May 13, 2009


May 12, 2009

* Ventura offers to get false confession from Cheney

May 11, 2009

* White House to release 2004 CIA report on torture
* Bob Graham: I was never briefed on waterboarding
* Hersh: Children sodomized at Abu Ghraib, on tape
* Usual Suspects writers differ over what happened
* Pirate Bay founder's plan to deficit collections

* UN Security Council calls for Palestinian state
* Blue Whales re-establish former migration route
* I'm editing & uploading pictures of Flam [2007]
* While listening to KPLU's nightly jazz programs
* In 1999 Sen. Dorgan forsaw bailouts in ten years


May 10, 2009

* Jerusalem women must sit at the back of the bus
* Colorado woman denied right to collect rainwater
* Wisconsin court upholds warrantless GPS tracking
* Google backs bill to publish radio spectrum audit
* Rep. Sanchez misrepresents electronic speech bill

* MP witnessed G20 undercover "agents provocateurs"
* Martians learn about Free Market from Oil Industry
* Today's Dilbert comic: "And thus ended capitalism"
* TV ads lure viewers from TV: video/video
* Larry David & Woody Allen: Whatever Works trailer

* Standard Operating Procedure [2008] Errol Morris
* Torture memo author answers call for impeachment
* Senators try to block release of more abuse pics
* 100's of of yearly police raids at wrong address
* Presidency may haunt Republicans for generations

* Lost Vegas documents the fastest shrinking city

May 9, 2009

* Taliban block civilians from leaving Swat Valley
* Bethlehem hermetically sealed by separation wall
* Obama expected to deliver speech in Cairo June 4
* Historical context of Israeli PM vs US President
* "Final" Hubble service mission liftoff scheduled

* Slow motion video of large waves from underwater
* Gordon Brown brazenly mocked in House of Commons
* Trespassing seven year old boy shot dead in Texas
* Obama: special tax breaks for oil & gas companies
* CBS golf analyst shares Rep. Pelosi death fantasy

* World According to Monsanto may be viewed online
* At least six fake scientific journals published
* US Bureau of Labor Statistics methods explained
* US agencies with statutory authority to stop IG
* Rep. Alan Grayson questions Federal Reserve IG


May 8, 2009

* Turkey trying to mend relations with Armenia
* Russia, US strike conciliatory tone after talks
* MPAA shows teachers how to videorecord a TV set
* San Francisco Muni enforcing imaginary photo ban
* Video: Israeli Jew takes bullet for Palestinians

* Hebrew Bible verses suggest a fetus lacks importance
* Bristol Palin revises her statement about abstinence
* In-flight review of Virgin America in-flight Internet
* New Jim Jarmusch film; Good reviews for new Star Trek
* Influence of Slow Food movement reportedly "growing"

* Georgia Senate passes law to facilitate secession
* Yukon River floods town with car sized ice chunks
* White House aide resigns over Air Force One photo op
* Michelle Obama stops by Sesame Street to tape PSA
* Getting away from it all is easier said than done


May 7, 2009

* US troops planned to distribute bibles in Afghanistan
* Triple Canopy takes over for Blackwater/Xe in Baghdad
* Russia expels NATO envoys - wants excercises canceled
* Aung San Suu Kyi's 6 year detention expires this month
* Half of those polled by Zogby want marijuana legalized


May 6, 2009

* Biden tells AIPAC: Israel must back Palestinian state
* President Shimon Peres supports US diplomacy with Iran
* Obama meets with Presidents of Pakistan and Afghanistan
* Dylan Ratigan joins MSNBC [9 to 11AM] starting June 29
* Maine becomes fifth US state to legalize gay marriage

* Athiesm quadruples among youth; historically 5 - 10%
* Patriot Act deprives teenager of due process [video]
* The crime rate today is equal to what it was in 1970
* Facts fit theory that Gauguin cut off Van Gogh's ear
* Tesla's Long Island Wardenclyffe laboratory for sale

* MetaFilter community weblog celebrating anniversary
* Illuminati has technology to engineer "fake rapture"
* Shocking to someone who's been in Europe for awhile
* Michael Savage listed with Fred Phelps and Don Black
* Iraq deputy prime minister Barham Salih uses Twitter

* Jared Diamond sued by subjects of New Yorker article
* Papua New Guinea photoset by Eric Lafforgue [flickr]
* Scenes from the 9th Circle of financial bureaucracy
* Franken deeply appreciates chance to meet with Biden
* Senator Sessions could support gay, pro-choice judge

