March 21, 2009

* Diebold logs don't register wholesale vote deletion
* US nuke sub collided US cruiser in Strait of Hormuz
* France may rejoin NATO command 43 years after break
* Brit Hume cribbed for years from Media Research Ctr
* Small dinosaur left proto-feather fossil impression

* Iso Rabins foraged food is the toast of SF gourmets


March 20, 2009

* 1st White House vegetable garden since World War II
* Rick Steves talks about making new Iran travel show
* Sixth anniversary of US invasion of Iraq: slideshow
* Rift between secular and religious Israeli soldiers
* Sacramento mayor would facilitate growing tent city

* GOP leader says financial industry never deregulated
* AIG Corporate Security tips for surviving angry mobs
* Girl Scout "Wild Freeborn" advertises cookies online
* I'm in California for my Mom's friend Bill's memorial
* Picture of Bill, me, my sister and Mom at Trader Vics

March 17, 2009

* Retention pay for AIG employees who will be dismissed
* Rep. Barney Frank: we own AIG - now let's act like it
* Passport card for travel to Canada, Mexico, Caribbean

March 16, 2009

* Cheney says govt cannot help people, it can only hurt
* US small businesses to get bigger tax break on losses
* Auto unions took loss for bailout; not AIG executives

March 15, 2009

* Glenn Greenwald: Obama embracing Bush security state
* Hamas refuses to recognize Israel in talks with Fatah
* Marxist leader wins El Salvador presidential election
* ABC evening news: "Bully Rehab" at Ely, Nevada school

March 14, 2009

* President Obama meets Lula da Silva in Oval Office
* Jim Cramer appearance with Jon Stewart on Daily Show
* Jim Cramer's full explanation of market manipulation
* Underwear in trees isn't evidence of widespread rape
* New Mexico legislature votes to repeal death penalty

March 13, 2009

* There are no enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay Club
* Christian: What is done to the least of my Brothers?
* Decision on naming Merrill bonus recipients March 20
* Madagascar troops refused to kill protestors March 8
* Google introduces phone service beta; public one day

March 12, 2009

* Assassination ring answered only to Vice President
* Citigroup conference call re: Employee Free Choice
* Ron Paul bill to audit Fed Reserve has 28 sponsors
* US fighter jet shoots down Iranian drone over Iraq
* Bush aides still trying to connect Saddam and 9/11

* Shoe tossing Iraqi journalist sentenced to 3 years
* Wireless keystroke loggers 95% accurate at 12 feet


March 11, 2009

* World Net Daily writer created scandal he reported
* Chase CEO: lender must keep stake in each mortgage
* New collection of Lennon piano & guitar demo MP3's
* The Pirate Bay trial is over; verdict due April 17
* YouTube blocks videos in the UK over licensing fee


* Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin break engagement

March 10, 2009

* 50th anniversary of failed Tibetan uprising today
* Chinese citizens largely futile quest for justice
* 972,000 Ottoman Armenians disappeared from records
* Chas Freeman withdraws; characterizes Israel Lobby
* TARP overseer Sununu joins board of TARP custodian

* Al Franken's legal team to rest its case March 11
* Bill Maher joins Ann Coulter onstage in Manhattan
* Evo Morales says US diplomat contacted opposition
* Rival Palestinian factions plan meeting in Cairo
* Jon Stewart rips CNBC after Santelli cancelation


* Short film: man builds holographic moment for love

March 9, 2009

* AIG hires infamous Burson-Marsteller [client list]
* Catholic & Evangelical politics take the shine off
* Bush backers note shoe thrown at Ahmadinejad's car
* Girl Watcher Magazine first issue June 1959 [NSFW]
* Natural nanoscale ice structure formed of pentagons

March 8, 2009

* Film Russian Ark: Hermitage in one continuous shot
* Barron's: tangible capital ratio of major US banks
* RNC Chairman latest Republican to apologize to Rush
* Limbaugh refers to timing of Senator Kennedy's death
* Robert Crumb submits album cover art to Janis Joplin
* Database of Verizon customer phone calls is for sale
* Finance ministers pre-G20 meet at sequestered estate
* Congressman would repeal law against online gambling
* This week I drove the Peugeot to California and back

March 6, 2009

* US based Israel hawks defend unconditional support
* Treasury can't reveal beneficiaries of AIG bailout
* FDIC may get $500B line of credit from US Treasury
* 2000 US doctors forcing patients to sign gag order
* 2008 SCOTUS gave immunity to medical device makers

* Annual memorial ski trip yesterday honoring my Dad

March 4, 2009

* Haaretz: "J Street" new dovish, pro-Israel US lobby
* NY Attorney General: publish Merrill Lynch bonuses
* Net Neutrality supporter nominated to be FCC Chief
* UK man jailed for alleged picture of sewar sewer

March 3, 2009

* Enormous resources needed for one gallon of ethanol
* Netanyahu opposed to independent Palestinian state
* CNBC cancels Santelli appearance on The Daily Show
* Conservatives worry that government might succeed
* Southern California middle class liquidating gold

March 1, 2009

* Do GOP leaders think govt has no role in emergencies?
* Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius chosen to lead HHS
* US Attorney General: States determine marijuana laws
* Washington Post reverse decision to censor Doonesbury
* Same facial expression for physical and moral disgust

