer models radically underestimated risk
* Republicans blame Pelosi for their votes against bill
* Michael Moore: ultra-rich staging a coup this morning
* FDIC prefers Citigroup over Wells to acquire Wachovia
* Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch recruitment videos

* New special prosecutor to probe 2006 attorney firings
* Rick Davis hired Howard Dean's 2004 webmaster in 2006
* Court allows same-day registration and voting in Ohio
* Mars lander Phoenix detects snowfall from cloud above
* Robert Plant answers Led Zeppelin reunion tour rumour

* NSFW: Palin minders would further lower expectations
* Flickr's Director of Community Heather Champ profile
* Rob Brezsny's beliefs about the tenets of astrology
* NASA no longer receiving data from Hubble telescope
* Thwart NSA TCP/IP traffic analysis via Cisco at ATM

September 28, 2008

* Computer cluster finds 13 million digit prime number
* Pelosi: accord with White House. Paulson: we're there
* Natural History Museum exhibit features Houston Black
* Lawns of foreclosed homes spraypainted before auction
* McCain's play to commandeer bailout talks disruptive

* Willie Brown comments on debate, lunches with Arnold
* Wonkette liveblogging Walnuts vs the Punk lovely gif
* Rep. Kucinich: "And this is the system we're saving"
* Ramadan TV season features drinking, pre-marital sex
* Saudis sponsor dialogue with formerly senior Taleban


* FreddieMac paid McCain manager $15k/month thru August
* President of Paraguay turns down meet with US nominee
* Acquittal in Texas killing of 13 year old snack thief
* Austrian far-right outpolls both Conservatives & Dems
* Entrepreneur Elon Musk puts Falcon rocket into orbit

September 27, 2008

* Jim Lehrer: "All right, let's go back to my question"
* Biden loquacious post-debate. Palin's absence awkward
* Palin should beat low expectations in Thursday debate
* Palin in 1984 Miss Alaska swimsuit competition: video
* Sacha Baron Cohen hijacks Milan "fashion week" runway

* Corporate lobby categorize P2P with spam and malware
* Patent application: cellphone looks for best network
* Patent application for universal detector [tricorder]
* Autism therapy trial was to have removed heavy metals
* 1 in 4 get sick from tainted food in the US per year

* Pulpit Freedom Sunday challenges ban on endorsements

September 26, 2008

* $700B "We just wanted to choose a really large number"
* 101 university economists oppose bailout by taxpayers
* If money isn't loosened up, this sucker could go down
* Big White House meeting dissolves into "verbal brawl"
* SEC chief Christopher Cox: deregulation fueled crisis

* Wall Street Journal online ad: "McCain Wins Debate!"
* Palin proximity to Russia relevant to Nat'l Security
* Pakistanis fire "flares" at US troops; issue warning
* Bethlehem restaurant places menu on West Bank barrier
* Milwaukee urban farmer wins MacCarthur "genius grant"

* Man flies personal jetwing across the English Channel
* National Weather Service flood watch in New York City
* Google co-founder says white spaces test "was rigged"
* Muxtape unable to maintain original form, due to RIAA
* Gonzales says Bush directed him to Ashcroft's bedside

* Stevens [R-Alaska] longest serving Republican Senator
* "The financial crisis in America is.. a moral crisis"
* American Free Market washed in Christian apologetics
* Bicyclists here share roads with noxious metal boxes
* Forgive my use of "America" here to refer to the US

September 25, 2008

* Bush prepared bailout for months, sprung on Congress
* Bush asks McCain and Obama to meeting at White House
* McCain "suspends" campaign; Obama still wants debate
* Washington Mutual siezed; Largest bank failure in US
* Ohio Congresswoman calls out Wall Street Mammas Boys


* House Republicans show strong reluctance to bailout
* Schumer predicted direction of bailout negotiations
* China tells banks to cease interbank loans in the US
* Pakistani & US troops exchange fire on Afghan border
* Letterman live CBS feed: no-show McCain doing makeup


* Election officials telling students they can't vote
* People differ radically in perceptions of similarity
* Fear of predator curbs population more than predator
* Solar wind ebb allows high energy electrons, protons
* Discovery Institute's "Exploring Evolution" reviewed

* Moldovan industrial breakaway republic Transnistria
* Advertisement for comedian Mitch Hedberg's new album
* Tobacco firms compensated Hollywood stars who smoked
* Oldest bowling alley in the US celebrates centennial
* Zen Bound serene rope-twisting game for iPhone [waxy]

September 24, 2008

* 24% blame Democrats; 47% blame GOP, and deregulation
* SEC emergency order limits fail to deliver positions
* Sweden and Japan faced banking crises similiar to US
* Finnish PM suggests handguns be restricted to ranges
* 10,000 Syrian troops set up camp across from Lebanon

* Army ordered to discharge soldier who found religion
* Agriculture began much sooner than recently believed
* Antioxidant Resveratrol protects mice from radiation
* Very condensed literary 4pg history of New York City
* David Gilmore performance remembering Richard Wright

September 23, 2008

* Elite Obama owns one house, one car, and one bicycle
* Consensus shifts against White House on bank bailout
* Bush suddenly demanding legislation without a debate
* I trust Hank Paulson - I don't trust that much power
* My snapshots of Lawrence Kansas; houses, signs, art

* McCain random misstatements in media conference call
* NSFW: Ron Paul endorses Constitution Party candidate
* Mukasey invokes telecom immunity to dismiss lawsuits
* Mars rover Opportunity to start two year, 11 km trek
* Nevada businesses told to encrypt email October 1st

* The Pirate Bay tracks nearly 15,000,000 unique peers
* IBM would quit Intl Organization for Standardization
* Rachel Maddow ratings beat Larry King, and Olbermann
* David Blaine suspended upside down over NY ice rink
* Majority of cyber attacks originate from within US


September 22, 2008

* Prebiotic panthalene detected in interstellar matter
* George Will calls McCain's behaviour un-presidential
* Those neither rich nor reckless rescue those who are
* Last two independent investment banks give up status
* Treasury Secretary Paulson was CEO of Goldman Sachs

* Ron Paul talks about the Federal Reserve Bank: video
* FDA's decision on BPA based on economics, not health
* Wikipedia Deletionpedia page considered for deletion
* Close election in precocious young state of Slovenia
* DNA indicates humans in N. America 14,300 years ago

September 21, 2008

* Tzipi Livni leads the Israeli Sharonist Kadima party
* The next US President will be on a very tight budget
* Senator distinguishes US bailout from Chavez siezure
* Congressman Rangel's 72 Benz towed from Capitol lot
* Judge feigned instruct United States Vice President

* Night and twilight - the color palettes of van Gogh
* Stephen Hawking unveiled Cambridge Time Eater clock
* Jorn Barger admires Clay Shirky's credible language
* Trailer for Synecdoche, directed by Charlie Kaufman
* I'm watching the last game at Yankee Stadium [ESPN]

* I've heard US Bank and Wells Fargo Bank are strong


September 20, 2008

* Pakistan prime minister Zadari addresses parliament
* Iraqi Shiite Grand Ayatollah Sistani website hacked
* Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly's website hacked
* Genetic study adds new theory on origin of the anus
* New York Yankees final appearance at Yankee Stadium

* If you want creationism taught alongside evolution,
  teach science at Sunday School, alongside scripture.
  If you say creationsim is "another scientific theory",
  then Sunday School offers "another story" of origins.

