July 5, 2009

* Hatena have both predatory & endosymbiotic offspring
* Sarah Palin has twice resigned from statewide office
* Honduras exits OAS; Republican US Senator backs coup
* 77.8% of eligible Minnesotans voted in 2008 election
* Sampras sees Federer top Roddick 5-7 7-6 7-6 3-6 16-14


July 4, 2009

* Serena Williams 7-6 6-2 over Venus in Wimbledon final
* Compuserve shuts down; email@cs.com addresses adopted
* Hollywood to create a plot from scratch for Asteroids
* Krugman: WSJ editors dishonesty serves "higher truth"
* Niger Delta rebels warn investors in Saharan pipeline

* Israelis detain former Georgia Congresswoman McKinney
* Palin decided to resign before finishing elected term
* Christianist politicians giving responsibility to God
* Can't make omelet without setting fire to the kitchen
* Cold War planes relied on high degree of invisibility


July 3, 2009

* Former Vice Presidential candidate can't stand the heat
* US Brigadier General shops for produce at Afghan bazaar
* Banks should be utilities, not entrepreneurial ventures
* Hawking says humans have entered new stage of evolution
* 2009 Rainbow Gathering at Parque Venado in New Mexico

* Clothing optional at Rising Sun Farm in Wisconsin
* 33 big pictures of 2009 Glastonbury rock festival
* Animals appear to have "innate sense of fairness"
* Fire affects Fisher Plaza data center in Seattle
* World's fifty best restaurants [via David Byrne]


July 2, 2009

* Washington Post flier places price on access to editors
* San Diego Sheriffs raid Democratic campaign house party
* Missing soldier not part of US offensive in Afghanistan
* Contractors dispose medical waste in open air burn pits
* Cherubic lawmaker: "Hunger can be a positive motivator"

* Sotomayor court did not issue an opinion in Ricci case
* Alito's concurring SCOTUS opinion critical of Sotomayor
* Vegan bone density disparity "clinically insignificant"
* NSA to build 1,000,000 square foot data center in Utah
* The Pirate Bay reportedly changing it's business model

* Review of several 20th century english literary feuds
* Mark Sanford inspirational book canceled by publisher
* NASA releases high quality video of 1969 moon landing
* MP3 Mass for Soloists, by Ludvig van Beethoven [1807]

July 1, 2009

* First major sign that the "caps lock" key will shrink
* Wikipedia censored for 7 months to protect journalist
* Canadian minister says ISP's cannot require a warrant
* Creation Museum paleontologist monument to illiteracy
* Most people bankrupted by medical bills had insurance

* US General hands Iraqi official the "key to the city"
* Senators Schumer & Graham want to punish Nokia/Siemens
* Al Franken expects to be seated shortly after July 4th
* Republican leaders lament fewer Whitehouse invitations
* Garbage Warrior: "feels like I'm in a herd of buffalo"

* Leadership model places premium on "justice and truth"
* South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's "mental health"
* Global ant colony refuse to fight each other; dominate
* CIA seeks laidoff bankers in NY City recruitment drive
* FBI terrorist watchlist nomination practices flowchart

* Every single day Fox News sells hate, incites violence




June 29, 2009

* 2nd delay to less redacted release of torture report
* Specter backs public option; "health care is a right"

June 28, 2009

* Champions of "family values" seek more sex partners
* Pantheon of sanctimonious conservative US hypocrites
* Republican: media bias greater threat than terrorism
* How do FedEx and UPS survive government competition?
* Just 14% of homes getting credit card solicitations

* Melancholy in Tehran; apolitical residents in shock
* Honduran military remove President before referendum
* WHINSEC graduate Romeo Vasquez led the Honduran coup
* "The moment one gives close attention to anything.."
* Brazil defeats US in Confederations Cup soccer final

* US Senate: vestiges of Jim Crow continue to this day
* Voting Rights Act Section 5 doesn't allow exemption
* US gay lib movement began at Stonewall 40 years ago
* Gay sex punishable by castration in 7 states in 1969
* First man to lead formerly 100% female organization