* Senator Baucus tries to quell a stream of protestors



May 5, 2009

* Mexico City's libraries and bars to reopen this week
* Translation of interview with Khaled Meshal of Hamas
* Stowers Manna Storehouse in Ohio raided December 1st
* Obama and Biden wait their turn at Ray's Hell Burger
* Obama admin looks to reform "State Secrets Privilege"

* Seven arrested at Army Video Game Recruitment Center
* Similar primitive ornaments in north and south Africa

  Results of the "stress test" of US banks were presented
  to 19 CEO's today. The system is a confidence game, and
  today is being compared to FDR's "bank holiday" of 1933.

May 4, 2009

* It was legal "if it was authorized by the President"
* Aleatoricism is not to be confused with improvisation
* Gates: no other country is so willing to change course
* "You are married when you live married" ~Wilhelm Reich
* Domestication of plants & animals brought side effects


May 3, 2009

* Israeli database shows extent of illegal settlements
* Big pictures: newly documented return of US war dead
* Merck financed fake peer reviewed scientific journal
* Bayer knowingly sold AIDS tainted drug outside Europe
* Small clinical trials of "Paleolithic diet" in Sweden

* Stacked cubes show how much sugar is in common "foods"
* British Blairite MP's may defect to Liberal Democrats
* New Hampshire shifts toward young liberal demographic
* Longshot winner's father at center of Alaska scandal
* Breathalizer sourcecode ruling jeopardizes DWI cases

* Flower species make nectar at different times of day
* Fordham law class invades Antonin Scalia's "privacy"
* Google scanners correct for curvature of open books
* Fifty strange buildings; video of 12 moving facades
* Ray Kurzweil documentary Transcendent Man [trailer]

May 1, 2009

* Republican appointed liberal Justice Souter to retire
* AIPAC lawyers: US "regularly conveyed" sensitive info
* Pew study: churchgoers more likely to support torture
* Spokane psychologists designed interrogation program
* Portland cycletrack between sidewalk and parked cars


April 30, 2009

* Dostoyevsky described his ecstatic epileptic siezures
* First Lady wears metallic sneakers to local Food Bank
* Embarq uses push polling to thwart municipal Internet
* Health Minister Yakov Litzman wants Swine Flu renamed
* Voluntary resettlement of Aryan Race to home countries

April 29, 2009

* Sen. Dick Durbin says banks "frankly own" Capitol Hill
* US gross domestic product shrinking at 6.1% annual rate
* NSFW Allen Ginsberg's 1955 debut of the poem Howl 32:00
* Jon Stewart debate with Cliff May on torture [unedited]
* Supreme Court conservatives criticize voting rights law

April 28, 2009

* Sen. Arlen Specter announces switch to Democratic Party
* FAA demanded secrecy of Air Force One buzz over NY City
* 2 Swedish ISP's skirt law requiring user data retention
* Pictures of swing installed on San Francisco BART train
* AIPAC annual policy forum is next week in Washington DC

* Ford ordered US swine flu vaccine; caused nerve disease
* Germany bans Monsanto Mon 810 genetically modified corn
* Conservatives find Colbert funny, but aren't in on joke
* Citigroup asks US government if it will pay for bonuses
* Likely no one brought to justice for London 7/7 bombing

* Danish police stop bicyclists to give hugs and helmets


April 27, 2009

* UAW would gain 55% stake, and a seat on Chrysler's board
* Mortgage brokers still have clout with Senate Republicans
* Smithfield Foods raises 950,000 hogs per year in Vera Cruz
* The Swine Flu Shot public service announcements circa 1976
* Lips turn blue, can't swallow, chest pains, can't stand up

* FBI's Ali Soufan got Abu Zubaydah to talk without torture
* Arrested on terrorism, released without charge, deported
* Kevin Spacey to play Jack Abramoff in Casino Jack [2010]
* Foods high in fat, salt and sugar alter brain chemistry
* Woman wrote most of the law codifying Fair Use in 1976

* White House would remove mountaintop mining dump rule

April 26, 2009

* Churches, bars, stadium empty on Sunday in Mexico City
* Freed ship's second mate addresses divisive radio host
* Italians intercepted spaceflight transmissions in 1957
* Parasite apparent cause of honey bee "colony collapse"
* Terrorism charges against the RNC 8 dropped on April 9