September 19, 2008

* Paulson/Bernanke warn legislators at Pelosi's office
  [Bad lending bailout legislation expected next week]
* Bush says government will buy back $800B "toxic debt"
* McCain missed vote to repeal 1933 Glass-Steagall act
* Todd Palin continues tradition of ignoring subpoenas

* Satellite images cast doubt on success of Iraq surge
* "Automatic fear response" has political correlation
* Video of peaceful St Paul mass arrest was "buried"
* Pictures of current Ramadan observances worldwide
* California budget signed almost three months late

September 18, 2008

* Tax payers will fund entity to absorb bad bank debt
* Socialism for the rich. Capitalism for everyone else
* Fund managers making billions by short selling banks
* SEC would ban short-selling shares for a short while
* Catch share system to stop global fisheries collapse

* Vice Presidential candidate got first passport 2007
* Palin gently queried on foreign policy at town hall
* Rush Limbaugh upset by Obama spanish language TV ad
* Biden looks ivy league; acts like man of the people
* Obama gmail inbox parody. Palin yahoo account hacked

* New EFF suit v NSA/Bush for warrantless surveillance
* DVD The Grass Harp [1995]; one of my favorite films
* Deletionpedia archives pages deleted from wikipedia
* 12 year old Wm Yuan designs 3 dimensional solar cell
* "Work walking" treadmill desks end attention deficit

* Psychology Association ends support of interrogation
* Advanced Research and Development Activity traceback
* Chunnel still partially closed after fire last week
* Lithuanian Morfai breathes new life into The Seeder
* Picture of Lafayette hillside war memorial at Salon

September 17, 2008

* Senator Obama airs two minute TV ad about US economy
* DVD Persepolis [2007], animated historical biography
* I drove my 27 year old car for 9 hours. Made it home
* I don't think the worldwide market slide is over yet
* Darkmarket site forum for traders in stolen identity

* Governor Palin notes unfair attack on Senator McCain
* Caledonian crow solves problem that great ape cannot
* Genome Project once heralded "personalized medicine"
* Oregonian threatens suit for right to videotape cops
* Dept of Justice brief on FBI investigation guideline

* Battle Mountain World Human Powered Speed Challenge

September 16, 2008

* Boss says African lumberjacks have the most stamina
* Markets off sharply a 2nd day; Blue chip AIG teeters
* Federal Reserve meeting today; may cut discount rate
* Liberals value people, nature, access to information
* Common chemical BPA tied to diabetes, heart disease

  The US cannot afford to feed or medically insure
  it's citizens, but will lend money to bankers at
  an interest rate of 2%, and will save the world's
  biggest betting parlour - by any means necessary,
  including violence. Violence such as protections
  afforded to makers and buyers of the chemical BPA.
  A bill before the California legislature would've
  banned bisphenol A in products targeting infants.


* Insurgents who joined US-funded corps soon unemployed

September 15, 2008

* Asian and European markets off sharply on Wall St news
* Pakistan deploys US supplied F-16's to shoot US drones

September 14, 2008

* Anbar Awakening and new drone technology stabilize Iraq
* Bush 9/11 memorial speech notes "smell of burning metal"
* Phil Gramm asks Ron Paul to endorse McCain/Palin ticket
* Wasilla police chief charged victims $1500 for DNA test
* Court ruling against Dallas suburb immigrant rental ban

* RIP Green Party founder Peter Camejo - Wall St maverick
* Lehman Brothers brokerage burns furniture to heat house
* RGE Monitor: Markets "one step from financial meltdown"
* Hospital threatens staff interviewed in "Life For Sale"
* Royal Society leader backs Creationism in science class

* Publisher recalls obscenity laden Batman & Robin comic
* Obama Waffle breakfast mix shows right's sense of humor
* Swift Boat alumni group prepares last minute attack ads
* Israelis, Palestinians look at idea of binational state
* NSA, China participate in UN "IP Traceback" group Q6/17

* I'll take the Benz home after a stop in Shasta tomorrow

September 13, 2008

* My train got into Barstow at about 5:30 this morning
* Interview with creator of Palin bikini gun photoshop

September 11, 2008

* First known steelframe building collapse due to fire
* People responsible for destroying WTC still at large
* Embedded reporter Ollie North confirmed Pentagon lie
* Pic of William Burroughs creekside house in Lawrence
* Salvia Divinorum related emergencies are negligible

September 10, 2008

* Eldridge Hotel in Lawrence from ashes to immortality
* I arrived in Lawrence; drank a pint at Bourgeois Pig
* Hillary didn't mind McCain use of "lipstick on a pig"
* Russian warships & bombers to Venezuela for exercise
* 23andME cuts price of DNA profiles from $999 to $399

September 9, 2008

* Realtime cell phone location data on the open market
* "Water bears" can survive unprotected in outer space
* Prison guards start recall attempt vs Schwarzenegger
* Federer wins US Open final over Murray [6-2 7-5 6-2]
* Scientology lawyers get 4,000 YouTube videos offline


* London stock exchange trading computers down 7 hours
* Old news story brings United Airlines stock down 75%
* JetBlue auctioning more than 300 round-trip flights
* Auto Industry seeks $50B US federal government loan
* Pics of Godzilla on set with stage crew, circa 1955

* Pics of hackable Esquire magazine anniversary cover
* Googling for stryder once again brings up my domain
* I expect my train to be in Lawrence early Wednesday
* Abramoff associate arrested; obstruction of justice
* Cabinet minister says Israel may kidnap Ahmadinejad

September 8, 2008

* Bill Maher portrays Republican attitude toward Obama

September 7, 2008

* Palin skips talk shows; ABC anchor flying to Alaska
* Palin spoke before Wasilla Assembly of God June 8th
* McCain "we have to catch up to history" [End Times]
* Vote Caging: mass partisan challenge to eligibility
* RNC scribes didn't take delegate votes for Ron Paul

* Canadian prime minister calls election for Oct 14th
* International protest against surveillance Oct 11th
* Comparing anti-fungals produced by tobacco, henbane
* Loophole in California's new medical pot guidelines
* How networks interact: peering and transit explained

* Oliver Sacks mentions books on depression, psychosis
* When did lactose tolerance arise, how did it spread?
* Apple admits British man had patent on iPod til 1988
* Andy Murray beats Nadal in US Open Tennis semi-final
* S Williams 6-4, 7-5 over J Jankovic in US Open final

* Metallica thrilled; new album leaked to the Internet
* World's largest album and single collection for sale
* I'm saying yes to alcohol; mostly said no since 2004
* fell to #3 on google, then just fell off
* Sample search finds only my backup IP

September 6, 2008

* Union of 27,000 Boeing machinists to strike over pay
* US Treasury Secretary prepares to assume Freddie Mac
* Kremlin watchers warn of clash between US and Russia
* Levi Johnston tattooed "Bristol" on left ring finger
* Palin asked Wasilla librarian if she would ban books

* TV relieves children of boredom and thus imagination
* New study doesn't dispel link between vaccine/autism
* Amazon plans to sell OLPC laptops "get one give one"
* Bhutto widower from prison to presidency of Pakistan
* US commandos reportedly cross Afghan/Pakistan border

* Obama, McCain plan joint 9/11 appearance in New York
* AFP bureau covers 2007 rendition/cocaine plane crash
* A-Space, networking portal for intelligence analysts
* Word from Siddiqui lawyer Elizabeth Fink; indictment
* Cheney era CEO of Halliburton/KBR is to be locked up

* John McCain/Tina Fey LIFE cover photo September 2004

September 5, 2008

* Arrived in Wisconsin; met feng's infant daughter Viv
* Milwaukee born Andrew Schoultz solo exhibition in SF
* Ellinais pagans win Greek state recognition of rites
* Burningman final day whiteout lasted almost 12 hours
* August issue of India Vogue magazine provoked outcry

* US Palestinian activist Sami al-Arian is out on bail
* Obama tells Bill O'Reilly he thinks the surge worked
* RIP Edwin Guthman - appeared on Nixon's enemies list
* Republicans hoped DNC would resemble Chicago c. 1968
* God put dark clouds, drizzle over St Paul on Tuesday

* French lawyer calls for storming electronic Bastille
* Gait analysis: a "walking style" is hard to disguise
* DVD Transformation: Life and Legacy of Werner Erhard
* Liberation Theology: preferential option for the poor
* World's most famous crime scene: The Murder of Christ