* Star Wars "musical journey" stage show debut April 10
* I saw The Kamkars at Nordstrom Recital Hall [Seattle]
* Leonard Cohen begins 1st US tour in 15 years, April 2
* Brian Jonestown Massacre on US tour April 16 - May 19
* Janes Addiction, Ben Harper, Fleet Foxes at The Gorge

* Dylan Ratigan of Fast Money annotates Rick Santelli


  Dylan Ratigan says corporations are blackmailing US


February 27, 2009

* Jindal admits he bore false witness in GOP response

  Conservative leaders make shit up. Listeners never
  learn it was a lie. Lies are reported in the media

February 26, 2009

* Dennis Blair taps Chas Freeman; dared criticize Israel
* Clinton addresses blockade of humanitarian aid to Gaza
* Precedent: Bush held citizen seven years without trial
* Obama administration expected to back telecom immunity
* Jewelry missing from Romney family's 9500 sq ft lodge

* Lady who lost calves as child requested prosthetic fin
* Honduran labor issues affect US college sports apparel
* Photos of flag draped coffins with families permission
* Taleban and al-Qaeda join ceasefire in Bajaur Pakistan
* DVD Alone in the Wilderness; story of Dick Proenneke



February 25, 2009

* Citi CEO asks for more time before govt cans management
* Former CIA executive director faces sentencing tomorrow
* Industries targeted in Obama speech send more lobbyists
* Court rules for AIPAC lobbyists charged with espionage
* US to provide virtually unlimited solvency to 19 banks

* US financial de-regulation led to The Great Depression
* Sen. Bunning threatens to sue GOP Senatorial Committee
* Extremely rare fossil evidence of reproductive biology
* Ants evolved from hunter-gatherers to herders & farmers
* 16th century superguns helped defeat the Spanish Armada

* Jason Jones: Obama is The Antichrist and/or next Hitler


February 24, 2009

* Yesterday's Q&A session between Obama & lawmakers Part 1
* Gov. Jindal criticizes stimulus but accepts 99% of funds
* Egotist Roland Burris has one supporter in Washington DC
* Rupert Murdoch issues apology for New York Post cartoon
* With lack of Congressional oversight CIA became corrupt


February 23, 2009

* Schwarzenegger: "It's very simple. Listen to the people"
* Former Secret Service agent to lead "stimulus" oversight
* Attorney General Eric Holder expected at Guantanamo Bay
* Army Captain learning new skills in war-torn Afghanistan
* Parent of Gamer asks son to honor The Geneva Conventions

* Presidential helicopter procurement process "gone amok"
* Obama says he'll halve inherited budget deficit by 2013
* Lapsed Bush tax cuts will affect 2% of small businesses
* Neoconservatives deny influence on Bush foreign policy
* Electrolyzed water degreases, disinfects, safe to drink

February 22, 2009

* California legislatures pass budget; GOP reprimands six
* California central valley agriculture in severe drought
* Senator Shelby of Alabama questions Obama's citizenship
* Joe Scarborough deserves the title of "Loyal Opposition"
* Oldest British police surveillance footage [circa 1935]


February 21, 2009

* Obama proposes ordinary income tax rate for hedge funds
* Obama bans 4 accounting gimmicks that mask true deficit
* Rick Santelli smackdown shows White House foil strategy
* Chicago mayor wants CCTV cameras on every street corner
* Senator proposes storing Internet user data for 2 years


February 20, 2009

* Pirate Bay host: "We're winning, stop hacking, please"
* Israeli Supreme Court designates West Bank "state land"
* 9/11 hijacker's cousin held by Lebanese as Israeli spy
* RNC8 activists charged with "furtherance of terrorism"
* Primatologist Frans de Waal on the recent chimp attack

February 18, 2009

* The Pirate Bay trial prosecutor asks to drop key charge
* Steal This Film trial version supports Pirate Bay admins
* Bristol Palin: abstinence good policy, but not realistic
* Pat Robertson denounces Limbaugh's hope of Obama failure
* 30% of US TV broadcasters converted to digital yesterday

* Obama approves deployment of 17000 troops to Afghanistan
* Comments by Jane's on British/French submarine collision
* Massachusetts governor's plan to require GPS in every car
* Protesters want answer for Facebook privacy policy change
* Six exceptional web based image editors via bibliodyssey

* SEC accuses Houston's Allen Stanford of investment fraud
* $45B Bank of America bailout far exceeds value of company
* Rep. Michele Bachmann: "we're running out of rich people"
* Where will we live, work, or shop... without rich people?
* Norm Coleman getting ready to demand a whole new election

* GOP leader uses lyric about prostitute without permission
* Cory Doctorow addresses suspense around economic collapse
* Obama unveils plan to save millions from bank foreclosure
* Bank foreclosed homes in Dayton Ohio advertised for $1000
* Greenspan: recession will be longest & deepest since 1930

* Fed reports US industrial production down 1.8% in January
* Pepsi & Mountain Dew throwback brand sweetened with sugar
* Non-existent subway photo ban costs tax payers a fortune
* Honor student jailed 3 months; Her judge faces 87 months
* Atheists are banned from public service in six US states