* 7th century Dunhuang Star Chart is the oldest known
* Open Source conference attendees carry Apple devices
* TSA finds writer's story in which writer is detained
* Westboro church choir performs "God Hates The World"
* Video: Richard Attenborough Dolphin research update


June 27, 2009

* Robinson Jeffers met Krishnamurti in Carmel in 1934
* White House drafting order on indefinite detentions
* Conservative Governor follows example of King David
* UN, EU, G8 all reject Israeli natural growth canard
* US troops scheduled to leave Iraqi cities June 30th

* Goldman Sachs engineering market bubbles since 1929
* Shell game wherein the average investor is the mark
* Liberals pay to lobby for pay caps at rescued firms
* Denver Post OpEd on myths about Canadian healthcare
* Momus documents "ceramic environment" of Kerameikos

* US soccer upsets Euro champion Spain; faces Brazil
* Brenston's Rocket 88 perhaps first Rock Song [via]
* Wycliffe Bible inspired pre-Reformation "Lollardy"
* Sierra Club map of 221 coal fired US power plants
* Video: Krishnamurti speaking on "death" at age 91



June 26, 2009

* Obama declines Ahmadinejad demand for US apology
* Middle school strip search ruled unconstitutional
* FBI's secret argument for constitutionality of gag
* Pirate Bay retrial denied, judge declared unbiased
* Just two isuues of Wyndham Lewis' magazine The Tyro

* Hawking: asteroids explain lack of intelligent life
* The future of Earth could rest on Al Franken's vote
* Megachurches are structured like well-run companies
* Series on man-made disaster capitalism at cryptome
* The Nizam refused to join either India or Pakistan



June 25, 2009

  Fox identifies Republicans as Democrats, whenever..

June 24, 2009

* "Neda" means "voice", "calling", or "Divine Message"
* Hamas foiled plot to assassinate Jimmy Carter in Gaza
* Kyrgyzstan accepts new terms to host US transit center
* 2 of 11 British players advance to Wimbledon 2nd round
* 40,000 year old bird-bone flute had five finger holes

* Police massacre civilians at Baharestan Square Tehran
* Senate Commerce Committee reports on Health Insurance
* Governors Association chairman cheats on father's day
* Fox News identifies conservative Governor as Democrat
* Sanford called on President Clinton to resign in 1998


June 23, 2009

* US military abruptly blocks data on incoming meteors
* Minn. court upholds city's right to build own network
* Sarkozy makes case against "burka" in terms of dignity
* Substantial support for government role in health care
* Scarborough: McCain and Graham "outrageous", "stunning"

* SC Gov. Mark Sanford didn't put Lt. Governor in charge
* Sanford "hiking Appalachain Trail" alone on Fathers Day
* Sen. Ensign [R-NV] called for resignation of Sen. Craig
* DHS kills domestic spy program; "invitation to mischief"
* Church of England offers Dads beer, bacon and chocolate

* Scottish "Black Watch" in Helmand Province, Afghanistan
* Peter Sellers based the voice of Strangelove on Weegee
* Reconnaissance Orbiter has unambiguous evidence of H2O
* Israel plans to sieze "Water Reservoir Hill" "outpost"
* Nokia Siemens sold Internet censorship system to Iran

* MP3 All My Tears [Demo] Emmylou Harris, Wrecking Ball



June 22, 2009

* Several hundred Iranians remain ready to die in Tehran
* Neda Agha-Soltan family barred from mourning in public
* Obama implies that the Federal Reserve is "accountable"
* Shumer: coop plan "doesn't come close" to public option
* Shep Smith is fair and balanced weekday evenings on Fox

* Iran had their own young democracy before 1953 CIA coup
* McChrystal preps new rules of engagement in Afghanistan
* Steve Bierfeldt records TSA intimidation on iPhone NSFW
* Details of British MP allowance claims heavily redacted
* Iran silent on Italian invitation to be guest at the G8

* To return to my tale, those prisoners, far from yielding..