* My travel reading includes Reich's Ether, God & Devil

September 2, 2008

* I'm taking a train to the Midwest. Arrival on Sept 4

September 1, 2008

* Anbar 11th of 18 provinces returned to Iraqi control
* ACLU still fighting a gag order on FBI NSL recipient
* US search and siezure issues being decided in secret
* RNC Welcoming Committee anarchists still not charged
* Obama returns to Chicago. Biden cancels Monday stops

* Google Chrome is Google's opensource browser project
* Hackers can make your browser do anything you can do
* Compromised servers received custom OpenSSH packages
* Physically abused kids are more likely to get asthma
* Ingush anti-Kremlin webmaster shot in police custody

* US union membership in 2008 up over 500,000 from 2007
* 1906 steam power Vanderbilt Cup winner is operational
* Noctilucent cloud unexplained since discovery in 1888
* MP3: Brian Eno's Music for Airports, Track 2.2 [1978]
* I'm at a telethon in memory of my Mom who died of ALS

August 31, 2008

* Cuban authorities call Gustav worst storm in 50 years
* Schwarzenegger, Cheney, Lieberman cancel RNC speeches
* Palin says founding fathers knew pledge of allegiance
* USDA blocks meat packers from testing over %1 of beef
* Millimeter wave scanner machine at the Denver Airport

August 30, 2008

* McCain picks Dominionist Alaska Governor Sarah Palin
* Governor Palin ascended from the Wasilla city council
* Raid on RNC "Welcoming Committee" used sealed warrant
* Credit Card companies scotch Mythbusters show on RFID
* Sean Combs halts private jet flights over fuel prices

* Norway is one of Europe's two big sources of oil & gas
* Obama-Biden in Pennsylvania, place calls to Ms. Palin
* I'm headed for Milwaukee via Mt Shasta & the Bay Area
* Italy to pay Libya $5B to settle colonial era dispute
* Boeing machinists study contract - strike sanctioned

August 27, 2008

* Russian General sees nine NATO warships in Black Sea
* British Foreign Secretary announces visit to Ukraine
* Largest one-workplace immigration raid in US history
* Brief history of infoviz, information visualization
* Herd animals seem aligned to earth's magnetic poles

* Creationists canard: "Why are there still monkeys?"
* Stanford Prison Experimenter to study "helpfulness"
* Most major ancient civilizations in tectonic zones
* International Space Station reports computer virus
* Judge denies Miers request for a stay on testimony

August 26, 2008

* Text of Hillary Clinton's Denver convention speech
* Baseball to introduce limited use of instant replay
* About 5000 planes over the US on any summer weekday
* FDIC fund dwindled almost %15 in the second quarter
* FOMC not expected to raise interest rates 'til 2009

August 25, 2008

* Undigitized magisterial Ossetic lexicon feared lost
* Recent circumnavigations by sailboat, bicycle, foot
* Zephyr unmanned aircraft doubles flight time record
* Three year wait for Microsoft patent on reinvention
* US has voluntary testing system for voting machines


* Sunday Republican talking points include "machismo"
* Advertisement for heaven; recognizable but different
* Browser extension double checks digital certificates
* Pakistan's likely new president backs ban on Taleban
* MI5 studies terrorist profiling: there is no profile

* Mammalian nose-tip ganglion senses alarm pheromones
* Cindy Sheehan puts Denver hotel room phone in fridge
* Stop by the world's first full-scale nuclear reactor
* "Every time you bend your elbow you open your mouth"
* Thunder and heavy rain over Bremerton today, briefly

August 24, 2008

* Interactive map highlights world's most famous trips
* EFF notes FISA update doesn't grant immunity to Govt
* Commission on Civil Rights hires vote suppressionist
* Exit polls once predicted results. What has changed?
* US citizens still in Chinese extrajudicial detention

* Bhutto's widower Asif Zardari running for president
* Kashmir curfew indefinite. Third day general strike
* 23 week fetus briefly survives hypothermia at morgue
* Creationists have ten questions for biology teachers
* George Washington refused to explain faith to clergy

* Buffett says US recession may continue several months
* Eurozone saw first-ever contraction in second quarter
* British economy stalls for the first time in 15 years
* Pixlr is a free image editor that runs inside browser
* They may photograph us but we mustn't photograph them

* Long arcane update on Original Mickey Mouse copyright
* Gumnut babies Snugglepot and Cuddlepie: seed pod hats
* Ikea break puritan-modernist taboo against decoration
* Freed from pressures of pedestrian life, the avaunt..
* Done nothing wrong? You have nothing to fear from us

* CIA responds to Ron Suskind's "The Way of the World"
* Insights from Marine Biology for homeland "security"
* Mathematician's videos help imagine fourth dimension
* 1601 Andean eruption linked to Scandinavian cold snap
* Radiohead select fan video for Weird Fishes / Arpeggi

* Fafblog satirist Medium Lobster has UK Guardian debut
* Billboard near airport welcomes inbound RNC oligarchs
* NSFW: Fox News reporter in Denver looking for trouble
* US destroyer delivers aid to Black Sea port of Batumi
* Nabucco pipeline was to avoid EU dependence on Russia


August 23, 2008

* Proposed FBI rules allow investigation sans suspicion
  ["Rules that would better codify existing practices"]


August 22, 2008

* Wang Xiuying and Wu Dianyuan applied to stage protest
* Gold medalist Dayron Robles explains the 110m hurdles
* Brain fusiform face areas devoted to face recognition
* Diebold admit undercounting glitch; too late to patch
* Delaware Senator Joe Biden running for Vice President

* Ways to make printer cartridges give up ALL their ink
* Oil suppliers use inefficiencies to manipulate prices
* Iraqi govt shunning leaders of Sunni citizens patrols
* Israel stopped tank sale to Georgia at Russian behest
* Nonetheless, Israeli weapons have been very effective

* Business commitments keep US baseball players at home
* Microsoft hires Jerry Seinfeld to save troubled Vista
* VP choice crucial for Christians who support military
* Montana state ad campaign successfully unmarkets meth
* Chinese lawmakers proposed "National Humiliation Day"

* I'm listening to Radiohead's Hail to the Thief [2003]

August 21, 2008

* College presidents say ban on alcohol causes drinking
* Amazon tribes successful Peruvian land reform protest
* US may disband once-allied Sunni "awakening councils"
* McCain technically doesn't own any houses. Cindy does
* Japan asks Interpol to place activists on wanted list


August 20, 2008

* McCain coastal state TV ad says he "battles big oil"
* US policy drew Russia into Georgia as a distraction
* Russia: Poland risks nuke attack on US interceptors
* Russia plans to suspend all military ties with NATO
* A descending spiral of foreign policy brinksmanship

* Facial expressions con-men make to look trustworthy
* Responding to "you've got nothing to hide" argument
* FCC may attach free broadband to whitespace auction
* $100 Peek email-only gadget. No contract; aol/gmail
* Correlation between polygamy and longevity in males

* Nat'l Institute of Standards and Technology on WTC7

August 19, 2008

* Aboriginal children do math without "number words"
* Sensory cells can process an alternative sensation
* Pastor surprised McCain wasn't in "cone of silence"
* Ralph Reed is surprise no-show at McCain fundraiser
* Army allows civilians to force Musharraf from power

* What parents do when spanking is no longer deterent
* Who is the US to say "don't invade little countries"
* Jihad Watch recognizes Serbian "excesses" in Kosovo
* Thou shalt protect the dignity of every human being
* JFK secondary screening: bullies abuse human rights

* Dozens of amateur nuclear fusion reactors worldwide
* Examples of free association in NYT crossword clues
* Mygazines community shares scans of print magazines
* District judge lifts gag order against MIT students
* Three quarters of whitespaces unused; FCC to decide

* Glut of decertified US touch-screen voting machines
* Toby Keith claims to be a Dem; faux naive? lynching
* Jack Cafferty compares John McCain to the president
* US wholesale prices rise at fastest rate since 1981
* Former IMF chief: a large US bank is likely to fail