April 25, 2009

* US Senate reconciliation bills not blocked by filibuster
* Dems win special election in heavily Republican district
* Spider can change to metabolic process not requiring air
* No neutral party has studied all thirty six child vaccines
* Espresso Book Machine prints one of 500k titles in minutes

* Irish Nobel peace laureate says Israel is ethnic cleansing
* Spokane psychologist helped reverse engineer SERE training
* "Rockstar" energy drink company founded by Michael Savage
* Etymology: Pat Buchanan's use of "scrub stock" was racist
* David Duke detained in Czech Republic on Holocaust denial

* DVD while studying cisco: A Prairie Home Companion [2006]

April 24, 2009

* Arab support for Israel vs. Iran comes after peace within
* US officials openly concerned about stability of Pakistan
* Congresswoman asks Al Gore if he will "personally benefit"
* Roundup-resistant superweed threatens Monsanto "heartland"
* Bacteriophage virus kills antibiotic-resistant superbugs

* Study on toes supports heritage of long distance runners
* New easier way to detect ET life using chirality of light
* Extremely rare example of black family adopting white kid
* Naked man tasered at Coachella fest for refusing to dress
* Unanimous Republican opposition to stimulus was strategic

* Six GOP leaders apologized to Limbaugh since Inauguration
* Came to be known.. not by means of violence and the sword
* Many find narcissism embarassing enough to try to hide it
* Humorist blogger Matthew Baldwin doesn't own a cell phone
* Constantly revolutionizing the instruments of production

April 23, 2009

* Georgia Guidestones monument is compass, calendar, clock
* Pirate Bay trial judge member of Swedish copyright lobby
* Blair: enhanced interrogation techniques "not essential"
* Sean Hannity offers to be waterboarded for troop charity
* Olbermann offers $1000/second for Hannity waterboarding


April 22, 2009

* Obama: no amnesty for US officials who authorized torture
* Obama at CIA headquarters April 20: transcript & pictures
* Bush administration sought confession of nonexistent link
* Bush speech writer: interrogators facilitated duty to God
* Justice Dept may drop spy charges against AIPAC lobbyists

* Rep. Harman's unmentionable dual loyalty to US and Israel
* Minutemen founder Simcox to oppose McCain in 2010 primary
* Huntingdon Life Sciences experiments on animals for money
* Danny MacAskill's Edinburgh video like parkour on a bike
* Japanese Weather Service charts the cherry blossom front


April 20, 2009

* NSA recorded Jane Harman promising to intervene for AIPAC
* Iowa House supermajority approves consumer fraud lawsuits
* International Congress of Churches intense website intro
* Supreme Court to rule on depiction of cruelty to animals
* "Back to Nature" physical fitness training called MovNat


April 19, 2009

* Pyrrhic victory for system that over-monetizes everything
* Film industry was founded on intellectual property piracy
* Shakespeare left no books, nor letters! missed coronation
* Stem cell outpatient therapy to treat cause of blindness
* Writer Eduardo Galeano has denied that he's an historian

* Rahm Emanuel's father fought for militant Zionist "Irgun"
* Obama cancels meeting scheduled during Netanyahu US visit
* Spanish attorney general would not prosecute the Bush Six
* NSA drew up plans to eavesdrop on US Congressman overseas
* Alberto Gonzales quashed investigation of Rep. Jane Harman

* California now takes DNA from everyone detained by police
* Texas legislature votes unanimously to increase budget 5%
* Letter from antigay group thanks Colbert for mocking them
* List of movie scenes where women accidentally lose a shoe
* John Madden announces retirement from sports broadcasting

* 20 million see British singer, Miss Susan Boyle [YouTube]
* Meghan McCain addresses meeting of "Log Cabin Republicans"
* Limbaugh: torture works because McCain said he was "broken"
* Maddow "will not be bullied by the offices of US Senators"
* Microbes beneath glacier evolve without oxygen or sunlight

* Thoreau hiked to Concord from Walden Pond almost every day
* Among my favorite headlines of alltime: "Sky Remains Aloft"
* H&R Block will do taxes for free in case of unpleasantness
* Foil of Taxes: Tea Baggers voted for Bush, and then Palin
* Mark Tully emerged from depression to breed rare chickens


April 18, 2009

* Inadvertant overcollection of US communications uncovered!
* London police delete tourists photos to prevent terrorism
* Founders of torrent tracker Pirate Bay to appeal sentence
* Obama repeatedly interrupted by applause at Latin summit
* The BBC Trust is now a mouthpiece for the Israeli lobby

April 16, 2009

* Update to FOIA lawsuit demanding Fed publish $2T in loans
* Texas Senate defies Governor, takes federal jobless funds
* Sufis and Fakirs granted wisdom in Barakah can find Djinn
* In 1244 Rumi met Shams al-Din (Sun of Religion) of Tabriz


April 15, 2009

  As news of today's Million Tea Bag Party crosses the wire,
  I remember what it was like having George W. as President.