February 17, 2009

* Tibetan communities closed to foreigners for anniversary
* Coverage of day one of The Pirate Bay trial in Stockholm
* HR 801 would end free publication of tax-funded research
* The Simpsons episode 430 features updated title sequence
* Matthew Baldwin lists 16 of his favorite mindfuck movies


February 16, 2009

* Obama plays 4 games of basketball in 2 hours with friends
* Why Graham said "stress test".. Obama snubbed Wall Street
* Bill Clinton: Republicans "on automatic".. opposing Obama
* Olbermann accepts McCaughey's healthcare debate challenge
* Film Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man [2005, Sundance Channel]

February 15, 2009

* Japanese economy contracted 3.3% in final quarter of 2008
* Schumer: GOP didn't object to deficit spending under Bush
* Limbaugh says stimulus PDF is unsearchable: instructions
* Republicans only: Graham considers bank nationalization
* Black student association forms at North Idaho College


February 14, 2009

* Foreclosure bill may allow judges to reduce loan principle
* Stim bill includes Dodd amendment to cap bailout bonuses
* Blackwater renamed Xe; Subsidiary now US Training Center
* Louisiana boycotts science; scientists boycott Louisiana
* EFF calls on FTC to protect consumers from "broken" DRM

* Canadian judge rules no warrant needed to see ISP logs
* US drones used to bomb Pakistan are based in Pakistan
* McCain says President needs to work on bipartisanship
* Pictures of my Mercedes on a Sunday morning in Nevada
* Thanks to Heidi & Josh for taking care of my Peugeot

February 12, 2009

* Obama opposes nationalization; mentions "1000's of banks"
* Ron Paul advances legislation to abolish Federal Reserve
* What Republicans are saying since they found their voice
* Republican's "time traveling" Franklin Roosevelt paradox
* China banking regulator says US Treasuries "only option"

* DNI Blair: financial crisis may cause fall of US allies
* Poll: 33% want no investigation of torture, wiretapping
* FBI investigates "30 seconds" of Super Bowl pornography
* A dozen cops serve warrant, seek info on Michael Phelps
* Court rules Autism not caused by childhood MMR vaccines

* Betsy McCaughey can't support claim in text of stimulus
* Ari Fleisher says Bush press conferences were "scripted"
* Commemoration of bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth
* Judge allows use of chair to feed Gitmo hunger strikers
* Rodeo cowboy organization agrees to pay $25K to critics

* The Pirate Bay trial to begin in Stockholm February 16th
* My pictures of lighting in Helsinki train station lobby


February 11, 2009

* Mayor misses irony of bankers gambling on borrowed money
* Mortgage holders won't be required to waive legal rights
* Ex-Republican: Limbaugh, Coulter and Dobson now the norm
* Private juvenile hall paid Pennsylvania judges for years
* Russian and US satellites collide; bad for 10,000 years

* is a multi-media survey of art history


February 10, 2009

* Khatami opposes President Ahmadinejad in June elections
* Amnesty Int'l says Hamas is killing & maiming opponents
* Saudi Arabia could lift ban on female drivers this year
* Equating evolution to Darwin opened door to creationism
* Anonymous still aims to dismantle Church of Scientology

* Palin to skip Conservative Political Action Conference
* Robert Gates orders review of ban on photos of coffins
* Italian court ruled to allow Eluana Englaro euthanasia
* The New Yorker profiles clinical condition of tinnitus
* google's PowerMeter to support "smart grid" initiative

February 9, 2009

* Canada has no bank failures, nor any calls for bailouts
* Results of social programs in Western Europe and the US
* Norman Coleman tells radio host "God wants me to serve"
* Senator Leahy backs truth commission to prevent abuses
* Radiohead performs with USC's marching band at Grammys

* Feng's eulogy to Philosopher and Mountaineer Arne Naess
* $550B "electronic run" on US money markets took 2 hours
* CNBC's Dr Doom & Black Swan; Dr predicts end of finance
* Permalinks available every day I post; date underlined
* "Portmanteau" is used broadly to mean a blend of words

February 8, 2009

* $500K/year not enough to maintain appearance of wealth
* Unnecessary war to cost 5000 US lives, trillion dollars
* ISP's not liable for quietly betraying customer privacy
* Charles Darwin was an opponent of slavery, and eugenics
* John Milton praised Oliver Cromwell without reservation

* "Gut instinct" may utilize memories we don't know about
* Melbourne hospital runs out of morphine on burn victims
* Virginia legislature and governor agree on smoking ban
* CBS places Star Trek, Twilight Zone, Twin Peaks online
* 100+ MLB players tested positive for steroids in 2003

February 7, 2009

* Republican delegation to Iraq was supposed to be secret
* GOP hates taxes except to pay bonuses of failed bankers
* Universal USB power supply stopped by existing "markets"
* Cellphone made of recycled bottles; WAP browser, no GPS
* We train students to be obedient, and to read our minds