* 7th fastest growing website []
* FOMC stuck between the credit crunch and inflation
* US batter hit by pitch after collision with Chinese
* China stages opera commissioned after 1959 uprising
* Activists detained after raising Free Tibet banner


August 18, 2008

* Trevor Paglen photo exhibit in Berkeley til Sept 14
* Feds ask court to put a hold on Telecom spy lawsuit
* Criminalizing materials that could assist terrorist
* US Navy Admiral: "water where it didn't used to be"
* First serious crisis since the end of the Cold War

* US study on psychology of students who don't cheat
* Players create and evolve species online for Spore
* Amy Winehouse to release rejected Bond film opener
* Havasupai, permanent residents of the Grand Canyon
* Caroline Drake photos of Asia, Ukraine and Moldova

  Dave Wottle's 1972 Olympic 800m run

August 17, 2008

* Kashmir Valley economic blockade by Hindus of Jammu
* Ukraine inhospitable toward hosted Russian warships
* Law Media Group astroturfing for Microsoft, Comcast
* If humans have freewill, atoms behave unpredictably
* Venus, and my favorite Serena Williams win together

* Phelps/Cavic 100m Olympic Butterfly finish in brief
* US Border Angels provide wilderness rescue stations
* Global apartheid Transborder Immigrant Tool concept
* Reddit commentary on Neo's passport expiration date
* Our webserver didn't run httpd for awhile yesterday


* Ohio Republican Party is no longer running empty ad
* NSFW NY Times runs online ad for Newsmax bomb? poll
* Email to NY Times asking if Newsmax ad was an error
* NSFW evidence in lawsuit by black secret servicemen
* 3,254 pieces of personal data, per person, per week

August 16, 2008

* Georgian President provided Putin with casus belli
* New missiles in Poland "initially" point at Russia
* Pictures of Obama surfing at Sandy Beach in Hawaii
* Film title "(R)evolution" inspired by Krishnamurti
* Sweet feed makes young horses disobedient, fearful

* Physicist sees biology in terms of thermodynamics
* Walmart, Toys R Us free of Bisphenol A by January
* Gonzales, DOJ officials sued by 6 fired attorneys
* Bank advertising campaigns before subprime crisis
* Nepal's former rebel leader becomes Prime Minister

* Bush vowed humanitarian aid to Georgia is unlikely

August 15, 2008

* Obama, McCain to appear together at Church tomorrow
* No course credit if books claim Bible is infallible
* General barred for politicized GTMO trial selection
* Flyers who forget ID added to TSA terror watch list
* Wisconsin Equal Rights Division replied to my email

* Historically low US interest rates during oil shock
* Crooked letter CAPTCHA web login digitizes old text
* Colossal marble head of Faustina the Elder exhumed
* DIA surveys future of weapons to assault the brain
* Jet symbolically protects embodiment of US freedom

* See art films in their entirety at [480p]
* Pictures of stone age graveyard in central Africa
* Pictures of circular bike that seats up to eight
* McCain is fond of encouraging a "sense of humor"
* Pop star Madonna turns fifty years old tomorrow



August 14, 2008

* US court upholds free, open source Artistic license
* Aid agencies describe worsening security near Kabul
* 24,000 15,169 spies for CIA-precursor OSS named [zip]
* Protest at Manhattan RFID in Fashion conference [*]
* Chavez ex-wife Marisabel running for hometown mayor

* Serial imposter Frédéric Bourdin, aka The Chameleon
* Student skips exams, and his identity, for 8 months
* Matthew Baldwin feigns policeman has blown his mind
* Fellow passengers back Osteen at trial, "no assault"
* Cassini engineers try to image Enceladus ice plumes


August 13, 2008

* Many US police departments plant GPS without warrants
* Prodigy Tallan Latz triumphs over jealousy, literalism
* I emailed the Wisconsin Equal Rights Division re: Latz
* The speed of spooky action at a distance instantaneous
* Gloucester High School teen pregnancy pact controversy

* Hagel says won't attend either major party convention
* Georgia fell prey to oil and gas pipeline development
* Wall St credit market has been very tight for a year
* Apple market capitalization surpasses Google [chart]
* Both real and imagined emotions activate brain's IFO


August 12, 2008

* Attorney General: not all violations of law are crimes
* Inspector General: FBI siezed reporters' phone records
* 66% of US corporations paid zero income tax, 1998-2005
* 90% of guns siezed in Mexico are from US, mostly Texas
* Ron Paul's wife Carol in serious but stable condition

* Killings don't help enforce curfew in Srinagar, India
* Estonia and Poland lend networks and geeks to Georgia
* ARPANET developer BBN gets cyberwar defense contract
* Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority vs. MIT students
* Child lip synched Chinese anthem at opening ceremony

* Ohio sues Premier Election Systems, formerly Diebold
* Swiftboater's presidential election cycle ad hominem
* Dr Dobson religious group asks God for rain on Obama
* Republicans for Obama formed 2006 by Afghanistan Vet
* Dollar at almost two year high against British Pound

* Physorg: Invisibility cloak within sight [schematic]
* Ancient Villa of the Papyri preserved by Mt Vesuvius
* THC causes alienation when taken without cannabidiol
* Congresswoman to Tree Huggers: Jesus saved the planet
* Democratic Presidential candidate carried Alaska once

August 11, 2008

* McCain speech today plagiarized Georgia wikipedia page
* McCain married Cindy before divorcing first wife Carol
* Spanish Olympic basketball team picture mocks Chinese
* Chinese protest zones empty, local applicant arrested
* Screen of Death cast blue on torch lighting ceremony

* US advisors on hand for Georgian invasion of Ossetia
* US state Absaroka's short lived attempt at existence
* Mencken comment on Sinclair Lewis fictional Winnemac
* Orwell's diaries posted daily... seventy years hence
* Controller officially refuses Schwarzenegger's order

* NBC didn't note computer generated pre-recorded show
* Democratic party platform to support guaranteed care
* MIT researchers didn't follow disclosure guidelines
* 1700 square mile Great Salt Lake laden with mercury
* Montreal's mayor and police chief respond to riots

* Compensation reduced if rape victim was drunk [UK]
* Dan Haggarty autographed painting of Jesus smiling
* IOC votes to remove baseball from future Olympics
* Paestum Italy founded in 7th century BC by Greeks
* The Dory is versatile, seaworthy, and easy to row


August 10, 2008

* Multination navy blockade dry run Operation Brimstone
* List of ships that would block Iran access to benzine
* USS Roosevelt, USS Reagan to join USS Lincoln in Gulf
* Suskind report of forged Iraq-Qaeda letter holding up
* Coal plant protestors injured in skirmish with police

* Bush sponsored study says humans caused rapid warming
* Students post banned subway ticket engineering expose
* Researcher technically a new passport issuing country
* Honda hybrid to be unveiled at Paris Auto Show [$20K]
* Amarnath cave discovered by Muslim now a Hindu shrine

August 9, 2008

* NASCAR supports Obama's "tire pressure" conservation
* Euro lost 2% of it's value yesterday - to 6 month low
* Coen Brothers film Burn After Reading opens Sept 12th
* McCain hid role in Ohio DHL deal that cut 10,000 jobs
* Obama family begin weeklong vacation with Grandmother


* Conservative Wall Street Journal runs pro-Obama OpEd
* Evangelist Joel Osteen testifies at his wife's trial
* Venezuela bought $2B in Argentine bonds in two years
* Fannie Mae helped defang laws meant to prevent abuse
* NBC didn't make note they altered opening ceremonies

* Hackers kicked out of Hacking Conference for hacking
* Photographer forcibly removed from MOMA despite rule
* UN: Georgian conflict spreading beyond South Ossetia
* Biomedical researchers cars firebombed in Santa Cruz
* British scientists would plant GM trees on govt land

August 8, 2008

* Russian tanks enter breakaway region of South Ossetia
* Sadr wants to examine US "final security arrangements"
* US govt says all electronic devices can be compromised
* Black Hat presentation may show unpatchable Vista flaw
* Mass spectrometry discloses composition of fingerprint