June 21, 2009

* Last digit of Iranian candidates vote counts not random
* Obama is asked about Iran in interview for Pakistani TV
* 16 year old Neda shot and killed in Tehran; nsfw video
* Iranian demonstrators forced from the streets Saturday
* US fully prepared for North Korea launch toward Hawaii

June 20, 2009

* Iran for foreigners. [Open links at bottom in new tabs]

June 19, 2009

* CIA delays 2nd less redacted release of torture report
* DOJ can't release Cheney records because of comedy news
* Fox News once proud of it's exclusive White House access
* Many recent US victims of E coli ate Nestle Cookie Dough
* David Letterman gains viewers and enemies after June 8th

* Israeli border cops video humiliation, file under comedy
* Belgian aid workers document Peruvian crackdown June 5th
* Australia may take legal action to stop Japanese whaling
* Study of evolutionary consequences of same-sex behaviour
* India's Jantar Mantar astronomical complex built in 1728

* Bo Obama's official portrait today on the White House lawn
* Obama nominates Open Source advocate to head patent office

June 18, 2009

* Mousavi & Karrubi reject Khamenei offer of partial recount
* Mousavi speaks briefly in public; calls for self restraint
* Basij militias raided numerous universities, beat students
* Daily Show's Jason Jones in Iran just before the election
* Chicago Democratic Convention "Riot Cops Reunion" June 26

* 1 in 3 Americans can't afford to comply with prescriptions
* Violence in Mexico caused by drug prohibition, not US guns
* Government security policies "evolved in an ad hoc manner"
* Cuban exiles propaganda about Oswald before assassination
* SCOTUS rules 5-4 that convicts have no right to DNA tests

* Twice this week GOP activists apologized for racist humor
* US Senate apology for slavery doesn't address reparations
* 90 year old J.D. Salinger seeks "destruction" of new book
* Demeter's depression ended with sight of Baubo's genitals
* Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to improve atlas of the Moon

* DVD Les Miserables [1998] "ransomed from fear and hatred"
* About 300 Germans protest planned Internet "Berlin Wall"
* Indian leader urges activists to lift blockades in Peru
* Half dozen loons at "Fire David Letterman" rally: video
* Video explanation of Maglev tchnology uses scale models


June 17, 2009


* Schism in Iran not reducible to class, ethnicity, region
* Iranian soldiers protect demonstrators from Basij militia
* 5th biggest oil producer in nuclear dispute with the West
* Republican counter-proposal to Democratic healthcare plan
* Sen. Feingold opposed McChrystal nomination in committee

* New sport: German men play soccer in bowling shoes on ice
* New US agency to assume consumer protection duty from Fed
* Lawmakers don't understand technicalities of NSA programs
* US Digital TV era begins without "broadcast flag" mandate
* Unfaithful Sen. Ensign voted to impeach President Clinton

* Iran's national soccer team removes green between periods
* Iran has large educated middle class, philosophers, poets
* Badly photoshopped picture of Tehran pro-government rally
* Report: Iranian IT administrator Mohammad Asgari has died
* Mousavi asks for day of mourning tomorrow - donning black





June 16, 2009

* McCain demands CIA Director retract comment about Cheney
* 2008: McCain aide said terror attack would be "advantage"
* Adulterer Ensign called Clinton infidelity "embarrassing"
* Brief Q&A with Eliot Spitzer in Central Park over hotdogs
* Bush advisor Harriet Miers deposed by Judiciary Committee

* Iranian dissident cleric Grand Ayatollah Montazeri speaks
* Iranians storm Basij pro-government militia headquarters
* Palin accepts Letterman apology on behalf of young women
* German Internet censorship law targets child pornography
* 1950's, 60's UK military research on LSD as incapacitant

* NAACP: Rusty DePass yet to apologize for gorilla comment
* Obama to extend benefits to gay federal employee spouses
* Federal Reserve "government agency" to gain "new powers"
* DVD Speed Racer season one [1967] "Mach GoGoGo" in Japan
* The Pirate Bay beta testing an encrypted private network


June 15, 2009

* Mousavi addresses supporters from back of a 4X4 vehicle
* Forty large pictures of protestors and police in Tehran
* US Defense Dept. says protests are "low level terrorism"
* Proposed "Pass-ID" drops controversial parts of Real-ID
* Obama's remarks at American Medical Association meeting