* New "single issue" Israeli political party Haisraelim

February 6, 2009

* Obama meets families of 9/11 and Cole bombing victims
* Obama & Bush broke Oval Office dress code immediately
* Obama swore while making audiobook: highlights [NSFW]
* Howard Zinn scheduled at San Francisco Mission school
* Ex-Goldman Sachs VP Neel Kashkari still running TARP

* Washington wants DNA from arrestees prior to charges
* Monsanto not responsible for safety of biotech foods
* London refuses Gitmo resident's request for documents
* Boycott Kellog after collecting Phelps cornflakes box
* Brazilian fans of Hollywood subtitles avenge takedown

* Germans & World Bank pledge $500M to microloan banks
* Sea Shepherd rejoined whalers Sunday after refueling
* Account of Paul Watson's 1977 split with Greenpeace
* Comment thread after Freeper stumbles onto "reddit"

February 5, 2009

* Top Judge drops charges against Cole bombing suspect
* Passages from IDF's "Jewish Awareness Dept" pamphlet
* Obama ordered $20M aid for "conflict victims in Gaza"
* Analyst gave SEC evidence of Madoff fraud for 9 years
* FBI knowingly took 30 years of an innocent man's life

* Video of Letterman presenting 1993 Bill Hicks standup
* Evan Roth records airport x-ray machines of the world
* Oslo buses to run on biomethane generated from sewage
* Green comet "Lulin" visible soon; closest February 24
* MP3's of Miles Davis concert in Tokyo January 22 1975

* DCI nominee testifies that "waterboarding is torture"
* January US armed forces suicides outnumber casualties
* GOP stimulus payouts to cost double original estimate
* Tax cuts aren't a cure all; brought economy to a halt
* "Those ideas have been tested.. and they have failed"

* R. Buckminster Fuller: "There are no straight lines"

February 4, 2009

* Toxic assets would stay on bank ledgers, backed by US
* "Mountaintop removal mining" sets worker vs community
* Hard to tell if Wikipedia entry on Dada is vandalized
* Tucson cable TV Superbowl includes 30 seconds of porn
* Nominee for #3 at Justice Dept worked on Schiavo case

* Nominee for #2 defended "Child Online Protection Act"
* Ben Stein: "I'm far more pro-science than Darwinists"
* Judd Gregg senior staff took favors from Ambamoff aide
* Francis Galton: Hints to Travellers, and Art of Travel
* Shlomo Sand: When & How Was the Jewish People Invented?

February 3, 2009

* Gitmo prosecutor Lt. Col. Darrell Vandeveld interview
* WaPo publishes Robert Kagan's "defense cut" falsehood
* Picture gallery of packaged food from my home kitchen
* Netflix Dream of Life; Patti Smith film autobiography
* Months to bring 4,797 ballots before Minnesota court

* Republicans oppose "stimulus part" of stimulus bill
* Information Tech job listings down 35% in 12 months
* Mormon Church reveals role in Proposition 8 campaign
* Kyrgyzstan's president announces closure of US base
* Candidates debate whether Gaza war went far enough!

February 2, 2009

* Five interviews scheduled tomorrow in the Oval Office
* Obama naming Republican Judd Gregg commerce secretary
* Brief story of post gold-standard fractional reserve
* American Bankers Association doesn't like labor pool
* Two dissident Law Schools on Defense Dept shit list

* Local police want permission to jam wireless signals
* White Hat hacker clones US passports from a distance
* 1950's superhero Hoverboy defeats science, communism
* Rev. Ed Young of Gainesville celebrates marital sex
* Riots at private Texas prison over medical treatment

* 53% of 14 million registered Iraqi voters turned out
* Nadal consoles anguished Federer; Serena in two sets
* Corporations accept Phelps' apology for bong picture
* Cory Doctorow on successful corporate dumpster diver
* Study compares racial profiling with random searches

* Boycott Nestle, Disney, Home Depot, McDonalds, Intel


February 1, 2009

* Most GOP governors support stimulus, including Palin
* Iraqi parliament can remove elected provincial leader
* Israeli ambassador to Australia: Gaza war is practice
* Rockets fired from Gaza Sunday; no casualty or damage
* Tithing has as much to do with Pastor as with Church

January 31, 2009

* Sen. McCaskill would cap pay of wall street "idiots"
* Exxon/Mobile's fourth quarter profit $11,600,000,000
* Bill Gates believes we are years from economic growth
* Rewrite of the "FBI Warning" that precedes many films
* Film Hippie Masala; Euro pilgrims who stayed in India

* 1981 news video about San Francisco online newspaper!
* Phone number 2-1-1 community information and referral
* Video cameras embedded in public venue video screens
* First Lady to decorate White House with Pottery Barn
* Homeland Security using old White House barber shop

* Mortar rounds land near voters in Tikrit - no deaths
* When did we stop caring about civilian deaths in war?
* $3,000,000 bail set for BART cop charged with murder
* Censored 1993 David Hicks standup on David Letterman
* "Notebooks function like a security blanket for me"

* Hobo Shoestring's photostream [via Northbank Fred]


January 30, 2009

* Bailed out executives behaving like "welfare queens"
* Judge won't delay tribunal of waterboarded defendant
* Bill Clinton & Vladimir Putin raise glasses of vodka
* About half of CO2 emissions remain in our atmosphere
* I missed news of Masanobu Fukuoka's passing in August