* Incumbent Tenn. Congressman lost primary by 500 votes
* McCain, Cheney haven't appeared together for campaign
* Britney lands role in Tarantino's remake of "Pussycat"
* Toby Keith song glorifies lynching. Movie opens today
* High speed video camera puts lightning in slow motion


* Pennsylvania school district considers use of Tasers
* Real Men have simple brute-force answers to problems
* Medeco high security locks cracked with plastic keys
* Jack Chick evangelical style comic book story of LSD
  [Bill W experimented with LSD after he quit alcohol]

* Elizabeth Edwards supports husband, asks for privacy
* Bruce Ivans' colleagues contradict Anthrax narrative
* McDonalds sales up despite religious bigots' boycott
* Esquire Magazine anticipates some Olympic highlights
* Aung San Suu Kyi turning point speech August 8, 1988

August 7, 2008

* NASA plasma engine could take man to Mars in 60 days
* Principles to assure coordination of gray activities
* SWAT Team raids Mayor's house without proper warrant
* NY landlords use campaign money to block rent-control
* Co-sponsor of sex-education bill charged with assault

* Pakistani ruling alliance decide to impeach Musharraf
* China's great efforts to prevent protests at Olympics
* UK travel hub blocking WiFi access to political sites
* US DOJ subpoenas it's own former Civil Rights lawyers
* US psilocybin study seeking volunteer cancer sufferers

* Unique to English, why is the pronoun "I" capitalized?

Oil Companies are not developing many of the oil fields
they currently lease. Instead, they are hoarding leases
and "sitting" on them. Despite a sharp increase in oil
prices in recent years, the US free market discourages
for oil, yet politicians claim that opening US
coastlines and wildlife refuge to more oil field leases
can reduce dependence on imported oil.

Beginning to properly maintain automobile tire pressure
can bring an immediate 3-4% decrease in the cost of gas,
but because this does not require pumping more oil, it's
dismissed out of hand.

Conservation is bad for the economy, and it doesn't fit
my lifestyle. I'm not going to check my air pressure..
I'm too busy! That would mean checking all four tires
regularly - and I might have to get down on my knees!

No way. Freedom's just another word for my ego, aka "I".

  ~Ross  [Permalink]

  Artwork on Helsinki utility box

August 6, 2008

* Lessig: i-Patriot Act written; would follow i-9/11
* VP may watch convention from "undisclosed location"
* DNS flaw discoverer presents at Blackhat conference
* Appeal of Hamdan verdict could reach civilian court
* New York Times review of Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

August 5, 2008

* Ron Suskind promoting "The Way of the World" [2008]
  [White House reportedly ordered back-dated forgery]
* Mars soil analysis suggests presence of perchlorate
* Hottest water ever found emerges under the Atlantic
* Mystified firecrew monitoring 800F underground fire

* Blackhat and DEFCON security conferences this week
* Influence from the Future on Large Hadron Collider
* Qaeda suspect Siddiqui has PhD in cognitive science
* McCain suggests his wife join topless biker contest
* Paris Hilton responds to McCain with campaign video

* Kate Moss graces this month's Vogue "Ageless" issue

August 4, 2008

* Nadya Rusheva left 10,000 drawings at the age of 17
* Solzhenitsyn dead at 89. Returned to Russia in 1994
* Kunstler keynote at Vermont Independence Convention
* Third North American Secessionist Convention Nov 14
* Brett Favre reinstated. Packers contact the Vikings

* Court rejects "absolute immunity" for Miers, Bolton

August 3, 2008

* FBI suppresses statistically impossible DNA matches
* Speculation on FBI warrantless library data siezure
* Senate bill placates e-vote companies and officials
* More compelling than the discovery of water on Mars
* NASA expected to announce unexpected Mars discovery

* White House spy scare affected Intel reorganization
* Subjects respond differently in identical situation
* Mimicry of plant energy storage refines solar power
* Toyota's segway-like "Winglet" comes in three sizes
* Cop-arazzi "Jimmy Justice" films law busting police

* Large Hadron Collider small tests in August [pics]
* Books printed before 1501 refered to as incunabula
* Black Bear crosses fairway during U.S. Senior Open
* McCain campaign finally link Obama to O.J. Simpson
* McCain used idea of Obama picture on money in June


August 2, 2008

* EFF tool tests ISP packet forging and modification
* US lawmakers demand info on web tracking practices
* NYPD web portal would accept photo, video evidence
* Requiring proof disables enforcement of copyrights
* Green Bay fans divided by Favre-Packers infighting

* Mars Phoenix decent dislodged topsoil exposing ice
* Renewed debate over 1976 Mars Viking missions data
* DHS radiological incident notice of final guidance
* DOJ statement on investigation of Anthrax mailings
* LA dispensary bust; same day court backs state law

  Blackwater is in Los Angeles

* LA neighborhood moratorium on new fastfood joints
* WalMart warns managers of Democratic election win
* Solar radiation exerts a small amount of pressure
* General Motors lost $15B in the last three months
* Cheney considered dressing Navy Seals as Iranians

* Christian/Muslim "Common Word" conference at Yale

August 1, 2008


* Anthrax opportunists planted story connecting Iraq
* Committee approves retroactive bonus for Stop Loss
* DHS share longtime policy regarding laptop siezure
* Livestock rights enshrined in several states laws
* NRA mole joined gun control, environmental groups

* Bridge near GOP convention collapsed one year ago
* Florida First Priority 8th bank failure this year
* Linux memory keeps SSH & root password cleartext
* July 29th WTC construction site panorama 2214 KB
* Review of recent Mongolian Naadam sport festival

July 31, 2008

* NASA Phoenix Mars Lander identifies water in soil
* Data seems to confirm Titan has hydrocarbon lakes
* ACLU: Mukasey wants world declared a "battlefield"
* RAND study: "no battlefield solution to terrorism"
* Illegal partisan litmus test DOJ hires now tenured

* Republicans walk out on Director of National Intel
* Drop in home prices not reflected in quarterly GDP
* US interrogation at British island of Diego Garcia
* UK brokers spy deal between ISPs, record companies
* Response to complaint about Uncle Bobby's Wedding

* Schwarzenegger orders state controller to cut pay
* Int'l Documentary Association 25 best [1953-2007]
* Darkly satirical Get Your War On animation series
* Stacked Stream Graph timescale data visualization
* Moses Pendleton Presents Moses Pendleton 1982/ABC


July 30, 2008

* US income tax would rise for those over $600,000
* McCain campaign ad features Britney Spears cameo
* T. Boone Pickens lays out his energy plan: video
* US mortgage market rescue bill signed in private
* White House trying to block outside FISA briefs

* US citizen's arrest laws vary by state: examples
* LexisNexis search string sent to Monica Goodling
* IOC allows China to limit journalists net access
* Recent analysis of ancient Antikythera mechanism
* Paleontologist greets 500M year nautilus progeny


July 29, 2008

* Swedish spy bureau files complaint against blogger
* Ahmadinejad addresses Non-Aligned Movement meeting
* Yeshiva student apologizes for taking Obama prayer
* Oliver Stone biopic W opens October 29th [trailer]
* McCain campaign drops it's ban on hiring lobbyists

* Ted "Tubes" Stevens indicted for hiding oil payola
* Brent Wilkes bail benefactor must provide his name
* Army recruiter promoted after causing "stand-down"
* Army recruiters still threatening high school kids
* US govt agencies use Medeco "high security" locks

July 28, 2008

* First example of wild orangutans self-medicating
* Decade of critical resistance to prison industry
* Relaxed Polish border revealing German naturism
* Trio of streakers interrupt society polo event
* Philippine rebel ballot to expand Muslim area

* Obama says US must reassert world leadership
* Giraldi: Iran attack might really be Israel
* Open air GM crop trial locations published
* Mars soil consistency frustrates sampling
* Rumored macbook iteration late September