June 14, 2009

* Report: $134 billion in US Bonds siezed at Italian border
* CIA Director: almost as if Cheney wishes for attack on US
* Judge allows civil suit vs John Yoo over claim of torture
* Police take equipment from ABC, NBC news bureaus in Tehran
* Ahmadinejad's surreal answer to Christiane Amanpour: Video

* Nate Silver conveys Iranian election results by province
* Iranians chase policeman away from reporter during report
* Twitter micro-blogging service survives Tehran censorship
* Bush requested $400 million last year to destabilize Iran
* MP3 Heavenly Waters The Decline of British Sea Power 2003

* Christians stereotyped: priggish, thin-skinned fun-killers
* Freethought Books Project presents atheism to US prisoners
* Periodic table's super-heavy element 112 gets official nod
* DVD The Adventures of Baron Munchausen; sails to the moon
* BBC profiles visitors to the Creation Museum in Kentucky


June 13, 2009

* Netanyahu speech to add "condition" for Palestinian state
* DHS forbade Senator from disclosing locations of coal ash
* Quite a fuss over recent DHS report on domestic extremism
* DVD America: Freedom to Fascism 2006; Income tax is fraud
* Former IRS Agent Joe Banister debating income tax in 2004

* Juan Cole: evidence Iranian presidential election stolen
* Report: Rafsanjani resigns Expediency Discernment Council
* Twenty pictures of police and protestors in Tehran today
* Open secret: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei favored Ahmadinejad
* Letter from Iranian presidential candidate Mir Mousavi

* McChrystal new commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan
* General Sanchez calls for Iraq war crimes investigation
* Vice President Biden won't cross firefighter picketline
* UK Home Office won't reveal where photography is banned
* Surprise Banksy exhibit of 100 works at Bristol Museum

* Fleet Foxes lead singer on the benefits of filesharing
* Fox & Friends discuss liberation of Uighurs from Gitmo
* 317,450 calls to digital TV conversion helpline Friday
* David Reiff edited his mother Susan Sontag's journals
* Greece: loan of Elgin Marbles would legalize UK theft

* Erik von Brunn describes Dad's action as "cowardice"
* SCOTUS may strike down part of the Voting Rights Act
* Judge laments sentence for cannabis dispensary owner
* 17 Senators voted against FDA regulation of tobacco
* Film: DMT The Spirit Molecule N,N-dimethyltryptamine




June 12, 2009

* Fox News anchor Shep Smith: "they warned us for a reason"
* Doctors Association backtracks opposition to public plan
* DVD I Heart Huckabees [2004] Hollywood loves coincidence
* John Wayne died of cancer from upwind nuclear test site
* Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill to be debated by Congress




June 11, 2009

* Reports this month of tadpoles falling over coastal Japan

June 10, 2009

* Before 1846, medical doctors insisted pain was necessary
* Senator offers regional coop alternative to public option
* Fiat buys Chrysler; not liable for safety of existing cars
* Nokia developes phone to harvest power from radio spectrum
* DVD Naked Lunch [1991] "exterminate all rational thought"

* Wall Street example of capitalism for developing countries
* Coca Cola is a corporate partner with the Creation Museum
* Elderly white supremacist kills guard at Holocaust Museum
* Shepard Smith: "getting more and more frightening emails"
* NSFW: Letterman makes off-color joke about Bristol Palin





June 9, 2009

* Halliburton use mandatory arbitration for rape accusation
* Sotomayor confirmation schedule equal to that for Roberts
* Gay, black, Harvard grad, and decorated vet Anthony Woods
* Comcast intercepts and redirects traffic on Port 53 [DNS]
* Envoy George Mitchell meets with Israeli President Peres

* Getting out of West Bank necessary to survival of Israel
* R. Crumb's "Book of Genesis" excerpted in The New Yorker
* Congressman tells China not to trust Obama adminstration
* House GOP leader: Democrats "plan to import terrorists"
* Newt Gingrich to Rush Limbaugh: "Obama already failed"

* Jon Voight: "bring an end to this false prophet Obama"