  Organizers compare Tea Party sponsor FreedomWorks with the
  liberal grassroots organization MoveOn, to gain legitimacy.

  FreedomWorks is run by Dick Armey, a former US Congressman
  from Texas who is now a fulltime lobbyist in Washington DC.

  FreedomWorks is corporate astroturf. Though protests were
  planned for the yearly deadline to pay federal taxes, this
  was about releasing emotion after big Republican electoral
  losses in November. "Tea Baggers" don't seem upset about
  spending in excess of an entire US yearly budget in a few
  months on bank bailouts with "no strings attached".

  Instead this reservoir of frustration can be used against
  legislation that threatens corporate control of politics,
  and tea baggers can believe they're fighting for freedom.

  George W. shredded the US Constitution, doubled the Federal
  debt, and led the US to invade a country posing no threat,
  leaving 100,000+ troops in Iraq six years later.

  And banks have more power than people, after any remaining
  consumer protection and corporate anti-trust laws went un-
  enforced under the Republican administration.

  I remember what it was like having George W. as President.

   ~Ross  [edited 23:00 PDT]  [Permalink]

April 14, 2009

* Obama: "We cannot rebuild economy on same pile of sand"
* Goldman Sachs Bank would shut down blogger Mike Morgan
* Activist group A New Way Forward: "Break Up The Banks"
* We managed to combine worst of capitalism & socialism
* Silicon Valley executives seek foreign born engineers

April 13, 2009

* Obama DOJ asserts blanket immunity for domestic spying
* Oprah encourages parents to tell girls about vibrators
* DVD Peter Beard's Scrapbooks: Africa and Beyond [1998]
* Broken Social Scene won't mind if I post "cause=time"
* LA Times "advertising" pushes the envelope too far


April 11, 2009

* Dylan Ratigan on CNBC departure and role of journalism
* US "Republican Road to Recovery" public relations mess
* Shiite majority govt arresting Sunni Awakening members
* First-ever Passover Seder at the White House [picture]
* White House organic garden disappoints Crop Life Assoc


April 10, 2009


April 9, 2009

* Rep. Bachus has secret list of Socialist colleagues
* DVD Good Night, and Good Luck [2005] Edward R. Murrow
* Multiple network fiber cuts in San Francisco Bay Area
* NSA jockying to take over "cyber security" from DHS
* Agents talk after CIA declassifies Area 51 programs

* Wells Fargo's quarterly profits catapult bank stocks
* William Black: "best way to rob a bank is to own one"
* Obama stands by DOJ use of "State Secrets Privilege"
* email down 3 days; note backup webserver
* I am honored to have hosted at PRQ today

* 53% in the US say Capitalism "better than" Socialism

April 8, 2009

* TARP panel favors firing managers, liquidating banks
* Jon Stewart: minority confusing tyranny with "losing"
* Al Franken lawyer Marc Elias discusses the timeframe
* Michelle Obama and The Queen's simultaneous gestures
* Obama and Gates plan increase in US Defense spending
* Presidents will never again announce visits to Iraq


  Elizabeth Warren   [fair use with attribution]

April 7, 2009

* Same-sex marriage legalized in Iowa and Vermont
* Iraqi journalist prison term reduced to one year
* Three judge Supreme Court panel convicts Pinochet
* Torture is ineffective, and a crime, but it's fun
* McCain voter calls Limbaugh a "brainwashed nazi"


April 6, 2009

* First media coverage of war dead return since 1991
* Obama says US has responsibility to eliminate nukes
* Immune to mass extinctions, viruses predate cells?
* Italian seismologist Gioacchino Giuliani silenced
* Scratching silences "itch" neurons in spinal cord

April 5, 2009

* Author of software that turned mortgages into bonds
* Austrians traveled by rail from Vienna to Pyongyang
* US begins testing "Secure Flight" airline watchlist
* Man detained by TSA, threatened for asserting right
* Phoenix police search home of man sueing department