* Rice advisor calls Iraq invasion stupid
* Gallup polls rise in likely GOP voters
* Justice Dept inspector general report
* US high school football A-11 offense
* US budget deficit forecast at $482B

* 75% of US bank websites have flaws
* Tennessee church killer homophobe
* How Skype gets through firewalls
* Bush approves soldier execution
* First names shan't be approved

* Snoop Dogg going to Bollywood
* Oil prices at seven week low
* Sympathy for the speculator
* Biofumigation with mustard
* Agronomy journal: no-till

* US software patent sanity
* Bush opposes phthalate ban
* Bipedalism began by shuffle
* Byrne/Eno self-release album
* RU Serius interviews Schneier

* NYPD rookie hits Critical Mass
* Fair trade coffee certification
* Evolving government use of Cyber
* Innocent shouldn't talk to police
* Bob Barr addresses House Judiciary


July 27, 2008

* Peace of the heart... requiring no protection
* Bremerton summer Sunday afternoon rainshowers
* Boeing buys Insitu, maker of ScanEagle drones
* Odd looking photographer could be a terrorist
* Fire near Yosemite ignited by target shooting

* Tools to monitor and reduce electricity usage
* Citizen Engineer video series [MAKE Magazine]
* Disney made Eisenhower campaign TV commercial
* McCain viral video Obama Love copyright claim
* Hagel: character & judgement trump experience

* graphic indicates Obama blowout
* Black radio, TV, and magazines embrace Obama
* Inherent Contempt contra Executive Privilege
* Rules for bumper height don't apply to SUVs
* Degradation and neglect reported at Pompeii

July 26, 2008

* Cindy Sheehan has signatures to make ballot
* Another attempted citizen's arrest of Rove
* FBI investigating Trinidad DC gun violence
* Google offering gmail always-on encryption
* Skype proprietary protocol backdoor rumors

* Microsoft patch under open source license
* US regulators close 2 more national banks
* Algorithm arms race between stock traders
* Chameleon spends most of it's life as egg
* Hendra horse virus strain neural symptoms

* Profiles of world's distinctive libraries
* How process of insight works in the brain
* Testimony on case for impeachment of Bush
* False repeated until True: source amnesia
* Every conceivable action can be justified

* Virgin Galactic shares launcher with NASA
* NASA astronaut reports aliens have landed
* Martin Jetpack debuts at Oshkosh Air Show
* NOAA requires license for photos of earth
* FDA trouble tracing products eaten by ill

* Obama media savvy stagecraft inspires envy
* Egyptian film broaches religious prejudice
* Military utilizing Indian Country metaphor
* Hugo Chavez makes up with King Juan Carlos
* French MPs vote to scrap 35-hour work week

* Elizabeth Edwards will speak at Convention
* Olympic games torch styles since inception
* Facebook bans R.U. Serius for pseudonymity
* Non-Newtonian fluid behaviour creepy video
* Pictures of Mike Tyson's abandoned mansion

* Army apologizes for 1944 Fort Lawton trial
* Judge tosses Michael Savage lawsuit v CAIR

July 25, 2008

* Shenandoah teens charged in Ramirez murder
* Mississippi postapocalyptic bookmobile PSA
* Vint Cerf prepares interplanetary protocol
* Scottish separatists abandon Brown at home
* Can't make an omelet without breaking eggs

* US home foreclosures: 2nd quarter figures
* Empty kiddie pool photography: prohibited
* Girls math test scores comparable to boys
* McCain campaign posts victory vs. Hillary
* McClellan handled Fox News talking points

* Fox News poll: has Obama practiced Islam?
* Obama urges Iran to end dispute this year
* Wall Street Journal likens Bush to Batman
* NY Yankees may sign Barry Bonds next week
* Favre reportedly filing for reinstatement

* Medieval carvings of Green Man and Beasts
* Injunction against 1998 US censorship law
* DSL provider Embarq monitors user traffic
* Google has indexed over one trillion URLs
* I'm listening to Jimi Plays Berkeley 1971

* Greeks and Turkish Cypriots agree to talks
* California bans partially hydrogenated oil
* Cover art for 1950's Spanish sci-fi novels
* Tarantino talks about death scene in Bambi
* Radiohead rockband low power LED stage set

July 24, 2008

* State police assume Shenandoah murder case
* Telco sues city to stop fiber installation
* American Library Association privacy push
* Attorney David Iglesias Harpers interview
* East Oakland Fruitvale barrio mural, 2006

* Chants of USA! greet Obama in Berlin pics

July 23, 2008

* US and North Korea cabinet level meeting
* McCain claims surge began Anbar awakening
* Human saliva greatly speeds wound healing
* Natural treatment for clinical depression
* Cellphone cancer risk still being debated

* 2nd quarter net income doubled
* Washington Mutual 2nd quarter loss $3.33B
* Fox News plastic coffee product placement
* T. Boone Pickens converts to clean energy
* Codex Sinaiticus Adoptionist Christology

July 22, 2008

* Copyright wars recapitulate lost spam wars
* DMCA takedown notices will ignore Fair Use
* Vanity Fair spoofs New Yorker Obama satire
* GOP counts 925 days between visits to Iraq
* Maliki endorsement not lost in translation

* McCain floats VP story to break news cycle
* Ron Paul not invited to address convention
* Bush says economy got drunk.. has hangover
* More than a quarter of US population obese
* Red wine thwarts toxins digested from beef

* Beatrix Potter rabbits watercolor rarities
* Where The Wild Things Are adaptation delay
* To find some use for every wild animal [*]
* Conan O'Brien replacing Jay Leno next year
* Karadzic lawyer to fight Hague extradition

* Forthcoming CherryPal PC needs but 2 watts
* Postmaterialist Momus chairs postoccupancy
* One Step Beyond - The Sacred Mushroom here
* Bixblog writer recognizes Crewdson setting
* Films & Books I collected in recent months

* Esquire Magazine digital cover "harbinger"

July 21, 2008

* Ahmadinejad didn't say "wiped off the map"
* Court tosses arbitrary FCC Super Bowl fine
* Airline latest Argentine renationalisation
* Cost-benefit analysis of aviation security
* Atmosphere "earthlike" 30 miles over Venus

* Securities and Exchange Commission rumors
* Doughnut as symbol of US consumer culture
* Marion Jones asks Bush to commute sentence
* FDA trace Salmonella Saintpaul to Jalapeno
* I was three nights at Tunnel Creek shelter

July 18, 2008

* Amputee sprinter distracted by legal battle
* GPS tracking device beats radar gun in court
* Man arrested for photographing highway patrol

July 17, 2008

* US planning new diplomatic presence in Tehran
* Unusually sharp drop in prices of oil and gas
* Newsweek editor suggests pardoning war crimes
* First "contested" war crimes trial since WWII
* Libertarian candidate Bob Barr at Gore speech

* Study finds uncircumcised men just as healthy
* George W Bush Memorial Sewage Plant on ballot
* Bush admin redefine contraception as abortion
* I saw Hellboy II: The Golden Army in a cinema
* David Simon's HBO mini-series Generation Kill

* The Sound Of Young America interview Ze Frank
* Trading briefly halted for National City Bank
* FDIC interim rule to access bank account info
* Tabloid reports Banksy went to private school
* House of Lords discourse on Internet privacy

July 15, 2008

* New Yorker cover satirizes disinfo about Obama
* McCain and Obama split on Afghanistan strategy
* Obama addressed annual NAACP meeting last night
* Article of impeachment introduced to US Congress
* FTC enforces do-not-call list "two second rule"

* Google wins agreement to anonymize YouTube logs
* Blacklight Process power breaks laws of physics
* WFMU will launch Creative Commons music archive
* Radiohead releases House of Cards video dataset
* Cross-industry alliance plugs DNS vulnerability