* Saddam-Qaeda conspiracy theorist advising DoD on Iraq
* Serotonin uptake inhibitor would keep locusts passive
* Congressional Research Service: domestic intelligence
* DHS wants jailed illegal aliens deported upon release
* Farmers natural selection determines livestock colors

* Iceland's prime minister Sigurdardottir is a lesbian


* Pope recently rehabilitated ultraconservative society
* Metropolitan Kirill newest Russian Orthodox patriarch
* Shimon Peres waves finger at Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan
* Tikrit Shoe Monument removed day after being unveiled
* Bush wanted continueing executive privilege for aides

January 29, 2009

* Kucinich wants Federal Reserve put under govt control
* Senate GOP leader McConnell: Bush was political burden
* ACLU requests Bush memos from Office of Legal Counsel
* Attenborough asked why he doesn't give "credit to God"
* NATO commanders discussing new Arctic shipping routes

* President Ahmadinejad to stand for re-election in June
* Cold War era coup set stage for 1979 Iranian revoluton
* Current spat between US & China over renminbi exchange
* Pictures taken inside a Circuit City liquidation sale
* East German flat abandoned since fall of Berlin Wall

* Mercury cell chlor-alkali used in high-fructose syrup
* Survive a world without electricity and running water
* Google Measurement Lab to expose interference by ISP's
* Some words learned while reading David Foster Wallace
* House and Senate leaders at White House for cocktails

January 28, 2009

* Russ Feingold scheduled for Rachel Maddow show tonight
* Audio of CEO's who oppose the Employee Free Choice Act
* IBM won't reveal substantial number of recent job cuts
* Peanut Corp knowingly passed on salmonella; sociopaths
* Corn Refiners: we've been mercury-free "several years"

* 50th anniversary of failed Tibetan uprising March 10th
* Images of annual Indiginous National Festival [Brazil]
* Footage from the 2009 No-Pants Subway Ride in New York
* Map of US rail projects "shovel ready" within 4 months
* Phoenix Mars probe detects snowfall over arctic region

* Russia halts planned missile deployment in Kaliningrad

January 27, 2009

* White House transcript of Obama's al Arabiya interview
* Fed Reserve interest rates replaced by credit programs
* Geithner sets new limits on lobbying for bailout funds
* Gubernatorial appointment to Senate vacancy: amendment
* EU may force bundling of several browsers with Windows

* Chef Anthony Bourdain travels to The Azores [Pictures]
* San Francisco has 23 pot clubs, compared to 40 in 2005
* Low cannabinoid dose reverses memory loss in older rats
* Mercury contamination common in high-fructos corn syrup
* Lizard people win: humanoids can't stop global warming

* Is Karl Rove still hiding behind "executive privilege"?
* Limbaugh projects his own fear: Obama wants me to fail
* Norm Coleman aide admits ballot fraud on witness stand
* More critics of Vladimir Putin get bullets in the head
* Radio Aporee: collect field recordings via google maps

* NSA has bulk data on domestic credit card transactions
* Federally bailed out car makers sue Federal Government
* White House called Citibank about sense of entitlement
* Pictures taken on the highest peaks of each continent
* Stickers painted in ultraviolet warn birds of windows


January 26, 2009

* Republicans see president's bipartisanship as weakness
* "What is the difference between apathy and ignorance?"
* No centralized case files exist for Guantanamo prisons
* World's biggest drug corporation arranges to buy rival
* Facebook offered upwards of $500M for Twitter in 2008

* Sprint cuts 8000; Home Depot 7000, Caterpillar 20,000
* Canadian govt forsees "perhaps several difficult years"
* Iceland Social Democrats urged PM to fire bank governor
* Anger in UK as BBC, Sky News refuse to air Gaza appeal
* Picture of Tennessee Wal*Mart non-fiction book section

* Bullies are cowards, and understand nothing but force
* Google maps image of VP residence no longer pixelated
* William Bennett critical of Rush Limbaugh's rhetoric
* NBC still hasn't sold all of its Super Bowl ad space
* James Atkinson to lecture at MIT on phone debugging

* Israeli settlements made two-state solution unlikely
  Options are ethnic cleansing, apartheid or democracy

January 25, 2009

* Robert Reich on how the US embraced "lemon socialism"
* Plant cannabinoids induce apoptosis in leukemic cells
* Bush scribe: leaders cocoon themselves, reward yesmen
* NASA post 35 minute video tour of Int'l Space Station
* English-derived 1500 word "globish" business language

* Bolivian constitution to end natives 2nd-class status
* One-fifth of Israel's population are Palestinian Arab
* Jon Stewart on how Fox News is covering the President
* US population living without broadband don't want it
* Record low rates of disposal at California landfills

January 24, 2009

* Limbaugh says he shamelessly wants President to fail
* Exaggerated language describes completely false view
* John Castor was the first legally recognized US slave
* Falconry & paragliding combined in art of parahawking
* Encyclopaedia Britannica to let readers update online

* Israel opens Gaza to aid workers; Hamas pays victims
* US takes children after mother argues with stewardess
* Geithner believes China is manipulating it's currency
* GOP leaked fabricated CBO report to undercut stimulus
* Archimedes protocalculus Method overwritten by prayer