June 8, 2009

* Clinton: Israeli agreements very clear about settlements
* Colbert gets haircut in front of troops at Camp Victory
* Young US tourist clung to Ghan train outback for hours
* Roger Federer's 14th Grand Slam win ties Pete Sampras
* Podcast panel discussion of the life of Emma Goldman

* Laura Bush backs Sonia Sotomayor, references gender
* Bernie Sanders: Health Care a right not a privilege
* Public Option will be too efficient for competition
* Futurological Congress: medication replaces reality
* Dispensary owner Charlie Lynch sentencing June 11th

* Glasgow Labour MP: Prime Minister should stand down
* Brothel patron's nomination challenged by porn star
* Wingnut Schoolboard President's emails to everybody
* Ayers labeled "terrorist". Roeder suspected "killer"
* Former opponent of abortions plans to perform them

* Tehran in gridlock; urbane youth oppose Ahmadinejad
* Frank Zappa played bicycles on the Steve Allen Show
* My pictures of the Omaha Beach Cemetery [May 2007]



June 7, 2009

* Analysis of Israeli poll data in response to US policy
* Health insurance industry ruse to dodge "Public Option"
* US Congressional Budget Office rules on "Public Option"
* Heather Graham began practicing Tantric healing in 2002
* Sweden's Pirate Party wins seat in European parliament

* Lebanese pro-Western coalition declares election victory
* Defcon founder "Dark Tangent" joins DHS advisory council
* Verizon Wireless will carry new Palm Pre later this year
* Blurring of editorial and advertorial medical publishing
* US broadcasters lose in court over low-power FM stations

* Ahmadinejad a "propaganda goldmine" for neoconservatives
* Roeder complains about cold jail, warns of more violence
* Wall Street "making a fortune cleaning up mess they made"
* No identity check in Sweden for name change applications
* Flowering plants dominate their naked-seeded "forebears"

* eBay opium addict's confessions include tea preparation


June 6, 2009

* Dhamma Brothers US deep south prison Vipassana retreats
* HD video as orbit of Japanese lunar probe Kaguya decays
* Planes over 200 miles from land are not tracked by radar
* B of A, Verizon, Carls Jr pull ads from Sacramento's KRXQ
* Grammy Awards eliminate category for the Best Polka Album

* Literal religious belief linked to evolutionary advantage
* Naill Ferguson & Paul Krugman feud over T Bill rate spike
* Bill O'Reilly apologizes to CNN after Rick Sanchez report
* Moses Pendleton dance company Momix's new show "Botanica"
* Video [below]: Rick Steves in Iran: complete [56 minutes]


June 5, 2009

* Judge: reasonable to tase suspect who refused 2nd DNA test
* Database of "free market" toxins in personal care products
* Southern Baptist cites Psalms in asking God to bring death
* 2nd N. American location with evidence of Viking structure
* I sat in an Orgone accumulator for about 15 minutes today

June 4, 2009

* Obama in Cairo; references Palestine, and 1953 Iran coup
* Review of yesterday's lively Iranian presidential debate
* Telecom immunity upheld as Judge Walker throws out suits
* Bailout Nation: Anatomy of Collapse timeline infographic
* Percentage of US business assets recently "nationalized"

* Male penguins hatch & adopt rejected chick at German zoo
* Primatologist records tickled bonobos, orangutans, apes
* Sacramento shock jocks talk about transgender children
* NSFW: "Shewee" enables women to urinate while standing
* First version of UNIX written 40 years ago this summer

* Cirque du Soleil founder to visit Int'l Space Station
* Unpublished street level pic of Tank Man pre-standoff
* Arab crowd honors Obama with nickname of "Abu Hussein"
* How to "disagree with Obama in a knowledgable manner"
* Bank Association "would rather see the market working"

* US gold exports at 10X the rate of domestic extraction
* Is there a picture of Bush's long form birth certificate?