April 4, 2009

* Michelle Obama gives guitar to Carla Bruni-Sarkozy
* Freshman Obama successfully mediates amongst peers

April 3, 2009

* Large pictures of protests at G20 summit in London
* Details of Obama meeting last week with bank CEO's

April 2, 2009

* Google reveals server design to promote efficiency
* Relaxed mark to market accounting rule spurs stocks
* Cops beat the shit out of peaceful G20 demonstrators
* Ward Churchill seeks reinstatement after jury verdict
* Lawyers: Blagojevich tried to extort Emanuel in 2006

April 1, 2009

* Germany and France want US to regulate money markets

March 31, 2009

* Obama scheduled to meet Medvedev tomorrow in London
* Netanyahu's visit to Washington scheduled early May
* Douglas Feith baffled by prospect of torture charge
* US will expand use of cameras along Canadian border
* DEA invokes "state law" in California pot club raid

* Honda Research Institute robot steered by "thought"
* Miss Universe finds Gitmo relaxing, calm, beautiful
* The Onion profile Franz Kafka International Airport
* Ejaculation's anti-inflammatory effect on hay fever
* Republicans "pulled a hit and run with our economy"


March 30, 2009

* US backed Iraqi troops quell Baghdad Sunni uprising
* Obamas personally paying for White House renovation
* Several weeks on Paxil "taught me to love being shy"
* Categories invented at the behest of drug companies
* Prince show became house party after sound problems

* Anthropological Assoc: race has no biological basis
* Coup: Wall Street oligarchy blackmailing government
* Federal pension insurer switched to stocks in 2008

  Remember how the US was going to "privatize" Social
  Security? The New Deal nearly sacrificed to Wall St


March 29, 2009

* Sen. Webb launches effort to reform prison system
* Breaking of high profile detainees foiled no plots
* Patraeus: violating US values "jeopardizes troops"
* 1999 NY Times warns deregulation could wreak havok
* Fox News gets TARP office emails via FOIA request

* Financial Times newspaper spoof handed out at G20
* Lula: We are rejecting blind faith in the markets
* Investigators win approval of fake medical device
* Insurers share blacklist based on patient records
* Clinics must offer fetal sonogram before abortion


* Believed extinct, Coelacanth catch gets a CT scan
* DVD: I'm watching season one of Whale Wars [2008]
* Peter Hammarstedt: nobody talks, everybody walks
* Many large pictures from recent Antarctic voyage
* Jero first black singer of Japanese Enka ballads


* Recently famous refugee youth orchestra shut down
* Lame duck VP disparaged President-elect to Israel
* Henry Miller wrote Maroussi overlooking synagogue
* 2008 "summer holidays" Greek Islands flickr pics
* 3 year old humans spend alot of time remembering

March 28, 2009

* Pennsylvania high school students sue prosecutor
* NY to roll back 36 year old Rockefeller drug laws
* New Hampshire House votes to abolish death penalty
* US Treasury 5-yr bond yield rises on weaker demand
* Felder Rushing on "slow gardening" in the NY Times

* 35,000 march through central London to address G20
* Dylan Ratigan leaving CNBC, effective immediately
* Iranian and US officials hold Afghan peace talks
* Spanish town may cancel bullfight to save money
* Hiding troll comments from everyone but trolls

March 27, 2009


March 25, 2009

* Former Royal Bank of Scotland boss's villa vandalized
* RNC Eight's FBI informant "guilty" of property damage
* Sen. Specter signals "no" on Employee Free Choice Act
* Rep. Michele Bachmann says she didn't accept earmarks
* US Federal Shield Law breezes through House Committee

* Moses ordered soldiers to kill women and male children
* Sudanese President's 2nd trip abroad since ICC warrant
* DVD Baaba Maal: Live at the Royal Festival Hall [1999]
* Chinese government blocked YouTube beginning March 23
* Nate Silver on the death of AIG-inspired "Bonus Tax"

March 24, 2009

* DVD The Mindscape of Alan Moore [2003] Couch Critics
* DVD What The Bleep Do We Know? three times yesterday

March 23, 2009

* Dow rises after Geithner pen and paper only briefing
* Israeli troops say they intentionally hurt civilians


March 22, 2009

* Republican Chuck Hagel sums up legacy of Bush/Cheney
* TARP still pays far more than market value of assets
* Attorney General Cuomo has AIG & Merrill bonus names
* Bank bailout funding legislative political campaigns
* California police tasergun adoption first year stats
* Americans can't answer rudimentary science questions


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