January 23, 2009

* Barack Obama inaugural speech annotated rhetorically
* 1,474 megapixel image taken during inaugural address
* President asks Sun CEO for whitepaper on open source
* Trading Constitutional liberties represents cowardice
* I especially enjoyed Rev. Joseph Lowery's benediction

* Huge 2008 spike in borrowing from the Federal Reserve
* DVD: David Byrne's study of Candomble Ile Aiye [1989]
* My first honey bee sighting of 2009 today in Bremerton
* Senate Democrats from States with Republican Governors
* Bush's #2 Nat'l Science Foundation official burrows in

* Obama thinks Senators are influenced by Rush Limbaugh
* TV ad blitz targeting GOP Senators beginning next week
* AT&T programming language supports realtime datamining
* US wiretaps combined with citizens credit card records
* Israeli rights group B'Tselem pictures of Gaza tunnels

* Franken's request to dismiss Coleman lawsuit is denied
* 2nd Amendment advocate Gillibrand, new Senator from NY
* Obama exempts Raytheon exec Bill Lynn from ethics rule

January 22, 2009

* President expected to order closure of CIA black sites
* Hayden calls question of waterboarding "uninteresting"
* Whistleblower: NSA spied on everyone & targeted media
* drops 2300+ lines from robots.txt file
* President orders "presumption in favor of disclosure"

* State Dept employees cheer arrival of Hillary Clinton
* US Congress reverses SCOTUS pay inequity claim ruling
* SCOTUS unanimously sides with public employees union
* $3B in Merril bonuses days before takeover by B of A
* Texas biology textbook guide drops creationist idiom

* The "Geneva Conventions" arose out of "The Holocaust"
* Manual For Govt Interrogations nee Army Field Manual
* Puget Sound stagnant air warning extended a 2nd time
* Advertisers target consumers newfound love of thrift
* "Big Picture" coverage of US Inauguration


January 21, 2009

* Gitmo prosecutors told to request suspension of trials
* Citizen non-believers recognized in inaugural address
* Washington DC national mall inaugural satellite image
* Obama decided to take oath of office a 2nd time today
* Supreme Court Justice Roberts mangled oath of office

* Presidential inauguration videos of the last 100 years
* Kennedy fatigue related siezure at inaugural luncheon
* Clinton confirmation expected today by roll call vote
* Bonfire extinguished in front of Icelandic parliament
* Progress-halting monopolies conspiring against google

* Digestible sensors report health data to cell network
* Internal organ anatomy of Godzilla and other monsters
* Universe projected from distant 2 dimensional surface
* Polite applause after Bush is thanked for his service
* Travel advisory to top Israeli Defense Force officers

* Israel lacks identity transcending subnational units
* Get Your War On political comic final panel: onwards
* Palin trots out family and criticizes media coverage
* Germany predicts economy will shrink 2.25% this year
* South Korean economy shrank 5% in the fourth quarter

* Michelle Obama supports immigrant American designers
* New law threatens children's toy & clothing crafters

January 20, 2009

* Reject the false choice between safety and our ideals
* Last Israeli soldier leaving Gaza at 08:45 EST today
* Reading today: God and the State, by Mikhail Bakunin
* Spirit Airline agrees not to attempt to collect fees
* "The Cove" exposes brutal Japanese dolphin slaughter

January 19, 2009

* Obama expected to challenge culture of anything goes
* Bill Moyers & Anti-Defamation League exchange letters
* Gush Shalom Israeli peace blog: The Boss Has Gone Mad
* Bush admin gambled on getting email lawsuit dismissed
* Flight 1549 Airbus lost both engines simultaeneously

* MLK predicted black president "in less than 40 years"
* Usefulness of force in achieving strategic objectives
* Russian human rights lawyer assassinated near Kremlin
* I recommend avoiding all US corporate "food" products
* Belkin hires people to write positive Amazon reviews

* Watch the 2009 Presidential Inauguration without TV
* Full circle: 90% of US blacks descended from slaves
* Obama must resist "absolute power" asserted by Bush
* "Concentrated power is the enemy of liberty" Reagan
* US border agents hid shooting of unarmed man's rump

* Filesharers spend as much on music industry overall
* UK bank promises to make loans in return for bailout

January 18, 2009

* Hiroshi Sugimoto photograph on newest U2 album cover
* Citigroup $8B loss despite 400 tax-free subsidiaries
* Nine FDA experts tell of pressure to approve devices
* Sick children chased for money while the rich bicker
* Monster truck show debris kills child; show goes on

* Obama expected to toast John McCain and Colin Powell
* DARPA seeks spraycan wound filler for injured troops
* Bacterial persistence due to perennial dormant germs
* New Mexico considers pot remedy for PTSD, Hepatitis
* Cell phone companies use DMCA to threaten customers

* Seattle band Fleet Foxes play "Saturday Night Live"
* "Civilization is partly about restraining the male"
* New curmudgeonly BBC finance news show "The Oracle"
* Images of the Sunday book market in Old Delhi India
* UK foreign secretary critiques phrase war on terror