June 3, 2009

* Sirens blared across Israel yesterday for "doomsday drill"
* Israel's largest newspaper headlines "The American Threat"
* President Obama thanks the Saudi King in Arabic [Shukran]
* Rising interest in European classical music in West Bank
* China successful at erasing records of Tiananmen protest

* Four photographers remember the "tank man" of Tiananmen
* "Home" documentary film by Earth From Above photographer
* Astronomical Unit: distance to sun increases 15cm / year
* DNSSEC would affix cryptographic seal to all DNS lookups
* Large increase in health care cost related bankruptcies


June 2, 2009

* Defacto head of GOP compares Sotomayor to head of KKK
* Obama in surprise meeting with Israeli defense minister
* Students in China respond to Geithner with loud laughter
* China blocks top websites for Tiananmen 20th anniversary
* Jack Nicholson would replace a disinterested Bill Murray

June 1, 2009

* Nearly half of Knesset backs Jordan as "Palestinian State"
* Senator agrees with Sotomayor: appeals courts make policy
* 130 GOP legislators back GAO audit of the Federal Reserve
* Minn. Supreme Court hears attorneys for Franken, Coleman
* Photographs of seventy African royal families [1988-91]

* Pro-Life leaders advocate force to roll back Roe v Wade
* Tiller murder prompts 2nd look at scandalized DHS report
* BPA-based epoxy liners in metal food/beverage containers
* Cisco joins the Dow Jones Industrials after GM bankruptcy
* US poor donate more, in terms of percentage, than the rich

* Brooklyn rooftop farming pics include Manhattan skyscrapers
* David Lynch interview project promises two videos per week

May 29, 2009

* Netanyahu flummoxed: "what the hell do they want from me?"
* Levin saw CIA docs Cheney would release; don't prove squat
* DHS pilot program to fingerprint travellers leaving the US
* Eurozone inflation rate now zero; negative rates expected
* Canadian copyright watchdog withdraws plagiarized report

May 28, 2009

* Wikipedia court votes 10-0 to ban Church of Scientology
* Israeli govt bluntly rejects call to freeze settlements
* Figurative archipelago imposed on Palestinians by Israel
* Maleness and whiteness are not "personal" - but universal
* Strong culture of anonymity among Japanese Internet users

May 26, 2009

* Sotomayor nominated to SCOTUS; formerly chosen by Bush Sr
* Feingold to Obama: preventive detentions unconstitutional
* UCSD Academic Senate charges professor with anti-Semitism
* California voter approved ban on same-sex marriage upheld
* Ethanol laced gasoline destroying fuel systems in the US

* US and UK may lose AAA credit rating after rescueing banks
* Chinese blogger wins lawsuit vs ISP using terms of service
* Anti-bullfight demonstrators strip down to black underwear
* O'Brien is Leno's guest Friday, starts Tonight Show Monday
* The primary emotions of life also have a rational function

* SCOTUS: cops may start questioning without lawyer present
* Ex Guantanamo detainee lives in Paris; describes struggle
* Mancow tells his friend Hannity "waterboarding is torture"
* Mancow interviewed by Keith Olbermann after $10k donation


May 24, 2009

* Robert Gates: alarm over GTMO closure is fear mongering
* Swat Valley "bloody intersection" secured by Pakistanis
* Netanyahu defying Obama's request for settlement freeze
* Forbes Magazine: socialist democracy produces happiness
* Growing divide among US Republicans plays out in public

* Republican Party founded in the North before Civil War
* Square Foot Gardening: raised beds intensively planted
* Canadian plastic makers commission study on cloth bags
* Brew beer with a hot plate, cereal, yeast and vegemite
* 58% of Houston area Freshmen graduate from high school

* Grodin, Olbermann, Maher, Ventura pile on poor Hannity
* Republicans seek readership of liberal Huffington Post
* Claim: Fair Use can't be used to defend against "DMCA"
* Flickr hosts Georgian language rarely seen in the wild
* Part 2 of rockstar Charles Grodin on Hannity in April


May 23, 2009

* Colin Powell to answer Republican critics on Sunday TV
* US holding Reuters cameraman without charges in Baghdad
* Brunelleschi designed and built Florence's Duomo [1436]
* Georgia high school prom segregated to succesive nights
* Phonecalls to NRA regarding Prepare For The Storm flier

* Obama signs credit card bill; Spoke w/ former president


May 22, 2009

* Conservative Chicago talk radio host gets waterboarded
* McClatchy on omissions, misstatements in Cheney speech
* Bob Graham's notebooks more reliable than CIA records
* Michael Moore's Wall Street documentary opens Oct 2nd
* Liberty University policy bans new College Democrats