July 14, 2008

* Lebanon and Syria restore diplomatic relations
* Obama affirms plan for 16 month Iraq withdrawal
* FDIC steps in after Friday run on Indy Mac bank
* Feds prepare bailout of Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae
* US offshore drilling moratorium expires Oct 1

July 11, 2008

* Enzo in Washington. Mookberry visit tomorrow

July 9, 2008

* Twenty seven new UNESCO World Heritage sites
* US Senate legalizes warrantless wiretapping
* Iran test fires Shahab-3 long range missile
* I returned the Asus. Modified Xandros buggy
* I put my MBZ 300TD on consignment at Nick's

July 8, 2008

* Do it yourself test for genetic abnormality
* Russ Kick's Memory Hole website back online
* Pirate Bay investigator got Warner paycheck

July 7, 2008

* Ellsberg on tomorrow's US Senate FISA vote

July 6, 2008

* Bush edits Thomas Jefferson, at Monticello
* Congress would takedown anti-wiretap judge
* Public isn't buying into "Green" marketing
* Sasha Cohen posing as Bruno in Middle East
* Nadal over Federer on Wimbledon grasscourt

July 5, 2008

* John Edwards to debate Karl Rove in Buffalo
* ACLU accepting Rainbow Family collect calls
* Air travel, and electro-muscular disruption
* Iranian lawmakers safeguard mental security
* Google debuts homepage privacy policy link

July 4, 2008

* 2007 California Construction Code liberated
* YouTube ordered to give user data to Viacom
* Metropolis lost footage found [1927/silent]
* Elephants taught to paint elephant portrait
* Ruthless self-interest is wrecking America

July 3, 2008

* Medvedev says US in no shape to give advice
* Sarkozy to meet with Syrian president Assad
* Abortion provider receives Order Of Canada
* Cable providers get local TV at fixed rate
* Fox News photoshops NY Times "attack dogs"

July 2, 2008

* Ingrid Betancourt describes rescue ruse
* General Motors faces possible bankruptcy
* BBC reported collapse of WTC tower early
* Christopher Hitchens waterboards himself
* Bedouin resist Israel on hereditary land

* Rove acolyte taking over McCain campaign
* Between termination shock and heliopause
* I received an Asus 900 subnotebook today
* Emerson's Nature 2008 Penguin Book cover
* Big Sur blaze one of 1100+ in California

July 1, 2008

* Senator Webb seeks spot on Obama ticket
* Mandela removed from US terror watchlist
* Wal-Mart logo redesign dispatches hyphen
* Canada Day [aka Dominion Day until 1982]

June 30, 2008

* Non-binding resolution supports blockade
* Conservapedia meets cognitive dissonance

June 29, 2008

* Leukocyte cancer therapy goes to trial
* Dietary cannabinoid beta-caryophyllene

June 28, 2008

* Global stock markets continue selloff
* Obama announces details of world trip
* Biodiesel circumnavigation is fastest
* Few recycling China/Cuba oil drilling
* SCOTUS slashes Exxon spill liability

* NASA plans solar sail launch in July
* Realtime satellite tracking via gmap
* AT&T website jokes about wiretapping
* Govt data mining privacy protections
* Amy Winehouse sings for Mandela 90th

* Japan kuruma banare post-car society
* Chimpanzees, orangutans plan futures
* 2001 Anthrax attacks remain unsolved
* House Republican campaign "playbook"
* Sides repeatedly violated Gaza truce

* Fmr Dutch PM ashamed of Hamas boycott
* Novelty-seeking "rewarded" chemically
* Funny Internet cafes around the world

June 27, 2008

* Non-linear evolution from sea to land
* North pole soon free of "surface ice"
* 36 Midwest levees broken in two weeks
* ATF raids Blackwater armory in Moyock
* Justice Dept reaction to DC V. Heller

* Feingold wins FISA bill week reprieve
* US Senate archive sold into copyright
* Norquist calls Obama Kerry with a tan
* Laughter as pattern recognition reward
* Survey: children opposed to healthcare

* Tomato quarantine didn't stop outbreak
* Travel writer Rick Steves goes to Iran
* Beijing Olympics hotel room rates drop
* Schwarzenegger shuns offshore drilling
* Ancient impact deep niche for new life

June 26, 2008

* SCOTUS ruling ends 32 yr DC handgun ban
* Oil company execs conspired in Iraq war
* Front cover of the 1954 pulp novel 1984
* Cheney "barnacle" on Legislative Branch
* Addington & Yoo appear before Congress

* Martian soil tests surprisingly alkaline
* Rocket Stove burns twigs, cooks quickly
* CIA "Studies in Intelligence" June 2008
* Fed: "inflation expectations increased"
* New Top Level Domains .cym, .sco, .ldn

June 24, 2008

* Feingold to filibuster FISA capitulation
* Expanded warrantless eavesdropping power
* Obama says James Dobson making stuff up
* I bought an Asus 900 [Solid State Drive]
* Rossiya: Moscow to Vladivostok by train

June 23, 2008

* Court rejects detainee's classification
* Peculiar celestial object, aka Voorwerp
* NYer's Buckminster Fuller retrospective
* George Carlin was arrested in Milwaukee
* Autistic man survives wild without meds

* Libertarian Bob Barr polls 6% in Georgia
* Flying without ID under TSA's new rules
* US Embassy involved in dude's arms deal
* US House FISA Act 2008, final roll call
* Crypto tools to fight Sweden's spy laws

* West Bank attack on Nawajaa clan filmed
* Int'l Whaling Commission meets in Chile
* 1 billion personal computers now in use
* Safety report on Large Hadron Collider
* Ballard woman refused to sell her home

* US train ridership rises significantly
* Photographers become al Qaeda suspects
* Powell chief of staff on Douglas Feith
* Fox censor McCain interview transcript
* Charlie Black sees advantage in terror

* NSFW: The Little Red Schoolbook [1969]

June 21, 2008

* Parabolic mic from dollar store parts
* Paglen documents 189 secret satellites
* Obama position on Telecom immunity bill
* Sweden passes blanket eavesdropping law
* Cody's Books in Berkeley closed June 20

* Jon Stewart on Israeli AIPAC lobby in US
* AmCon cover story on Israeli spying in US
* My Macbook died. Waiting for Asus PC 1000
* Baha rationing $2.20/gallon petro-diesel
* Olympic torchbearers on Tibetan streets

June 20, 2008

* Iowa City 500-year floodplain map [pdf]
* McCain opposed offshore drilling in May
* Obama opts out public campaign financing
* Telecom bill eases dismissal of lawsuits
* Russ Feingold comments FISA capitulation

* Heaven amusement park never closes [map]
* Oregon waives claim of copyright on laws
* China reducing consumer gasoline subsidy
* Turks carry messages between Syria/Israel
* Nuclear Command and Control meet schedule

June 19, 2008

* Patient's cloned immune cells beat cancer
* Lt-Cmdr Kuebler defends Canadian at Gitmo
* Inspector General report on Sibel Edmonds
* DIY guide to wiretapping any type of phone
* Bear Stearns fund managers arrested by FBI

June 18, 2008

* Blackwater asks US judge to use Sharia law
* Candidate McCain rules out talking to Iran
* Israel to negotiate disputed Lebanese land
* Oil washes up near my former Westline home
* US Special Forces Counterinsurgency Manual

* Improbable Research Collection video debut
* Michelle Obama sends thanks to Laura Bush
* High resolution image of the Wright Flyer
* Bank advises clients to "brace for crash"
* Japanese lawmaker questions 9/11 stories

* DARPA can't find enough qualified people
* 1934 plans for hyperlinked world network
* Olympic torch expected in Lhasa June 21st
* Army General accuses Bush of "war crimes"
* Bush transcript subpoenead for Plame case

June 17, 2008

* Detainees routinely hidden from Red Cross
* CIA says torture is subject to perception
* Philly police raid anti-CCTV petitioners
* Egypt brokers Israel/Hamas truce in Gaza

* Indefinite imprisonment for web content
* Associated Press nastygrams blogosphere
* I caught games 3 and 6 of the NBA final
* Exxon says market not profitable enough