January 17, 2009

* American painter Andrew Wyeth passed away yesterday
* I heard Raitt & Muldaur cover Yes We Can Can [KPLU]
* Gaza media access coincides with runup to inaugural
* Aide: civilian trials likely for terrorism suspects
* "Ditch switch" unique to Airbus kept victims afloat


January 16, 2009

* Senator to release TARP bank investment contracts
* Vatican tribunal: desecration worse than genocide
* Some ongoing process is releasing methane on Mars
* International top selling fiction authors of 2008
* Visualization of nouns arranged by their meaning

* Airbus pilot makes rare successful water landing
* Laser bike-light projects bike lane around rider
* Next generation cloaking material creates mirage
* 700+ Israeli protestors arrested since war began
* UK foreign secretary David Miliband in Islamabad

* Data visualization of Barack Obama's 2008 travel
* Rick Warren lauds Obama invitation of gay Bishop
* Bill Kristol is right to believe Obama loves him
* WSJ OpEd: future of US depends on Scooter pardon
* Misunderestimated President fixed broken economy

* Arianna Huffington watched Bush farewell address

January 15, 2009

* US Judge won't allow prosecution, due to torture
* Mandela comment on "the Israeli apartheid system"
* Cheney repeats claim Hussein worked with al Qaeda
* NSFW Genealogy of Morals Google result restricted
* USAF acquiring more unmanned aircraft than manned

* The Prisoner series creator Patrick McGoohan dies
* Mark Rich case prosecutor backs Holder nomination
* Ag Secretary nominee Vilsack not asked about GMO
* European Central Bank cuts rate half point to 2%
* Puget Sound air stagnation advisory through 1/19

* Spectacular satellite high resolution landscapes
* Medical marijuana gallery hypes CNBC documentary
* Senator gets caption on Bush portrait corrected
* Lawyer: suit seeking White House emails is moot
* Roland Burris sworn in as Senator from Illinois

* Biden and Graham return from Iraq & Afghanistan
* Joe Plumber in Israel: ban media from reporting
* Fox refuse advert questioning Obama citizenship
* SCOTUS OK's accidental 4th amendment violations
* Century old "VapoRub" remedy worse than others * Possession; McLachlan, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

January 14, 2009

* BART policeman arrested on suspicion of murder
* bin Laden urges his followers to attack Israel
* Huckabee: Couric was gentle.. helpful to Palin
* Geithner confirmation hearing after inaugural
* Demystifying the lawful interception industry

January 13, 2009

* Obama dines with four conservative columnists
* Sightseers travel to war zone with binoculars
* Ehud Olmert: Condoleezza Rice was left shamed
* Crumb's literal adaptation of Book of Genesis
* First known photograph was discovered in 2002


* Franken asks court to force election certification
* GOP aide offers inuaguration tickets on craigslist
* Bush loved in Africa, Israel, Columbia and Ukraine
* Bush: most people around the world respect America
* President knows Qaeda not in attack mode in the US

January 12, 2009

* Israel bans Arab parties in parliamentary election
* Thanks to Jon Stewart for January 5th Gaza segment
* "Penalty for resisting arrest should not be death"
* Five Republican US Senators to retire in two years
* Former FCC chief councel asked to head the agency

* Refer to Maddow's coverage of Bush' final presser

January 11, 2009

* In the end what torturers want to be true, is true
* Shameless Bush says care for wounded vets improved
* Republicans suddenly deficit hawks as Bush departs
* Republican Senatorial Committee comment on Coleman
* United States shed 1.9 million jobs in four months

* Lawful Interception services marketed with a wink
* cisco mulls adding verbal interview to CCIE exams
* Earth viewed through rings of Saturn [upper left]
* Millions of TV's would lose signal on February 17
* Orthodox rabbis issueing edicts to justify murder

* How to convert cars to run on carbonaceous solids


January 10, 2009

* Israelis sue to save Gaza water and sewage system
* Untraditional Chinese attempt to calm Middle East
* 4 objections to economic sanctions against Israel
* HR 104 Commission on War Powers & Civil Liberties
* Retrospective of images sent back by NASA Cassini


* New game powered by brain waves at Las Vegas CES
* Tetris game treats post traumatic stress disorder
* Job seekers at American Philosophical Association
* How can we get China to keep buying US treasuries?
* "Fed Reserve no more federal than Federal Express"


* Vanity Fair retrospective Dubya Drawn & Quartered

January 9, 2009

* Vatican Bishop: Gaza resembles concentration camp
* Gaza attacks continue; Rice abstains from UN vote
* 2006 Mearsheimer and Walt essay "The Israel Lobby"
* Spain's industrial output fell by 15% in November
* Citigroup agrees to let judges "adjust" mortgages

* Bush Treasury makes evaluation of TARP impossible
* Researchers warn of automated social info sharing
* Andy Murray beats Federer on plexicushion surface
* Whistling orangutan shows control of vocalization
* Milky Way map in the style of urban transit maps


January 8, 2009

* Conservatives fear political success of stimulus
* Invent unbelievable claims for those who disagree
* Strollers, baby carriages barred from inauguration
* Homeland Security USA is paternalistic propaganda
* Washington DC mostly segregated until mid-1950's