* Thoughts pushed out of consciousness have a vengence
* Lebron James' home court playoff 3-pointer at buzzer
* Venn diagram showing relationships of hybrid cutlery
* Judge reviewing TPB trial for bias removed for bias
* Peyote effective against penecilin-resistant Staph

May 21, 2009

* I saw Cindy Sheehan at Bloomsbury Books in Ashland

May 20, 2009

* Due to bridge closure, I took the detour to Victoria
* Biden already leading tours of "undisclosed location"
* Facebook closes accounts with names seeming anonymous
* In Juneau Alaska, the relative sea level is receeding
* Parkour for girls is one of the best things I've seen


May 19, 2009

* Peace with Palestinains will help in addressing Iran
* Panetta statement says less than people are claiming
* New York Supreme Court rules against warrantless GPS
* Satellite view of Bilderberg meeting place in Greece
* His reputation is expanding faster than the universe


May 18, 2009

* Bush undertaker of the free market's false promise
* Dick Cheney surrogate Liz Cheney non-denial denial
* Sen. Arlen Specter no longer dead set against EFCA
* US prosecutors block inmates access to DNA testing
* One should not listen to music on an empty stomach


* Aung San Suu Kyi accused of hosting distance swimmer
* Moroccan campaign against Shiites; hundreds detained
* Wimbledon grass center court debuts retractable roof
* House of Commons fees office colluded in MP expenses
* Honda Hybrid was top selling car in Japan last month

* Obama addresses abortion at Catholic commencement
* US Chief Justice backs prosecution in major cases
* Complaint seeks disbarment of twelve Bush lawyers
* Pics of 37,000 mile yacht race arriving in Boston
* New New York Times lens blog of visual journalisn

* Diary of journalist hassled by goons at Bilderberg

May 17, 2009

* Rumsfeld added Bible passages to daily intel reports
* Obama Q&A addresses national security vis a vis force
* Cheney speech to make case for police state, torture
* Felipe Calderon: US officials complicit in drug trade
* Israeli president suggests Assad meet with Netanyahu


* Google outage affected 1 in 7 users, for 90 minutes

May 16, 2009

* Torture used to falsify evidence to support invasion
* CIA's non-denial denial about misleading US Congress
* Bill Maher interviews Elizabeth Warren on usury laws
* YouTube video sends Guatamala into political crisis
* UK expense scandal engulfs major political parties

* NYC's Broadway closed to cars starting on May 24th
* New search engine Wolfram Alpha founder screencast
* Danger Mouse sidesteps label, releases blank CD-R
* Banned shock jock demands Hillary Clinton step in
* Herbert Hoover's campaign to boost home ownership

May 15, 2009

* Cheney ordered torture to seek Saddam/al Qaeda link
* Judges may increase sentences for acquitted conduct
* SEC lawyers under investigation for insider trading
* Judge orders breathalyzer code opened, reveals mess
* Food Processors don't know who supplies ingredients


May 14, 2009

* CIA provides reason for denying Cheney request
* CIA will neither confirm nor deny Pelosi charge
* Boy Scouts train with plastic guns at the border
* Gene patents delay, limit, and shut down research
* Envoy tells Netanyahu: Obama doesn't want surprise


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Flags make it Right

Ascent of Money

King Selassie I

Cultural Hegemony

"growth" [2008]

Evolution of Marriage

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Cradle Mountain
Port Moresby
The Ghan

Sao Paulo
Valley of the Moon
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Church of San Juan

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Fresh Basil
Lemon Blossom
Warm Pine Needle
Sandlewood Oil

Among the Living
Howard Zinn
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Baaba Maal

Barton Fink
Being There
Les Miserables
Yellow Submarine
Dead Man

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San Francisco
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Life Against Death
Genealogy of Morals
Civil Disobedience
What is Enlightenment?
Truth is Subjectivity
Doors of Perception
Ether, God & Devil
The Ones Who Walk
Away From Omelas

Henry Miller
Wilhelm Reich
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Palace of Fine Arts
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