June 16, 2008

* Homeland Security Centers of Excellence
* McClatchy catalogue post-9/11 detentions
* Jesus doll establishes direct connection

June 14, 2008

* Meteor carried DNA nucleobase compounds
* Spitzer space telescope Milky Way model
* Architecture historian comments on CCTV
* Iraqi govt wants rewritten US SOFA pact
* DVD Ashes and Snow [2005] Thanx to Enzo
* Immunity for journalists - not telecoms
* Cheney: China drilling for oil off Cuba

June 13, 2008

* Detainees should know why they're held
* Kucinich still working for impeachment
* Colin Powell considering vote for Obama
* Canada apologizes to aboriginal people
* Archaeologists unearth "first" church

* Russert dead after putting Dad in home
* UK climate campaigners stop coal train
* Bilderberg 2008 photos [Chantilly VA]
* I signed a short lease in Sheridan WA
* Doritos advert directed at Ursa Major

June 8, 2008

* Enviro-skeptics rooted in think tanks
* Oil prices threaten economic systems
* Full body scanners in 10 US airports
* Comcast faces class-action lawsuits
* History Channel on Bilderberg Group

June 7, 2008

* Obama won't parade prospective VP's
* Neocon forsees Iran war in November
* Phrase Global Warming coined in 1975
* Controlling blood sugar can be fatal
* Pink Noise echoes bygone NYT newsroom

June 6, 2008

* Local organic produce delivery online
* Oil prices up 8% - biggest jump ever
* Former NSA director opposed invasion
* RIP Alton Kelley, rock poster artist
* Final Police concert to benefit WNET

* US foreclosures are at all-time high
* Vacated California State Senate seat
* S. Carolina religious license plates
* Don't need magic to change the world
* Hong Kong Tiananmen memorial smaller

* Obama met with Clinton last evening
* Obama and wife bump fists [aka dap]
* Japanese ship to visit Chinese port
* Stolen Monet recovered in Marseille
* I'm at Mookberry while home hunting

June 3, 2008

* I'm looking at rentals near Poulsbo

June 2, 2008

* Falsification of US economic data
* President's near dictatorial power
* I'm leaving Montague for Washington

June 1, 2008

* 26,000 people in secret US prisons
* Australia ends operations in Iraq
* Iraq controls Basra and Sadr City
* Unconstitutional executive orders
* Scotty: Bush should've fired Rove

* Anthropic principle in Cosmology
* Anniversary of raid on Pirate Bay
* Jord Arbejde Kapital Members Bank
* 100 meter dash record 9.72 seconds
* Winehouse lyrics in Cambridge exam

May 30, 2008

* Wholesale chemical prices up 20%
* 4-day school week to save on gas
* MSNBC fired lone opponent of War
* McClellan goes on Olbermann show
* Metallica offering songs online

* Polyandry marriage among Tibetans
* Stonehenge cremations c. 3000 BCE
* Youth prepares to sail world solo
* Net Neutrality bill in Parliament
* RIAA Bittorrent based DOS attacks

* Anti-Obama group Vets for Freedom

May 29, 2008

* January 11 GTMO protesters trial
* Pharmacists may sell patient info
* US home prices down 14% in 1 year
* McClellan recalls Rove/Libby meet
* Iglesias US attorney scandal book

* Larijani was Iran nuke negotiator
* Cheney helped Iran enrich uranium
* Christian Zionism to hurry God up
* Anti-gays should obey whole Bible
* Machine command ontologists agree

* China activists report harassment
* Nepal's Hindu monarch has 15 days
* McCain changes position on Telcos
* Rosicrucians on Mental Poisoning
* African berries rewire tastebuds


* Is it true about Obama? [answers]
* Demeanor shows respect for Anthem
* Copylefted hardcover 2nd printing
* MSNBC killed news stories for War
* 5 straight days rain in Montague

May 28, 2008

* African circumnavigation 500 BCE
* Finer details of human migration
* Auto dealer radio ad invokes God
* Gravel retires as a Libertarian
* Senate GOP leader may lose seat

May 27, 2008

* Photosynthesis is endosymbiotic
* Corn's dominance of food supply
* Option to freeze credit reports
* Olympic torch alights on infamy
* Roslyn Zinn died May 14th at 85

* UK arrest for study of al-Qaeda
* Iran expands uranium enrichment
* 1st scalped show ticket in 1850
* Vatican lifted ban on cremation
* Man will jump from stratosphere

May 26, 2008

* Activist Utah Phillips has died
* Mars Phoenix landing successful
* Spanish men jump rows of babies
* Jimmy Carter at Hay-on-Wye fest
* Obama fills in for Ted Kennedy

* Pundit wants Obama knocked off
* Fox analyst Rove advises McCain
* Creationist US science teachers
* DVD Atomic Cafe, duck and cover
* The world according to Monsanto


May 25, 2008

* Mars probe risky landing tomorrow
* LA subway use up %14 [winter 2008]
* Hispanic delegate defects to Obama
* Compromise offer on Telco immunity
* Beautiful pics of bankrupt offices
* RIAA's Hilary Rosen directs HuffPo

May 23, 2008

* Obama on media image of Hispanics
* Clinton invokes RFK assassination
* Brits permit Scientology cult sign
* Architecture of Authority [R Ross]
* Trade agreement targets Pirate Bay
* Icelandic krona currency free fall
* Arctic expedition maps ice cracks

May 22, 2008

* McCain's top advisor Charlie Black
* Judiciary committee subpoenaes Rove
* Iraqi troops police Sadr city truce
* Abe Lincoln on "military necessity"
* DVD Motorcycle Diaries, Che Guevara

* 3 leaf sunflower sprout in Montague
* DNA anti-discrimination bill signed
* Cisco memo: censorship opportunity
* China historic sites damage report
* Consumers prefer getting declined

May 19, 2008

* US voluntary simplicity movement
* Beekeeper hive splitting pictures
* Mythbusters: Electric vs Gas cars
* Shoppers tracked via cell signals
* Map of China earthquakes May12-19

* Bilderberg 2008 meet in Chantilly
* Dems in whitest states back Obama
* Buffett backs Democratic president
* Expected gains in Congress, Senate
* Bush likened Palestinians to Nazis

May 18, 2008

* US Continuity of Govt "Main Core"
* I'm always using 100% of my brain

May 17, 2008

* Hide your data from border agents
* Book Torture Team, Philippe Sands
* Anniversary of underpants protest
* Conde Nast/Wired buys Ars Technica
* Duke briber Kontogiannis sentenced

May 16, 2008

* McCain endures hysterical diatribe
* Huckabee jokes about assassination
* Obama's role in special elections
* Edwards rules out Vice Presidency
* Media cross-ownership ban revived


* beats Security Letter
* Dutch revert back to paper ballot
* Highways don't belong in the city
* Older gas pumps can't break $3.99
* Saudis deny Bush's appeal for oil

* Secret time traveling Nazi Muslim
* China surveillance city prototype
* Buddhists pledged close proximity
* Amputee runner wins Olympic appeal
* Hyperthymesia cases extremely rare May 15, 2008

* Obama answers Bush campaign speech
* Family rights upheld in California
* FDA neutral on risk of bisphenol A
* Chicago surveillance video network
* Comcast throttles bittorrent 24/7
* Economy beer company sales up $5B
* Musical choice affects wine taste
* 1/10th second delay in perception
* 93 degrees fahrenheit in Montague

May 14, 2008

* Govt says gas prices down in April
* Cyclists split lanes on LA freeway
* Palestine partitioned 60 years ago
* Lebanon revokes curbs on Hezbollah
* Pakistan & Taleban swap prisoners
* Edwards endorsement is well timed
* Obama apology for using endearment
* Democrats win third GOP stronghold
* US govt job description unemployed
* Colbert imitates O'Reilly meltdown
* Vatican says alien life plausible
* China quake photos May 12, 13, 14

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