* Most Hollywood anti-war films make a good profit
* Red Cross gets access to Gaza; criticizes Israel
* UN relief convoy bombarded during brief ceasefire
* Bank of England rate expected below 1% by spring
* AT&T prepares to offer in-home cell base station

* Illinois legislative panel recommends impeachment
* Palin blames handlers for performance with Couric
* Ziegler blames "Media Malpractice" for Palin loss
* Enclave micronation of Molossia located in Nevada
* Video: BART cop shot hand-cuffed man "point blank"

January 7, 2009

* Unsigned WSJ OpEd calls election officials "pawns"
* Pakistan acknowledges evidence submitted by India
* Myth that we can pick terrorists out of the crowd
* Sherry Johnston in court without lawyer or family
* Thelonius Monk patron Nica Rothschild documentary

* Former Aussie PM: alliance dependant on elections
* US weapons exports illegally used to escalate war
* Unemployment claims crash websites in Ohio and NY
* Florida food stamp applications surge 49% in 2008
* Toxic coal ash byproduct unmonitored, unregulated

* 20% of Europe's natural gas imports cross Ukraine
* Mexico hedged its oil at $70; freezing fuel prices
* US Secretary of State offers support for ceasefire!
* Security breach at twitter affects Obama, Fox News
* Jim Cramer predicted Goldman Sachs shares at $300

* Vendee round-the-world sailing debut of Sam Davies
* Santa Barbara is a stand-in for the Goddess Yansan
* Oakland man killed by train police as he lay prone
* Google blocks search engines from LIFE pix archive
* Roundup of damage done to US economy, body politic

January 6, 2009

* Medical journalist Dr Gupta, next surgeon general
* Sen. Specter compares nominee to Alberto Gonzales
* RIAA lawyer appointed 3rd in line at Justice Dept
* Obamas sought to use Blair House before customary
* Paulson: savings glut caused global credit crisis

* Judge denies state secrets claim in wiretap suit
* Levi Johnston stops work as roustabout in Valdez
* North Carolina unemployment claims crash website
* US Air Force web posting response assessment V.2
* Atheist Bus Campaign fund drive far exceeds goal

* 2006 anomolous astronomical transient phenomenon
* London temperatures near 27 year old low of -15F
* Airwave, online hacks accompany Gaza hostilities
* Controls on migration contradict the free market
* 1916 spontaeneous combustion at US Treasury Dept

* Russia cuts off natural gas to Europe via Ukraine
* Japanese research crew wanted to catch 985 whales
* Sea Shepherd captain plans to refuel in Australia
* Hate-crime charges for Richmond lesbian gang rape
* Hard drive camcorders don't work in zero gravity

January 5, 2009

* SEC must defend its existence after Madoff lapses
* Amtrak police arrest Amtrak photo contest entrant
* Pity for people of Gaza "may be" natural reaction
* Banality of evil too grandiose a concept for Bush
* Ann Coulter & Al Franken at the Connecticut Forum

* Senator asks under what authority he was stopped
* Denver schools chief appointed to Senate vacancy
* Leon Panetta reportedly selected as CIA director
* Dean of Harvard Law School new solicitor general
* UK adopts plan to hack computers without warrant


January 3, 2009

* Limbaugh: Democrats masterminded financial crisis
* Conservatives: New Deal prolonged Great Depression
* Bush not worried about comparison to Herbert Hoover
* Israel tries to "restore fear" among nearby states
* IDF enters Gaza. Statements from Israel and Hamas


* Energy, Water, Food, Shelter, Waste and Transport
* US patent for dispersing toxic materials in water
* US National Counterterrorism Center 2009 calendar
* Schwarzenegger: end parole for non-violent crimes
* Minnesota Senate recount complete; Franken up 225

* Where Did You Come From? narrated by Art Linklater
* Grape-seed extract kills laboratory Leukemia cells
* World used 197 million more IPv4 addresses in 2008
* Film on TCM: Modern Times [1936] social commentary
* Flying cars, cities on the moon, jumpsuit couture

January 2, 2009

* Fitzgerald will miss deadline for Blago indictment
* USGS boffin contextualizes Yellowstone quake swarm
* 20% of world's population cannot see the Milky Way
* MP3 birds will sing that you're part of everything
* Johnny Depp calls Dillinger "real-life Robin Hood"

* Diplomat: "only way to weaken Hamas is politically"
* Arrests in December 13th Richmond lesbian gang rape
* Romney resolution: "stop wearing suit & tie to bed"
* Celestial navigation data for place/time specified
* Apophenia is perception of patterns in random data

* Seven year study says "new phenomenon" felled WTC7


January 1, 2009

* Enlightenment: release from self-incurred tutelage
* US banks ranked by "credit troubles" [Texas Ratio]
* California budget deficit expected to exceed $40B
* Sympathetic view of "Why Israel Feels Threatened"
* Palestinian Authority President Abbas going to NY

* Southern sky timelapse. Lava flows night and day
* Virgin Galactic inks 20 year lease in New Mexico
* Hidden fragility costs of Amazon's Kindle reader
* Obama is popular, therefore he is Britney Spears
* Activists return Madoff's loot, signed Educators


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